A trade is also possible for Russell Wilson

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It remains too early to know how quarterback Russell Wilson’s long-term future will play out in Seattle. It’s not too early to identify the potential outcomes.

On the surface, there are three options for the Seahawks and Wilson beyond 2015: (1) new multi-year contract with Seattle; (2) exclusive franchise tag, which prevents him for entertaining offers elsewhere; and (3) non-exclusive franchise tag, which allows another team to sign Wilson to an offer sheet, and to give up two first-round picks if the offer sheet isn’t matched.

There’s also a fourth option. The Seahawks could trade Wilson.

A trade on or before the 2015 deadline for doing so is highly unlikely; with the offseason programs concluded, it would be too hard for Wilson’s new team to get the most out of him. It also would be too hard for the Seahawks to prepare another quarterback, whether it’s a quarterback on the roster or someone who would be signed or, in theory, acquired via a Wilson trade.

Making a trade before October even less likely is the reality that, before the two sides would divorce, they’d have to want that outcome. They’re not there yet, and there’s no reason to think they’ll be there before the trade deadline.

But they could be there by February. If ongoing discussions (discussions that could be continuing as soon as this week) fail to result in a long-term deal, the Seahawks could opt for a trade of Wilson over mere placement of the non-exclusive tender and acceptance of a pair of first-round picks from whichever team convinces Wilson to sign.

Here’s how it likely would unfold. The Seahawks would apply the exclusive franchise tag, preventing another team (like the Rams, a division rival) from pursuing Wilson. The Seahawks then could shop Wilson, simultaneously controlling his next destination and seeking compensation other than a pair of first-round picks.

They could seek more than two first-round picks. (If Robert Griffin III was worth three ones and a two, what is Wilson worth?) The Seahawks could seek the first overall pick from whichever team earns it, if there’s a clear-cut franchise quarterback emerging in the 2016 draft. They could try to get a veteran quarterback as part of the package.

And that’s where it gets very intriguing. Three and a half decades after the Raiders and Oilers swapped Ken Stabler and Dan Pastorini, the Seahawks could send Wilson to another team for its starting quarterback.

Plenty of teams would consider that. From Seattle’s perspective, the challenge would become finding the right fit for the offense — and for the short-term and long-term interests of the franchise.

In the end, Wilson would get what he wants, a contract making him the highest-paid player in the game. And the Seahawks actually could end up with an arguably “better” quarterback who is willing to accept less money in order to pursue championships and to cement his own NFL legacy.

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  1. The Seahawks would be dumb to part ways with Wilson. A franchise QB is the most important player of any team, by some margin.

    However, even though it is understandable Wilson’s point of view, I wouldn’t demand to have the biggest salary of the NFL. It constricts the team, makes it harder for them to build a championship. I think a truly great QB would accept a bit less, so a team can remain competitive for years to come.

  2. That’s a crazy scenario! No team will give up two ones plus more and then pay Wilson THE top QB salary. It would be the dumbest trade in history. He’s not in the class of Brady or Roethlisberger. He is very good, but not great and he has some technical problems operating in the pocket. No way does a team bite on this proposed trade.

  3. More baseless offseason speculation.. we all know they’ll sign him in the end, he’s not going anywhere. August 14 needs to get here, that’s the date of the Seahawk’s first pre-season game.

  4. When people say Wilson is just a game manager… I really wonder how many games they watch, because they must miss all the plays he makes with his arm and his feet. They must miss his comebacks. They must miss the numerous clutch plays he made. All they talk about is one game and one play… as if a three year career is resumed by that.

    The Seahawks OLine has been below average and he runs for his life every year. I wonder what other “game manager” they can put behind that line and achieve the same success he has…

    It’s also interesting to think about how much his threat to run helps the team running game and Marshawn Lynch.

    Yes, Wilson is asked primarily not to make mistakes. But he is not a typical game manager, some glorified scrub that is carried by the team. All you have to do is watch the Seahawks play and see how many games he wins for them when needed and what kind of plays he makes when everything else breaks apart. There is a good number of games like the Bears game in Chicago, last year at the Rams or even those OT wins where he shows that he is a special player.

    Of course, I didn’t even delve into the whole leadership thing. Find me any game manager that has his leadership skills and his work ethic. I wonder how much that is worth alone.

  5. Wilson for Peyton Manning. That would be funny. A rising star for a melon headed QB on his last legs.

  6. joaonmatz says:

    The Seahawks would be dumb to part ways with Wilson. A franchise QB is the most important player of any team, by some margin.


    Except the article is speculating that they get a franchise calibre QB in return, for possibly cheaper and/or with additional picks.

  7. @Ramos86… Well played sir…

    But in the spirit of Pastorini for Stabler trade… Can Chip Kelley take over the player/personnel decisions in SEA just long enough for Ray Farmer to pull off the trade that starts the apocalypse:
    Manziel for Wilson… straight up.

  8. Don’t see this with both franchise tag options still available. This is just rhetoric.

    Can’t tell you when he’ll sign, but I’d bet my house he’s starting for Seattle in September.

  9. It does sound unlikely for something so crazy sounding in a personnel matter to take place without the words Chip Kelly being involved

  10. Yes it’s the nfl offseason.

    If Wilson does get traded or doesn’t get resigned next year, I’ll gladly eat my crow.

    It’s a solid team no doubt, but he makes it even better. They were 7-9 a few seasons before he stepped in.

  11. i can see russell wilson going to cleveland for 2 picks and mc cown, or san diego for their qb. or even jacksonville for bortles.

