Study pegs Eagles as healthiest team last two years, Giants unhealthiest

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Maybe the smoothies work. And maybe Tom Coughlin should try one.

The folks at Bleeding Green Nation have passed along a chart that suggests the Eagles are the healthiest team in the NFL over the last two seasons, while the Giants have been the most unhealthy over that span.

The chart is based on adjusted games lost, a formula created by that uses injury reports and players placed on injured reserve to quantify how available players are to their teams.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly has put plenty of emphasis on sports science, and using nutritional supplements for players to keep them at their best. And old school coach Coughlin has been criticized for not adopting new methods, which this study would seem to back up.

While there’s something to be said for doing everything possible to keep players well, football remains a collision sport and an amount of dumb luck can still make a big difference, particularly if that luck keeps a good quarterback on the field.

While it stands to reason that the best teams might be the healthiest, the next six teams on the list behind the Eagles are the Jets, Ravens, Bills, Browns, Vikings and Rams. And if you look at the Giants’ neighbors at the bottom of the chart, the Colts are 30th, and have managed to perform at a high level.

Obviously you’d rather be well than injured, but it’s unclear if all the shakes and Navy SEAL training the Eagles go through correlates to success on the field.

84 responses to “Study pegs Eagles as healthiest team last two years, Giants unhealthiest

  1. Giants are the better team but health is your wealth. The Giants can def. win the East this year.

  2. I am an Eagles fan Glad they are the healthiest but let’s go for the most wins. Not too many trophies for the healthiest team.

  3. So according to their “study” the third healthiest team on this list was the Ravens, who only led the league last year with 19 players on injured reserved.

    You can literally make a study for anything I suppose. Like these people are the “smartest fans” in the league.

  4. I don’t think the Giants care too much about this rating. I mean, they have won TWO Super Bowls over the last ten years.

  5. Yes those 6-10 Giants are definitely the better team than those 10-6 Eagles. Oh wait, doesn’t the first number represent the teams wins?

  6. When you discuss thing like ADJUSTED games lost, the data is already being skewed toward someone’s bias.

    Plus some teams like the Patriots have listed most players on the injury report in exaggerated full compliance. Some teams have not listed injuries if a player fully participates in practice with the injury. The data gleaned from injury reports is not consistent.

    Data can be misused for any purpose, as we have seen in many things, to push any dingbat narrative. With so much shrill noise from too many self serving sources people are naturally skeptical of any alleged “study” with adjusted data.

  7. Anyone who thinks Navy seal training and good nutrition wouldn’t make a difference is drunk, stupid, or both.

  8. “Bleeding Green Nation?”

    Is this like one of Kraft’s employees declaring the balls weren’t deflated?

    The funniest part about this is that Eags’ fans kept telling us injuries were the reason they didn’t dominate last year.

  9. Let’s not forget how banged up the Giants were when they beat the Pats…

  10. That’s all neat but Coughlin has 2 Rings and the Eagles has none. Coughlin has done something right .

  11. Staying healthy isn’t the end all be all, but if the current trends continue with health and injuries for the Giants and Eagles, it will be hard to argue against Chip’s philosophy regarding exercise and nutrition.

    But again, it isn’t everything. Certainly helps to keep your players in shape and able to play though.

  12. Go to just about any personal trainer in any gym anywhere in the country and they will recommend custom smoothies after a training session based on the type of workout you did.

    In the antiquated minds of the NFLers, despite all the science, this kind of thing is still treated like some sort of bizarre voodoo.

  13. At least the Eagles are healthy when they sit on the couch every January…

  14. It’s because Coughlin’s only response to a player injury is to yell at them for being on his lawn.

  15. “which this study would seem to back up.” -Gantt

    You don’t have to be a scientist to know 1 year of data doesn’t justify or refute an “emphasis on sports science”.

    Likely as not the Eagles regress to the mean with injuries, and the Giants too for that matter.

