Russell Wilson mentions a figure: $25 million

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has yet again been interviewed. And he has yet again avoided questions about his contract with the team.

But Wilson has finally floated a figure, during an interview with ESPN’s Marty Smith.

Said Smith, “Nobody’s won more than you in the last several years. We’ve seen what some of your peers have gotten on the market recently. Based on the current market for the quarterback and based on your resume, what do you deserve?”

Wilson opted to be coy. “I don’t know, how much would you pay me, Marty?” Wilson said with a laugh.

“I mean, you have a Super Bowl and you took ’em to another Super Bowl,” Smith said.

“I think ultimately it comes down to the play,” Wilson said. “Just let my play speak for itself, and let the rest take care of itself. Continue to love the game for what it is, continue to fight, continue to play.  No matter how much I’m getting paid, whether it’s $25 million or $1.5 million. I’ll be ready to go.”

The second number is what Wilson is due to make this year. The first number could be what Wilson is aiming to get, a possible slip of the tongue. (Or maybe he was simply thinking about the jersey number worn by teammate Richard Sherman.)

Wilson also called his relationship with the Seahawks “great” and “I don’t think it’s a bad relationship by any means.” He also reiterated his desire to stay in Seattle.

That’s fine, but at some point the desire to stay in Seattle and the desire to get paid will conflict, especially if he’s serious about making $25 million per year — which is $3 million more per year than the current high-water mark in the NFL set two years ago by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

122 responses to “Russell Wilson mentions a figure: $25 million

  1. The only reason the Seahawks are good is because they have a solid QB making 1 mill a year. Start paying this guy 25 and they start losing everybody else. He’s not that great, right now he is the best BARGAIN in the NFL.

  2. Totally overrated, mediocre qb play, he has a great defense and a good running game. But not even close to a top 5 qb. Rodgers could go anywhere and be great (Vikes fan here) , put Wilson in green bay and he would be just an average qb.

  3. I’m sure another team without a recent championship (or one at all) will be willing to pay that. Wilson definitely isn’t worth 25 million, though.

    *cough* Browns

  4. I love Russell Wilson but he better not be serious about this number. He’s a big reason that team is where it is, but they use a run first offense. He threw the ball less than almost anybody. Someone who gets used that sparingly shouldn’t be paid $3 million more per year than someone who has to basically be their team. I don’t care if Wilson gets around $20 million per year. That won’t even be that much in just a few seasons. But what he’s asking for right now is outrageous.

  5. Russell isn’t in the same league as Brady, Rodgers, Drew or Ben… but he is the top of the next 5. 25m a year is too much. But 21 – 22m the team will have to live with that.

    The ring is worth at least 2m a year. That ‘one yard’… he’d be at 25m if he had that second ring.

  6. Why have the Cheaphawks strung this out so long? All the other QB’s from his class have been paid and they all look up to his SB appearance.

  7. He is a 15mil/year guy, real good but not great. Expensive rabbit holes these teams are going down with each positional/higher end player contract exceeding the last.

  8. How many lucky jump balls have gone Russell Wilson’s way?

    The Fail Mary. The game winning TD against SF in the NFC title game. The 2 point conversion against GB in the NFC title game. The Jermaine Kearse catch and two Chris Matthews catches in the super bowl (those 3 plays accounted for half his passing yards in the game).

    Does any other QB even come close in this category?

  9. Very good QB but he’s not worth more than Rodgers , Luck, or Brady. They have proven they can win and put up huge numbers even when they have a terrible defense and no running game. How quickly everyone forgets how bad Russell Wilson played in Championship game. He had 4 Int’s that easily could’ve been 6. Look at the running backs Rodgers and Brady have won Super Bowls with. The year the Packers went 15-1 there defense was the worst in NFL history.

  10. Once Russell starts making the $25mil, it would have to result in big time disruptions that ripple across the team.

    That $23.5mil raise has to come from somewhere.

    It’s just one big pot of $$$$$ allocated across the team.

    That’s the nature of a salary cap.

  11. Give him one more “show me” year @ 1.5 mil. If he’s truly great then his “play will speak for itself”.
    If he has another 4 int playoff game, lower your offer accordingly.

  12. You are worth whatever someone else will pay. That is just free-market economics. Forget the price ceilings on labor known as franchise tags and salary caps.

    If Wilson hits the open market, I could get him $25 million from someone.