  12. Oh my gosh, the Redskins did NOT give up three first rounders. They switched spots in the 1st round and gave up TWO first rounders (and a second).

  13. davewr58,

    To put Roethlisberger in the same class as Brady is ridiculous. Wilson is better than Ben which means he deserves more money. When the team you qb for goes 4 seasons without a playoff victory, you’re far from elite. Brady took the pats to the SB with the 32nd ranked defense in the league. Ben needs a top 5 D to carry him to 2 SB wins along with help from Bill Leavy.

  14. I thought this guy was just the best guy ever and now he’s becoming a situation. Is it the media or him? Not sure, perhaps baseball is calling.

  15. Love this idea. Keep the talented TEAM, not the overrated qb. Is he good? Yes. Elite? No. If he hadn’t had the talent around him these last three years nobody would be claiming he was the second coming.

  16. There is no way the Seahawks trade Wilson. As Wilson and his agent both know, Schneider is just playing hard ball to try to get him cheaper.

  17. Seriously? I’m not a Seahawks fan, but the guy has taken the team to consecutive Super Bowls. Yes, trading him as an option, just like Wilson retiring is an option, but that doesn’t mean that there’s any remote likelihood it will happen. I know you need headlines, but it’s not exactly breaking news there, PFT.

  18. Players just do not realize how much they’re hurting their teams by taking up that much cap space. Good luck keeping all the star players around you Russell. If it weren’t for them, you would be average and wouldn’t have the leverage to become the league’s highest-paid player.

  19. Why would anyone want to play for Cleveland or buffalo they have the worst,management in the,league I mean if you wanna,be great and win why go there if your just looking to get paid hell be my guest by all means go.

  20. Look, I’m a Patriots fan, and I don’t wanna be like all of the other “I told you so” people, but they definitely have a point. IMO it was MUCH easier to achieve and maintain a “dynasty” type of team prior to 1993 because the teams could keep all of their best, core players. I’m glad to see the Seahawks having some success since they were a mediocre franchise for a very long time, just like New England was, but now Seattle fans are seeing first hand what the price is of being a successful team in the salary cap era. Every team that wins a SB, much less going to two in row, has it happen to them…every other team is interested in your players and all of your players want to get paid the big bucks. It is SO hard to have continued success in the salary cap era cuz teams are always trying to poach your best (or even second best) players. The way I see it, Seattle has almost no other choice than to pay Wilson, cuz in this era it’s almost impossible to replace a franchise QB. Bite the bullet and pay Wilson, but draw a line in the sand with Bennett. If Bennett won’t accept your best offer of what you think he’s worth, tell him to hit the bricks or sit at home for the next three years going broke. Although not always popular with the fans, I’ve come to respect and appreciate Belichicks approach to free agents…set a number that you think they’re worth and DO NOT waver from it.

  21. russell wilson – what happened ?
    pete carroll- what do you mean what happened ? do you have short term memory loss? you just threw a terrible pass resulting in an interception . you just cost us the super bowl . it mightve been a bad play call but you threw the ball so far ahead of your wr, it looked liked you were throwing the ball to malcolm butler.

  22. Except the article is speculating that they get a franchise calibre QB in return, for possibly cheaper and/or with additional picks.
    Who are the Seahawks going to get to take this trade?? The only QB that has a similar skill set to run their offense is Manziel and i guess if the Browns end up sucking once again and give away yet another set of 1st round picks and a franchise QB such as “Cardale Jones” leaves Ohio State AND separates himself from the college QB pack “IF” he even gets to start is a bit of a stretch. Waay too many “IF’s” in the equation. Seahawks should just bite the bullet and pay RW. Too much posturing and testosterone involved here! Just pay the man !!

  23. Blind Seahawks fans still are in denial rhat they got to the Super Bowl Only because a 3rd string TE decided that he wanted to grab that on-side kick instead of letting the designated catcher, Jordy Nelson – with proven excellent hands, gat it.

    It was only Karma that correctd that wrong by having the coaches call for that ill-fated pass play that got intercepted for the Seahawks to LOSE ANOTHER SUPER BOWL!!!

    Justice Prevailed!!!

  24. I’d love to see the Seahakws trade Wilson for Kaepernick.

    Then the Seahawks fans that despise Kaepernick with a passion would have to watch the team still go to the Super Bowl ruining everything they’ve thought the last few years.

    Listen, Wilson is good, but not highest paid in the game great. No other QB benefits from those around him like Lynch and that amazing D. Yeah, you can’t put JP Losman behind center and win a Super Bowl, but you can put any decent QB on that team for half what Wilson wants money wise, spend the other half on the rest of the team and still be great.

  25. The guy could be the next starting QB inChicago, where Cutler is a placeholder at best — or in Minnesota, once they figure out that Bridgewater is Christian Ponder 2.0.

    The Vikings have to open a new stadium; and the Bears have to prove to their fans they can get past the Cutler debacle.

  26. The Browns will trade thier next 10 years worth of first round picks and will realize (after it is to late of course) that Wilson was a product of a artificially loud stadium and a top defense. Then the Browns will realize they have neither of those things after its to late and they will start firing coaches and tear down thier stadium and try and build one like the Hawks. Lol.

  27. It would be an absolutely brilliant move for Seattle to sell high on Wilson right now. He may have reached his ceiling and the ‘Hawks could cash in.

  28. Russell Wilson acting like he didn’t lose a couple million in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady, Rodgers, and Manning all would have changed the play. Then on top of that he threw an interception. He’s good but he’s definitely not great.

