Texans don’t dump Brandon Ivory, yet

When word emerged that Texans defensive lineman Brandon Ivory faces a charge of first-degree burglary, it seemed likely that the Texans would quickly dump the undrafted rookie. So far, the Texans haven’t.

“The Houston Texans are aware of the police report regarding DT Brandon Ivory in Tuscaloosa, Ala.,” the Texans said in a statement. “At this time, we will have no further comment until we gather all of the relevant facts.”

They’ll likely be gathering the relevant facts quickly. Training camp opens soon, and HBO camera and microphones will be present. Unless the Texans concluded during the offseason program that Ivory is poised to become a star player, it will be a surprise if Ivory is.

Apart from the P.R. consequences of having on the roster a player accused of an armed home invasion, keeping Ivory around could mean paying him while he’s on mandatory leave pending the resolution of the charges.

18 responses to “Texans don’t dump Brandon Ivory, yet

  1. I’ve always said if he’s not in jail put him on the field. If these charges are anywhere near true this turkey’s going to jail.

  2. zwhateverz says:
    Jul 1, 2015 6:40 PM

    Clearly, he was just keeping it real.

    And it went wrong.

  3. We don’t know the circumstances. Perhaps he was just “retrieving his own property”.

  4. Everyday I thank my lucky stars we hung onto Rick Smith as GM. The moves he has made since 2007 are the stuff of legend. Clearly, the 2013 2-14 debacle was 100% Kubiak’s fault and our rise to 9-7 in 2014 was a genius move in Rick hiring Bill O’Brien. What’s that you say, we had a last place schedule in 2014 and happen to reside in the putrid AFC South? Pure hogwash. Beyond solid move to keep Rick around and force a marriage with a head coach and coaching staff he has zero experience working with /s.

  5. Maybe the NFL should invite ALL the rookies, not just the drafted ones to the “Rookie Symposium”… I’m sure somewhere during the week a class in “don’t be stupid before you even get to your first training camp” is taught.

  6. Texans will cut him by end of week at the very latest. McNair doesn’t let these types stay on the team very long

  7. Most people in Houston know that Rick Smith has something on McNair. I’m thinking it is going away for 50 years good. No other explanation for this guy still being with the team.

  8. There is a possibility that this guy remains on the roster until the first episode of Hard Knocks. It would make for good TV to go through his story and end with the Texans showing America that the NFL doesn’t tolerate criminals.

    I mean, unless they’re really good and/or it couldn’t be covered up that they committed a crime.

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