Michael Bennett: Seahawks want me to play five positions and pay me for one


Michael Bennett said over the weekend that he didn’t mind staying at home in Honolulu for a little while when he was asked if he’d consider holding out of Seahawks training camp next month.

Bennett skipped voluntary work this offseason because he’s trying to get the Seahawks to address his contract for the second time in the last two years, but returned for mandatory minicamp this month. Bennett told Steve Wyche of NFL Media that it is “definitely possible” that he’ll stay away from camp while trying to make his case for a new deal.

“I know a lot of people disagree because I don’t put up all the numbers, but if you watch the games, I’m doing good things,” Bennett said. “They want me to play five positions but pay me for one.”

Bennett lines up inside and outside while playing the run and the pass for the Seahawks, although the team would surely argue that all of those can fit snugly under the position of defensive lineman. There’s no doubt that Bennett is doing good things, but those good things don’t do much to create leverage so soon after signing a contract with Seattle because they are understandably wary of what could follow with other players if they redo Bennett’s deal with three years left on it.

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  1. There’s no question that the Seahawks have put together a fine team. But they’ve had incredible luck when it comes to the salary cap. That’s coming to and end as rookie deals run out and veterans want to get paid for Superbowls. It’s the natural process of life in the NFL, and regresses everyone to the mean.

  2. Well if you played 5 positions on the field at the same time then you would have an argument. But while your at one position on a play they still have to field the rest of the squad. Understand?

  3. This is great to see these blowhards acting this way. I am guaranteeing that this stuff will linger and ruin their season. I despise the fans, players, coaches, the entire region and will find absolute pleasure in watching them fail. This stuff with Wilson and Bennett is delicious.

  4. A lot of people disagree because just last year you signed a new contract. Get a new agent and get your lazy rear to camp.

  5. What a clown with an inflated sense of self worth. Wonder where he gets that 12th man?

  6. Self-centered blowhard just like his brother. Getting paid for one job while doing multiple others is no different than what the rest of us experience in the “real” world. He signed a new contract a year ago and now needs to man up, shut up and play his million dollar game.

  7. Great solution for every party.
    Trade Bennett to Oakland for a draft pick.
    He can get the raise he wants, raiders will play him every down and get a quality player.
    Seattle uses uses the money saved to extend Wilson, while keeping mebane.
    Clark, Marsh, Scruggs rotate in to fill Bennett’s position.

    I’m tired of Bennett’s mouth, becoming a cancer whiner

  8. Oh my, guys like this don’t deserve to have the privilege to play in this league. They pay you to be an athlete and do whatever they tell you to you moron, and they just gave you money for those services a year ago.

    We know the Bennett boys think a lot of themselves, but this is trash.

  9. I wonder what the average of those 5 positions would be…he might be better off as is…

  10. I can’t tell you one person who has a “Title” for a job that doesn’t have other hats to wear. No company pays anyone to do 1 thing. Wake up Bennett.

  11. Then go do something else you big, fat baby. A little tired of some of these guys over valuing themselves especially after just signing a darn contract.

  12. Well maybe if you could play all 5 positions at once, then I would agree. But until that happens, good luck.. Moron

  13. Bennett is a beast and we absolutely adore him in Seattle…. Make no mistake we truly dont want to see this guy go, he has become part of our family…

    However on the other hand…. Dude you are the neutral zone infraction king. You just signed a new contract WITHOUT taking a home town discount.. You are being paid a fair sum for what you do. Buck up and get it done. Other players have to be paid too…

    Stay with us get rings help us be a dynasty.. But if youre going to keep whining then go to Cleveland or somewhere else..

    The Seahawks arent dumb either, you are getting up there in age and if you dont want to be part of the family then it might make sense to trade you away… It is NOT what anyone wants but come on man, whiners dont make winners …. Just ask them in SF.

  14. Say what you want about the Seahawks, but at least we now know that they’re equal opportunity employers. I mean this guy is as mentally disabled as they come and we still let him play on the team.