    For those who don’t know “Bleeding Green Nation” is an Eagles centric site on SB Nation. Your team has a similar site, as do the rest of the teams.

  16. kev86 says:
    Jul 3, 2015 8:09 AM
    Giants are the better team but health is your wealth. The Giants can def. win the East this year.

    They are a better team? LOL, what? If we’re playing the Paper Bowl, the Giants don’t even compete. The defense is aging, injured and mediocre. The offense is rebuilt, and Manning still doesn’t look like he did 5 years ago. Running back? Tight end? Come, on man. You’ve got The Knee, Victor Cruz, and Odell. That’s it. The Eagles are better at every position than they were last year, including running back.

    As for dumb luck, there is no way around it. Last year the Eagles had some of the worse luck ever. They lost their whole offensive line and starting QB for most of the season, and had a weak defense. They STILL won ten games. That’s because they prepared for the worst health-wise. The better your starting health, the better you’ll be able to endure hardship.

  17. “Obviously you’d rather be well than injured, but it’s unclear if all the shakes and Navy SEAL training the Eagles go through correlates to success on the field.”

    This is apples and oranges. There are two separate questions that you a mixing together. One is related to injuries and the effect of injuries on a team’s record. The second is whether a team’s coach has the talent and game plan to win games. The two issues are both important, but SEAL training is relevant for one but not the other.

  18. @wiitrainingcamp

    You are absolutely right.

    If this off season taught us anything, though it is that the NFL doesn’t pay any attention to Science!

  19. Go to just about any personal trainer in any gym anywhere in the country and they will recommend sell you custom smoothies after a training session based on the type of workout you did.

    – Fixed

    The idea that $billion NFL teams ignore “proven science” on nutrition, etc is comical.

  20. Of course the Eagles are the healthiest – they’re in the best shape, led by the best, most knowledgeable coach in the NFL. Just one more notch in their belt, while the NY Midgets come up short again. No surprise there. Go Eagles!

  21. Eagles fans will look for any good news to take their mind off the fact they’re 5 months away from wanting to fire the head coach.

  22. They’re tied, however, for having the most obnoxious fans in the NFC. No one comes close to Pats fans.


    Sums it up.

  23. All those acting classes the Giants take gave paid off. And learning how to sell a fake injury without injuring yourself in the process.

  24. For those who cannot read .. “Bleeding Green” is an EAGLES centered SB Nation site. BUT the analytics were NOT done by “Bleeding Green” They only reported it:

    “Football Outsiders” has taken the idea of player games missed and created a metric called Adjusted Games Lost (AGL), which uses injury report and injured reserved data to determine how a team is impacted by injury. According to “Football Outsiders”, there is a significant correlation between AGL and team wins, and to some extent between AGL this season and AGL next season.

    Sometimes people’s comments show that they don’t want truth they want biased blind hate of every other team. Like it or hate it Sports Science is growing and here to stay for a long time for ALL of our teams and the health of our players.

  25. Dumb study, two years isn’t nearly long enough to balance out things like bad luck and the huge amount of player turnover an NFL team has.

  26. Which is meaningless when it comes to winning titles. See the Eagles trophy case for proof.

  27. Eagles 2013 was one of the luckiest regular seasons in NFL history. Eagles 2014 was pretty lucky with their kickoff returns, but as soon as those stopped happening the Eagles started losing.

  28. Eagles fans take pride in anything they have over the giants. Congrats dopes. Your team eats the most quinoa.

  29. Every team has nutritional drinks and supplement laced shakes in their training program. Eagles smoothies are the same as other teams using training supplements and having the players eat diets based on their workouts. It’s not like Kelly walked in and the rest of the NFL was like”Oh my god, they have drinks that provide some nutritional benefits and can be used to help in the strength an conditioning program?” How about you wait until the guy wins something at any level of competition before you call him a genius.

