Prosecutor says De’Andre Johnson’s victim committed no crime

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For the “What does this have to do with pro football?” crowd, go ahead and scroll to the next story.

OK, now that they’re gone, here’s the latest on a college football story that has relevance to pro football only because the player at the middle of the controversy may never end up playing pro football, in large part because the thing he did was caught on video.

Former Florida State quarterback De’Andre Johnson punched a woman in the face at a Tallahassee bar, a violent and graphic blow coming after the woman threw a punch at Johnson. Some have argued that he was provoked. Others have suggested that the woman should face criminal charges, too.

In the wide discretion of prosecutor Wille Meggs, those arguments have fallen flat.

Via the Tallahassee Democrat, Meggs believes that Johnson initiated the contact with the woman, and that the woman was acting in self-defense. She will face no charges.

“A person’s entitled to use self-defense if they’re being battered by someone else, and she certainly was entitled to do what she did,” Meggs said. “She didn’t commit a crime is the reason she’s not charged with a crime.”

The only question now is whether Johnson will work out a plea bargain or stand trial for his apparent crime. Toward that end, Meggs has subpoenaed five other players who were with Johnson at the bar where the incident occurred.

78 responses to “Prosecutor says De’Andre Johnson’s victim committed no crime

  1. Just save us all some time and money by throwing this animal in prison.

    Men who beat women make me sick.

  2. I saw the video. She punched him first.

    While the reasons to hit a woman are limited, getting punched in the face and being told to go back to Africa gets you a punch in the face in my book.

  3. dude shouldn’t be punching a woman period. but damn the woman can’t have the entitlement to think she can hit anyone either.

  4. Prosecutorial discretion can mean the difference of having a criminal record and being a law abiding citizen. It happens and decisions like this are made everyday, fact.

  5. Politically correct DA trying to have his 15 minutes of fame. She in fact did throw a punch. Johnson should have walked away, but she did throw an unprovoked punch. He’s a idiot for punching her, but she is not a blameless victim in this incident.

  6. Sorry to troll you but I had to keep reading to know why you were writing about a 3 star QB not making it to the NFL.

    Gotta admit following football at the college and pro level with greater intensity the past 3 years compared to my younger days has really turned me off from the league personnel and media. It used to be just greedy players but those days are long gone.

  7. Didn’t watch the video, but if the woman threw the first punch at Johnson (as this story says), then isn’t Johnson the one that’s allowed to defend himself (as the prosecutor said)? Why should women only be be able to defend themselves from attackers?

    If you want to punch someone, expect to be punched back.

  8. Some prosecutor is afraid of women (or trying to get even when his daughter was beaten up) decides to press charges. I am not impressed.

    She threw the first punch. She even raised her fist and appeared to being verbally hostile and abusive toward De’Andre.

    I hope he goes to court. I don’t think any jury would find him innocent. Unfortunately I am not sure he has the money to fight this.

  9. “But restraining someone’s arm when they raise their fist at you isn’t self defense? Interesting.”

    No it isn’t. That was easy. Any more questions?

  10. I saw the video and that broad definitely provoked it. She overreacted like most women do… but that doesn’t make it right for Johnson to hit her. Maybe just shake the S outta here like Chris Rock said. You wanna hit like a man then be prepared for the consequences.

  11. Punch or no punch from her – he should’ve just walked away.

    That’s true for anyone, but especially true if you’re a public figure, or potentially becoming one. Walking away doesn’t make you weak; it makes you smart and, if you go pro, potentially a millionaire later on.

  12. “It’s my son’s fault” – adrian peterson

    “It’s my girlfriend’s fault” – ray rice

    “It’s nicole’s fault” – o.j. simpson

  13. Personal accountability is a joke in America. “She didn’t do anything wrong”. “She was using self-defense.”. I have seen the video and she starts the whole situation by talking to him, then moving towards him, then kneeing him in the groin, then punching him. But when he strikes back he is the one that has committed a crime. This is why females will never be equal to men. They cry foul whenever it’s in their favor.

    Yes, he shouldn’t of hit her, but she was wrong also and we can’t keep letting females get away with doing whatever they want to men without any consequences. Every action has a re-action and his re-action to her action was to punch her ( even thou it was wrong). If she acts like a lady this situation never happens. Act like a lady and you will be treated like one. She is not a lady, she is an animal just like he is.

