Pierre-Paul still in hospital

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Whatever the extent of Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul’s injuries following a Saturday fireworks mishap, they’re bad enough to keep him in the hospital.

Via Jordan Ranaan of NJ.com, Pierre-Paul remains hospitalized in Miami, two days after burning his hands on the Fourth of July.

Mixed reports have emerged since news of the mishap first broke, which isn’t surprising. Apart from medical privacy, Pierre-Paul has $14.8 million riding on his ability to play this year.

Even if the Giants don’t withdraw the franchise tender (and they likely won’t), the Giants can deem Pierre-Paul unfit to play due to the burns, placing him on the non-football injury list and opting not to pay him a penny for the 2015 season.

While that would seem like a harsh outcome, the extent to which the Giants and anyone else will have sympathy for Pierre-Paul depends on the details of the accident. If he failed to follow the “light fuse and get away” mandate that applies to anything more potent than sparklers, the Giants may be more inclined to opt for NFI and no salary.

None of that will matter if Pierre-Paul is fully healed sooner than later. For now, though, the fact that he’s still in a hospital underscores the reality that this was a major incident.

31 responses to “Pierre-Paul still in hospital

  1. Hopefully he saved some of the $20 million he made from his rookie contract.

  2. He’ll be a Minnesota Viking next year! Brian Robison is in the last year of his contract and JPP is the dream athlete for Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer’s scheme. Perfect fit.

  3. It depends if the outcome was unforeseen. Firework malfunction? Unforeseen injury. “Hey man, check this out!” Foreseen injury.

  4. They can rebuild him…make him better than he was…better…stronger…faster…

  5. Maybe they are keeping him longer in an attempt to run up the bill & squeeze every last cent out of his NFL level insurance & income.

  6. Hand must be burnt pretty bad. My friends son burnt his arm and he was in the burn unit for two weeks. If not taken care of properly it would turn for the worse. They will not release him until there is no chance of infection. IF it’s bad enough to need grafts his stay will be much longer. Glad he still has his hand and fingers. This is the main reason I was never a fireworks fan.

  7. “If he failed to follow the “light fuse and get away” mandate that applies to anything more potent than sparklers”

    Loved it. Funny line. Disney World does major fireworks shows every night in multiple parks. I don’t ever recall a death or injury. It is not the fireworks, its the people.

  8. He belongs in a Mental Hospital.

    Holding any explosive device with the hand you need to hold the pen that signs the $15 million guaranteed contract currently sitting before him.

  9. spartan01 says:
    Jul 6, 2015 1:35 PM

    “If he failed to follow the “light fuse and get away”

    Light Fuse Get Away is a GREAT album…

  10. Dang Son! I know your not the typical USF grad. but you should still be trying to use your brain!? Shoulda signed on the dotted line. Gonna be a lot of woulda, coulda, shouda’s. in your life real soon Brah!

  11. Severe burns are very painful. If they require skin grafts, he will be “no contact” for months. Not to mention the hyper-susceptibility to serious infections. JPP really “blew” it this time.

  12. dumb as a stump. good debate is who is more stupid — jpp or pla HEE co ?

    jpp is over rated anyway. 1 fluky good year like jevon kearse. then the rest of his career waiting to replicate the 1 good year.

    this is blessing in disguise for jints, I am tellin ya.

  13. That’s a long time for a hospital stay these days.

    For example I work with someone who had 2 discs removed from his neck in December and replaced with 2 artificial ones and they sent him home the same day. From major neck surgery.

    JPP may not have lost fingers but he’s got a very serious injury if the insurance company is letting him stay in the hospital this long.

  14. Looks like he was transferred to this other hospital.That might not be a good sign.

  15. Did he ask anyone to hold his drink before he approached the fireworks? That’s a sign of bad things to come here in Texas.

  16. Giants players, walking public service announcements for the people who should know better, but don’t.

    For when you need an example of why you shouldn’t put your gun in your sweatpants, or buy illegal fireworks and set them off in your hands, accept no substitutes.

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