NFL suspends Rolando McClain four games

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Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain is suspended for the first four games of the regular season.

The NFL has announced that McClain was suspended for a violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy. McClain released a statement apologizing for the suspension.

“I apologize to my family, the Cowboys organization, my teammates and Cowboys fans for my mistake,” McClain said. “I will not break the rules of my profession in the future, and I regret my error. I look forward to returning to the field on week 5, when I hope to help my team beat the Patriots.”

McClain has had a series of off-field issues that nearly derailed his career in the past, but last year with the Cowboys he had a very productive season. Now his off-field problems are again becoming an issue.

The NFL likes to time the release of bad news so that it doesn’t generate too much attention, and the decision to announce the suspensions of McClain and Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson on the Thursday afternoon before a three-day holiday weekend is another example of that practice. We’ll see if there’s more bad news coming before the Fourth of July.

79 responses to “NFL suspends Rolando McClain four games

  1. He must still be abusing substances if he thinks the Cowboys are going to beat the Patriots.

  2. How you fail a drug test you know is coming is absolutely beyond me…

  3. Damage control? In what aspect?

    He skipped OTAS bc he knew he was going to be suspended. He smoked a bowl, big deal.

    Bring on the hate and tell us it was a fluke season, it will only make us fans feel better when we are in the playoffs once again.

  4. No rush on the Brady or Hardy decisions though, naturally. The NFL, what a classy organization.

  5. Looks like the science behind the testing has caught up to the science behind the cheating.

  6. As much as I like McClain on the field you can just never feel rock solid secure with him. I say cut him and move on. He is a bit of a head case….

  7. These are grown men not chour boys. Unless it’s high or some type of PED why does it matter?

    The public and kids these people are involuntarily role models for don’t know of the drugs except for the media reporting them. They wouldn’t knowingly look up to people who did bad things if it weren’t for the media.

    I guess media and the nfl is just one huge double edged sword. I would never give an interview and swallow every fine that goes along.

    You guys don’t think Marshawn yokes all season?

  8. Cheating by taking drugs to illegally gain an advantage – 4 games
    Caught on tape knocking out your fiance – 2 games
    Not deflating footballs – 4 games, loss of 1st and 4th draft picks and 1 million dollar fine.

  9. Wouldn’t it just be nice if one…just once one simply said ” I accept that this ruling is a consequence of a calculated risk and occupational hazard. My attempts to circumvent a spurious PED program were unsuccessful. Thank you.”

  10. well, that’s not good.

    At least he didn’t wrote a non-apology apology. He seemed to own up to his mistake. That’s something I guess.

  11. “We got more coming!” says the NFL. Get your popcorn and F5 key ready.

  12. I expect at least 100 “cheater” comments from trolls. Oh wait, this isn’t a post about the Patriots.

  13. Dallas has built their entire team by taking chances. Sometimes those chances backfire. Hardy, McClain, Gregory, Dez, etc Cowboys defense close to falling apart.

  14. Could these player apologies be any more generic? There must be a template somewhere in Microsoft Word at this point. Swear I read the exact same thing from Sheldon Richardson.

  15. The real question here is whether Tony Romo was more probably than not generally aware of Rolando McClain’s substance abuse. Better check his and every teammate’s phone to be sure.

  16. “My attempts to circumvent a spurious PED program were unsuccessful. ”

    Did you actually read the article ? This is a substance abuse suspension, not a PED suspension.

  17. Always? you forgot we were 2 games shy of Super Bowl last season? always don’t fit in your comment..Dummy

  18. inbillwetrust says:
    Jul 2, 2015 3:20 PM
    anything the cowboys* achieve this year will now be considered tainted
    Wow we really have gotten into yals heads.

    Comparing cheating on the field top harming yourself by smoking pot in the offseason. Fond a shrink buddy I’m concerned for you and your family

  19. bigbenh8tr says:

    The public and kids these people are involuntarily role models for


    No, it’s perfectly voluntary. They know they will be under scrutiny as NFL players. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to play.

    Or, you know, they could actually live clean lives.

  20. #classlessboys

    The Cowboys are tied for 5th for the fewest player arrests since 2000 but don’t let facts get in the way of your predetermined narrative.

  21. I found this fact interesting, Denver (45) has the second highest player arrest only behind the Vikings (48) since 2000. I don’t know why but I always assumed they ran a tighter ship than that. Overall fewest, Houston (11).

    Not really related to the post but I thought I would share.

  22. pacificdan says:

    I found this fact interesting, Denver (45) has the second highest player arrest only behind the Vikings (48) since 2000. I don’t know why but I always assumed they ran a tighter ship than that.

