Report: Pierre-Paul has right index finger amputated

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In the four days since Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul suffered injuries in a fireworks accident, information about his condition has been vague and sketchy. On Wednesday night, ESPN provided a large dose of clarity.

Adam Schefter reports that Pierre-Paul had his right index finger amputated today. ESPN actually obtained — and Schefter actually posted — the medical document confirming the removal of the finger. (As if no one would have taken his word for it.)

Schefter also reports that a “medical source” expects Pierre-Paul to play this season, “sooner than you think.”

If Pierre-Paul wasn’t on board with the release of his medical documents, Schefter and/or others may have to eventually consult with some “legal sources.”

Hopefully those “legal sources” will end up being better than any of the other sources who told multiple reporters that Pierre-Paul was not in danger of losing any fingers.

123 responses to “Report: Pierre-Paul has right index finger amputated

  1. So sleazy of Schefter. Someone is going to get sued for this such an egregious violation of HIPAA laws

  2. Paul Abbott was a successful MLB pitcher and he was missing an arm.

    Sad news, but by no means should this hold him back.

    Jim Abbott

  3. Well, it’s not as if he’d need it this year, to show the Giants were “Number One” in any capacity.

  4. as a giants fan i feel sorry that jpp lost a finger but at the same time im PISSED AT JPP FOR ACTING LIKE A LITTLE KID #ONE MAN WILL NOT HOLD THIS TEAM BACK #GO GIANTS 2015!

  5. Don’t believe the line about “playing this season” and “sooner than you think.”

    He’s done as a Giant and probably the end of his career.

    What a dope.

  6. I’m a Cowboy’s fan and I’ll say that anyone that finds this funny or gets any kind of joy from something like this is a moron. That index finger is a huge part of any d-lineman’s game.

  7. Rashad Johnson lost a finger in a playing glove.

    Ronnie Lott had a portion of a finger amputated (unnecessarily) to not miss a playoff game.

    And Tom Dempsey was launching record-breaking kicks missing toes and a hand.

    And we’ve all seen the gnarled up paws of players from Bednarik’s era through Baldinger.

    It can be done.

    Now, if this were bowling – all bets would be off.

  8. HIPPA laws don’t apply to Schefter or ESPN. They apply to health care providers. Stop with that nonsense.

  9. Wow your hands are the means for making your livelihood and you risk losing more in one year than most make in a lifetime lighting fireworks….hire someone dummy!!!!!

    When you retire from football then blow your hands off……

  10. Unfortunate yes, but completely idiotic when a mega million dollar contract is on the line. Hope other players take note.

  11. I don’t see what everyone is so up in arms about…hell, Ronnie Lott cut his off “ON PURPOSE” during a game

  12. So ESPN is okay with violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, yet they have a problem with Bill Simmons candor? WHAT???

  13. So let me see if I have the chronology of ‘reported injuries’ to JPP to date:
    Extreme burns
    Missing skin on entire hand
    Missing skin on palms
    Missing finger(s)
    Minor nerve damage
    Missing index finger
    Really irritating rash
    Allergy to fish
    Feeling ‘blah’

  14. As bad of a move as it was by ESPN………. I think it should be known that they broke no HIPPA rules. Media aren’t held to those. It is written and enforced against medical professionals.

  15. There is going to be something fishy about how ESPN got this news, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

  16. I hope the person who gave Shefty the record and Shefty himself have good atty’s they just broke some serious HIPAA laws. Congrats Shefty, you just joined the ranks of the National Enquirer.

  17. The Truth says:
    I’m a Cowboy’s fan and I’ll say that anyone that finds this funny or gets any kind of joy from something like this is a moron. That index finger is a huge part of any d-lineman’s game.


    Yeah, it’s hard to gouge out an eye with your thumb.

  18. Paul Abbott was a successful MLB pitcher and he was missing an arm.

    Sad news, but by no means should this hold him back.

    Jim Abbott

    And he was missing a hand, not an arm.

  19. I don’t think the sports news media is a “covered entity” under HIPAA. The doctor/hospital who leaked to them might be in trouble, but ESPN should be in the clear (unless they stole the medical record).

  20. Exactly why I told my son I wouldn’t buy him fireworks this, or any year.

    “No way, kid. You’ll put your eye out…errr….blow your head off….errr…blow off a digit!”

    That being said, I’m not touching explosives again.

  21. To the cowboy’s fan: I don’t think people are finding it humorous that a man lost a finger. I think it’s more the fact that the man had $60 million to gain (at least, he was clearly hoping for more) and then blew up one of the key tools of his trade in a fireworks accident. I for one think it’s both funny AND tragic that a person with that much money on the line could be so goddamn careless.

  22. Wow, shocked a reputed journalist didn’t understand the major HIPAA violation, the criminal charges, or how low brow it was to get this info if from a source other than JPP.

  23. Espn says they have obtained the medical chart?
    So now they are paying people to commit crimes?
    That sounds about right.

  24. Jerry Garcia played a mean guitar with only 9 fingers.

    At least you know JPP won’t shoot anybody without his trigger finger.

  25. milehighsal says:
    Jul 8, 2015 7:28 PM
    Paul Abbott was a successful MLB pitcher and he was missing an arm.

    Sad news, but by no means should this hold him back.

    Jim Abbott

    23 1

    And besides being Jim Abbott, he wasn’t missing an arm, just his right hand.

  26. As a case manager for compensation I deal with this injury a lot. As long as the nerves don’t cause to many problems, he’ll be back to full contact in 6-8 weeks.

  27. Don’t kill Shefter. Somebody would have figured out JPP was missing a finger eventually.

  28. ESPN wont get sued….the hospital where JPP is getting treated is about to get owned though.

  29. Too bad they cant just cut off the stupid too.

    As for you HIPPA rangers: think McFly, think!