    On a less serious note, I hope Schneider is on the phone non-stop trying to find a new home for Bennett. Even if it means we have to take a huge loss on the deal like we did with Percy Harvin. Addition by subtraction.

  15. I feel ypour pain Mike….
    I too have been doing multiple jobs for one paycheck since 2008.
    Now all I have to do is get paid millions of dollars while only working 6 months a year and I am right there with you.

  16. I dont really follow the Seahawks or watch their games much but during the SuperBowl I decided I would watch Bennett on most defensive snaps and the guy is a monster. I don’t know if he shows up every week like that, but in that game he was almost unblockable he got off the ball so quick and got into the OL he was up against He played with power and leverage as well. He reminded me of a young Reggie White. If that’s how he plays week in and week out they need to pay him and lock him up for the next 5 years.

  17. Welcome to the real world Michael. Most of us in our jobs are expected to do more than one thing. If we can’t, they will find someone else who can.

  18. So the RB who also catches passes and blocks and maybe throws a pass should be paid for four positions too? What a crock…trying to justify the unjustifiable.

  19. Unless I am missing something, i believe he is only playing one position at a time – so they are only going to pay him for one position.

    Now, on the other hand – if he can actually play all 5 positions at the same time – different story.

  20. So… he agreed to a deal with 3 years left.

    Of his own admission, his numbers/results are average.

    But he feels justified holding out to renegotiate?


  21. ….when he was in Tampa he was ‘good’…not GREAT, like he thinks he is. If he was great the Bucs would have kept him.When he arrived in Seattle he also came in with Cliff Avril who played just as well as he did and made the line pretty good. He’s the reciptent of great talen around him. Sorry you spent all your money from the last contract …but that’s life. Seattle shoud’nt pay you another dime.

  22. “They want me to play five positions but pay me for one.”
    I once saw a third down play where Russell had to scramble something like twenty yards back and forth across the field looking for an open receiver. At one point it looked like he was just going to run it for minimal gain, but he ended up throwing a pass for a first down.

    Should Wilson negotiate his new contract as a QB and RB?

  23. “Greed for the lack of a better word is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.”

  24. wants the most amount of money he can get, complains about having to do more than the minimum amount of work. (ie lining up in more than one position)

  25. You should get payed to play five then geez. Somebody get this highly intelligent man a raise. Imagine the folk who own business around America. Imagine what they say about working five positions and only getting pid a meager salary to keep the business up and running. I really starting to hate, I mean HATE football and basketball players. Us fans made this happen, this self entitled attitude everywhere they go.

  26. Is it a coincidence that both Martellus and Michael both “bitch” about there situations , no matter what?

    Nice family trait boys!

  27. Just imagine when he has to work the drive-thru, run the deep fat fryer & the register all at the same time. LMAO.

  28. You guys are so funny.. Saying these guys are complaining. They aren’t complaining they are doing their job and trying to get paid as much as they can for it. When he resigned last time it was well known he still wasn’t happy and wanted more. Of course this was going to be an issue again.

    If you went to work and your boss asked you to do 4 more things than another one of your coworkers you would want some type of reward for it also. They lean on these guys a lot. The guys perform. Of course they want more money. Who doesn’t?

    Russell Wilson should hold out and demand as much as he can get because he won’t get another top tier contract and this is the most leverage he will ever have. Michael Bennett may be a little underpaid but he isn’t getting anymore from Seattle. They may realize that unhappy players aren’t as productive though. Expect his workouts, study habits, and possibly diet to slip. That’s generally what happens in these circumstances.

  29. In my job, I sell lawn mowers. Sometimes, the appliance guy is at lunch and I have to step over and sell a stove. I don’t charge the company more for that, I agreed to be paid to sell things. He agreed to be paid to play football. Stop whining…..

  30. I didn’t realize he does so many things. How does he have the time? He has to run, tackle, cover, push, slap, punch, walk, think, rush the QB, turn left and/or right, count, yell, snort, chase and stand. There is also a complicated process to get dressed just to go to work. It’s just way too hard to only be paid $6M ($8M counting the portion of bonus money he likely spent already).