  29. Was someone just lame enough to propose a Wilson for Manziel trade? Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what Seattle’s front office will do. Here’s reality: Wilson is going to stare at the god awful, obscene pile of cash the Seahawks have on the table. And want it. And then he’s going to sign a deal. The end.

  30. Pure speculation. More likely they trade disgruntled Bennett to pay Wilson

  31. thebifforacle says:
    Except the article is speculating that they get a franchise calibre QB in return, for possibly cheaper and/or with additional picks.

    Fair point, but to find a QB of Wilson’s level is not an easy task. In fact, it may be the hardest thing of all in the NFL. It’s better to have a bird in a hand than 2 in the bush, specially when it is the Quarterback situation. It is more likely that Wilson will keep his level of play(and may even improve) than another guy will replace him satisfactorily (Just look at the number o QB busts that come and go in the league, even #1 picks)

  32. @bradyakagod

    Wilson would never be traded to Cleveland but if he was, he really wouldn’t be in all that different a situation. Seattle relies on running the ball well, playing stout defense and having a QB that doesn’t make mistakes. With three young and solid backs, one of the better O-lines in the league and a defense many expect to be very good this season, one could argue the Browns have the first 2/3 of Seattle’s equation. They haven’t solved the last 1/3 since rejoining the league in 1999 but Wilson would certainly fit the bill.

  33. He will sign to a ridiculous contract or they will get the goods in two first rounders. What the Seahawks would do regarding a QB after that is anyones guess.

  34. My two cents precisely because nobody asked for it: If I’m the guy pulling the strings in Seattle I let Wilson play out his rookie deal and tag him next year. If he plays like an elite QB I’ll pay him like one. If he chucks another 20 TD passes like he did last year then his market value will have taken a significant hit and I’ll pay him accordingly. If he holds out I’ll wring every last ounce of value I can out of him in trade.

    Bottom line, I’m betting on my defense, not my offence. The legion of boom won the hawks their only title, not Mr. “God wants me to be the highest paid player in the league” Wilson.

  35. This scenario would be as close to a modern-day Herschel Walker trade as is possible. All the guy does is win and Paul Allen is the richest owner in the league. That said, the team has the leverage and Wilson would be leaving millions on the table by not coming to some sort of compromise with the team.

  36. They would not even have to get a QB in return. They have the Tjacker, who started for years for the vikings. The vikings fans always said the Tjacker was great. He could be their starter and the Seahawks would still win games.

  37. They will sign him. That will be great because for the first time, Seattle will have a massive salary cap anchor and that’s when their defense is going to drop off. No problem. As long as they replace the players who run for the money.

  38. Trying to look at this realistically, I don’t think Wilson should be the highest paid QB, he’s good but he wouldn’t carry a different team with less talent. I wonder what other GM’s would rate him if they were evaluating him for free agency as an example. I think Russell is over evaluating himself quite frankly.

  39. I didn’t even read this. So dumb. Hawks have control of Wilson for 2 more years. My guess? Wilson signs in the next month or so.

  40. If Seattle lets Wilson go, in any capacity, they are officially the dumbest franchise in sports. I don’t think there’s a 1% chance this happens so reading an article like that is a waste of time. If Wilson does somehow make it to free agency you can guarantee Chip Kelly is letting Bradford walk and putting all his eggs in that basket. He would be perfect here but, like I said, if Seattle has any hopes of becoming a “dynasty” letting their most important player go would make them the worst franchise in sports.

  41. No team is dumb enough to trade for a sub 6 foot game manager and then make him the highest paid QB in the league.

  42. At first, I thought this article was crazy. No way Seattle would ever think about trading Russell Wilson.

    Then I remembered when Wayne Gretzky was traded.

    Anything is possible.

  43. Florio major props for digging back to the Snake-Pastorini trade. Jim Plunkett steps in for Dano and rewrites Raiders history with two Super Bowl wins.

    As far as trading Wilson for another QB. Options look slim. Maybe for Carr in Oakland? Stafford in Detroit? One would have to think youth for youth here. Where as Stabler for Pastorini was an aging veteran for aging veteran type of deal.

  44. As a 49ers fan it pains me to say that the Seahawks are not a dumb franchise by any measure. But Seattle makes their money on the defensive side of things. Wilson stabilized the offense which is where the dilemma is for Seattle. Just HOW much impact did he have with a backfield that boasted Marshawn Lynch?

    IF Seattle did by some measure trade Wilson…….and did by some measure get 2-3 1st rounds picks….y-i-k-e-s.

  45. Does Wilson deserve a salary more than the 22m that Rodgers is getting? Before you say “No way! He’s not as good as Rodgers!” consider that:
    1. Salary cap has increased a lot since Rodgers signed his deal.
    2. 23 for Russell would be a smaller percentage of Seahawks cap then the cap percentage Rodgers was getting when he signed his deal.
    3. When Cam Newton gets 20.6, you know that Rodgers and Luck are probably worth more than 25 in an open market / free agent situation (which of course they’ll never get to).

    I’d rate Russell behind Rodgers and Luck, and if they were all negotiating new deals at the same I’d expect him to get less, but I think the proper comparison might be to what Rodgers could get now, not what he got 2 years ago.

    That said, I wish Russell and his agent would just sign a deal already…

  46. I would love to see if a team could stay competitive without having that franchise QB. The problem is that your other positions fade too fast and you need that QB to keep you in playoff contention every year.

