Russell Wilson once again deflects question about contract

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With the contractual expectations of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson recently in the headlines, Wilson has chimed in. Once again, however, he has declined to address his contractual expectations.

In remarks to reporters at the Madison, Wisconsin version of his annual passing academy, Wilson deflected a question about his next contract.

That’s not where my focus is,” Wilson said. “The contract will work itself out. . . . I’m excited to hopefully be a Seattle Seahawk for a really, really long time.  So that’s the goal.”

There’s no reason to currently doubt that he wants to stay with the Seahawks. But there’s also no reason to currently doubt that he wants to be paid more than any other player in the NFL, or to currently doubt that he’s prepared to change teams if need be, since he recently has said just that.

Of course Wilson wants to be a Seahawk. But if he wants more money to do that than the Seahawks are willing to pay, Wilson eventually will have to ask himself which of the two he wants more.

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  1. Wow this site (others too) are reporting this to death! I know this is a slow time of year but c’mon have a little creativity and do something else rather than report literally every little thing about Wilson! Honestly this guy always seemed like a good dude but he has been coming across differently ever since after the Super Bowl. Also, he benefits from a great running game and great D and is one of the absolute most overrated players in football! By far the most overrated QB!! I have nothing against Seattle or Wilson (actually root for them occasionally) just being honest

  2. Stop this non sense. Wilson will be a Seattle Seahawk for many, many years. You dont just dump a guy who led you to two straight super bowls. He is the leader of this team. The way seattle is built, they would go back to a sub .500 team without Wilson. Pete and JS wont let that happen.

  3. A lot of QB’s would look great behind that running game and defense. Fewer teams would look great with Wilson as their Lone Ranger.

    As a fan of the NFL with no rooting interest in the Hawks, I expect this is all agent-speak. Wilson belongs in SEA.

  4. The longer they wait, the more expensive he becomes. The Colts aren’t going to hesitate when it comes time to resign Luck. If the Seahawks are smart, they will resign Wilson before that happens. Franchise QBs don’t grow on trees you know…

  5. He’s 0-7 in games where the Seahawks give up 25 or more points, look it up in his game logs.

    I think he’s better than Cam Newton and deserves more but geez, highest paid? try carrying a team first.

  6. Lynch and defense led hawks to 2 straight SBs not Wilson. Overrated and wont be worth the money. Yall seen what happened last play of SB.

  7. This story is getting beat to death. As mentioned previously, dig deeper for other stories. It’s the offseason when a lot of players are doing their charity football camps and softball games to raise money for charity; let’s hear about those.

    On a side note, highest paid player demand/rumor is misconstrued based on the fact of inflation. Wilson may become the highest paid player but he will eventually be trumped by Luck and then Luck by the next top tier QB as the cap slowly rises.

    This is a HUGE investment for the Hawks and decision for Wilson that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’m sure Wilson feels he gave the Hawks a top tier QB who helped them get to two SB at a bargain rate and now wants to be rewarded and shown a sign of respect. On the other hand, Seattle knows Wilsons cap will affect current and future players ability to be retained and contained. QB contracts can propel or set back an organization for many years and although it will be nice when it’s over, it’s reassuring Seattle’s brass isn’t opening the vault irresponsibly and Wilson isn’t getting blinded by dollar signs and signing a deal he will later regret (e.g Michael Bennett).

  8. Seahawks don’t pay anyone that big. They would lose to many others to fit in a fat contract like that

  9. Have the Packers won a Super Bowl since paying Rodgers more than 20 mil?
    Have the Broncos won a Super Bowl paying Manning top dollar?
    Have the Ravens been back to Super Bowl since Flacco is now a 20 mil QB?
    How many Super Bowls did the Colts win while Manning commanded top dollar and how many one and dones did they have?
    Loath the Patriots but guess what they finally won another Super Bowl by deflating Brady’s salary a couple years ago!
    Paying top dollar for a QB can get you lots of wins and lots of division titles and the label of a consistent winner. But most likely a .500 or worse playoff record and rarely the title of Super Bowl Champion!

  10. I think the Seahawks think Wilson is not that good. By that i mean worthy of that much money and security in guarantees. Its interesting because most of the league has trouble find good QB`s and most never find their man for many many years. The Colts and Packers are that rare exception when one great follows another. Maybe the Seahawks feel that Wilson is just a piece in a well oiled machine and can be replaced without to much trouble. Wilson is no Brady but he does have a knack of winning.

  11. So he didn’t want to discuss his contract at a passing school at his alma mater. He will have a new deal before the preseason.

  12. misterpositivity says:
    Jun 28, 2015 11:49 PM
    A lot of QB’s would look great behind that running game and defense. Fewer teams would look great with Wilson as their Lone Ranger.

    As a fan of the NFL with no rooting interest in the Hawks, I expect this is all agent-speak. Wilson belongs in SEA.

    And there lies the problem. Please let me know once the free agent market gets flooded with a lot of good QBs. Jay Cutler would have been the top free agent qb on the market it the Bears had cut him last year.

  13. Misterpositivity,
    Perhaps you forgot that this is a team sport.

    Right now almost every team out there would love to sign Russell Wilson.

    There are a few teams out there that would be horrible with Aaron Rodger or Tom Br*dy under center.

    Regardless of what you think. Russell Wilson would make any other team better. If they are a crappy team they won’t be great, but the same thing would happen with any other great QB out there.