    Whether he is worth that much or not isn’t the question. How much will someone pay? $25 million easy.

  13. Wilson is a good to very good QB. I don’t see him as a 3oo yard a game guy. Superbowl win was definately a system win. Last year they got through in the worst division in the NFC. The other thing I recall in watching Seattle, and Wilson, over the last 2 years they seem to get the craziest bounces. Last minute drives where there is a crazy deflection, completely blown coverage leaving a guy wide open or the Fail Mary , something that just seems to go there way. There are probably 3-4 plays that got them wins in the most bizarre ways. That won’t continue forever. Personally, very good but not in the elite class of passers.

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  15. The reason the Hawks are great is because they draft well and know how to make a trade or sign a FA to complete the squad.

    Sherman in the 5th, Chancellor in the 5th, had Maxwell in the 6th, Thomas in the 1st, Wagner in the 2nd, Wilson in the 3rd, a trade for Beast Mode, Free agency for Avril and Bennett. Undrafted guys like Baldwin.

    That is why the Hawks are great. They are the beneficiaries of drafting well and understanding how to construct an organization.

  16. Wilson said. “Just let my play speak for itself, and let the rest take care of itself. ”

    what does the last throw you made say?

  17. The problem is that Wilson is NOT Aaron Rodgers, or Brady, Big Ben, Brees, Luck, etc. He is a quite good qb, but not a 25 million qb.

  18. Apparently you do not watch Seahawks football. Or do you look at the stats. You jabber at the mouth and respond with no substance. Wilson is single handedly responsible for many wins and consistently extending plays and drives. You must be a Raider fan. It’s okay to wake from your slumber. Other teams are playing still!

  19. I hope the Hawks go cheapskate.

    I’m sure my Arizona Cardinals would be happy to front Mr Wilson that cash next season. It’s no fun trying to win in the playoffs minus a QB.

  20. He has the perfect situation – great team, fans, image; and is dangerously close to screwing it up – ala A-rod. Avarice becomes more of the undertone with every passing day. $25MM/yr and Seattle become the next zombie of the salary-cap living dead – Think Ryan, P. Manning in Indy.

    His agent is from baseball. The MLB – the poster child of a broken model; sucking fans excitement like a tapeworm. Imagine the lack of hope fanbases would endure with guaranteed contracts. Yo Russ, be grateful for the generous offer on the table, you will be the richest person in all facets of life – with the wind at your back. Walk the walk. Don’t A-rod what you got.

  21. The way Russell is chasing tail and interviews all around the country the past 4 months, it might be wiser for the Hawks to let him play out the current contract.

    He might have a Roy Hobbes turn after Hobbes got caught up with Kim Bassinger

  22. I think he’ll have to come down a bit, my guess is Seattle’s ok with 20 million, so they’ll hem and haw for a while and meet in the middle, I’d guess in the 22 mil range.

  23. So compromise at $21.5 mil and load the contract with incentives. Sooner or later Seattle will have cap problems just like every other team.

  24. rainponcho87 says:
    Jun 30, 2015 12:53 AM
    Wilson said. “Just let my play speak for itself, and let the rest take care of itself. ”

    what does the last throw you made say?
    Anybody can pick out one throw to focus on. That takes no insight or analysis. How about if you focus on the entirety of his play and let that speak? The most wins of any QB in the history of the game in his first 3 years. More than Montana, Baugh, Graham, Aikman, Staubach, Marino, Unitas, Brady, Manning. And by the way, almost all of them had good defenses and excellent running games.

  25. Split the difference and pay him $22 mil. Seahawk fans and their front office thinking they should get him for anything less absent just out of the kindness of his heart are delusional. Somebody aid $15 mil. That’s what Dalton and Tannehill makes now. Do you seriously think there’s no jump in the caliber of player between the 2? Lol, all righty then. QBs are the the only position who gets paid along with a andful of elite players across the league like Watt, Suh, and these CBs who’ve cashed in. He’s the QB, and he’s more than a game manager because he’s went and won them games when they needed him to. Pay the man. That’s the model of the NFL today. Otherwise, take your chance with Tarvares Jackson and some rookie next year after waiting 35 years for a true franchise QB. Let’s put it like this, I doubt any of the same fans would have blinked if Hasselbeck was paid in the upper tier of QB during his prime, and Wilson’s already better with a better resume.