  30. Cowboys fans just sitting back watching the cat fight that is philly fans and giants fans go at each other… Laughing cause Dallas won the east last year

  31. Who gets injured has far more impact than how many get injured (up to a certain point). Losing your starting QB is much more damaging than losing a backup safety.

    Depth matters. When the Dolphins lost their LT, they had to move everyone around on the o-line to get a combination that worked. RT went to LT, RG went to RT, C went to RG and other guys were mixed in at C and LG trying to make it work. It failed badly. That one injury combined with poor depth and desperate coaching dropped the performance level of 5 positions.

    The NFL should allow the entire 53 on the active roster to be eligible in the games.

  32. As a Giant fan watching our team be decimated annually sucks, but even healthy this is a .500 team at best. We have added some parts but this roster is a far cry from being ready to challenge the Eagles and Cowboys for the division. Any “fan” saying otherwise is a Pom Pom waving homer.

  33. What I find amusing about this article is Kelly is a fat load himself.
    You’d think he’d take better care of himself if he knows so much about keeping his players healthy.

    Personally, I’m not buying all this anyway. Injuries are the luck of the draw. You watch. It’ll catch up to him soon, and probably this year. The odds are overwhelming that his luck with injuries is over.

  34. The Giants are a tough team that have proven they can win it all. They can’t win it all every year but at least they have a couple of times the last 10 years. Eagle fans are generally bitter.

  35. As for dumb luck, there is no way around it. Last year the Eagles had some of the worse luck ever. They lost their whole offensive line and starting QB for most of the season, and had a weak defense. They STILL won ten games.

    You mean
    * that QB they traded away for a QB that has missed 30 out of 80 games since being drafted due to injury?
    * The CB you signed spent all last year in the trainers room, never even trying to get on the field.
    * The running back that was a plan B signing (when Gore spurned you guys, that is when your team started to show interest in Murray) that has spent exactly one healthy season since being drafted.
    * a MLB coming off a ACL
    * Your LT is always injured & was in Buffalo so nothing changed there.

    You better hope you get out of training camp with these guys healthy. Never mind 16 games.

  36. But…but…but…

    Didn’t Cary Williams criticize the conditioning program?!!!


  37. More useless statistics that benefit clueless Eagles fans. No one cares about your record the last 2 years – you choked when it mattered, every single year. The Giants injuries during their title years are well documented – but guys like Chase Blackburn step up and beat Rob Gronkowski in the biggest game of his life. It’s called rising to the occasion. It’s call NOT BEING A CHOKE ARTIST.

    When the Giants created their opportunity twice in the last decade, they handled their business. Led by Eli Manning – we know how much that bothers all of you.

    The Philadelphia franchise is at the bottom of the NFL, because you have no titles to show for all of your meaningless stats.

  38. Wow giants fans are mad on here. One of them keeps writing the same thing over and over and its irrelevant to the article. They are talking about the last two years. Deflecting as usual. Wow.

  39. The Eagles have all their faith in a false prophet. actually, it’s not unlike their basketball team. 2 leaders that have been given the huge benefit of the doubt and decision making power based on absolutely nothing but faith, making questionable moves at best under the guise of “trust me.”

    and they’ll both be similarly fired and let go once they are found to be the frauds they are in the next couple years.

    Kelly proved his mettle when he couldn’t take the media questioning him and panic-signed Murray to a ridiculous deal. he’s easily rattled. he should take notes from the guy up I-95 in East Rutherford. All he does is have his head and job called for every year, and then he goes out and beats New England in the superbowl every 4 years. speaking of which….what year is it again?

  40. So the Chargers are rated just about last in health. It would probably would be ok to list them as the 2nd unhealthiest team in the NFL, right? So, what does that give the healthiest team in the NFL? One more win? To think the Chargers lost three running backs and three centers along with numerous other injuries (ok, I realize ALL teams have injury issues) and still stayed pretty much on par with the Eagles? That’s incredible.

    Another way to look at this is to consider what would have happened had the Eagles had an even an average amount of player on IR. Most injuries are due to bad luck.

