Marshawn dives into Skittles, talks about “grabbing my ding-ding”

Getty Images

While Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was talking about his contract on ESPN, running back Marshawn Lynch was on TBS discussing slightly more sophisticated matters.

“I done got in a lot of trouble for grabbing my ding-ding,” Lynch told Conan O’Brien during Monday night’s show regarding the player’s habit of putting a hand on his crotch while diving into the end zone. (He grabbed said ding-ding at least twice while talking to Conan.)

Lynch also dove into a end zone full of Skittles. And, naturally, he grabbed his ding-ding while in the air.

Before that, Lynch said he was convinced he’d be getting the ball at the end of the Super Bowl, but  he said he’s not mad about the situation. (Lynch didn’t reiterate any of his remarks from Turkey about someone possibly not wanting him to become Super Bowl MVP and in turn the “face of the nation.”)

Lynch likewise admitted to contemplating retirement but explained that when the Seahawks “put 12 in front of you for a year, you start to think, maybe I could do this again.”

Said Conan, wistfully: “12 thousand dollars.”

Replied Lynch: “Yeah, something like that.”

It’s actually $12 million. Which allows Lynch to grab his ding-ding and pay the fine pretty much every play he touches the football. And pretty much every time he doesn’t.