Jason Pierre-Paul’s fireworks injury not believed career threatening

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Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul hurt his hand in a fireworks accident on the Fourth of July, but there is some good news to report.

Pierre-Paul’s injury is not believed to be career threatening, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

As we in the United States celebrate our nation’s birthday, fireworks are, for millions of Americans, part of the fun. But they’re not without their risks. The fifth of July is always a day full of news stories about injuries in fireworks accidents, and yesterday at least one man died while setting off fireworks.

Pierre-Paul easily could have lost his hand, or worse. If he survived this accident with his career intact, he can count himself as lucky.

58 responses to “Jason Pierre-Paul’s fireworks injury not believed career threatening

  1. At least JPP is in better shape than that 22 year old dude who fired a firework off his head last night in Maine while drinking.

    Dude’s dead.

  2. Well… The only problem is his career has been over for the last 3 years..only his wallet denies it…

  3. Thanks for the public service announcement. As if we didn’t realize fireworks are dangerous.

  4. He still may have cost himself that franchise tag. not to mention making a lot of other teams think twice about going after him. Just so stupid…..at the very least he probably screws the team for about half the season.

  5. Goes along with Kellen Winslow who took his rookie signing bonus, bought the most powerful motorcycle made, and promptly tried to do a wheelie and wrecked his body. Stupid team “stuck by him” and wasted years and millions of dollars hoping he could come back. He never really did.

  6. Worst holiday of the year if you’re a firefighter, policeman, or a cat or dog! I’m so happy my community has BANNED fireworks.

    What is the celebration? Spending billions annually to China to make fireworks while China earns even greater profit on top of owning far too much of the US debt?

    People are so easily led into myths…patriotism…yeah…whatever!

  7. Classic media running with rumors. “Hand blown off” “gruesome injuries” now will turn into mild burns, will probably be fine by training camp.

  8. learysdisciples says:


    It’s “America”. Love it or leave it.

  9. Wonder if Dictator, I mean Commissioner Goodell will have anything to say about this, and if JPP will be investigated and or suspended. Fireworks laws vary by state.

  10. ttommytom says:
    Jul 5, 2015 6:29 PM

    People who play with fireworks have never been shot at. End of conversation…

    Dumb as a handball you are.

  11. abninf says:
    Jul 5, 2015 7:00 PM
    learysdisciples says:


    It’s “America”. Love it or leave it.


    Thanks Ron Kovic

  12. Don’t you just love the internet, lmao!!! One story will make it seem like he’s lucky to be alive. Another will say it not that bad. One will tell you his career is over another will say he’s not even going to miss games. Maybe it’s just me but I think there’s a helluva big difference between career over as compared to no missed games. It never fails though every year some idiot gets killed and others severely injured because they are effing around with explosives they shouldn’t be effing around with. Just because it’s our nations b-day that doesn’t mean we’re all demolition experts by default on July 4th. Unless you’re a trained professional leave anything bigger than a sparkler to the trained professionals.

  13. “skawh says:

    People are so easily led into myths…patriotism…yeah…whatever!”

    It was John Adams, our second president, who pushed for celebrating the declaration of the colonies from Britain by lighting up the night sky with fireworks.

    How great a man was Adams?

    He defended the British soldiers after the Boston Massacre even though he was a patriot.

    He was the only president of the first five U.S. presidents not to be a slaveholder.

    During the Continental Congresses he served on more committees than any other congressman—ninety in all, of which he chaired twenty.

    I don’t call a tradition started by Adams a myth.

  14. From Schefter and Mort, probably coming from his agent.. The Drs themselves havent been able to make that determination meaning it may be serious,, i guess we will soon know soon enough… Well hope he learnt his lesson…

  15. I like things that go boom! I just don’t like when they go boom when I’m still holding onto them.

  16. Hey chipkelly, nobody counts NFL championships. I know it is the only thing that Eagles, Lions and Browns fans he onto. It’s SB rings and Lombardi trophies not games that happened while you weren’t even a thought.

  17. A good friend lived in a cul-de-sac a few years ago. All the neighbors would block off the entrance of the neighborhood with cones (removing their cars), and get their hoses hooked up and ready…along with a row of fire extinguishers…and everyone went in on hundreds of dollars of fireworks. They set up a mortar for rockets even. Huge BBQ. It was amazing fun, and injuries were minor and limited.

    Kids were allowed sparklers and smaller, safer items like those charcoal snake things. Specific adults would set all the cones and rockets. At it’s peak it was an intense display of sparks and smoke. Total sensory overload.

    My son was 13 the first year we went. It was one of the greatest nights of his adolescence.

    Fireworks are wonderful if you’re intelligent and responsible.

  18. briangraydon says:
    Jul 5, 2015 8:42 PM

    Hey chipkelly, nobody counts NFL championships. I know it is the only thing that Eagles, Lions and Browns fans he onto. It’s SB rings and Lombardi trophies not games that happened while you weren’t even a thought.


    Well I’m glad we have you around to tell us what counts and what doesn’t. Thanks for re writing the history of NFL. Hilarious!!!

    Also re-read what he wrote.

  19. It’s his brother Sam though who had the guts to use that Patriotism to spark a fight to die for his independence.

    And let’s not forget their brother, Gomez.

  20. The NFL can pretty much have an Idiot of the Day distinction at the rate these submissions keep coming in. Glad JPP will be ok, but Judas Priest, where is your head at, bro?

  21. Brilliance matched only by the likes of Ted Cruz.-
    That would be unny if you would have had even a tiny bit of truth to it. Now had you said what we and you all know and mentioned any dem. it would have worked. Be honest with yourself.

  22. Brilliance matched only by the likes of Ted Cruz.-
    Any democrat would have worked better. At least then you could have been telling the truth.

  23. That’s still not half as incendiary as Mendenhall’s bogus story about Roethlisberger. Now where are you, all you chums who posted such trash based on blindly buying his now-proven-phony tale? You owe a big time apology — I’m talking to YOU, theowlknowsall.

  24. chipkellytrollsyou says:
    Jul 5, 2015 7:34 PM

    abninf says:
    Jul 5, 2015 7:00 PM
    learysdisciples says:


    It’s “America”. Love it or leave it.


    Thanks Ron Kovic


    Ahhh! Nicely said. My wife and I just watched that last night. (The kids were away at summer camp and it’s a bit adult for them). Couldn’t believe Cruise didn’t win the Oscar for it, then looked up the competition that year. Damn, ’89 was a tough year for best actor. Can’t argue with Day-Lewis.

    Okayyyy, back to football….

  25. bencoates57 says:
    Jul 5, 2015 9:55 PM

    He may be the recipient of this year’s Robert Edwards award.


    Bad analogy.

    Robert Edwards was playing in an NFL sanctioned event at the Pro Bowl when he suffered his injury. Somehow, I don’t think JPP impersonating Fire Marshall Bill was an NFL sanctioned event.

  26. JPP just showed us one can be both a gifted NFL athlete and a reckless fool. I guess Giant fans should be thankful he didn’t light it on his head.

  27. Brilliance matched only by the likes of Ted Cruz.-
    And all the other clowns on the Republican Clown Bus.

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