  41. This how much this means

    2007 Giants 17 players on IR
    2011 Giants 16 players on IR

    As Eagle fans tell others about being decimated with injuries last year & had such bad luck.

    Every year your team has the most cap space available – depth is just as important as cap space.

    Over 15 players on IR & still winning titles both years is all about having the right depth.

  42. Yeah… healthy players that aren’t any good… Chip Kelly got rid of all their best players… 7-9 team at best.

  43. Glad to se that the comments section is still chock full of finger wagging and irrelevant inane commentary that don’t touch the article. Crowing about our two Super Bowls in ten…(soon to be 11 then 12 and so on) years has no bearing on the article so why say it?? Kelly is 10-6 back to back while we went 7-9 and 6-10, we should really just shut up until we can beat this team.

  44. I think the health factor relates to the player who is injured, losing a Quarterback and center would be only 2 injuries for the year but your team would most likely fail.

    I guess Cary Williams statement that the Eagles players were too tired from Chip Kelly’s practices is proven wrong as tired players are usually the most injury prone.

    Williams nick name of toast was because he always got burned not because he toasted any wide receivers

  45. WoW lots of eagle fans as always making us look bad. 10 wins with no playoff wins isn’t something we would have tolerated with reid but we all seem to be happy with chip not winning playoff games. maybe we should all shut up until we win at least one super bowl or even chip wins a playoff game. sure hope Bradford can hold up cause he sure didn’t hold up or show he was a winner with the rams.

  46. And how did the Egals finish every season for the last 50 years

    Reminder with out a Super Bowl win

    Cry Egals Cry

  47. The Rams and Giants’ places show why their coaches might have to go after the season.

    The Rams had a decent number of healthy players and they were 6-10.

    The Giants are below the Colts and the Cardinals, but they still lost to the Jaguars and the Mark Sanchez-led Eagles.

  48. And if you listen to all the dumb bells on this post, all that sports science stuff is a made up belief.
    Now, even when the fact are being slapped right across their collective faces, they still deny that Chip Kelly is revolutionizing the NFL.
    It’s so obvious that every fan of every franchise is green with envy, as some of the weaker minded fans are making up screen names and posing as disgruntled Eagles fans.
    Now that is Pathetically SAD.
    I’m talking to you BLEEDEAGLEFAN…puleez. And you gotta love” NOHOPELEFT” screen name.
    Now that is an approproiate sceeen name for a midgets fan.

  49. Please don’t use Giants and tough team in the same sentence. It just makes you look more stupid than you already are…

    6-10. Again. But hey, good luck with Eli.

  50. @eaglomaniac

    dude I am very much an birds fan that grew up during the reid era. just because you disagree with me cause I think it’s too much hoopla to quick doesn’t make me a fake fan.

    I don’t believe in talking crap as many other birds fans do. I want to wait & see. sorry but after all andy gave us during the 2000’s I want to see if chip can produce a couple of playoff wins. I believe that if given another year reid would have given us exactly what we got the last 2 years. and yes when I see all the crap talk from other bird fans it embarrasses me. we can talk all we want but the game is played on the field. I can’t wait until we win a title & then we can tell every one to piss off & finally feel amazin feeling all felt with the phillies & it would be so much cooler with the eagles. but until then maybe taking it down a notch isn’t a bad idea. also last time we had these kind of expectations we had a miserable season & I do not want to feel that level of failure again that we all kinda created with over confidence. hope at the end of the year my being cautious & my worry was for nothing & we finally win the damn thing. chip will be a god in this city if he can keep bradford healthy & win it all. but until it actually happens I’m not getting my hopes up to be crushed again.

  51. would rather have 2 bad years then 49 like some teams in 49 years the giants have played in 5 Super Bowls and won four

    Can anyone remind me of the Egals super bowl wins can not recall any

  52. Well maybe if the Giants would stop shooting guns into their thighs and blowing up fireworks in their hands…

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