Michael Bennett comes closer to making his best argument for new deal

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A year ago, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett signed a new four-year deal to stay with Seattle, after jumping to the Seahawks from the Buccaneers on a one-year contract. Now, he’s not happy with the contract he signed, and he’s not getting much sympathy from fans and the media.

On the surface, why should he? Bennett signed the contract as a free agent. If he wanted more, he should have asked for it then. Or he should have gone to a team that would have given it to him.

Bennett’s argument is falling on largely deaf ears because he’s making the wrong argument publicly. By talking recently about being signed to play one position but asked to play five, he’s getting closer to his best argument for more money.

Bennett’s best argument is that he signed the contract under the impression that he’d continue to be a part-time player, participating in roughly half the defensive snaps. Then, in the first year of his new contract, he became a full-time player, participating in nearly all of them.

During the 2014 regular season, Bennett didn’t have a problem with his increased workload.

I like playing that much,” Bennett said, via Terry Blount of ESPN.com. “It doesn’t bother me. I’m just moving around a lot and trying to make as many plays as I can. . . . When they pay you a lot of money they want you on the field all the time. That’s just how it is.”

Despite what Bennett said in December, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the disparity between Bennett’s playing time in 2013 and his playing time in 2014 is a “big factor” in the stand Bennett has taken.

That likely won’t make the Seahawks any more likely to tear up the final three years of his four-year contract, but it could make some fans understand why he’s unhappy with his current compensation level, notwithstanding what he said in December.

And if only Bennett hadn’t said what he said in December, more people would buy Bennett’s best argument for more money.

34 responses to “Michael Bennett comes closer to making his best argument for new deal

  1. Let him sit it out, can’t play 1 position much less 5, Seahawk players really overvalue themselves, guess that believe what their fans say

  2. I do the job functions of about three people, as do most people in the working force, without getting paid three people’s salaries. Welcome to being an employee.

  3. No, I really don’t think it a better argument.

    You could even argue that when a defender is playing more snaps, the defence isn’t getting off the field fast enough.

    With a D as good as Seattle’s, there’s no logic to it.

    Besides, every contract should assume that you play to your maximum ability, including the number of snaps you take.

    He’s not exactly getting part-time dollars.

  4. So he thought ‘they were paying him a lot of money’ last December and he understood and accepted his increased playing time. But six months later he’s now underpaid? Wait until these players retire. Then they’ll understand what underpaid is.

  5. In 2013 Hawks had a deep DL so everyone was able to stay fresh and play less. In 2014 Hawks had a few injuries so the remaining DL had to step it up and play more. 2013 is closer to the norm and workload they want for Bennett. Hawks like to have depth at DL and keep people fresh. In 2015 we look deep at DL so expect Bennett to play less then last year.

  6. If you don’t like the job — then quit or retire. I am all out of sympathy for guys who make as much as you do complaining that life isn’t fair.

  7. Are playing time or positions negotiated in contracts? I would expect not, and I would expect any player to want to be on the field as much as possible. If you want to talk about unfair, Russell Wilson being scheduled to earn $1.5 M this season is a better place to start. RW is clearly worth $5M to $8M per season.

  8. The four-year, $28.5 million deal, with $16 million guaranteed contract he signed last year was to be a part time player?

    What team signs a player for $7M/year to be a part time player?

  9. Maybe he should have just signed a one year contract….oh wait, then he wouldn’t have gotten an $8 million signing bonus.

  10. I’m a big fan of MB in regards to his talent and what he brings to the D, as well as his hilarious personality.

    That being said, despite my displeasure with all his contract noise, I’ll reserve judgement until training camp and the regular season start.

    Bruce Irving was interviewed in Spokane during Hoopfest this past weekend, and he made the point that there is no actual football going on right now, it’s just the business side that is taking place. He believes (as do I) that once the work side starts up, all the guys will be back and committed for the task at hand. Until the players start to show lack of commitment *on* the field, I could care less about the noise they make off of it.

  11. Any TV lawyer who watches The Peoples Court would be able to tell you to get it in writing. The term “under the impression” just does not cut it.

  12. Here’s what I don’t get: the “hard work”, the annoying efforts that these players are REALLY being paid for, is to be in shape and practice practice practice. Bennett would have to do all that hard work regardless of his playing time.

    I would think that any player would want all the playing time he could get, period, end of story. Isn’t that the fun part? And isn’t that the part that increases your earning potential for the next contract?

    Bennett isn’t getting “closer to the point” because Bennett is lying. The truth is that he now feels his value is higher than when he signed, and he doesn’t want to honor the contract that he signed because he wants more money. What’s worse, he’s ignoring that a sizable portion of that increased perceived value (all of it?) is due to the talent around him and how he is used and not ACTUALLY due to his own efforts. But why give credit where credit is due when you can make it about “me me me” and “money money money”?

  13. I will bet this clown is on IR by week 4, and I hope the Seahawks ask him to renegotiate due to missed playing time. Truth is, I wear several different hats for my employer but am only being paid to wear 1. If I played a stunt like Bennett, I’d be looking for a new job.

  14. so have a clause in the contract that allows for bonus compensation if he meets certain criteria for % of snaps he’s on the field. Easy.

  15. That’s ridiculous. Shouldn’t a player’s goal be to spend as much time on the field as possible? And this is coming from a Falcon’s fan who would love to see a player of his talent on our defense. But not if he’s going to be that selfish and motivated only by money.

  16. This douche is a clown, his brother is a clown, this is typical. I cannot wait to watch Pete and the hawks fall apart. You can only succeed for a short window with a team of individuals, and there are some serious cracks in the hawks foundation.

  17. Bring the case to Judge Judy. She’ll tell him what a signed contract means while calling him a moron.

  18. I haven’t paid too much attention to this since I am not a Seahwaks fan but I was under the impression this guy has a year left on his current contract but I just found out he has three years left?! Cry me a river dude, it’s your fault you signed a bad deal a year ago.

  19. edenprairieballer says:
    Jun 30, 2015 11:44 AM

    I haven’t paid too much attention to this since I am not a Seahwaks fan but I was under the impression this guy has a year left on his current contract but I just found out he has three years left?! Cry me a river dude, it’s your fault you signed a bad deal a year ago.

    Yes, it’s true that you haven’t been paying attention because the deal he signed a year ago is not a bad deal at all. It’s a more than fair deal. He’s a good player, but commits way too many offsides penalties and often times disappears in games. Despite his talent, at this point I hope the Hawks dump him. He’s a cancer if he’s pulling crap like this.

  20. I hate these players that sign and contract and the very next year want more money. I get it, if you have a couple of years in on your contract and you have outplayed that deal. But you want a new deal 1, year later? Screw you Bennett, you greedy Bastard.

    Seattle has a bunch of players that are full of greed, want money more than championships. They have a great thing going, but Wilson, Bennett and the Secondary are going to burn Seattles salary cap and they are going to be like the Cowboys of old. Top heavy with a bunch of mediocre players and no success.

  21. I get it already with the 5th article in 3 days about you not making eneough money……your not happy Michael. YOU signed the undervalued contract ! Boo-hoo! Hey, maybe they can do a episode on Ballers about your whinning!

  22. That team is about to collapse in epic fashion! This season will be fun to watch.

    1-2’s forever

  23. I am a Hawks fan,but if his agent didn’t get him a better pay day that is not the Seahawks fault.For every day he sits out he has to cough up $30k so I say let him.

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