Russell Wilson would “definitely consider” playing baseball if traded to the Mariners

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On Monday night, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show, where he dropped an “F” bomb and talked about “grabbing my ding-ding.” (And he also grabbed his ding-ding several times.) On Thursday night, teammate Russell Wilson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. While there was no “ding-ding” talk, Wilson stepped way out of his carefully-manicured character by using a word that had to be bleeped.

“I’ve gotta tell you a story,” Wilson said as soon as he took a seat between Kimmel and Andy Samberg, who was in a plastic bubble because he was pretending to have the flu.  “So I’m backstage, before the show, obviously. And all of a sudden I run into this guy with a bubble. And he sticks out his hand. I shake his hand. Next thing I know, he sh-ts in his pants.” (It’s possible Wilson said “jizzes,” in reference to Samberg’s “Jizz in My Pants” video from Saturday Night Live. Either way, it was bleeped. Either way, it didn’t mesh with the Wilson ordinarily projects.)

The discussion quickly turned to Wilson’s contractual status, with Kimmel asking Wilson if he’s more tired of talking about the Super Bowl loss or his contract.

“Both,” Wilson said.

Kimmel then  pointed out how underpaid Wilson is, suggesting that he’s making only $37,000 per year. (The audience didn’t get the joke.)

“So you’re ready for the next contract?” Kimmel said.

“That sounds exciting,” Wilson replied.

“I would love to help you with this contract, I really would,” Kimmel said. “Do you have an agent?”

“I do have an agent,” Wilson said.

“Well, that’s a bummer.”

“Maybe you can be his consultant,” Wilson said.

“How much money do you want, because we can probably hash this out right now?”

“Can we take a collection plate, maybe?” Wilson said, laughing.

“No, you get it from the team,” Kimmel responded, with a little bit of force in his voice. “You made enough money for them. I think it’s OK for them to pay you. You want to be the highest paid player in football, correct?”

“I just want to be paid based off my play,” Wilson said. “It’ll work out in the end, and we’ll figure it out.”

Wilson then reiterated that he wants to stay in Seattle, but it’s still not clear exactly what he wants financially — because he continues to avoid the question.

Wilson also said he’s seriously interested in playing both football and baseball professionally, calling it a dream he had growing up.

“It’d be tough to play [both],” Wilson said. “But, you know, there’s always a way.”

Kimmel then asked if Wilson would play both if his baseball rights were traded from the Texas Rangers to the Seattle Mariners.

“I’d definitely consider it,” Wilson said.

Kimmel did a great job of asking the right questions and drawing Wilson out on some touchy subjects, even though it’s a comedy show with low expectations for anything newsworthy.

And there was still some comedy (or at least attempts at comedy), including a quick jab by Wilson at coach Pete Carroll for paying players at USC. But it came out so fast that it sailed over the heads of the studio audience.

“He’s gonna love that comment,” Kimmel said.

Carroll won’t mind that comment if they can get a contract worked out. For now, it’s still unclear what it will take and when it will get done. However, it is clear that Wilson remains serious about baseball — and that he’d be even more serious if he were playing for the baseball team in the same town as his football team.

56 responses to “Russell Wilson would “definitely consider” playing baseball if traded to the Mariners

  1. You know, I used to think of Wilson as a nice success story who showed hard work can get you anywhere.

    But now, it just seems his like ego is super inflated. Take away from this talented Seahawks team and he’ll be humbled quite quickly I think

  2. He was a bad minor league player, he needs to just give up this two sport sillliness and learn to throw that slant(especially if Bevell is making you throw it to the special teams gunner)

  3. I don’t understand why Wilson keeps airing all of this in the media. It totally clashes with his carefully crafted humble, team first, man of God persona. And IMO he shouldn’t be anywhere near the highest paid QB in the league. Despite what he’s accomplished he should be the fifth highest paid QB, at best. I agree with what many others have said, let him play out the last year of his contract if he won’t budge on the numbers. 1 or 2 seasons could be a fluke, but if he has a third really good season, then he’s most likely the real deal. It will cost Seattle more, but it might be worth the money to be as sure as they can be that he’s for real. Besides, it doesn’t really make any difference if they sign him now or next season if he’s insisting on ridiculous money.

  4. But now, it just seems his like ego is super inflated. Take away from this talented Seahawks team and he’ll be humbled quite quickly I think


    You are right. It seems like the guy is in the news every day for saying something about his contract.

    What made the Hawks as good as they are is they are the best as a team/unit. Thought it would be a blessing in disguise that this guy threw the game ending interception. Doesn’t look that way.

    I’m worried a bit about next season if he’s going to keep talking baseball and his worth.

  5. So now I need to take Kimmel serious regarding sports?

    Come on PFT…. Come on…..