    When you take the bonus out of the equation he goes from $2M last year to $6M this year. What exactly is this guy’s problem? He is getting a raise that triples last year’s salary and now he wants more?

  31. Unless he can play QB, where he would be a clear upgrade over RW, he needs to pipe down, honor his contract, and play football.

  32. I’m all for NFL players maximizing their earnings and getting all they can get because the window to do so is small, but in this case it’s just stupid. Come on, dude. You just signed a four-year deal. If you didn’t like the terms then you shouldn’t have signed it. You can’t sign it and complain one year in. You signed it and now you’re stuck to the terms. That’s how contracts work. Honor the terms and you get paid

  33. Join the crowd, Mr Bennett. Plenty of us are expected to do more than our job title and pay scale covers. And we don’t cry about it.

  34. He is not superman, he only plays one position at
    a time, so let him stay at home with “no pay”
    for not playing any position.

  35. I’m really sick and tired of millionaires complaining about their salaries. If you have half of a brain, or find some good financial advisors your entire family is set for generations. Quit being an a-hole and go to work.

  36. happens to every team with great success, players accomplished the ultimate goal (going to and winning SB’s) and now they want as much money as they can get. They will never have prime earning years like this again, I don’t blame them.

    Don’t be hateful, you all would do the same thing.

    Also, Russell Wilson’s yearly salary has been less than 1% of the yearly cap, and he took them to the promised land….twice! Of course their defense helped, but making less than 1% of team salary in your career as a SB-winning QB has to hurt, so of course he wants to make up for it.

    Seahawks drafted well and have had it good when it comes to salaries….now it’s time to pay the piper. That’s life in the NFL.

  37. No Michael, they’re paying you to play football, there’s 11 positions on the field, you’re only asked to be able to to perform 5 of them…all of which are on defense, and likely the line, which you claim to be able to do good things for…so quit crying. You and your brother are complaining about contracts, you both happily signed. Nobody to blame but yourselves. I am all for athletes getting paid the most money they can get. Anyone in any job for that matter. Get as much as you can for your talents. If you’re and accountant, get as much as you can. Construction worker, get as much as you can.
    At the time, that’s all the $$ you could get, and you signed, get over it. If you play poorly do they get to pay you less? I mean that is ultimately what your asking for, right? If you outplay your contract to get more $$. So let’s implement the opposite. Have a bad game? No check. Underplay your contract, injured, and team doesn’t get the value out of the contract, you owe them money. I like this idea. Thanks Michael, I think your NFLPA brothers would like the precedent you want to set. Moron.

  38. Well now I know why Russell Wilson’s agent wishes that he had asked for $40 mil. He wants $25 mil to be the highest paid QB, and another $15 mil to be the highest paid RB.

  39. If Bennett could play all five positions at once, he might have a point. That said, he’s not the first player whose ever played multiple positions on a defense, and he won’t be the last.

    If that’s the best argument he can make, he has little ground on which to stand.

  40. Pretty soon you’re going to be playing 0 positions and getting paid for 0 positions.

  41. Guy was an unwanted free agent picked up off the scrap heap and put in a rotation of great players.

    He makes more, to play less.

    Cut him already — next guy up.

  42. I play 5 positions as well for my government job, but you know what i cant do $**** cause i signed the contract. embrace the suck.

  43. Michael…the position is defensive lineman…not quarterback, running back or receiver…not cornerback or safety..from who are you receiving advice? Michael Robinson?

  44. A cross trained employee does not get paid like five employees.

    If this clown were so good in ONE position, he’d not be risked elsewhere.

    Nuff said.

  45. It’s not like the Seahawks just chose to pay you this much… You had to AGREE to the amount you’ll get paid. They didn’t ask you to do anything new last year. This is what you agreed to do, for the price you agreed to do it at. So do it.