    Look at how many people claim Luck is the best, regardless of leading the Colts.

    It is a myth that a great QB can make any team a great team.

    However it is true that a great QB can make any team better. That is what Russell Wilson is capable of.

  14. Oh! He is charming. Super bowl win with an awesome defense and a deflated Broncos offense. And a SB loss with an idiot throw vs. a team under duress from the whole NFL due to the road rage over deflategate* he’s a bum on any other team. But what a nice smile! An Allstar selfie-ist!

  15. Standard response…and as long as you lemmings are lapping this stuff up, they’ll keep putting it out.

  16. Good comment by icantspellsite! I agree he benefits from players around him. Also, this is day 6 of no electricity for me😡

  17. It’s pretty obvious that for some reason Wilson wants out of Seattle. The only way to do it is to make ridiculous demands that you know will never be met. I wonder what the real reason is that he wants out so bad.

  18. I haven’t heard Andrew Luck negotiating his new contract in the media. Hmmm? Probably because he’s not a diva.

  19. Man wonder why the qb’s in seattle didn’t win with that defense and Marshawn Lynch, or does Wilson have super powers that make team mates better?? gtfoh with that talk, no one gives Luck’s wide outs credit or didn’t Buffalo and the jets have great defenses????? what about Carolina and Arizona??? where’s their superbowls?

  20. A smart QB would take a massive discount and make it up in endorsements. You can’t kill your teams cap..

  21. When this is all said and done (a couple years from now), he is going to get paid SO much more money than his agent is asking for right now. The question is will it be Seattle cutting that insane check?

  22. Indeed. Best picture ever posted on PFT.

    And, also, confirming my suspicions that Russel Wilson is a very smart man, he has divorced his previous wife BEFORE landing his mega-contract.

    Smart man.

  23. I haven’t heard Andrew Luck negotiating his new contract in the media.

    Indy management has not only already exercised the 5th-year option for 1st round picks on Luck, they have stated outright that they have no intention of discussing a contract with him this year. Try to keep up with (not so) current events.

  24. This story has grown old. I agree with many others in that part. But please stop with the “he’s just a game manager” garbage.

    Was Aikman a “game manager” because he had Emmitt and Irvin? Montana with Craig and Rice? Both had great defenses too. Eli and Flacco are not as good as Wilson. Lots of QB’s owe their success to the team – great RB’s and WR’s along with very good defenses.

    So many of you fawn all over Luck – he gets to play in a crappy division and pad his stats. My Jags get torched by him.

    Wilson is a top 10 QB in the league and probably only 4-5 QB’s in the league I would take over him (if that). Rogers and Brady probably is it. Luck is good but he throws way too many picks (look it up).

    Russell don’t kill your team cap wise. Seahawks you should pay him like a top 5 player in the NFL – you have gotten a bargin for 4 years. He is worth more than Flacco and the cap is going up every year. When LA money hits the cap will increase again. Get it done.

  25. I hope he makes 30MM/year with the Bills/Raiders/Jags, etc. Let them go 8-8 every year.

  26. crisrogus says:

    “Y’all do know you don’t have to read this stuff if it bugs you so, right?”

    That is, by far, the most intelligent comment I have read on PFT in a long, long time. Thank you.

  27. Jun 29, 2015 12:12 AM
    He’s 0-7 in games where the Seahawks give up 25 or more points, look it up in his game logs.


    So, his record is 42-7 when the Seahawks don’t give up 25 or more?
    Now, that’s impressive.

  28. If the rumors of $30 million annually guaranteed are close or true, you’re a complete idiot , Wilson.

    No one, not even Paul Allen, will ever guarantee that contract as he shouldn’t.

    Your portrayal of selflessness & humility is waning.

    You’re really a selfish little diva who’s over rated.

  29. RW and the Seahawks are truly an excellent match. However, it RW would rather “break the bank” by wanting all the money then please sign with someone else “after’ making your last SB run this season under the franchise tag. The Hawks will be toast but then so will RW, both getting their just desserts and then Arizona will dominate the conference with the Rams right behind them. RW will end up on some team willing to pay him TONS with no supporting cast whatsoever. Just save the the interviews where he says “God asked me to take the money and i expect good things to come in the future by starting out the season on my new team at 0-8 !! I have patience that God will turn us around even though we can’t afford to pay wide receiver’s, a left tackle or runningbacks………..”

  30. Russ is good but he has alot of help on that seachicken offense, you can put rg3 or geno smith back their or even alex Smith and you will get similar results.

    Hes not worth aaron rodgers money. Here me out you pay wilson then you lose earl thomas and other key players then seachickens are nothing or you trade wilson for a 1st rd and a qb like ej kanuel and you build that defense egen more. Seachicks win on defense not offwnse woof

  31. So sick of hearing about what a class act Wilson is. I punked that guy when he was in college at Wisconsin. My buddies and I went to Madison, WI to watch our South Dakota Coyotes play his Badgers in 2011, and after the game we were hanging out at a bar when this clown showed up, started acting like he owned the place, and said he was going to “whoop on everyone” in our group because he claimed we didn’t give him “respect”. Him being 5’11 200 lbs. and me 6’6″ 250 lbs. I confronted him and changed his attitude very quickly. I’m just glad there are no pictures or videos of the whole thing in cyberspace.

  32. He’s good, but not as good as he seems to think he is. He’s worth lots, but not as much as he thinks he’s worth.

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