Marquise Goodwin finishes fourth in long jump at U.S. championships


Bills wide receiver and 2012 Olympic long jumper Marquise Goodwin returned to track and field for this week’s U.S. championships, which gave him an opportunity to qualify for the world championships if he finished in the top three.

That event is in August and conflicts with Bills training camp, but Goodwin isn’t going to have to choose. His best effort of 27 feet, 5.5 inches left him in fourth place and happy with what he accomplished during his first meet since the Olympics.

“Back to football,” Goodwin said, via the Associated Press. “But words can’t even explain how happy I am right now. I was like, ‘I still have a little juice in the tank. I think I can make some noise.’ I believed.”

The Olympics are in Rio next year and Goodwin would only say that football is his “main deal right now” when talking about the possibility of trying to qualify for the second straight time. The likelihood of Goodwin making a more permanent return to track will likely be connected to how things play out for him in Buffalo this season. He caught just one pass last year and another limited role might make the prospect of a trip to Brazil a lot more appealing.

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  1. Ironically he is 4th on the depth chart for the Bills WRs too. I am never impressed by raw speed in football. Neither Charles Clay or 7-11 Hogan are that fast and they both will be major contributors to the Bills Offense.

  2. He should stick to football because only the elite athletes gets paid in track and field. I’m sure anything he would do in the Olympics would feel much more rewarding.

  3. That’s pretty good considering he didn’t train specifically for the event as long as the other guys.

    But you have to make up your mind early these days when you’re torn between two sports.

  4. As a close friend of the organization, it is understood that Rex had tried to pry Goodwin away from the Bills during his Jets days. Today, Rex is excited to get this man the football in dump and shoot plays.

  5. 1st Place – Gold
    2nd Place – Silver
    3rd Place – Bronze
    4th Place- No Cigar

    Ooooh, so close….

  6. thebifforacle says:
    Jun 26, 2015 9:54 AM
    That’s pretty good considering he didn’t train specifically for the event as long as the other guys.

    But you have to make up your mind early these days when you’re torn between two sports.

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    I actually am going to disagree with your last sentence, and Goodwin is a perfect example. I think it’s obvious he is a better track athlete than he is an NFL WR, but he gets paid a bit more and perhaps also enjoys football more. Do you think he would be any better as a WR if he didn’t take time in off-season, where you are out of pads by mandate, to compete in track? My sense is no. I bet he looks great in run-throughs but probably lacks the instincts of top WRs. More and more kids (and their parents!) are cornering themselves in this logic that if they’re gonna play football in college or beyond, that’s all they should do. Not only is track a great back-up way to get some cash or get accepted to a better school if football programs don’t want you, but scouts have something tangible to compare you to other prospects. It’s more competitiveness to show off, you can numerically measure improvement, and lots of college FB coaches actually would like you on their track squad as well

  7. Would like to see Goodwin develop and perfect an array of pass routes. He has the ability to be the next Marvin Harrison.

  8. Goodwin has looked excellent so far this year…

    Ryan has spoken to the media a few times bragging about the stable of receivers he has to use this season…

    Watkins, Woods and Harvin look like the starters on paper, but when it is all said and done It will be Watkins, Woods and Hogan. Harvin will come in as the 4th receiver every now and then and take a few end-arounds here and there. Goodwin will make the roster, but won’t see the field often unless there is an injury to deal with. Easley makes the roster on behalf of his strong Special Teams play. So it will go:


  9. mrozma says:Jun 26, 2015 3:07 PM

    He came fourth. Why that deserves praise is beyond me.
    You try long jumping over 27 feet, that is world class……..and he missed 3rd by less than an inch….plus those other guys have been doing it full time, Goodwin had not done it in awhile. Great achievement.

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