  47. We don’t know what Wilson (or his agent) is asking, so how can we speculate?

    25MM/year fro 5 years?
    30MM/year for 5 years?

    We have no idea.
    Let wait and see what happens.
    Wilson is a good QB, but not elite.
    25MM/year is fine.
    30MM – well consider the alternative – you could have Andy Dalton, and save 13-14 MM – is that worth it?
    You could have .. Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith or EJ Manuel or Matt Cassel or some other bust and save 26MM – is that worth it?

    Its worth letting Wilson go if the Sea Hawks have a low cost viable alternative.
    Let another team have him for two #1 picks if they can get a QB as good as .. Ryan Tannehill – ok maybe.
    They get two #1 picks and save 27+MM/year for a few years.

  48. How about Brees? After this yr, he’ll be going into the last year of his contract and you could restructure him for a more cap friendly deal commensurate with his age. Get the 1rst rnd pick back they gave up for Graham too. Use that pk to draft the next QB. New Orleans may be willing to move on after this year. Brees should have 2-3 good yrs left, which would coincide with Seattle’s window of keeping all the good defensive players together. Just throwin it out there.

  49. I’m one SF 49er fan who likes Seattle and the Hawks. Trade you straight up Kaepernick for Wilson! Whadya mean “two words”?

  50. I bet that a trade would p o Jimmy Graham, who thought he was at least being traded to a championship caliber team.

  51. Maybe they can get Matt Flynn back. How did all that $$$ they paid him the first time work out?

  52. Boy there are some funny comments, funny, as in, I don’t have a clue of how the NFL works. One guy even mentioned Wilson’s lack of height as an impediment.

    The vaunted defense is the only reason Seattle hasn’t been to 3 consecutive Super Bowls. The Settle franchise will forever be divided into 1)Before Wilson and 2)Since Wilson.

    If you’re not smart enough to differentiate, then you probably think Ryan Tannehill and Cam Newton are worth more than Wilson. You also don’t understand that each new QB contract takes the lead temporarily, but only until the next one is signed.

    Before Wilson most couldn’t even find Seattle with map quest and google maps. If Schneider lets him go, he’d better join the witness protection plan & he’ll never work in the NFL again, unless NE is hiring ball boys.

  53. trojan33sc says:

    Except the article is speculating that they get a franchise calibre QB in return, for possibly cheaper and/or with additional picks.
    Who are the Seahawks going to get to take this trade??

    Well, I wasn’t agreeing with the article or even saying there is a team out there who would bite, just pointing out it’s pure speculation.

    On that premise, they would need to find a team with a high calibre QB but on a average roster not making the playoffs. And the QB wants his ring now before he’s too old. But having the quality QB makes them think they are always playoff bound, so it’s almost impossible.

    Anyway you think about it, the team getting Wilson loses in the short term on the deal because it doesn’t help them improve their roster any more than what they already could do, or think they could do with their current QB and the picks they would be giving up. What they get is a younger QB.

    The whole thing is robbing Peter to pay Paul from the trade partners point of view. Despite his fans’ claims, Wilson isn’t proven enough to give up the farm to get him. He’s simply overvaluing himself and probably the only guy who thinks he should be the highest paid QB in the league.

  54. geetwoo says:
    Jun 28, 2015 3:48 PM
    Russell Wilson acting like he didn’t lose a couple million in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady, Rodgers, and Manning all would have changed the play. Then on top of that he threw an interception. He’s good but he’s definitely not great.
    So all those quarterbacks you mentioned are checking down to a run play when the other team has their goal line unit with extra defensive tackles on the field? OK, got it.

  55. The fact Seattle hasn’t already paid Wilson shows that Seattle knows he is good but not great. Kind of like the Ravens did with Flacco.

    Flacco had no leverage and had to play it out until free agency.

    Wilson has plenty of leverage. He is foolish for allowing Seattle to string him along. He should force the issue and hold out.

  56. “To put Roethlisberger in the same class as Brady is ridiculous. Wilson is better than Ben which means he deserves more money. When the team you qb for goes 4 seasons without a playoff victory, you’re far from elite. Brady took the pats to the SB with the 32nd ranked defense in the league. Ben needs a top 5 D to carry him to 2 SB wins along with help from Bill Leavy.”

    OMG! I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING! IT HURTS! This guy can’t be serious.

  57. I’m a Patriots fan, but I can’t believe the people calling Wilson just a game manager. Did you watch the last five minutes and OT of the NFC Championship game vs. the Packers? A game manager does not come through in the clutch, when the team is staring at defeat. And I celebrated our Lombardi no. 4, but it wasn’t Wilson that called for a pass at the goal line. You can talk about the team’s defense all you want, but the bottom line is, the team wins when he is at QB.

  58. Russell Wilson deserves a 5-year/$110M/$65M-guarantee contract. Anything less would be an insult. Anything more would be too greedy on his part.

  59. The problem with trading for another QB is that the Hawks will be in the same boat when that QB’s contract is up — if the QB is any good, that is. They’ll either have to pay a record amount (this year’s franchise amount + next year’s + additional years), or they’ll be playing QB roulette, looking for another starter.

    I generally like the new CBA but QBs have unparalleled leverage now.

  60. (If Robert Griffin III was worth three ones and a two, what is Wilson worth?)

    The question is based on a flawed premise. Robert WASN’T worth that.

  61. vancouversportsbro says:
    Jun 28, 2015 3:29 PM

    Yes it’s the nfl offseason.

