Jim Brown “encouraged” Johnny Manziel isn’t “still in denial”


Last summer, Browns icon Jim Brown said that he didn’t mind the amount of attention that quarterback Johnny Manziel received for his off-field social life because he remembered what life was like as a player.

Brown has a different opinion about enjoying the nightlife after the way Manziel’s rookie season with the Browns played out. Manziel went to alcohol rehab after an underwhelming rookie season and has talked about wanting to “close that chapter in my life” as he tries for better results in 2015, something that Brown finds encouraging.

“I’m encouraged, because Johnny is addressing his situation, and that’s speaking to the world,” Brown said, via Jarrett Bell of USA Today. “That message is encouraging. He’s going to give himself the best chance to succeed. Now if he were still in denial, we’d have a different conversation. If he didn’t go to rehab, this would be totally different. … What I would have said to Johnny, or would have hoped he’d do, he’s doing. So I’d say to him, ‘Your commitment to allow the world to know you want to work to change your life, I encourage and support you.’ It would be that simple. I wouldn’t try to impart any great wisdom on him, because it’s a day-to-day process that he’s got to live with.”

Brown doesn’t think the change in Manziel’s off-field habits will necessarily boost him to better things on the field. Brown said last year that he thought Manziel had “something going on” as a player and said this year that Manziel “creates action,” but added that Manziel is going to be a star or a bust without laying a bet on which side of the line the 2014 first-round pick would wind up on.

44 responses to “Jim Brown “encouraged” Johnny Manziel isn’t “still in denial”

  1. The Browns are still in denial if they think that Manziel can become a decent NFL level QB. The best move for Cleveland would be to admit the mistake of drafting this loser and cutting their loss by getting rid of him.

  2. Remember when Jim Brown was unimpressed by Trent Richardson and people were saying Jim was a jealous old know nothing?

    Jim is the greatest NTB to ever play the game and he knows what he is taking about.

  3. Even if they had Rodgers or Wilson, the Browns much better offensive linemen to improve the offense.

    Manziel had better learn the playbook and how to read defenses cause sooner or later, the starter is going down and Manziel will get hus shot.

  4. Anything anyone says about Manziel’s state of mind including things he says is all just noise until the season starts and he performs or fails on the field.

    Till then, no one cares.

  5. The league is in denial if they think Cleveland isn’t on the verge of multiple Superbowl wins, with Johnny leading the way.

    Its simply the new reality. Get used to it.

  6. Would love to see this kid shine and stick it to all the haters, Browns are due for some good luck. If we cut every under performing rookie who partied too much, all 32 teams wouldn’t be able to fill their rosters

  7. Brown is 100% correct here. I have never been a fan of Manziel but he is dealing with his issues now and should be supported. Don’t see him ever being a good QB but he can at least mature and be a productive member of society.

  8. Oh, thanks Jim. Glad to hear Johnny’s attitude has improved. Too bad he still can’t read defenses, understand an NFL playbook, is unable to call long, complex plays in the huddle, panics before checking down, and lets other players into his head through a garage door.

  9. I would actually be interested in watching a replay of some of Manziel’s preseason time with the starters, if he gets any.
    Just to see for myself how dedicated he is to integrating himself into the offense.

  10. Didn’t some homeless guy want the Browns to draft Manziel? Isn’t that enough?

  11. Manziel sounds good and is saying the right things, no doubt. it’s even believable. But can he play NFL quarterback on a football field?

  12. meh… I didn’t when he had negative things to say about players nor do I care when he has positive things to say….
    The reality is that Johnny Football showed nothing last year, other than playing dead when Kyle Williams ran him over in the end zone last year…
    Cleveland fans are holding out hope so they are hanging on every positive thing said about this guy (I dont blame them, I did with Losman and Edwards lol) but he has given no inclination that he will be better on the field. Could he be? Sure but I wouldnt bet anything of value on it.

