Josh Hill sees “just subtle changes” with Jimmy Graham gone


There are going to be several players on the Saints defense impacted by the departure of tight end Jimmy Graham in a trade this offseason and Josh Hill would seem to be at the top of the list.

Hill played 293 snaps at tight end for New Orleans last season and caught 14 passes for 176 yards, numbers that seem destined for a sharp rise with Graham plying his trade in Seattle and coach Sean Payton complimenting Hill’s ability to “run and stretch the defense” as a receiver. Hill’s doing a good job of keeping things on an even keel in spite of the changes, however.

Hill said he’s approaching this season the same way that he’s approached any other year and that he wants to “do whatever I can do” to help the team. Hill’s also downplaying any major changes at tight end in the post-Graham offense.

“They ask us to do a lot of things,” Hill said, via the New Orleans Advocate. “They always have. I haven’t seen anything stand out to being really different, just subtle changes here and there.”

The Saints went out to more than subtly change the makeup of their offense this offseason by dealing Graham and wide receiver Kenny Stills while acquiring center Max Unger and running back C.J. Spiller. That will likely mean a diminished role for tight ends even as Hill’s role grows in his third season in New Orleans.

16 responses to “Josh Hill sees “just subtle changes” with Jimmy Graham gone

  1. Yeah, because no team ever suffers when it loses its best (only) playmaker… good luck, Drew, could be a looooong season in the Big Easy.

  2. I read and listen to all the beat writers, I remember that feeling after the 2008 season that yeah, maybe 2006 was a fluke and Peyton is a gimmick guy. well we won the SB in 2009. I have that same feeling.

    Jimmy, Kenny, and Grubs were locker room cancers. The organization did its best to keep Jimmy humble and out of trouble, don’t be surprised if jimmy gets into trouble in Seattle, with that locker room full of loud mouths, he is entering.

    Oh and lol at Russell, and $25M.
    Brees and peytons system makes recievers look HOF

    Expect a huge “drop” in Jimmies production, and “drops” across the middle/ Man got dragged down by a nickel back from behind SMH

  3. Now the Hawks have to deal with paying a one-dimensional TE $10,000,000 per year to NOT block lol… and oh, by the way, the Saints won SB44 WITHOUT the limited TE that y’all claim was our best player but just a few short months ago claimed he was soft as Charmin tissue lol

  4. Actually, the Saints footed the Signing Bonus, so the Seahawks are only paying $9 million/year for Graham.

    The one team that would be capable of toughening Graham up just happens to be the one that exploited his softness, so no problem there either.

  5. “There are going to be several players on the Saints Defense impacted by the departure of tight end Jimmy Graham in a trade this offseason and Josh Hill would seem to be at the top of the list.”

    Neither Jimmy Graham nor Josh Hill has ever played one down on the Saints Defense.

  6. By subtle changes you mean NO redzone targets… You’re correct
    Hill had 5 TDs in very limited snaps last year

  7. Tangential comment. Anyone else think it’s crazy that Pierre Thomas is still a free agent?

  8. sb44champs says:
    Jul 1, 2015 8:02 AM

    Top 5 offense for Saints yet again ok haters..

    Which means squat when they had a losing record and missed the playoffs last year.

  9. Which means squat when they had a losing record and missed the playoffs last year.
    Nah, it never means squat when you have one of the very best coach/QB combos in the league in Sean Payton and HOFer Drew Brees

  10. The Saints offense will be better this year without Graham. Brees went to Graham too often last year, and the offense became more predictable than it was prior to Jimmy Graham, I believe that became quite obvious to most Saints fans as the year progressed, not to mention the number of drops he had too…

  11. Love those comments saying Seattle can “toughen up” Jimmy… leopards and spots my friends, he is what he is.

  12. to think we won’t miss Jimmy’s production in the red zone is ludicrous. you don’t make up for his production. to think this team only relied on Jimmy’s production for their success is also ludicrous. did it help this offense to have Jimmy on it? sure. but this offense is not predicated on one guy. Drew was at his best spreading the ball around and not zoning in on one guy. It was shown that if you put a talented big corner on Jimmy and be physical with him, he can be taken out of the game. Same as if you do that with any good receiver. Only thing is that there are not many big good corners in the league. But you will face them in the playoffs. Seattle don’t need Jimmy to come in and catch 100 balls for 16 touchdowns. They have a running game. We needed help on the defense and needed a good center and Jimmy helped get us that. We will be alright without him. Would we be better with him? By talent alone, yes. But sometimes you get better by subtraction and this is a case for that.

  13. and as far as red zone targets, we have plenty of receivers that are 6’3 and taller. Shouldn’t be a problem there. Coleman is 6’6, Jones is 6’3, Hill is 6’5 and Watson is 6’5. And don’t forget about Colston at 6’4. We could conceivably have a red zone line up of 5 guys over 6’3 and I doubt many teams have 5 corners that tall.

  14. The Saints won the SB with Shockey on one leg. Hill isn’t Graham, but he can do the TE’s job. Until Graham showed up, the TE was not a featured receiving target in the Saints offense. And, the offense isn’t the issue, it’s the defense.

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