    If Wilson does get traded or doesn’t get resigned next year, I’ll gladly eat my crow.
    Leave your poor crow out of this man.

  62. Russell Wilson need the Seahawks more than they need him.

    Don’t get me wrong, Wilson has been a great fit for that offense, but he’s not the only QB who could do what’s asked there.

    SEA runs the ball very effectively, and their defense gives their offense so many short fields and extra possessions, prolific passers like Payton Manning or Aaron Rodgers aren’t necessary to succeed. Those are the guys who command the top salary echelon.

    Let the downvotes rain, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a guy like Tim Tebow could excel in the Seahawk’s system.

  63. corvuscrassirostris says:
    Jun 28, 2015 3:33 PM

    …Brady took the pats to the SB with the 32nd ranked defense in the league
    Actually, the Pats defense were ranked 31st that season. But I digress, this totally explains why the first team in NFL history to reach the Super Bowl with a negative point differential (minus-6, 394 points scored, 400 points allowed) and a record of 9-7 were able to beat the Patriots a second time in four years.

    Which kinda makes ya wonder why Brady couldn’t beat them.

  64. longtimefanhtr says:
    Jun 28, 2015 3:41 PM
    About as likely a an asteroid hitting earth.

    Asteroid’s hit Earth almost everyday …….. read a book maybe ?

  65. Browns trade their entire future away for him and it is a bust there. He then leaves and has success again. Poor Cleveland.

  66. Seahawks have two choices:

    1. Pay Wilson. That is going to take a lot of money but he would get it from some team.

    2. Don’t pay Wilson, get one more budget 1.5 M year out of him, then maybe try one more with the non-exclusive tag. Then try to replace him, while keeping the rest of your team intact.

    No team has tried approach #2 to maintain a winning team. Every team with a good-great QB has assumed that they won’t find another and they pony up what is necessary. It would be fascinating if some team tried the approach of drafting QBs every 3-4 years, trying to find gems, all the while saving tons of cap space for the rest of the team. $20M of extra cap space a year buys you a lot of quality players.

  67. “If Robert Griffin III was worth three ones and a two, what is Wilson worth”

    Yes and if I could sell a car for a million dollars, that means all lumps of cars are worth a million dollars?

    The simple fact is, he was never worth what the Redskins gave up.

    Just because someone makes a bad deal, doesn’t mean that it is forever the going rate. In fact, only morons think that is the going rate. Normal people realized the Redskins paid out the nose in a classic case of massive overpayment.

    Even RW is not worth two 1st round picks. Sorry, he isn’t. Draft picks in the NFL are gold.

    We’ve seen time and time again what veterans go for of any position, and that’s mid to late picks. GOOD, solid, all-pro veterans. What did Marshall fetch? Oh yeah that’s right a low pick.

    Because RW is young and has won a superbowl, he is probably worth around a 1st round pick. A 1st and a 4th is the absolute max of fair compensation, and that’s pushing it. Anything more would be overpaying, and it’s true someone out there might massively overpay.

    We’ve seen good starting QB’s traded for 5th-6th-7th round picks. We’ve see all pro receivers and running backs go for similar prices.

    So why don’t people look at what usually happens, instead of looking at the outlier trades where some GM is a desperate moron and vastly overpays… and choose somehow to use THAT and ONLY THAT as the rationale of fair compensation.

    It’s ludicrous.

    Remember, any team trading for RW will also have to negotiate a massive contract.

    I don’t care if it’s a young Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Steve Young… whatever… If you give up what the Redskins gave up AND need to find room for 20+ million a year contract, you are going to destroy your team. You’ll have little caproom for free agents, you’ll have little room for re-signing your own guys, and you’ll be without your best draft picks for years. That’s not how you build a team, that’s how you destroy one.

    The Rams have built their young powerful core with the Redskin’s picks. Had they not been relying on a mediocre at best (if he’s healthy) and crappy at worst QB Sam Bradford, and weren’t in the NFC West, those Redskins picks would have propelled them to a division championship.

    I don’t know where RW will play next season, but the Seahawks have a day of reckoning one way or another. Maybe someone will bail them out a bit by massively overpaying, but then again, they’d actually have to find a QB to replace him, and the last time they tried to sign a starting QB, his name was Matt Flynn. Yeah, inspires confidence…doesn’t it?

    Either RW stays, gets paid, and the Seahawks need to find that extra 20 million in capspace (or slightly less as the cap hit will probably be a bit lower the first year or two) by cutting guys or letting players leave or they will lose RW, and have some draft picks, but still not be in great cap shape. Not bad either, since we have and will continue to have large increases in the cap.

    After 2015, the Seahawks have to make a decision.

    I find it absolutely hilarious though that their rich owner is a cheap wad who doesn’t want to fund some guarantees. Well Allen, you can’t take it with you, and this is the guy who brought you a championship. Almost two. If there was a player in the league who deserves to be treated like this less, I can’t think of one. QB’s don’t grow on trees, so have fun signing your next Matt Flynn if you don’t get this done. Oh and for those thinking SEA’s defense will just keep on keeping on…remember, they have to pay some of those guys too. Nothing lasts forever, but it seems the fans and ownership are banking on forever lasting. Good luck with that.

  68. Read the last paragraph. Now it’s “the next team would give Wilson what he wants, the highest paid player in the league”. Actually no one has said that. His agent ” didn’t deny that he wants to be the highest paid player in the league”. Funny how everyone starts to believe these reports. Funny how everyone forgets this happens every year and freaks out about nothing. Wilson will get between 20 and 22 mill a year and it will happen before the first day at training camp. Also, it won’t make the Seahawks terrible they will be in the playoffs with a chance almost every year he’s there.