  26. If you trolls weren’t stuck on pft all day trying to be the first post, you’d know that Wilson’s agent regretted that Russell didn’t mention playing for $40 million per. That’s the real story and reason they can’t get a deal done. Mark Rodgers is out of his freaking mind.

  27. 25 million ? His agent must be Rosenhaus. Wilson is a good QB I agree,but just because you win a SB does not get the right for you to ask for 25$ million. Brad Johnson even won a SB with a great defense.

  28. Wilson not worth anything close to $25 mil per season. Closer to $2.5 mil maybe. Doubt Chip would pay even that much for that choker, especially with a far superior QB in Bradford on the roster.
    Go Eagles!

  29. He’s good but he’s not worth crippling the team over.

    If some team offered a decent qb and a first round pick for him, I’d take it if I was Seattle. With Tavares Jackson they were 7-9 before the defense became great and he’s terrible.

  30. I don’t think the issue is as much what Wilson is worth as it is how much guaranteed money they can pay him. Five players eat up 1/3 of the cap space, and Wilson is almost halfway down the list. Meaning you are going to have to get guys like Sherman, Avril, Bennett, and Graham to give something up to accommodate Wilson. It is not so much greed by Wilson as it seem to be greed by his team mates. But Wilson is not worth $25M a year either. Five years, $80M, 70% guaranteed would be fair for both sides.

  31. Shocked that a hardcore Christian like Wilson is chasing all money and diva singers. God told ya to go this route?
    I say franchise him next year then let him walk to a bad team. No chance in Cleveland.

  32. He has set one record! The QB to go from underrated to overrated in the shortest period of time.

  33. rightwingguy says:
    Jun 30, 2015 12:09 AM
    …Rodgers could go anywhere and be great (Vikes fan here) , put Wilson in green bay and he would be just an average qb
    Last year in Green Bay, Wilson would have had Lacy at RB, plus Nelson and Cobb.

    In Seattle he had Lynch at RB and

    I’m sorry, I suddenly lost my train of thought. What were we talking about?

  34. You good people keep mentioning Brees, Rodgers, Manning and such, but the kid has the same amount of SB trophies as those highly paid QBs. Heck, he’s played in two vs Rodgers and Brees’ one. Why should they be paid more for regular season stats?

  35. Wilson is over valued in his mind. Seen this many times. And this is going to cause him to leave, end up with a crappy franchise (Browns) where hell be running for his life, and get hurt.

    Russell, take my advice and settle for 16 mil a year and continue to be in a good franchise and have good players around you.

    In the long run, you’ll have just as much money as Rodgers or Flacco.

  36. Wilson is not even in the top 5 of best QB’s in the league and is asking way toooooooo much. He deserves and should be happy with around $5 mil a season. Nothing more.

  37. Haha. So was Wilson making $625,000 throughout most of his rookie deal good or fair market for what he produced? The owners won hard on rookie contracts and the veteran players gave the owners what they wanted since rookies who are not yet in the league have very little say in the CBA. It was even put in the CBA that rookies can’t re negotiate their contract no matter how much they’very outplayed it.

    Now on their second deal OF COURSE players like Wilson will want every penny they can get. This isn’t about who’s better and what you think Wilson is worth. This is about what Wilson and his reps believe the market is willing to pay him. As for that $25 million dollar number…..I believe that number is about what he would get if the Seahawks apply the exclusive franchise tag so that’s not his number…that’s the CBA number.

    Ithe is unrealistic to think that a player who has been underpaid based on the NFL QB market by at least $15 million for 4 years straight will be handing out any kind of discounts going forward. This is the system the owners wanted. They no longer have to hand out $80 million contracts to unproven rookies for just this moment and now it’s time to pay the piper.

  38. Is he worth $25M? Definitely not! But that’s how negotiations work. Offer, counter offer etc. until both sides either reach an impasse, or an agreement both can live with. Of course an NFL contract is best used rolled up to swat flies. Neither side is going to honor it.

  39. Seahawks whole formula depends upon having an underpaid QB. They might might might be able to achieve ‘NFL FINALIST’ status one more time this year but after that it is OVER.

    Pats are the only team that can sustain greatness in this current salary cap environment.

  40. Wilson is a good QB. That being said, there is no way he is worth north of 20 mill a year. If the seahawks do a deal like this they will watch their team crumble.

