NFL surveys fans about Ballers

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The NFL has said nothing publicly about HBO’s Ballers, a fictional series that uses the names and logos of NFL teams without permission, most prominently the Dolphins. But the while the NFL isn’t saying how it feels about the show, the NFL wants to know how fans feel about the show.

The NFL has submitted several survey questions to fans about Ballers via the service.

“We regularly survey fans to get their perspective on a variety of topics,” a league spokesman told PFT in confirming the information conveyed to a PFT reader about the survey.

The league has not yet responded to a request for the specific questions asked of NFL fans. If any of you have screen shots of the questions, send them along.

It’s safe to say that the NFL won’t remain silent about Ballers indefinitely. For now, conventional wisdom is that the league will remain silent unless and until the show is picked up for a second season.

21 responses to “NFL surveys fans about Ballers

  1. It’s okay…not great. Not terrible. If it’s accurate to what is going on in the NFL and agents, then it’s probably the agent community and NFLPA that should be more concerned than the league.

  2. Suggested survey question #1:

    1. Do you feel that Ballers “consulting writer” Rashard Mendenhall owes Ben Roethlisberger an apology now that his rookie charge-card story has been exposed as a fake?

  3. It’s another version of Entourage, except athletes instead of actors.

    And it’s typical Hollywood. Way overblown, and gossipy, like an Enquirer magazine or Entertainment news show. Just the negative.

    So, exactly what people want to watch.

  4. True football fans don’t give a crap up make believe TV shows even if it takes after real life events.

    NFL Executives need to get their head out of their butts.

  5. They should survey fans about how they feel about being extorted of their public taxpayer money towards the for-profit stadium ventures of greedy billionaire businessmen.

  6. I actually have enjoyed the show and storylines so far. Plus, my wife totally let’s me watch it thanks to The Rock.

  7. The show is extremely superficial and has thin, unoriginal story lines. I say it’s a good 1/2 romp. Just like Entourage was.

    That said, the show has potential to be great if the writers commit to delving deep into some of the main characters. Give us an episode with just Latroy (the player with the posse – name escapes me) and Reggie so we can learn about why their bond is so strong.

    Gimme an episode on how Robb Corddry is who he is.

    Show me why the Rock is a pill popper. Etc.

    If it’s just parties, chicks and drugs without the double cross, scheming, seedy underbelly of the NFL with the big character backstories, I won’t make it through a season. There’s just too much on now.

  8. The NFL should let HBO run with the show. It’s the best potential teaching tool for showing players how not to behave that has been created.

  9. jnasty5000akajungguns
    Jul 8, 2015, 2:54 PM PDT
    I actually have enjoyed the show and storylines so far. Plus, my wife totally let’s me watch it thanks to The Rock.

    Amen to that

  10. The NFL is like modern politicians; stick a finger in the air by taking a poll. Why try to make a rational decision on the right thing to do when you can do the most politically expediant thing and find out what the people who like to answer polls think? Typically gutless, like Goodell has been when making all of his decisions of the last couple of years.

  11. Ask some real questions.

    1) As a NFL how do you feel about the offshoring of regular season games?

    2) As a season ticket holder how do you feel when your team plays in London and you lose 1 home game?

    3) Because it’s policy that in order to have season tickets you are forced to purchase (2) preseason games. What do you feel is a fair discount off of face value? 25% / 50% / 75%

  12. I enjoy the show. Not a favorite, but it’s ok. Has the occasional zinger that actually makes me chuckle out loud. Rock is doing a decent performance so far. Most of the ladies are easy on the eyes.

    Could use some more positive characters tho’, bring in some balance. Not choir boys, but you know…

  13. Why survey anybody when there are TV ratings?

    Did Meth dealers survey their clients about Breaking Bad?

  14. It’s safe to say that the NFL won’t remain silent about Ballers indefinitely.
    Why? What do they care?

  15. I think the show and storylines are lame and predictable…….but the nudity is top notch.

  16. ^^^^^^
    Agreed…I highly doubt it’ll be back for a second season

  17. Surveys have to be done scientifically or you get wildly skewed results. For example, the GOP was shellshocked that Romney lost the election because all of the polls they conducted via call ins to Fox News showed an overwhelming victory for Romney. Well, golly, guess who the target audience for Fox News is and who would be the ones answering the poll questions? The NFL is going down a slippery slope here.

  18. Honestly, it’s not that great of a series and yes could be better. So far I’m hooked on the new season of True Detective and The Brink I am really beginning to like. Just fix Ballers and a lot of folks will just shut up.

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