  69. Patriots should trade for Wilson. Use him for the first four games and go 3-1 maybe 4-0.
    After Brady comes back they can trade Wilson to Jacksonville or Vikings to get their picks back and move on.

  70. There’s such an emphasis on winning the super bowl (as there should be) that I think sometimes we forget what a big deal it is to just get there. As a Niners fan, I’ve found it frustrating when people dismiss Kap, who, while young and not yet refined, is still a pretty great player who got the Niners to the big game. And now with Wilson, who actually won one, it seems the same thing is happening. Going to one super bowl is remarkable, but two in a row? How can you even consider giving a guy like that up? He’s not gonna wanna hurt his rep by holding out or demanding a trade, so Seattle just needs to hang in there and get it done eventually. Or, you know, trade him so the Niners have a chance (hahaha no I’m kidding, we’re gonna be terrible for years now; it’s funny because I’m sad).

  71. Damn… that hype train derailed faster than I thought..

    It’s like no one wants to pay a 900k QB around 20 million before he’s proven he can carry that kind of cap hit…. shocker

  72. Disco,
    The problem is that if you are going to pay a QB 20-25M, he’d better be at the Aaron Rogers/Tom Brady level of production. If he’s not, the impact on the depth of the team will be too significant.

  73. Lots of hub bub about a guy who is more like Kyle Orton than he is any elite quarterback.

    If the Seahawks could get a pick or two for Wilson, they really wouldn’t be out anything. Pick up another game manager type QB and don’t miss a beat. I’d love to see Wilson on a bad team.

  74. Funny… I was thinking… All the talk about Wilson couldn’t be on a team that he had to carry…. And we know this how? He’s never had to carry a team yet so how can anyone make that assumption? Until he has to carry a team, which is hopefully never, we will never know.
    Also, I like the idea of treating QB’s like all the other players… This is the ultimate TEAM sport. Maybe Seahawks and Chip are seeing things that are futuristic for the NFL….QB’s being waived, traded, etc… Just thoughts, not statements…

  75. This QB is average at best! He has had a STUD defense & a STUD RB. I’m just saying this so I won’t get fined. Put him on the Browns,Raiders,Jags & maybe even the Jets & he won’t win 6 games ! Tell your friends, tell your friends!!!

  76. Remember all that talk about Marshawn Lynch and how he would not get the money he wanted from Seattle?? And then they paid him!!!???

  77. There is no way the Seahawks will trade Wilson.

    It’s so stupid, I can’t even believe it’s being brought up.

  78. Who would give up two 1st round picks & pay franchise QB money for that choke artist? Chip Kelly’s WAYYY too smart for that. haha, maybe Jerruh & his beloved Cowgirls are stupid enough to pull off that trade. Hey? They let DeMarco Murray walk away & the Eagles pick him up for practically a song, so anything is possible. Woooohoooo! Go Eagles!

  79. I don’t see the Seahawks trading Russell Wilson unless it was a great offer.Plus i’m sure in the end Wilson will sign a new contract and will get his money and the Hawks may get what they want too because Wilson may take less money than he’s looking for.However i could see Wilson been traded eventually if contract talks go bad.But if the Seahawks go to Super Bowl again and even win it next season Wilson may have even more power in contract talks.

  80. Let me see I get this correct. The Seahawks have already given up a first round pick to get the best TE in the NFC to help Wilson out, extend Marshawn Lynch’s contract another two years, and then draft a Percy Harvin type slant back in Tyler Lockette all presumably to help Wilson.
    The Seahawks already have gotten their money’s worth from Mr. Wilson in the past three years.
    Agree, article is a waste of time. Seattle will sign him eventually having already offered $20 million a year for four years.
    And Wilson wants to stay in Seattle “a long, long time”.

  81. Wilson would be exposed if he went to another team. Wilson couldn’t carry a team with a weak defense, running game and special teams. He’d be in for a rude awakening.

  82. Why are human beings so greedy? Why couldn’t he just take a modest or good multi-million dollar contract and be happy?

  83. Lol so by this logic a team with number one overall pick and a generational QB that can be selected would opt to trade that pick for Russell Wilson(also a franchise QB imo) so that they could pay him more than anyone else in the league? Do you realize how idiotic that sounds?

  84. The reason you trade him instead of just let anyone sign him and take the two first rounders is:
    1. Assure no direct division competitors sign him.
    2. A trade can allow the Hawks to also land a QB in return, in addition to some nice draft picks.
    3. Trading to some of the worse off teams makes Seattle’s draft pick compensation more valuable.

    The reason its not so easy to just say ‘have him play out his rookie deal, then franchise him in 2016’ – is because his cap number would still be pretty high and set the same plan in motion for how to deal with seven starters heading into free agency (assuming Wagner signs). With Wilson taking up the cap space from a franchise tag, is essentially the same impact as signing him. For this reason, I think if they don’t get a deal done before camp starts, the likelihood of him being traded after this season, by the February trade deadline, is much greater than a lot of people think.

  85. Why would any team trade for a QB who can’t complete a one yard pass. Without the defense run game or PED’s the hawks showed they can’t win it all

  86. Wilson stands a yard upward from Mark Sanchez/Darrelle Revis (Jets): with “Beast Mode” Wilson has been able to achieve Super Bowl glory — the maximum ride for Sanchez/Revis was back-to-back AFC Conference Finals. Without a player of Beast Mode’s caliber, however, Wilson would certainly struggle. To the contrary, quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Andrew Luck are the glue that holds their respective teams together — without them, they would ultimately list and succumb to failure. Hence, all things considered, Russell Wilson is not yet an elite quarterback.

