Ken Stabler’s family donates brain for CTE study

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In 2012, quarterback Ken Stabler led a group of 74 plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the NFL for injuries suffered due to concussions while playing. Although the concussion litigation is close to being settled, research continues regarding the connection between football and long-term health consequences.

To that end, Stabler’s family has announced that his brain and spinal cord will be donated to Boston University’s Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center to support research for degenerative brain disease in athletes.

The family has asked that, in lieu of flowers, donation be made to the XOXO Stabler Foundation to support research of colon cancer and sports-­related head trauma. Additional information will be available at Stabler’s Facebook Fan page and via the XOXO Stabler Foundation.

10 responses to “Ken Stabler’s family donates brain for CTE study

  1. Damn.
    Couldn’t stand the Raiders, nor their colors, and especially their fans.
    But Kenny Stabler – you brought my father and me just this closer every Sunday. Especially Sunday afternoon games on the West Coast whereas we would go to Sunday dinner at a restaurant and talk about the NFL (most Raider games on tv).
    Thanks for the memories with my dad so many years ago.

  2. If I was still in Oakland I would go down to yesteryear and visit Clancy’s or Uppy’s and do a shot with you…..even if the game you were starting started in an hour.

  3. A wonderful gift that he and his family have made. Hopefully it will inspire many others to consider making arrangements for a gift of this nature that is precious and valuable to so many others.

  4. Great, and tough, player. But, he was also a leader during one of the most self indulgent (and self destructive) periods in post war history. If he donated his brain, I have to wonder if he donated his liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs for research?

  5. Too many of the Raider greats leaving the earth too early. If the collection of trash wearing Silver and Black over the last decade had half the integrity, character and talent of The Snake, the Raiders would still be relevant. Maybe somebody can show them some film of his scramble against the Steelers to put the Raiders up in the Immaculate Reception game or his pass to CD to beat Miami or the Ghost to the Post. Clutch defined. Rest in Peace man and kick butt in the big games in heaven.

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