Rookies get a primer on college vs. NFL rules at symposium


This year’s NFL draft class has been taught at the annual rookie symposium about the differences between NFL rules and college rules.

NFL V.P. of Officiating Dean Blandino said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that there are subtle differences between college and pro rules, especially player safety rules, that a lot of rookies don’t know.

“What we try to do is give the rookie players a basis, a foundation for the rules,” he said. “The rules are different from college to the pros. Some of the basic stuff that everybody knows — two feet vs. one foot and down by contact and those differences — but there are some differences that they have to know in terms of the chop block, what chop blocks are legal in the NFL that are not legal in the college game. We try to give them that background, revolving mainly around protection of the player, things like that, a lot of our safety rules and defenseless players.”

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a discussion of NFL rules if Dez Bryant’s playoff non-catch didn’t rear its ugly head.

“It is well received,” Blandino said. “I made the mistake yesterday with the rookies of showing the Dez Bryant play too early in the presentation so that was all anybody wanted to talk about.”

So add the rookie class of 2015 to the long list of people who can’t figure out what is and isn’t a catch in the NFL.

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  1. News for all incoming DBs… Your days of properly tackling are over. NFL rules dictate that you must either arm tackle like a clown, or dive at their knees like a clown. Any attempt at clean physical play will result in a 15 yard flag.

  2. It’s not a catch if it’s reviewed and they determine it’s not a catch. Even if they were wrong. The NFL is gonna stick by their story. End of story.

  3. .
    The afternoon session consisted on Blandino giving a presentation on how the NFL office executives have nothing better to do than frame, lie, and create scenarios where the impotent can pretend to be virile

  4. Still remember Plaxico Burress his rookie year catching a tough pass, goes to the ground untouched, gets up and throws the ball down because he thought he was down. The other team promptly recovered the fumble.

  5. It’s simple: hang onto the ball and hand it to the ref and it’s a catch. Drop the ball at any point and risk being called incomplete. Basically, do your job so the play doesn’t have to be subject to interpretation.

  6. If your NFL team in in a region of low marketability then, yes, you will receive the penalty.

  7. – Crab legs won’t get you in trouble.
    – If you are a star and you whine and cry like a little girl loud enough, they will change the rules for you.
    – Everything a defense does is an automatic first down, deal with it.
    – A no-trade clause to Cleveland is a smart move.
    – Marketability trumps talent.

  8. Rule #1– NFL football is not about you, the players. It is all about the officials. The game is all about them and their control.They will call phantom infractions and you must obey, but they will miss glaring penalties and there is nothing you can do about it. Fans come to see them not you. Once you understand this you might have a chance to play a couple of years in the NFL= No Fun League

  9. Even rookies can see that. It was a catch. Then bobbled into the endzone. he should’ve at least been down at the goal line. not over turned, but its green bay and the refs always favor them. Always.

    And, remember rookies.
    Deflate balls (Brady) = Bad.
    Over-inflate balls (Rodgers) = Good.

  10. For those of you who played in the SEC, you do NOT get an automatic place in the Playoffs or Championship like in college.

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