  41. Which he could have had if only he hadn’t thrown that last pick. #WilsonPickit

  42. I don’t particularly like the Seahawks nor do I dislike Wilson but I’d love for Seattle to let him walk but keep winning with another “game manager”. He’s a bit better than a game manager but that would give Browns & Bills fans hope that you can “quarterback-proof” a team with strong running and big defence. Of course you need adequate QB play but remember the Browns were 7-4 last year with Hoyer.
    There are only a couple of QB’s who can carry a team deep in the playoffs with nothing else. $25m will weaken any roster.
    Wilson should take $15m and keep winning. He’ll end up in HOF if he does that.

  43. regiorr says:
    Jun 30, 2015 1:01 AM
    The problem is that Wilson is NOT Aaron Rodgers, or Brady, Big Ben, Brees, Luck, etc. He is a quite good qb, but not a 25 million qb.
    Yea? Because statistically Wilson has out performed or performed at the level of all those QBs first 3 years in the league. Brees was almost cut in San Diego his first three seasons. San Diego thought so little of him they used their top puck to draft Eli Manning and traded him for Philip Rivers. Aaron Rodgers dropped to the 20s in his draft and didn’t play his first 4 years. Ben was way more of a game manager than any QB on this list. Everything you all are saying about Wilson now you said about Brady his first few years. Luck may be the only QB on your list who outperformed Wilson his first 4 years and even that is debatable.

  44. Its a team sport…and Russell is our leader. To the Russell haters shut up. He has weapons FINALLY that is gonna open the playbook…just wait, you think Russell isn’t that great? Get ready to eat some crow.

  45. Wilson isn’t worth anywhere near that amount. He has a SB ring ONLY because he had the best defense in the league. You could put any one of 15+ QBs on that team and won a SB. He was just along for the ride, to hand it off to Lynch and not turn it over. Actually, if he’d handed it to Lynch one more time, he’d have another ring.

  46. Once you pay a QB top flight money, 9 times out of 10, they will never win you a bowl. Draft a new QB and keep your good team together for the long haul. That is the way to be a consistent winner in the league.

  47. rexgrossman8 says:
    Jun 30, 2015 12:10 AM
    Aaron Rodgers would have won both Super Bowls with that D and Beast Mode

    141 29

    I understand why some of you think that Russell Wilson is overrated, but a lot of these are getting out of control.

    Are we so quick to forget how well Roger’s and his team did down around the 5 yd line? Seriously?

  48. Getting fed up how greedy these players are getting. Wilson wants a pay rise and fair enough, but 15, 20, 25 million ? Ridiculous money

    Look at Manning and what he wanted in Denver, he has probably 100+ million in the bank but still his ego wants a big contract.

    If Wilson retired tomorrow he’ll be set up for life with all the endorsements etc. I’m sure most of us could live on a mill for the rest of our lives but these athletes have this ridiculous ego where they have to just earn the most all the time.

    Yes there are idiots like Terrell Owens who will somehow blow all that money but the majority of players wont.

    But no doubt Wilson will get a huge deal, then in 2 years time moan about how the Seahawks arent keeping their own players (yeah your salary is one of the main reasons why).

  49. Major dilemma for Seattle. The economics that underpin the team success get shattered if Russell Wilson gets the big long term contract, but he is a key ingredient in the success. He has been paid relative peanuts over the past 3 seasons and delivered big time. He deserves to be paid but there will be consequences. Seahawks may just franchise him this year and reluctantly watch him walk next year as a free agent.

  50. Also for the “his contract will cripple the franchise” regurgitators, exactly who besides Sherman and Thomas on that team will be making big money? Bennet and Avril? LOL. Their LBs are good, but they’re not paying any of them top end money, not to mention that the position doesn’t get paid anyway. Seattle’s success has largely been due to them finding gems late in the draft and putting enough of those athletic players in a perfect system for them, but I think they let Malcom Smith Walk. I think they let Walter Thurmond walk. I think they let Brandon Browner walk. I think they let Byron Maxwell walk. Jimmy Graham won’t be around after this contract he has. So who are all those top end players that they’re waiting to pay? I’ll wait. Pay the man. He’s earned it. It’s the model of the league now. QBs get paid, and I suppose it’s okay with Joe 6-pack Fan as long as it’s one of the overrated video game ones that lose in the playoffs. Like the people talking about Aaron Rodgers like he hasn’t gotten humiliated at home twice by Kaepernick led teams in the playoffs and was one of the main reasons Seattle was still in that game to win it since he couldn’t score TDs with the ball in plus territory.