  87. OJ’s bloody murder gloves. Scott Norwood’s right cleat that he kicked wide right in the Super Bowl and spicy chicken wings for life to every Seahawk season ticket holder to Seattle for Wilson

  88. I cant imagine them trading Wilson.
    As much as it pains me to say about a hated rival, that’s a very well run franchise. Somehow they get a deal done.

  89. @ Shane Perry says:
    Jun 28, 2015 8:50 PM
    Russell Wilson needs to be paid less than at least 8 or 9 quarterbacks.
    I won’t argue with your point Shane, but I think you have to consider the deals that Cam Newton and Ryan Tannehill got this offseason. His deal should be 5 years and something around
    $95 – $100 million / 40% guaranteed. He’s better than those 2 QB’s. But he’s still behind Brady, Brees, P Manning, Big Ben, and Rodgers as a decision maker and pure passer.

  90. This whole situation reeks of hubris Russell doesn’t deserve a-rod money, Super Bowl wins are team achievements and unless he wins MVP or OPOY he doesn’t deserve top QB money. You don’t get paid for your teams achievements but your own, Russell is like a conductor he thinks he keeps everything together but really he just waves his hands does a few good things and relies on the talent around him to be the real substance.

  91. Stop with all this non sense. Wilson will be in seattle for years to come. And people, stop saying he relies on the talent around him. His offensive line is absolutely terrible and hes throwing to Jermaine Kerse and Doug Baldwin. Russell is the one of the most talented players on the roster. I know its difficult for you all to admit that a 5’11” 3rd round pick is a franchise QB.

  92. Before giving Wilson the richest contract in the history of professional sports….answer this one question: If he were the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars last year, would they have been in the Super Bowl?

  93. Wilson is exhibiting some Jekyll and Hyde characteristics and starting to lose fans as a result. Who is the real Russell Wilson? Richard Sherman for President! What you see is what you get with that dude.

  94. Wow what a bad pass,and what a bad play call i guess u both deserve each other after snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!!!!

  95. @exhelodrvr

    I get that, but you have to consider the alternative. Does it hurt the team to pay Wilson a big contract? Absolutely. Is he, from purely a skill perspective, on the level of the top QBs in the league? Definitely not. But the reality of the situation is, you’re talking about paying him, or letting him go, and, while there are downsides to having to pay him so much, they are heavily outweighed by the downsides of letting him go.

  96. If the ONE thing you need to win in this league is a proven QB who has a brain and doesn’t fold under pressure, why on Earth would you trade him? There’s only a handful of them currently playing.

    Never gonna happen. You can replace just about everybody else.

  97. The big plus on Wilson is that he is rarely careless with the football. Unfortunately for him, he threw a brutal pick to lose the SB. Everyone wants to blame Carol for not running the ball, but if Wilson really wants to be considered the best in the business he can’t force that throw. Wilson is a good QB on a great team. I don’t see him in even the same conversation with a guy like Rodgers though. The Packers have a terrible defense yet are in the running every year because of Rodgers.

  98. My one question for Russell. Is it safe to assume that it is not God’s plan for you to play in Seattle if you are not one of the 2 or 3 highest paid quarterbacks?

  99. I find it odd that he is the one game manager QB that HAS to be called elite. He is on a team and a system that works for him.

    Elite guys like Rodgers, Peyton or Brady could take over anywhere. Russel isn’t in that group…it’s not a terrible thing to say.

  100. Throwing that pick in the Super Bowl was so Favresque that Seattle should pay him Favre Dollars and be done with it.

  101. “A trade is also possible for Russell Wilson….”

    That’s literally as far as I got, the entire premise is so unbelievably stupid, it’s not worth reading.

    Riddle me this Batman…..WHO do they replace him with?

  102. Why would R. Wilson want the highest paid contract in the NFL when he is not even close to being the best player in the NFL?

  103. Oh but he’s such a team player. i mean he says GO HAWKS after every interview.

    The Seahawks want him to show he is one by taking a team friendly contract.

    No deal. He thinks he’s the best.

    If he really wants his money he needs to hold out until they pony it up.

  104. We know it’s the slow time for news, so this isn’t shocking that such and article would appear.
    This is why it wouldn’t work: it’s not that they couldn’t trade Russell, but what would they get in return?
    Why would a Super Bowl contender jeopardize that position with an inferior QB?
    Who is Russell’s equals? Aaron Rodgers? No way. Tom Brady? No way. Big Ben? The Steelers are loyal folks though they might drool to have a young QB, but highly unlikely.
    So you are left with an inferior QB in trade.
    So to save a little cash you trade for an inferior QB.
    Not likely.
    What you can count on is this little ‘problem’ with Russell will throw the Seahawks out of equilibrium this year.

  105. My thought is purely opinion based. I am not high on Wilson as a quarterback that can just pick up go to another team and still have the success that he has had in Seattle. Favre couldn’t do it (although he was probably done anyway), Payton has put up the stats and made it to the big game with two different teams but no ring with Denver. Kurt Warner almost did it with Arizona after the Rams but also came up short. Drew Brees was successful as a Charger before becoming a Saint. But Wilson is not a guy who is going to rack up the passing stats like Payton or Brees has been able to do with two different teams. I just don’t see it. Wilson is a system quarterback that is being very smart to cash in on all the endorsement deals he has been able to get. I don’t see how a system quarterback can be a franchise quarterback. They are mutually exclusive to me. Take a system quarterback out of a system and what is he? A backup? Quite possibly. Take a franchise quarterback out of a system, he’s still a franchise quarterback no matter what system or franchise he plays for. That’s my take.