  6. This guy seemed like a nice cool team player. Now we see why he burned thru 2 colleges, and has an ex-wife already. Seems to be a real jerk in real life. Might be why Seattle is hesitating on a contract. Might be some things out there they have buried and we haven’t seen yet.

  7. The Seahawks are unlikely to give Wilson the contract he wants this year, because his cap number is so low and he is coming off a Close SB loss. Financially it makes more sense to them to let him play out his contract at a low cap number this year, and if he plays like a SB caliber QB next year, negotiating for a long term contract when the season is up or franchise tagging him, keeping him in Seattle. That’s all it boils down to in the end. They won’t pay him top 3 QB money this year if they can keep him for next to nothing when they have so many other players they have to pay to keep up their competitiveness. Even next year, if he plays fantastic, they can still franchise tag him for less than making him the highest paid player in the league. Wilson stock is at an all time high right now, so why pay a player when his stock is at its peak? The only thing he could do better next year is win a SB, so why pay him now?

  8. Is it just me, or is Wilson getting more and more annoying? I’m starting to think that “nice guy” personality is all a cover. That act does start to drain on you after a while and dude is turning into a prima donna.

  9. Rw is a beast will end up being the highest paid player in the NFL bc of his extensive list of accomplishments as a qb and as a team. He’s youthful and mainly he just happens to be the next one up for contract which means the team will most likely fork out the money like any other franchise with a few franchise qb would do.

    Remember we pay players for a combo of what they have done but more so what they will do. That’s why players are cut reduced and restructured. With such a young team and him being the leader of the team as well as his success thus far he is going to get paid bc that should continue.

    It doesn’t help that his agent Is a baseball agent and negotiates guarantees all the time. He’s not playing baseball and yes Seattle loves him but we’re not rolling out some hometown hero to help is lose even more games at Safeco..he’s just playing his role his entire family is basically ivy league graduate attorneys both parents thus RW will not be getting the typical screwed.

    RW VOLUNTARILY gave back nearly 1,000,000 dollars from his baseball contract bc he wasn’t going to pursue baseball after his first off season playing summer ball. Pretty clear be means business.

  10. This contract stuff is always better discussed in private.

    The fact that it’s not here, suggests to me there are bigger problems than are seen on the surface.

  11. “I just want to be paid based off my play,” Wilson said. “It’ll work out in the end, and we’ll figure it out.”


    Oh, that’s all this was about the whole time? Simple solution, pay him like an above average QB but nothing more and be done with it.

  12. diva’s beginning to be a head case…hope the Seahawks hold him to this year’s contract, franchise him the following year…baseball is just a bs tactic that he’s trying to use…

  13. The Seahawks are making for some great headlines this offseason. This me me me attitude is why they are already done. No dynasty

  14. The interview was completely within character for Wilson. Even he has to have a way to express removal of excrement from one’s body.

    Cliche questions and cliche answers. I guess saying he’d try to play baseball if traded, is a story, but not really. It all centers on the contract.

  15. While I don’t agree with the amount of money Russell Wilson is asking for, he’s not a bad baseball player. Is he as good in baseball as he is in football? Absolutely not. But he’s an On Base Percentage machine. Could be the next Kevin Youkilis. Also, he played second base, a position with relatively few above average players. I wouldn’t play two sports if I were him, but he certainly has the talent to at least try.

  16. What a tool. The only way you are worth being the highest paid player in the league is if every team would want you as their starting QB. Peyton? Yes. Brady? Yes. Luck? Yes. Rodgers? Yes. Even Roethlisberger is a Yes.

    Put Russell Wilson on the Dolphins Are they any better? Are they going to the SB?

    He was 15th in passing yds last year, 20th in completion percentage, 16th in passing TD’s, 6th in most sacks allowed, and had a worse passing rating than Carson Palmer and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Seattle was in the SB in part because of his leadership, but more so because of Marshawn, defense, and home field advantage, and getting a free pass in the playoffs (bye week, Carolina, and the choking Pack).

    By his logic Trent Dilfer should have been the highest paid NFL player.

  17. Pete Carroll paid some of his players at USC more than the Hawks are paying Wilson. Maybe not quite as much but you get the point. Wilson’s stats show that he is a good leader and game manager but he’s not worth elite QB money.

  18. He obviously wants to be the highest paid player in the game.

    But he also obviously knows he doesn’t really merit that so he’s trying to avoid stating that himself so he doesn’t take as much heat.

    There’s no question he’s an excellent QB. However I don’t think he can carry a team the way that Brady, Manning and Rodgers, ie the best QBs, do.

    If he was on Cleveland, the Vikings, the Washington team he’d just be another 4-12 or 5-11 QB and watching the playoffs from the couch. He should be grateful he’s leading a very good team and is in the position he is. That’s not saying he should take a lousy contract, just that he isn’t worth the most money in the game.