  51. Russell Wilson is a very good QB but not at a level that he is worth $25 million per year. I think he is solidly in the 2nd tier of QB’s but he is no where near the top 5 or so. I am not saying he isn’t a winner and deserves a huge jump in pay he just isn’t the game changer that a Rodgers, Brees, Brady etc. are.
    Seattle has to be smart here because when you are so successful as a team guys are going to want to get paid and rightfully so. But you have to decide at some point who you will pay, when you can pay it, and how many times you can restructure deals.

  52. Why not ask the 12th Man to put their money where their mouths are to save this guy?

    That’s what the best fans in the NFL would do.

    Go Pack.

  53. “I mean, you have a Super Bowl and you took ’em to another Super Bowl,”

    Ya right! There D and Lynch won them a superbowl and got them them to another! Don’t get me wrong Wilson is quite possibly one of the best game managers in the NFL. But if you had to pick a QB that has to put the team on his shoulders and be a game changer, sorry he’s not that guy yet and he doesn’t deserve elite money. But hey, it’s the NFL and he’ll probably get more than he’s asking for.

  54. Whatever they pay him, their team salary dynamic changes drastically. They cannot pay him in the $20MM range and also pay all the defensive players. That’s why the evil hoodie is so damn good. Somehow he manages the cap and stays competitive every year…and Brady only takes $12MM so they can pay other players. Good model to follow Seahawks.

  55. He’s not good enough to pay that kind of money because then there goes the defense. Does he want to be greedy and lose, or plenty rich and win? How much money do these clowns need anyway? “Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

    I guess Jesus boy forgot about that one…….#fraud

  56. IMO, there Russell Wilson deserves to get paid as much as Tannehill, Newton, Stafford, Cutler, Capernick.

    Which would put him in an 18-20M / year range.

  57. Good qb with a great D and RB. Yes, he has been on a team with 2 SB appearances with a win in one. Yet you can’t pay a qb 25 mil when he has 0 wins when the D gives up 25 points or more, 0 wins.

  58. Rustled Wilsons……Elite QB…..0-7 when his defense gives up more than 24 points.

  59. So many “fans” in here that don’t seem to remember how this works.

    Remember when Flacco was the highest paid QB in the league? This game isn’t about stats (Rodgers fanatics), it’s about wins!

    Russell doesn’t have Jennings, Nelson, Driver or Cobb on the receiving end of his passes.

  60. Florio wrote back in April about franchise tagging multiple years.
    2015 – $1.5Mil
    2016 – $25Mil
    2017 – $30Mil

    $56.5Mil for next 3 years, and Wilson gets NO long term stability. Sure he makes some $$, but also accepts the injury risk and Seattle only has to pay $18.67Mil/yr. for his services.

    Add the tag for 2018 at $36Mil and his average is still only $23.1Mil/yr. Not the wisest move by Wilson OR the Seahawks, as their cap $ would be tied-up each offseason, but certainly less expensive than $25Mil/yr.

  61. Splitting the difference would be paying him about $12MM this season since he is under contract for 2015 @ $1.5MM. He’s a slightly higher than backup level QB, he won’t be able to run around like he does now forever. He knows it, the Seahawks know it… he’s worth about $18MM/year on the high end. Let him play out this year and see what happens. It’s the only option as I’m sure Seattle doesn’t have an extra $23MM laying around for 2015-16.

  62. @pkrjones – and Seattle wouldn’t be able to tag anyone else until 2019. The few million they are saving and pissing off your franchise qb like that doesn’t make financial sense.

  63. I’m a Bucs fan and its funny you can see the anger/envy in the posting comments.

    All of a sudden the guy is just some mediocre QB that isn’t the primary reason for the Seahawks success lol?

    They were 7-9 before they drafted him. They had the 23rd ranked offense..

    After drafting Wilson they’ve had a top 10 offense for 3 straight years. But yeah you can just insert any QB into that team because their identity has nothing to do with the QB lol

  64. He’s not in the top 5, but he’s better than people give him credit for. It’s not his fault he has a good defense.

    Beast Mode is better because the other team has to worry about Wilson running. He takes chances when he needs to, something which other quarterbacks are often afraid to do, and something which leads to plays that make people think he is lucky.