  46. “mississippininerfan says:
    Jun 30, 2015 8:26 AM
    This is great to see these blowhards acting this way. I am guaranteeing that this stuff will linger and ruin their season. I despise the fans, players, coaches, the entire region and will find absolute pleasure in watching them fail. This stuff with Wilson and Bennett is delicious.”

    The 49ers are the joke of the NFL. Yes, everyone is laughing at your organization right now – including the Browns lol

  47. Should have held out before you signed last year Mike…seemed fair when you signed it, you knew what it entailed. Go ahead holdout Mike we’ll just put the next man up. See Cliff Avril crying? He does just as much as you.

  48. Jun 30, 2015 8:26 AM

    This is great to see these blowhards acting this way. I am guaranteeing that this stuff will linger and ruin their season. I despise the fans, players, coaches, the entire region and will find absolute pleasure in watching them fail. This stuff with Wilson and Bennett is delicious.

    You are a NINER fan saying this, maybe check your own house bro, we have a couple situations to work out and you have went from dumpster fire to raging inferno this offseason.

  49. If they don’t get paid before Wilson gets his ten year, $300 million contract, they don’t get paid period. I’m sure their agents are warning them about it.

  50. Anybody still need to have it pointed out why it is so hard for teams to get into Back-To-Back Superbowls?

    Hey Dummy! The Seahawks already caved to you once…..
    As in Fashion, Greed… it’s the new Black.
    Cut his greedy ass!

  51. I wear a lot more than 5 hats at my job and my boss could care less, that rotten @#^%$. Oh wait, I’m self employed 🙂

  52. Well the Seahawks have some problems, but they should find a way to pay the guy. Defenses paid the most attention to HIM of all the Seahawks… and as some people said, he was almost unguardable.

    That said his thinking is that of a moron. Hey Bennett, you may play five different positions, but you don’t play them at the SAME TIME. You play ONE position at a time. So no, you can’t get paid for the play of five.

    While I don’t know his educational background, that sort of idiocy usually is reserved for basket weaving majors.

    Being versatile adds to your value and ability to stay on a team, but it doesn’t 5x your salary.

  53. He plays 3 spots on the defensive line, at most. And two of them hes average at. WHOA MICHAEL YOU HAD 7 SACKS LAST YEAR? AND 8 THE YEAR BEFORE? Never seen that before. Look, the guy is a beast against the run. Versatile. But hes acting like hes out there doing some JJ Watt stuff. Hes am average pass rusher who is great against the run and has stars around him. Hes not worth anymore than hes fetting paid. Time to shut up, Michael.

  54. “They want me to play five positions but pay me for one.”
    Alright genius, name me the four players I would have to cut to compensate you as the 5-position player your agent and his 3% commission thinks you are.

  55. Jmc8888, they just paid him. Just last season. 4 years. 28 million dollars. He is going into his 30s. Why on earth would they give him a raise? Seattle holds all the leverage and should do nothing.

  56. Damn, the Seahawks are my team too but this thing is about to crumble like a “House of Cards” !! If this keeps up they are going to have to change their name to the “MeHawks”. Just sayin…………………

  57. In my job, I sell lawn mowers. Sometimes, the appliance guy is at lunch and I have to step over and sell a stove. I don’t charge the company more for that, I agreed to be paid to sell things. =================================
    Epic post. “Sometimes, I have to step over and sell a stove.” Lol.

  58. They aren’t asking you to play them all at once.

    They are paying you to be a football player.

  59. @warpigs46777

    No your wrong. Russel Wilson is a huge reason for the success of this team and deserves to get paid. He is paid peanuts for what he has been doing for the Seahawks. Everyone else has to pay up when it comes to a franchise QB so why should the Seahawks be any different.

    But as for Bennett this guy is a joke he just recently signed a new contract and should at least honor most of it, at the very least. He has a good year and then expect them to pay him more? But then these idiots won’t take a penny less or a pay cut when they have a crappy year.

