Elvis Dumervil: If I get 23 sacks, we’ll be in Super Bowl

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Players can sometimes be criticized for putting individual goals ahead of team ones, but Ravens linebacker Elvis Dumervil has found a way to combine the two.

Dumervil enters this season 10 sacks shy of 100 for his career, but that’s not the major milestone that’s on his mind. Dumervil is taking aim at Michael Strahan’s single-season sack record by keeping a note with “23” written on it in his locker and he’s quick to point out that his motivation isn’t just about the accolades that would come from raising the bar.

“If I can hit that number, that’ll mean we’ll be in the Super Bowl for sure,” Dumervil said, via the Baltimore Sun. “You try to win games, you try to win championships. To me, there’s nothing more important, because you can have the stats and accolades, but if you’re sitting home, it really doesn’t do any justice.”

Dumervil was third in the NFL with 17 sacks last season, setting a new Ravens single-season record in the process, and he should continue to be a major threat to quarterbacks who also have to keep an eye on Dumervil’s teammate Terrell Suggs. Upping that number won’t be out of the question, although it will take more than a big year for Dumervil to land the Ravens a trip to Santa Clara next February.

62 responses to “Elvis Dumervil: If I get 23 sacks, we’ll be in Super Bowl

  1. First there is no co-relation btwn sacks and super bowl, secondly this dude tends to disappear from games every now and then and prone to making bone headed plays but that’s another story. Also without Ngata, yeah I know they have Pernel or whomever but that may affect them possibly.

  2. If outstanding single defensive player effort would autautomatically result in Super Bowl wins, Butkus would have 2 rings on every finger.

  3. Doing the math, that’s 19 sacks in the 2 games against the Browns, and 4 others scattered over the rest of the season. Maybe he should have said, “I’ll see you at the Super Bowl — I’ve got a guy who can get me discount tickets!”

  4. 23 sacks should help your team get to the playoffs but once your there.. You’ll need a lot more sacks to get to and win the Super Bowl.

  5. I wouldn’t mind seeing Baltimore in the Super Bowl. At least then we don’t have to hear Peyton get talked up and then fail to deliver, nor do we have to listen to how great Brady was destroying the overrated Colts. And Big Ben, geesh, don’t even get me started. Guy should thank his lucky stars everyday he’s not doing time in a Federal Pen.

  6. Everytime some overconfident player makes this kind of prediction he jinxes his team. Does anyone remember Pot Roast’s SB prediction last season? We all know how well that ended…

  7. Brett farve is not in the league anymore so dumberville won’t have a qb to flop for him to get the record.

  8. “thegronk87 says:
    Jul 5, 2015 9:12 AM
    the ravens can’t even understand legal formations.”

    They understand them, Harbaugh just didn’t want to switch to a zone defense that favored Brady. He preferred to run out on the field and yell “make them play my way”. Well, it didn’t work for Harbaugh in the divisional round last year but the league changed the rules so Belichick and Brady couldn’t force teams out of man to man coverage in 2015. They also suspended Brady and made sure Revis went back to the Jets by letting Woody Johnson virtually promise him a max contract while he was still under contract with the Patriots.

    Are the games fixed? No. They just massaged the rules that always seem to go against thee Patriots because they can’t beat Belichick without fudging the competition. Thankfully, the Hoodie is hard at work devising new strategies that will work just as well.

  9. Sacks are an over hyped stat… a player lives off sacks and become one dimensional….. like has 20 sacks 50 tackles 16 assists in 1100 defensive plays…

  10. ” nor do we have to listen to how great Brady was destroying the overrated Colts.”

    The NFL badly wants Luck to develop into a super bowl quarterback that they can market for another ten years. Belichick and Brady (and Blount) didn’t get the memo so the NFL came down hard on the Patriots to grease the way for the Colts.

    By the way, New England fans didn’t say Brady was great for “destroying the overrated Colts”, we said he was great for coming back from a 10 point deficit in the 4th quarter to beat Seahawks (and the “best defense ever”) in the super bowl.

  11. Darn. I bet Justin Houston feels stupid now. All he needed was one more sack and the chiefs would’ve won the super bowl instead of missing the playoffs.

  12. Is that city still in shambles? He should focus on rebuilding the city from the looting and rioting instead of personal stats.

  13. 23 sacks. he best known for walking an old person across the street. what an abnormal number for a guy w who’s not of inferior quality of any one in the NFL at his best downmerville

  14. We’ll look at JJ Watt who had one of the most memorable defensive seasons in a long time and then check out the Texans record. The team’s success still runs through the QB and not one defensive player

  15. LOL @ Doom. I like the guy’s enthusiasm. But really….why can’t players learn to just shut up and play?

  16. Yet another franchise that just keeps on yappin (just like their coach and fan base). Meanwhile The 4X Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots “Just Do”

  17. The problem is defense doesn’t win championships. It’s a passing, pocket quarterback league. Defense does not win Super Bowls, when Brady hangs 25, 30, whatever, points on you and you can’t score, GAME OVER. Dolphin fans think Suh is going to make a difference. Brady hung 34 on the Lions last year. I’m sorry! “Many are called few are chosen”. You need an ELITE QB to win in this league. 60 MILLION Sue, the igorance is astounding !!!!!!

  18. Jared Allen 22 sacks….

    Vikings = 3-13

    1 more sack would have equaled at least 7 more wins and a trip to the Super Bowl.

    Damn. To think Jared Allen wasn’t credited with one sack because it was an aborted play when Rodgers fumbled the snap. What could have been, right DUMBervil?

  19. If he gets 23 sacks in the AFC Championship I’d guarantee he’s right

    Once he gets 23 sacks in the regular season, the Ravens are 0-0 just like everyone else and he’s starting fresh

    But I’d wager at the very least the Ravens will be joining the Colts raising that prestigious “AFC Finalist” banner!

  20. “Co-relation”..
    Is that a bad attempt at the word “correlation”, or a new term for someone you are somehow distantly related to?

  21. …seriously. have you ever heard of A Patriot saying imma do this or that??

  22. My favorite play in the WC was when Upshaw and Dumervil pile drove Big Ben into the dirt. He had to come out of the game and when he insisted on coming back in, he threw a pick in the end zone. LOL.

  23. The Ravens going to the Super Bowl is certainly feasible, much more than Doom hitting 23 but good for him setting goals and motivating himself. Thats how many of us get through life.

    Lol at rustybelt bragging about a guy who’s not won a playoff game… Oh, but he swept Baltimore last year. Lol!

  24. Help me figure this out. The Ravens beat up in the bad teams last year, going 9-0. That means against the good teams they went 1-6. This year they have a much harder schedule and not a lot of improvement and a defensive core who’s getting older.

  25. @coltcountrysteelerfan:

    Here. Let me make it simple for you. The Ravens kicked the Steelers out of the first round of the playoffs. (Does it get any simpler than that?)

  26. Both games lost to the Bengals last year were close, especially the last one which could have gone the other way if not for an offensive interference call. Of course, Ravens fans accept that. Unlike Steelers’ fans, they would rather win than whine. LOL.

  27. He should set some more reasonable goals, like moving up to finish 2nd in the division.

  28. I’m sure the Steelers wish the Ravens had finished 2nd in the division. That way, they could have avoided that embarrassing tail whooping in front of all of Pennsyltucky. LOL.

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