  14. People need to keep their hands to themselves PERIOD.

    Don’t count on the possibility of the other person
    being well versed in chivalry…or in just plain common sense

  15. tjacks7 says:
    Jul 9, 2015 2:21 PM

    Didn’t watch the video, but if the woman threw the first punch at Johnson (as this story says), then isn’t Johnson the one that’s allowed to defend himself (as the prosecutor said)? Why should women only be be able to defend themselves from attackers?

    If you want to punch someone, expect to be punched back

    Try reading the whole article where the prosecutor says he said he initiated it. Leave it up to a minneanderthal to justify punching a woman. I bet you believe Peterson was justified in beating his son bloody as well.

  16. We all saw the video. I wouldn’t have hit her, but it was very clear that she punched him when he pushed past her to get to the bar. Absolutely ludicrous that she isn’t being charged with a crime.

  17. The woman raised a fist with her right hand. He grabbed her right wrist. She struggled a moment and then bitch slapped him with her left hand, probably not her dominant one. He then friggin punched her in the face!!

    She clearly had a right to try to get him to release her wrist. He had no right to punch her in the mouth. “Those are the facts and they are undisputed”.

    There was no associated audio, so there is a lot of he said-she said. None of that justifies what he did.

  18. Legally speaking he had every right to hit her. If she was a guy then this is no question that its self defense. I dont think any man should hit a woman and i completely side with FSU for dropping him. But, legally speaking he shouldnt face charges. Again- replace her with a man and no one on earth would say De’Andre should be charged with anything.

  19. “A person’s entitled to use self-defense if they’re being battered by someone else, and she certainly was entitled to do what she did.”

    There was no “battering” until Johnson threw his punch and she wasn’t defending herself at all after that. You can’t use self-defense to justify her throwing a punch.

    You also can’t use self-defense to justify Johnson throwing a punch because there is no way she could hurt him.

  20. Johnson pushed her aside, elbowed her, and something to her, at which point she indeed defended herself… Johnson was being a typical FSU football player: Entitled, contemptuous, combative, utterly disrespectful, and dumb as a lamp post.

  21. He initiated contact by restraining her arms. What is so difficult to understand about this? Clear case of self defense

  22. Cowards, all of you. Do you all douse your drawers when big mean scary girls are around, afraid you’ll take a whopping? Don’t hit women, period you spineless tw@s.

  23. Never hit a woman. Not one time ever. If for some reason you are “attacked” you can cover up or clinch or walk away.

    I must live in a very different world than all these people who say “She had it coming.” I would never think that in a million years. Don’t these people have mothers and wives and daughters? Seriously?

  24. Watch the video again. Before she turns around, you can see him elbowing and shoving her hard into the bar. That’s why she turned around and confronted him.

  25. i think most people disagree with the prosecutor’s opinion of who started the fight, but could he really come out and say anything else?

    can you imagine the media firestorm from that would have surrounded him if he would have charged the “victim” after the shortened and misleading video of him crushing this girl with a vicious riight has been seen by everyone???

  26. I saw the video. He was grabbing her, she was pushing him away and she punched him in an effort to get free. He then wound up and smashed her in the face. He is a scumbag.

  27. If you have seen the video, he initiates contact with her, as the prosecutor stated. She does raise a hand to him, as well. In my books this makes them both aggressors, and both should be held responsible for their actions. However, if either has the right to claim self defense it is the woman.

    A great rule of thumb for everyone is to not resort to violence for no good reason, though.

  28. after watching the video, what a waste of court time.

    a couple of idiots in a bar.

    save the courts valuable time for actual ladies that are hit, not on trailer trash like this women.

  29. Take it frame by frame.

    Sequence 1. She gets to the bar with him behind her.
    Sequence 2. He pushes her across the bar.
    Sequence 3. She says something to him and he grabs her right arm and pushes it in her chest.
    Sequence 4. She lifts her leg and tries to push him so he let goes of her arm.
    Sequence 5. She fails to hit him, and he punches her.

    His career is over. He initiated, and administers the contact. She was in self defense.

  30. youbelievethat says:
    Jul 9, 2015 2:33 PM

    If the girl was a guy would your stance be the same? If you and some guy were face to face and he raised his right hand, u thought he was going to punch you so u grabbed his write to avoid being hit (just restraining him) and then with his left hand he hit you in the face and you punched him. Then you would say “this is my fault. He raised his right hand as if to hit me but i shouldnt have touched his wrist, i should have just let him swing”.