    He musta got the okay to release that info.

  30. How is it humanly possible for a football reporter to obtain a medical report? That’s disgusting and someone should lose their job

  31. Schefter’s report isn’t a HIPAA violation itself.

    But the leak that was the basis of the report absofreakinglutely is.

    Hope that hospital has some good lawyers…

  32. Calm down folks. Yes, it is a HIPAA violation (if unauthorized), but not by Schefter or ESPN. The medical source may have a problem but ESPN doesn’t unless JPP is an ESPN employee and they learned of the condition through normal employer/employee interactions. If the Giants learned about this from JPP or their medical staff and they posted it there might be a violation but his status with them is somewhat questionable since he is not actually being under contract right now.

  33. Too bad for Cowboys’ fans that this didn’t happen in the summer of 2011. Maybe he wouldn’t have blocked that game tying FG with his right index finger sending you to a big fat loss and us to a shiny Lombardi.

  34. Florio, many of the comments suggest some kind of HIPPA violation. But HIPPA applies to medical people. We need an article explaining where you were going with your “legal sources” bit.

  35. We only know of one finger…bet the house there is a lot more damage. We only have 1/5 of the story…lol
    But on the real it exploded and we know one finger is now gone…there is prob a lot more damage that we don’t know. He may lose all feeling in that hand.

  36. He’s gonna have a real time recovering from this. As a d-lineman you need grip strength to control the o-lineman across from him. Add in the likely nerve damage and he’s never gonna be the same.

  37. Settle down girls. ESPN received clearance to obtain the med report from JPP’s people (what, you thought they sent in Boomer late at night with a flashlight??). Likely paid for.

    So stop the panic and try to find a real life outside of being mesmerized how bad his hands were blown up! God, you guys are naive.!

  38. Medical records are not public records, like death records et al., and have no business being published by a “news reporting agency” (i.e., ESPN) nor by a “news reporter” (i.e., Adam Schefter). Hope Adam gets to keep his job, as there will surely be a scapegoat to take the fall. And how dumb for anyone to personally handle fireworks. SMH

  39. And the Giants just gave him their middle finger instead on a contract extension.

  40. If it’s just an index finger, he’ll still have a serious 4 finger claw technique to use. No biggie. It’s probably the most dispensable of the 5 digits he has.

  41. After looking into this it looks that while Schefter didn’t violate any HIPAA rules himself, he did have someone break the rules to get it for him. Scummy to invade privacy and scummy to set someone up for a 250k fine and up to 10 years in prison for intentionally releasing the info w/ patient consent, all to break a story.

  42. HIPPA laws would apply to any HEALTHCARE source which may have released any documents without JPP written consent. NOT any source that publishes them once they become publicly available. You people think something like this is not put before ESPN lawyers before publication?

  43. See what money gets you, lost fingers and stupidity. Oh, he already was stupid.

  44. What’s with fireworks this year two players loss fingers someone loss their life.

  45. Jim Abbott pitched a no hitter without a hand. This Paul Abbott character must have been a hell of player to pitch without an arm. I am assuming he was a Jedi Knight.

    The JPP saga has just started people. But still better than Russell Wilson’s beliefs/contract/questionable virginity.

  46. I can’t help but wonder how many people calling JPP and CJ Wilson stupid for lighting fireworks did the exact same thing over the holiday weekend. I didn’t this year, but I certainly have in the past and I think most people have at one time or another. Of course, I’ll be far less sympathetic if it turns out they were being truly reckless.

  47. Every time I think I’ve seen the dumbest thing an NFL player has done, another NFL player trumps it.

    Someone should ask this question. Why are so many NFL players so stupid?

  48. the best part is how this moron and von miller were drafted three rounds ahead of justin houston, who supposedly had character concerns after failing a drug test.

  49. Lowell Mather had never missed a day of work.

    In fact nobody in his family had ever missed a day of work.

    His uncle once lost a finger in a meat packing plant and just kept working.

    It ended up as a Cajun hot wing.

    People are wimps nowadays….

  50. Fortunately, JPP didn’t lose his middle finger, as he would then have had trouble driving in NJ.

  51. Coming from a Cowboys fan, I hope JPP sues Shefter and ESPN for a boatload of cash. You can’t “obtain” someone’s medical charts unless that person gives you express permission to have it.

  52. Georgia legalized fireworks as of July 1 this year, but will only allow a minimal amount of beer be sold to patrons visiting breweries. Yes, we are a backwards state.

  53. Schefter also reports that a “medical source” expects Pierre-Paul to play this season, “sooner than you think.”

    Everyone is talking about the finger like that is the extent of his injuries. The MUCH BIGGER problem is the skin grafts that the report clearly makes mention of. Until those grafts heal, he cannot use his right hand. No lifting weights until his grafts heal. Since the extent of the burns is unknown but the report mentions his right hand & arm for skin grafts, one would have to think the burns are considerable.

    Now it makes sense why he didn’t want the Giants to see his hand before the surgeries. If it was just an amputation why wouldn’t he see at least Armstead? It all adds up to the hand & arm being burned pretty badly & his injuries being much worse than originally believed.

    No way JPP really plays in 2015 or produces quality football. Now he may try & successfully get on the field but he will become injured & will be receiving the franchise money while recovering from his 4th of July mishap. That’s the problem facing the Giants.

  54. I bet Schefter or ESPN offered $10,000 (something along those lines) to some poor medical secretary making $10-15 per hr. to print the medical report. I’m not gonna lie I’d probably take it.

  55. These NFL guys are supposed to be smart enough to play in the NFL and don’t get the issues with mixing fireworks and booze?

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