  19. revren10 says:
    Jul 3, 2015 6:10 AM

    The Seahawks are making for some great headlines this offseason. This me me me attitude is why they are already done. No dynasty

    Habitually cheating helps, no?

  20. With Robinson Cano crapping the bed this season, the Mariners might be more inclined to give the $25M to Wilson instead.

  21. Russell will be a Jet. If not this year, NEXT. Book it. Jets have money to burn and they like rough around the edges guys like Russ.

  22. It is so easy to forget that that these PFT articles can be commented upon by the East Coast readers for 3 hours before the West Coast readers wake up. So you can have the first 40 or 50 posts all anti-Wilson, making it seem that the whole world hates Wilson now.

    I am sure this same kind of jealousy hit when Andrew Luck went to the Super Bowl 2 years in a row. Oh wait, bad example. I meant when Peyton Manning went twice in a row. No, I meant when Rodgers did so well the first three years of his career. No, no…bad example again. I meant when Brady started right from the beginning of his career and took the team from a losing record to the playoffs.

  23. Hey Russ, maybe you can be a brain surgeon too. Wow you’re talented. Thanks for letting us know (again) how awesome you are. I’m sure your teammates appreciate the wonderful off-season you’re enjoying. Maybe you could spend a little time watching film or something, so you have a better idea of how to read defenses in goal line situations. But I know, I know. That play was someone else’s fault, right? I’m sure the Mariners’ players would love a selfless guy like you around. You could be hitting .150 and all the cameras would still be on you. You’d be in hog heaven. The team? What’s that? Don’t talk about the team. I’m Russ. I’m the man.

  24. Fact: Wilson cannot hit a good curve ball. Scouts have seen that. He’s bluffing.

  25. Canetic says: By his logic Trent Dilfer should have been the highest paid NFL player. Not a bad analogy…they both played on very similar teams…

  26. revelation123 says:
    Jul 3, 2015 10:58 AM
    Put Wilson on the Browns and you have….the Browns.
    Put Wilson on the Browns and you have the Browns, except all of a sudden the defense doesn’t know if Wilson is going to keep it himself or hand off to either Crowell or West. And miracle of miracles, they both become 1000 yard runners for the season. 2 ruuners on the same team both cracking 1000 yards?

    Put Wilson on the Browns, and unexplainably , the defenses start saying, “You know, Dray is a lot better tight end than we realized. We had better watch him more closely.” Put Wilson on the Browns, and the defenses start claiming, “You know, when Wilson finds a way to extend the play, Hawkins and Bowe are actually pretty darn good.”

    And when Wilson leads the Browns to the playoffs, people would be saying, “But let’s get clear. Wilson had absolutely nothing to do with it!”

  27. That’s an empty threat… He would never make anywhere close to his NFL salary living in A ball ! that is until he was released

  28. Russell Wilson needs to get over himself. Last time I checked wasn’t he the guy that threw the football that cost his team the Super Bowl? There are 10 other players on the field that make the Seahawks offense effective – effective, not great. There are many other above average(not great)QB’s in the NFL who would look just as good running the Seahawks offense as Wilson does….maybe its time for Seattle to move on and let Wilson play baseball.

  29. Bad advice from his agent. Clearly it’s a PR move to attempt to get a contract this year. Ask Weddle how playing it out in the media benefits your contract negotiations…

  30. Wilson seems to think that he’d be playing for the MLB team in Seattle if traded istead of busing around for a minor league team in some cornfield where his career actually belongs. He’s completely delusional about baseball and the Seahawks know it.

  31. Who cares about this contract and talk show stuff. I can’t wait for the regular season to start and see some football!

  32. fanofthegame1 says:
    Jul 3, 2015 1:17 AM

    Yeah, when I think of the Seattle Offense, I think of super talented supporting cast.

    When I think of the Seattle Offense, I think they must be thankful the defense rarely gives up more than 25 points. Cause when they do RW, hasn’t gotten it done. Not a single time.

  33. Is everyone else tired of hearing about Russell Wilson? He wasn’t very good in the minor leagues. What makes anyone think he could play in the MLB?

  34. The equivalent of how bad the Seahawks blew this last Superbowl is right up there with Bill Buckner letting the ball under his glove (with Buckner being Wilson.) Wilson is just such a nice guy that the media dumped it on Pere Caroll as the blame. If Brady would have made that throw it would still be on replay on ESPN daily with the headline “Brady deflated by terrible interception” or something like that. I’ll take a deflategate bs controversy any day do the week for a Super Bowl win in which everyone agrees is the greatest game ever played, go Pats!

  35. Wish Russell would quit talking about it in the media. His choir boy image is taking a hit. When is the last time he finished an interview with “Go Hawks!” I haven’t heard that in awhile. Nice guy, when he makes a great play he is easy to cheer for. But the contract stuff is old and he needs to get in the fold. Maybe get a new agent.

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