    Judging by the recent drunken exploits of their FO, Denver do indeed run a ‘tight’ ship.

  23. Ah the consequences of jerry’s desperate decision making with certain free agents/draftees. Dont worry tho the “cowboy way” will Change all of em in no time .. Pshh smh

  24. I love how:

    1) He tries to change the subject and include the Patriots in his statement. Let’s bring the big bad Patriots into this somehow. Forget about what I did.

    2) All pro athletes refer to their bad decision making as “mistakes”.

    If you go to put your left shoe on your right foot, that was a mistake. If you grab a spoon when you meant to grab a fork, that was a mistake.

    But when you do something bad while full well knowing what you’re doing at the time … that is not a “mistake”. That is a calculated risk and a completely conscious exercise in poor judgement.

    They want us to think that they are taking responsibility for their actions, but all they’re doing is downplaying them and deflecting true blame away from themselves.

  25. To be honest, he was being fined for the first four games next year so he probably felt he had a failed drug test to use. Why would he play those four games without being paid? He might as well just get suspended for them and sit them out. (not saying this is logical thinking, but maybe I am)

  26. Million dollar contracts and can’t afford an empty visine bottle and some other dudes pee. Probably don’t have a clean tester in his camp…lol. Makes the first meeting with the Eagles a tad easier. No Mcclain. No Hardy. Keep it comin’. Half our squad is battling injuries from last year it may be an even

  27. It’s not a mistake. Don’t apologize like you accidentally dropped something. You chose poorly. You let your team down. You shat in the face of the dude that kept you from pumping gas next year in Mobile, Alabama. You cost yourself money. You’ve jeopardized your career. You’re stupid. Bye.

  28. Let’s just make it easy for the rest of the players in the NFL. Here is a standard apology template that any player on any team can use for any issue:

    ‘I want to apologize to my family, my friends, to the organization, and to you, my fans. (look dejected) This isn’t who I am. I made a mistake, and with the support of my family and friends, I will get the help I need and lick this problem for good. (wipe a tear away from your eye) Hopefully, as I fix my own problem, we can better help others in the same situation. (look hopeful and upbeat here) I just want everybody to know how incredibly lucky I am to have my wife of so many years at my side. (draw your wife or girlfriend close to you) With her help, I will get through this. Thank you. No, I’m sorry, my lawyer won’t allow me to answer any questions at this time. ‘ (Hug wife, bring children in from audience if any)

  29. How bout dem Cowturds?

    This is just the beginning, they’re going to rot from the inside out this season and it looks good on them.

  30. Mundo says:
    Jul 2, 2015 3:35 PM
    Always? you forgot we were 2 games shy of Super Bowl last season? always don’t fit in your comment..Dummy
    And you were 3 games shy of a superbowl when the playoffs started. You guys won ONE playoff game, don’t get ahead of yourself Timmy…

  31. We were robbed in the playoffs, don’t you forget it…and yeah haters and rivals won’t agree, but show me a picture where he didn’t catch the ball..there isn’t one..

  32. I’m sure he said he wasn’t going to mess up again after each of the numerous previous mistakes too.

  33. For those stating it’s just pot needto realize the decision this gentleman has made…. pot over millions… I smoke nearly every night. I assure you for far less than millions I would quit. If you can’t then your either dumb or you dont care. Either way no excuse.

    -Cowboys fan.

  34. dirtydrynn27, are you jealous because your team Jacksonville hasn’t produced any news, except your high drafted qb gets a dead arm?

  35. The NFL needs to change its penalties for weed. Yes it is illegal in most all states and under Federal law, however, that stance is absurd.
    The NFL is a stressful job which can cause many players to smoke to relieve pain and stress.Other players drink alcohol to releove pain and stress. In the earlier NFL years the choice was painkillers mixed with
    Scotch. ( nothing better than beating a west coast team with a long flight to the east coast).
    There are other issue outside the NFL that are unfair. We turn our
    heads the other way on frat Bros at rich colleges who smoke with impunity yet clog our courts prosecuting 18’year old kids for smoking
    on the neighborhood corner.
    We need to decriminalize weed and not punish players so severely
    for smoking it.

  36. I like how every Cowboy fan whines about being cheated,It was a catch,I saw it,It was a catch……Child please!

    Remember that Detroit Game when Suh was clearly being held and everybody on earth saw this with the exception of the Refs and Cowboy fans….

    You live by the Refs…..You die by the Refs…..Suckaz!!!!

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