    I think more contracts need to have low guarantees and annuals and higher based inncentives. So if they want to make 10 mil a year they have to earn it and when they play like crap they get paid like it

  60. Yup. The greed in this organization will destroy it eventually. Buh bye. You’ll be back to being mediocre again sea chickens.

  61. This guy acts like he’s the only one who gets moved around on the field. It’s a good thing because you get to play at ur strengths. He acts like he’s literally playing 5 positions on the field at the same time.

  62. Look at all the people who are putting down Bennett for asking for a raise… EVERY ONE of you would do the same if you are in his position. And if you didn’t, then you are not very smart. Seattle has gotten away with paying personnel almost nothing. Time is up and you have to start paying your players based on market rates. It’s capitalism 101.

  63. How ironic. The two people responsible for two monumental screw ups that cost their team a super bowl (Russ with the slant that was picked, Bennett with the offsides in the end zone) are griping more about money. Russ should get a fat raise. Not highest paid in the league, but a nice stack. But Bennett just got paid. Honor your contract. My hawks are becoming selfish me first f the team types, n its sad cause pete has something special going on in the pnw. I can’t stand Michael Bennett. Go hawks.

  64. “they are understandably wary of what could follow with other players if they redo Bennett’s deal ” Yeah, I would think more guys would look at how they gave Marshawn more every time he whined and think they should try the same thing.

  65. You just recently signed a new deal playa…shut your trap and get on the field. There will be no new deal for you…how bout a Fresca???

  66. bigbluefandom says:
    Jun 30, 2015 1:43 PM
    Look at all the people who are putting down Bennett for asking for a raise… EVERY ONE of you would do the same if you are in his position. And if you didn’t, then you are not very smart. Seattle has gotten away with paying personnel almost nothing.


    I don’t think you know what his current salary is. Just a guess.

    It isn’t peanuts.

  67. If this guy actually made those comments, I’d get rid of him yesterday. Some guys lose the will to win, and apparently this guy has. It was refreshing to watch the Golden State Warriors, with a bunch of high character, winning type team oriented players, win a championship. The Seahawks draft well. They should just replace this dude with a fifth rounder and go out and win another Super Bowl. Let the crybabies go to a loser and get paid the big bucks. Then everyone wins.

  68. Guess this runs in the family – his brother is singing the same tune. They should both try working a real job and stop crying about being paid millions to play a game.

  69. I’m seeing a lot of Seahawks haters commenting. Think twice if you believe the Seahawks are “imploding” and won’t make the playoffs this year. Go Hawks!!!

  70. Bennett had better be careful unless he wants to be playing for the Raiders. The Hawks have a lot of young depth on the D line. They could use the savings from his salary to pay Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner. The draft picks they get from the Raiders will go a long ways in John Schneider’s hands.

  71. Yes… Welcome to the NFL, you get paid millions of dollars to be a Athlete. Not a single contract says exactly what you play, just that you have to play. Try working for 50 G’s a year and feel unappreciated.

  72. He’s already in the top few paid on the team; and he’s good, but not really worth what he’s getting paid. But get it through your skull Bennett…this is the LAST team you play for because you have shown yourself not to be dependable. Any team that signed you would know in advance you’d do it again. Not worth the headache.

  73. If he does not like his job he can really do the job he went to school for, flip bugers

  74. Let him sit. When he understands his other talents don’t go beyond bagging groceries, he will be back. Redoing contracts every year is a recipe for disaster.

  75. This is the guy that left his dog in Tampa at doggie day care when he moved to Seattle. Then they had to sue him to get paid. Real piece of work this guy is.

  76. So if you believe Seattle wants you to play 5 positions and only pay you for 1, why did you sign your name on the dotted line MB?

    Are you truly so money hungry that you didn’t do the math in your head before signing your signature, that now you want a do over?

  77. The Seahawks may think you are capable of playing 5 positions with your skill sets but you are still only one player.

    Perhaps you should have considered that fact a year ago when you signed the last contract you signed.

  78. To the he’s irreplaceable crowd you realize he’s probably the biggest reason the LOB can do what they’re doing

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