Dolphins aren’t pursuing suspended Dion Jordan’s signing bonus


Dion Jordan hasn’t done much to make the Dolphins want to give him extra chances. But they’re apparently giving him one anyway.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins “will give thought” to keeping Jordan in 2016, but apparently haven’t given thought to trying to recoup signing bonus money from him.

Jordan’s year-long suspension for violating the league’s drug policy because of a diluted test is grounds to forfeit $3.335 million in already paid signing bonus. But the Dolphins “aren’t actively trying to collect signing bonus money from him” according to the report.

Perhaps it’s a sign they think he’s worth something in the future, even though the guy who traded up to draft him third overall in 2013 is gone.

There was some talk about trading him to the Eagles prior to his suspension, but if it’s possible, his value is even lower now, meaning they might be willing to see if he can get himself right and become a productive player on the field again.

13 responses to “Dolphins aren’t pursuing suspended Dion Jordan’s signing bonus

  1. People need to stop comparing high draft picks to former greats of the organization. I stopped taking any analyst seriously when they started throwing around Jason Taylor comparisons, SOLELY because he was a former Dolphin. Don’t set an unreachable bar for an unproven commodity.

  2. I already forgot about this clown. I think they should recoup the money and bail on him. If they aren’t doing that then they are looking at the cap problem in 2016. They will have to purge some contracts and Vernon will be due a new contract. Looks to me like they might use Jordan as a DE (ugh, what if he screws up AGAIN) and figure something out with Wake and Vernon. They might have to trade Wake (age) while they can next year and they still might not be able to pay Vernon. It’s a shame that Dion Jordan has wasted his talent and opportunities so far. I love having Suh and Tannehill but those contracts mean cutbacks in other areas and this is a likely course. I really hope they do well this year because 2016 will be tough but it is only a 1 year problem as of right now.

  3. It’s no big revelation that Dion’s career has been disappointing thus far, but I applaud the Dolphins giving him every chance to right up his life and hopeful fulfill some of his tremendous potential. I just wish him well and pray for his recovery. He can watch the Dolphins from the TV this season and see what Chris McCain is doing behind that awesome defensive line, and maybe that motivation can get him off what must be very addictive drugs.

  4. When your young,immature , and are given millions it makes you do foolish things.I believe this kid has the talent,as well as the Dolphins organization.I say the Dolphins should put him in a drug counciling program (even though I smoke weed myself,but again I’m not getting paid millions)and some sort of decilpline counciling.And in the words of great mentor”and that’s all I’ve got to say about that” FG

  5. No doubt Jordan is an immature bum, but he has talent and this is a good risk for the Dolphins. They can always sue him down the line for collections and if he ever produces for the Dolphins; the risk paid off. If he goes to another team, his wages are garnished for the pay back. I guess they are trying to show good intentions with a messed up young man. The good news is while he is a Bust so far (and perhaps the biggest in Fins history), he never hurt the Team as he was not a contributor in the past few years and not being considered in the mix going forward. Sad to waste so much talent.

  6. Dion was a great player at Oregon & we never heard anything about off field issues with him. Really pulling for him to get it together & be the player he was in college.

  7. They will probably allow him to earn it back. Like they did with Ricky Williams.

  8. 1Guard78……. Completely untrue. You don’t even know what next years cap number will be…. Wanna know how I know..?

    Because it won’t be released until early April of 2016. Just like every year….. Dope.

    As far as the Dolphins going after Jorns $3.3 million signing bonus.

    You DO REALIZE how funny it sounds thinking your going to recoup $3.3 Million Dollars from a guy with a drug problem….. Hilarious..

  9. Would have been perfect at SAM this year and last. Too bad he was played out of position and then used PEDS to get to the size of his unnatural position DE. Square peg in a round hole and now a suspended square peg with talent on PEDS.

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