    Trust me, Buffalo and Cleveland will still be looking for their qb of the future next April/May prepping for the draft.

  13. I wouldn’t trust anything Manziel says. He hasn’t earned that. I would not be surprised if was getting blasted while in rehab.

    I think he’s a con man. With no Mike Evans, he doesn’t even get drafted. He’s just saying what he thinks he we wanna hear.

  14. The Browns draft Manziel at #22, and he fails to produce a miracle after Hoyer crashes and burns in spectacular fashion. Nobody shuts up about it.

    The Texans draft Clowney at #1, he’s injured like three times in his first year, has a grand total of one sack, and nobody even mentions how spectacularly that pick has worked.

  15. Jim Brown knows what he’s looking at here as his Amer-I-Can program is all about changing lives. So he has spent years working with people and trying to help them better themselves. He’s probably seen some people lying about their attitude too, so if Jim Brown believes Johnny Football, then I believe Johnny Football.

  16. Jim Brown is 79 years old & I would love for him to see some Cleveland success before he passes on…. That will probably come via LeBron, but Jimmy Brown is a football man & success on the field would be preferred.

    Hopefully the Browns can get their house in order & put the final pieces in place, so they can at the very least go on a run & win a couple of division titles.

  17. Jim Brown is not only one of the very best football players ever, he’s also one of the smartest. I don’t really think Manziel is going to be a great NFL QB. In fact, I wouldn’t have drafted him. I thought his skill set was better fit to be a back up type, but questioned whether he would accept that role.

  18. Jim Brown and Johnny Busto Manziel should never be mentioned in the same sentence — ever.

  19. rutchaser says:
    Jun 30, 2015 7:04 PM

    Is Brown still in denial about hitting women?

    I don’t know, but people in Cleveland are. I know Browns fans who had their pitchforks out for Ray Rice but somehow have no problem with Jim Brown.

  20. Remember Brown played when it was still about 80%
    White players, he could out run 90% of them. I wonder how he would do these days, playing in his prime? Would be fun to watch……

  21. To say Johnny is no longer in denial assumes he was in denial before. To assume he was in denial before assumes he had a clue to start with.

    Don’t think so.

  22. JSpicoli says:
    Jun 30, 2015 5:44 PM

    Is there anyone less relevant that we hear more from than Jim Brown?


    Good question, but easy answer: Joe Namath.

  23. Hate him if you want, I’m am SOOO very happy The Browns got beat to the punch by Minnesota for Teddy Bridgewater…
    This season will be the true test for him!
    Either the 2nd year surge! OR 2nd Year Slump!
    We wont know until they play for real..
    I actually hope he gets the Playbook down so we can
    watch him lead the team. If he gets it figured out then his unique style of play can be used in broken plays
    or Designed QB keepers.
    Good Luck Johnny.

  24. Brown was great for his era but he’d be above average in today’s nfl. He played against small white guys ala Wilt dunking on 5’10” white guys. Just keeping it real.

  25. Love the great Jim Brown. He was right about Richardson, and is right about Manziel…. but sounds like Jim’s hedging his bet on his prediction if Manziel is going to be any good or not because despite his physical shortcomings, nobody really knows. At this point, Browns can only hope for the best. Hope Johnny is good. Maybe, maybe not. Go Browns!!!

  26. “Truths4all”
    Hard to understand what you are trying to say with your broken up post, but I think you are trying to say it wouldn’t matter if the Browns had Rodgers or Wilson at QB because the Browns need a “much better offensive line before the Browns can improve their offense”…
    All I can say about that is you need to study & watch a lot more football before you can improve your ignorant posts. You realize you are talking about a top 5 O-Line which will be much improved with the addition of Erving, Bowie, Painter and a healthy Mack. And When Greco whole was rated the # 5 RG in the league is likely going to be a backup…that says something. 4 First rounders & a Second rounder on this O-LINE!!!! No improvement necessary thanks.

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