Russell Wilson’s preference between football and baseball? “Both”

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson continues to do a lot of talking, and he’s talking more and more about baseball.

Following last week’s admission to Jimmy Kimmel that Wilson would consider playing football and baseball at the same time if his baseball rights were traded to the Seattle Mariners, Wilson spent the better part of an hour at The Rock Church in the San Diego area on Sunday, and he once again talked about playing baseball.

So which does he prefer? “Both,” Wilson said.

Will he ever play both?

“I have no idea,” Wilson said. “I believe if anybody could do it, I could. And I believe God’s put me — gave me the ability to do it. I’ve done it my whole life.”

Wilson also pointed out that he turned down the opportunity to make a million dollars when first drafted to play baseball, opting to play football and baseball at the same time in college. Given that things worked out fairly well with that million-dollar gamble, perhaps Wilson will be even more inclined to make a $1.5 million gamble this year, turning down whatever the Seahawks offer him before the season, realizing that if he plays for $1.5 million this year, he’ll make a lot more on the back end.

And for those of you who ask why we keep writing about Wilson’s situation, here’s the answer: Unlike the vast majority of quarterbacks in similar situations, Wilson keeps talking about it.

This time around, the discussion about baseball came fairly early in the interview. So there may be more to come from this one.

23 responses to “Russell Wilson’s preference between football and baseball? “Both”

  1. Both, exactly. Cash out one more huge contract in the NFL, then switch to baseball at 29 or 30 and play 10 more years there. If Wilson plays his cards right and stays healthy, he has the potential to make more money from professional sports than any other individual ever has in the history of the world. No joke.

  2. I also have no preference between being a CPA and playing guitar for a rock band.

    Unfortunately, like Wilson, I’m only good enough at one of those vocations to the point where someone will pay me a professional salary.

  3. Yeah but the problem is he wasn’t good enough to play baseball but you write about it anyway.

  4. HUGE Seahawk and Russell fan… but can we please get a break from these articles?!

    Can’t wait for training camps to start so that we can talk about people playing the game instead of talking about this crap.

  5. I’ve had about enough of this guy. I’d love to see Seattle trade him.

  6. This dude needs to just let his contract talks play out rather than yapping about a sport he has no chance of playing. It is getting annoying

  7. He says God gave him the ability to do both but his career batting average is in the 220’s. Most kids out of high school could hit that in the minors.

  8. It’s called a smokescreen and a ridiculous negotiating tactic when even baseball scouts say he’s a minor league AA player at best.

  9. Baseball procures their talent far different than the NFL. He would have to prove himself in the minors and the chances of making out of there are pretty slim. He needs to just shut his trap and take a vacation until Training Camp to let his agent work.

  10. I wonder how all those jokers with Rangers jerseys for this guy will feel bow that he threw their team under the bus?

  11. If Russel Wilson can’t grasp “this one or that one” I hope for his sake he never needs glasses.

  12. Liked this guy in the beginning…. But the more I hear and read about him the more I dislike him… He isn’t even a top 10 QB in the NFL, yet he wants to be paid like a top 3. He would be nothing without that defense. You put Rodgers on that team with an average defense, they would still win…. Put Wilson on the Packers, they would’nt win squat.

  13. Getting a little tired of Russell Wilson and he’s becoming annoying. Just pick something and go do it, please. If he’s not going to get an acceptable contract from Seatttle he should go find someone who will offer him one. If it’s a baseball team; so be it. Go play baseball. And quit trying to use it as leverage. If he really does want to play both then work it out, but he shouldn’t expect a top-tier football deal if he’s not all-in.

  14. There is an exponential difference between a QB playing two sports and DB or RB. As the QB, you breath the playbook. I’d never allow this of my QB for one simple fact. Metal cleats hurt your hand when you get stomped on.

  15. Don’t hear much about Andrew Luck these days. Of course he’s not a diva so why would we?

  16. If he’s mentioning this because he or his agent think it will give him leverage, I think they are kidding themselves. Carroll and Schneider seem pretty disciplined about how they are going to put their team together and I don’t think they are going to blink and cave. They have a number they think he’s worth and if he won’t play for that and wants to leave for baseball, they are probably going to move on.

  17. The Seahawks aren’t afraid of Russell Wilson trying to play baseball. In 93 minor league games, Wilson hit a rather dismal .229. He was not known for his power or RBI production (five homers, 26 RBIs), nor for his defense. With 118 strikeouts, he had six more strikeouts than total bases and 46 more strikeouts than hits. So we can reasonably say the only people hoping Wilson makes a return to baseball are opposing pitchers, whose strikeout numbers look to sharply increase if he is in the lineup.

    As a comparison, Deion Sanders hit an 0k .263 in 641 Major League games. A leadoff-type hitter, Sanders has three seasons — in the Majors — where he hit more homers in the season than Wilson hit in two Minor League seasons. BTW, before you remind me that Wilson was just a part-time player in the minors, I remind you that Sanders was just a part-time player in the Majors…

  18. Hey Russell if you seriously want to try and push for that asinine number you want, you need to shut up about another sport.

    There is no way that any team can give you that kind of contract with any level of guarantee when you are actively trying to put yourself in harms way.

  19. cardiovascularendurance says:
    Jul 6, 2015 5:36 PM
    I’ve had about enough of this guy. I’d love to see Seattle trade him.

    LOL…no doubt to your own team.

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