    He comes through in the clutch except for one very famous play where a guy came out of nowhere, knocked down his receiver and took the ball from his receiver’s hands.

    Also, he hasn’t had many good receivers. With Jimmy Graham their offense may be great and Wilson may look a lot better, depending on the offensive line.

  65. I love the haters!!! Wilson is staying in Seattle (franchise tag). The core defensive players are already under long term contract with Bobby Wagner being the only exception. Lynch is locked down for at least 2 more seasons.

    Get over it.

  66. justintuckrule says:
    Jun 30, 2015 10:44 AM
    @pkrjones – and Seattle wouldn’t be able to tag anyone else until 2019. The few million they are saving and pissing off your franchise qb like that doesn’t make financial sense.
    Not only that but you kill your salary cap. When someone is Franchised that amount immediately counts against the cap for the year he was franchised in. Everyone keeps saying how bad Flacco’s deal was but few realized that his cap hit for the first few years were actually very team friendly because Ravens were able to spread the guarantees/bonuses around through the life of the contract. There are very few teams that can afford a cap hit of $25 million and $30 million for a single player in a single year.

  67. I’m a Seahawks fan, but come on.. Wilson can’t take all the credit for winning so many games. Seattle’s defense is top notch and they were the ones that saved the NFCC game (and special teams). Wilson threw 4 INTs and 1 TD. He also threw the INT that lost the SB.

  68. Anyone that says Russell Wilson isn’t a top QB in the league is an idiot.

    His career passer rating is 98.6 after 3 seasons (go look at the all time career leaders for some perspective). He also has 25 game winning 4th quarter drives over that 3 years which leads the entire NFL over that span (John Elway had 49 over his entire career).

    The guy is a stud.

  69. This is absurd… He has a great defense? So what… Most elite QB’s in recent years has had great defenses… The Patriots did not win from Brady alone… Defense won those SuperBowls for Him… As a matter of fact look at the last 10 Super Bowls all won with defenses with Top 10 Defenses and All of them relied heavily on on the RB for some type of production… So cut it out at the end of the Day He won the Superbowl, Top of the NFC period… Does not make mistakes… What else do you want… If he is not worth it then who is/ who will you bring in that is worth is? Who else… Exactly , no one… Pay Him… Show him your love Seattle… Indeed….

  70. Wilson needs to keep in mind that the supporting cast around him (i.e. Marshawn Lynch and the defense) have been at least as important for Seattle’s success. I think he may want to ‘deflate’ his ego a few psi and think about putting the team first…

  71. seattle2toronto12thmanconnection says:
    Jun 30, 2015 8:21 AM
    rexgrossman8 says:
    Jun 30, 2015 12:10 AM
    Aaron Rodgers would have won both Super Bowls with that D and Beast Mode

    141 29

    I understand why some of you think that Russell Wilson is overrated, but a lot of these are getting out of control.

    Are we so quick to forget how well Roger’s and his team did down around the 5 yd line? Seriously?
    I’d say Rogers did not worse around the 5 yd line than Wilson did at the 1 yd line.

  72. Wilson lucked into the best situation possible: a top coach, a #1 running back, and a stellar defense.

    As a fan of a rival team, I hope the Seahawks cave in and pay Wilson the $25 million he demands, which kills the salary cap and causes massive dissension in the locker room and on the field.

    As a football fan, I hope the Seahawks hold firm but pay him a REALISTIC salary for the sake of the game we all love. I won’t speculate on a number but he is absolutely not worth more than Aaron Rodgers or Brady or Luck.

  73. rexgrossman8 says:
    Jun 30, 2015 12:10 AM
    Aaron Rodgers would have won both Super Bowls with that D and Beast Mode


    With Rodgers receivers and OL Wilsob would never lose a game

  74. I’m not a Seahawks fan but I’m pretty sure they didn’t get to where they are because of Wilson. He won on the back of the defense

  75. Most of you guys are biased morons. First off, he didn’t say he WANTED $25M, read the quote. Second, people always want to throw around Brees, Brady, & Manning…then Luck. But Luck hasn’t done SQUAT yet!

    Wilson has a ring. Been to back-to-back Super Bowls with NO weapons but a very good (not great) running back. He IS a top 5 QB in this league and should be paid as such. $20M-$23M is accurate for his pedigree. And if you think any other team without a franchise QB wouldn’t pay him that much AND fork over 2 first round picks (if he’s franchised) you’d be fooling yourself. Philly. St. Louis. Arizona. KC. Jets. Broncos (A.D. Peyton). Don’t fool yourselves.

