“Nothing going on” right now between Cowboys, Dez Bryant

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For more than a week, reports have been gurgling out of Dallas regarding an imminent long-term deal between the Cowboys and franchise-tagged receiver Dez Bryant. And still no deal has been done.

One bet-hedging report suggested an announcement on Monday, July 6. It’s now Wednesday, July 8, with no announcement happening yet, and no specific reason to believe that one is coming.

A league source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that, with a week to go until the deadline for a multi-year contract arrives, nothing is imminent.

“I don’t know where they get the optimism from,” the source said regarding the reports out of Dallas. “There’s literally nothing going on.”

It could be that the optimism comes from the Cowboys, who believe that Bryant eventually will blink and accept whatever offer they currently have on the table. The Cowboys reportedly believe Bryant needs the money; some league insiders think that, even without a long-term deal in place, Bryant will show up for training camp to get the per diem.

Leaking the notion that a deal is coming also has a potential benefit for the team, if the reports of an imminent deal are coming from Cowboys sources. Creating the sense that a deal is coming will result in Dez getting more questions from family members, friends, and fans regarding when he’ll do the deal. He can resist the current offer for every minute of every day. If he gives in only once and accepts it, the Cowboys get what they want.

Especially if the Cowboys are merely leaking the information in order to soften Dez up for one last sweetening of their offer, in the hopes that he’ll pounce.

In theory, that could come at any time in the next week. As of right now, however, nothing is going on.

27 responses to ““Nothing going on” right now between Cowboys, Dez Bryant

  1. Of course there is nothing going on, the Jones’ are on vacation. Which is one of the reasons for all the optimism. They were confident enough to put the talks on hold to go on vacation.

  2. dez is a very good WR. Not the best ever…..with that said, the news here he is in trouble money wise would be disturbing. Has he mis-spent what he has all ready earned?
    Family members asking questions…. this smells real bad in my opinion……

    Not sure I would want him long term…3 years max

  3. lol @ people not wanting Dez long term. HAHAHAHAHA!! You’d sacrifice your dog on the front lawn for Dez to be on your team.

  4. @rideforjesus… Can you name 2 receivers that are better than Dez today?? Didn’t think so. Dez never said he was the best WR to ever play the game, however that man is a BEAST at that position and could arguably be the best at that position TODAY.

  5. This team hasn’t won squat in 19 years. They win a wild card game every 6 years or so. Bryant is good but whiny and too full of himself. But in Dallas, every pretty good player is crowned with the laurel wreaths of immortality, like Tony “not quite good enough” Romo. They already let their best player walk. Let this Prima Donna sulk all he wants. I doubt whether he will miss too many games at $800k a pop. We can hope though.

  6. Dez should sign as long as in contract it says they can’t franchise him next season

  7. I think it is about guaranteed money. Players want it, but owners hate it. You have to take that money, in a whole chunk and put it in an escrow account, which means you can’t use it for other needs. And there are always other needs. Besides, look at all the great receivers drafted the last two years and starting for a couple mil. That has to drive their value down.

  8. heh8metoo says:
    Jul 8, 2015 3:13 PM

    Can you name 2 receivers that are better than Dez today??


    1) Antonio Brown
    2) Demaryius Thomas

    no further questions your honor.

  9. That is true rogerw66. With all of the rule changes that prevent receivers from being touched and flag football rules for the QB, playing receiver in the NFL has never been easier. I would be hesitant to break the bank for a guy like Bryant, but the team is much better with him than without him. 2 years worth of franchise deals to see how he handles the money, then pay him a market deal if he stays out of trouble.

  10. Can you name 2 receivers that are better than Dez today??


    1) Antonio Brown
    2) Demaryius Thomas



    The list of WRs better than Dez begins and ends with Megatron.

  11. Dez has to factor in 50% in taxes. Then another 25% to his family, friends. That doesn’t leave much for Dez after food, clothing, and basic luxury items.

  12. I think the fact that the entire Jones family went away on vacation means this is likely sewn up and they will announce next tuesday at the deadline. I mean the reports have always said that the Cowboys aren’t interested in setting the market, but maybe they don’t care about setting the market, just setting it leaving other teams time to exceed and immediately devalue their Dez deal.

  13. Nothing is “going right” according to Dez’ camp. The Cowboys are content with the franchise price tag this year and next year. Dez won’t miss games in 2015 because it will affect the rate at which he is franchised for 2016 and his “prime years” are this year and next – he can’t afford to miss them and a chance to cash in big.

    As a Cowboys fan I would love to see Dez be a Cowboy for life, but I think that franchising Dez for two consecutive years and then allowing him to leave in FA is the best move for the Cowboys. The cap space needs to be spent on the offensive/defensive line.

  14. While not a huge fan of DB, he is a gifted receiver and has been grossly underpaid. That being said, elite wide receivers are usually grossly overpaid-they just don’t relate to Super Bowl. Patriots, Seahawks, Ravens…none had an elite wide receiver. ROI not that great on wide receivers.

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