  106. Basically what I am saying is it would be absolutely smart of the Seahawks to cash in on trading Wilson if his asking price is ridiculous aka getting paid with a top 5 quarterback salary. Because he is not a top 5 quarterback. But then again neither is Joe Flacco but he cashed in nicely too. I would say if Wilson would like Joe Flacco’s deal, give it to him. He wants more than that? Hell no. He could have checked out of that ridiculous play call to pass the ball on the 2 yard line and he didn’t. Franchise quarterbacks don’t make that mistake. Any franchise salivating over Wilson should stop now, no quarterback has won a Super Bowl with different teams. Those aren’t good odds.

  107. I see they’ve broken into the fantasy genre…probably their second choice after Gresham put them to shame in the legal thriller department…

  108. If any of u were RW u would be asking for just as much as he is. If u have been to two SB in three years but 8 back up QBwill make more money than u this year you would want to be one of the highest paid players in the league so stop ridiculing him for trying to get paid

  109. “He is very good, but not great and he has some technical problems operating in the pocket. ”

    Wilson’s stats are better in the pocket than out.

    Wilson broke GB’s back in the pocket.

  110. Russell is in Seattle for AT LEAST two more years unless a deal comes along that is a nobrainer for Seattle. This isn’t the raiders. The seahawks have all the leverage.

  111. Good player, but hes not even in the top ten QBs in the league. Seattle wins because they have the best RB and Defense in the league, 2/3 of the QBs in the league could win with that scenario.

  112. Seattle had an excellent defense and Marshawn Lynch in 2010, and went 7-9. With the same defense and Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson, they have gone 42-14, been to two Super Bowls, won one of them, was a half yard away from winning the other, and has not had a single loss in those entire 3 years where they didn’t have the ball in the last 5 minutes of the game with a chance to win. One of those losses was by 9 points, when San Diego kicked a FG in the last seconds of the game; the other 13 losses were all by 7 points or less (avg. 4.71) and had the ball with an opportunity to win in the last 5 minutes of every game. Elite or not, Wilson is worth the money.

  113. Post above….should read 2011….Seattle went 7-9 for the 2nd year in a row, but defense was much better in 2011. The 3 Wilson years are 2012-14.

  114. how about the Squawks trading the midget to New Orleans for Drew Brees, who is generally considered a better qb than Wilson, but nearing the end of his career. Another possible trade is Wilson to Denver for Peyton Manning, or even Wilson to New England for Tom Brady. How about sending Shorty to the Giants for Eli Manning.

  115. Philly offers Bradford/Sanchez/Tebow/Barkley for Russell Wilson…make it happen Chip!

  116. THAT explains WHY Carroll has been saying those nice things about Kelly! LOL Phishing for draft clean up trade and Markie “Butt Fumble”! He KNOWS that aside from MAYBE the Browns, NOBODY ELSE is going to BE that stupid! He tanks the season and between his own draft picks and the Chipsters contributions he can do a full rebuild in one draft!

  117. Guy acts like he should be paid like a baller when he looked horrible in the playoffs against GB and tossed an int to lose the SB. Did he forget?

  118. People are too consumed with thinking in the “now” and not seeing the bigger picture. Jamarcus Russell got paid about 40 mil of his rookie contract (6/68mil) and did nothing but break the Raiders and nearly the league. That’s why we have the rookie pay scale now, so owners can protect themselves and not pay guys until they are proven commodities. Russ feels he’s proved himself and now is looking to get paid, not for being the best player in the league today, or in the next five years, but to be paid for what he’s BEEN worth to the team. Stop comparing him to dinosaurs on their 3rd or 4th HUGE contract, those guys all started their careers making big bucks (with the exception of Brady maybe, but once Brady became a starter he didn’t have to wait three years to be compensated like one.

    What’s it worth to any one of you, to go to two Super Bowls in two years? Imagine the luxury of waiting til it happens before you gotta open the checkbook. The owners got what they wanted, and that’s resulted in a new climate of contract negotiation. And before the urge to be an idiot strikes again, think of it this way: was Aaron Rogers really TWENTY TIMES AS VALUABLE as Russel Wilson last year? Drew Brees missed the playoffs, yet made 20x the money. So no, he is not looking to be paid as a top-5 dude or an MVP or “highest-paid” player either. He’s looking to be paid as the guy who played his heart out for peanuts and played in the big game twice in three seasons.

    If he gets 25mil/year for five years, you have to put it in the context of playing three years for less than 3million total just to make it to the negotiating table.. That would average 16 million a year, and you have to be some sort of genetically modified super idiot to think he’s not worth that in today’s NFL.

  119. It’s simple. Seattle’s offer is on the lower side of what the organization likely knows he’s worth. So Wilson’s attorney says, okay, we’ll go the other extreme and say we want to be compensated higher than any QB ever to play the game.

    Ever buy a new car? There you go…it’s known as negotiations for a reason. And it’s summer time, the time for much speculation to be spread as there’s no NFL play for nearly 2 more months…that means a lot of web space to be filled on forums….don’t take any of it too seriously…and tomorrow the sun shall also rise…you’re good!

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