  76. For the “anybody could win thatdefense” commenters. How’d that work out for the Ravens when they were wasting one of the best defenses in the league for 10 years? But let’s go call Kyle Boller and ask him if anybody can win with a great defense and good running game because he had both.

  77. Right now, Wilson is probably in the 10-12 range as faras QB rankings, based on what Seattle has needed from him. But he could be closer to 5 – we don’t know yet what he is capable of.

    Considering the current QB salaries, his age, and the team’s success with him as QB, he is worth that much, but paying him that much might knock the team out of being true contenders.

  78. What a fount of misinformation around here. Sure 25 mill is a lot of money for 99.4% of the world’s population. But let’s compare apples to apples. Wilson is the 40th highest paid QB right now. There are QBs being paid 10x his earnings for worse stats, fewer winnings and NO SB appearances. Seattle was lucky with their 2010-2012 drafts and free agency. Just out of 2012, they got RW, Bobby Wagner, Bruce Irvin, and Jeremy Lane. Because RW was such a bargain, Sherm, ET3, et. al. were able to pen deals that made them among the highest paid at their position. Why do folks think he is being greedy? Tannehill and Newton have penned big contracts. Are they greedy? Wilson has played and paid it forward. Yes, there is the defense but no SB before Wilson. Yes, there is Beast Mode, but how much better are his opportunities with a dual threat QB? Besides, by the end of 2016, Luck, Ben, and maybe Rodgers will have new deals and 25 mil maybe a bargain for a SB (three-pete!!!) QB. Pay the man.

  79. Seahawk brass knows what the strength of that team is, defense and I would have said O-line (running game) until the Graham trade. A formula Slippery Pete Carroll didn’t invent regardless of what Seahawk “fans” say.

    Just ask yourself, they have this “great” QB who does more damage with his legs making his injury risk greater than normal for your star… Who the number 2 QB? He’s not even serviceable by back up QB standards. What does that say?

  80. Wilson’s only gonna get better and the team around him is only going to get worse. From a fan of a team that knows what a winner looks like, take it from me….he’s worth it.

  81. All QBs are getting paid, good or bad, so we stop at Russell? Pay the man, at least 25 million, he earned it!

  82. jhein23 says “Very good QB but he’s not worth more than Rodgers , Luck, or Brady.”

    I noticed what you did there. Luck should not be in the conversation unless you ignore his poor decision making which is near the top of the league. Brady is way past his prime and Rodgers is, well, the best QB in the NFL right now and at his peak. He could win another SB if his FO doesn’t blow it.

  83. rainponcho87 says:
    Jun 30, 2015 12:53 AM
    Wilson said. “Just let my play speak for itself, and let the rest take care of itself. ”

    what does the last throw you made say?
    Anybody can pick out one throw to focus on. That takes no insight or analysis. How about if you focus on the entirety of his play and let that speak? The most wins of any QB in the history of the game in his first 3 years. More than Montana, Baugh, Graham, Aikman, Staubach, Marino, Unitas, Brady, Manning. And by the way, almost all of them had good defenses and excellent running games.
    I don’t know about all those guys but Montana and Aikman started out on terrible teams. Seahawks were loaded with talent when Wilson came along. They were primed for success. He has done well, but I don’t think the “wins in the first 3 years” stat is really going to get him very far. It is interesting how Seahawk fans disagree with their own team’s coaches and management: they don’t think he is worth over $2oM a year or the deal would have already been done.

  84. Rodgers may be at his peak, but he hasn’t managed to beat Russell Wilson in his last 3 attempts. All things being equal, the cost-of-living increase for the number of years since Rodgers signed his contract would put Wilson above him.

  85. I think this is going to come down to the scheme the hawks run on offense. Payton, Brady, Ben, Rivers, Rodgers, Brees, even Ryan all those QBs are required to throw the football 30 to 40 times a game for their team to have a chance to win. And, for the most part they come through. With the hawks the offense is geared more to not hurting the team with turnovers. So, when you look at the other big money QBs their team wins or loses solely base upon their performance. With Russel Wilson that’s just not the case. Does he deserve to get paid? Yes. But, he’s not going to get 21 million from the hawks are any other team for that manner. I’m thinking around 16m a year

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