  31. Sorry but if pushing past a drunk white girl at the bar is battery, I’m guilty of it every time I go to the bar.

    Thats not to say he should have hit her, only that claiming she is defending herself against battery is preposterous.

  32. The video released isn’t clear to me, so hopefully they have the full thing, but from what I saw she clearly punched him first. Now if she punched him because he was grabbing her and not letting go, then she is indeed acting in self defense. To me that is all it comes down to – out of context the video just shows her punching him and he responds. If it was that simple then she should be charged with a crime – just depends on what the top shows.

  33. I hate the idea of hitting a woman.

    That said…I walked into a bar once with my now wife and walked up to get a drink. Didn’t say anything to anyone…just got there. This girl looks at my wife and says” what are you looking at” and was clearly looking for a fight. I roll my eyes knowing what kind of girl this is. She escalates, I say “alright” and go to step in between and she punches me dead in the face. This is within 3 minutes of being at the bar.

    Turns out I don’t get hit in the face a matter how hard…and my initial reaction was to ball my fist and get aggressive. Somewhere in that split second my brain said “stop”. She’s lucky it did because I wasn’t reacting to a woman, a man, a monkey or anything. I was reacting and she’s lucky I didn’t crush her face.

    The fact that he hit her in the end DOES NOT change the fact that she was the initial aggressor nor should it absolve her of all responsibility. This is the problem with societies handling of modern women. They want equality with exceptions. If she was male in this scenario we’d all be talking about her as the bad guy. Just another punk who thinks he’s tough. A woman? “Oh poor victim” and “you did nothing wrong, he’s a big meanie”. Give me a break.

  34. And give me a break with this “he shoved her” non sense….ever been in a bar that packed? “Shoves” like that happen on accident every 30 seconds just by nature of booz and people packed into an area. If that shove warrants her reaction she gets in ALOT of fights.

  35. citizenstrange says:
    Jul 9, 2015 2:36 PM

    I agree- never hit a women. However, does that give women the right to hit us???? Just b/c they think we wont hit back. She should be charged in this. From a legal stand point she is wrong and should face charges, from a moral stand point he is wrong and should be kicked off the FSU team.

  36. So are we going to forget about this whole equality thing women and every other minority have been fighting for? If she threw a punch she might get hit back in this new equal world. But of course things will only be equal when it’s convenient. I applaud the double standard.

  37. It’s pro football related because it says FSU. Click, Click, Click. No one in there right mind thought a 3* QB 4th of the depth chart was going to the NFL….nice try.

  38. you must be a bad lawyer citizenstrange the prosecutor Meggs said she hit him in self defense so from a legal stand point she is RIGHT! did someone read the story to you and you still didn’t understand??

  39. Maybe if he had manners and didn’t shove his way into complete strangers at the bar, then none of this would’ve happened. If that’s how he handled pressure against a drunk female, imagine how he would perform against a solid pass rusher.

  40. citizenstrange says:
    Jul 9, 2015 2:36 PM

    I agree- never hit a women. However, does that give women the right to hit us???? Just b/c they think we wont hit back. She should be charged in this. From a legal stand point she is wrong and should face charges, from a moral stand point he is wrong and should be kicked off the FSU team.

    8 3 I guess the standard for being a man has changed if any man thinks it’s ok to hit a woman. It seems today’s youth have no idea what a man really is considering most were raised by their momma. Would they ever hit their momma…..? They don’t have the guts to do that. The youth of today are soft both physically and mentally expecting a trophy for being last……pathetic.

  41. Johnson wrong for punching her in face like that.

    What he should have done is spit in her face, then toss a few dollars at her and thanked her for the laugh. She would have come back at him a 2nd time with even more ferocity and he’d have a better case for hitting her.

  42. Bottom line this idiot probably pissed his career away because he couldn’t handle whatever she called him and her feeble punch. I guarantee you he’s been called worse on the field during a game. Where is the footage of him taking a swing at another player?

  43. Thank goodness someone added sanity to this situation. I am tired of discussing equality but expecting a man to take punch from a woman with out retribution. I do not condone violence, but being able to defend ones self regardless of the attackers sex is paramount when it comes to equal rights. The fact that this kid’s life is forever alter because of our overly sensitive PC world is simply a shame. This kids did nothing more than protect himself. If the woman was a man no one would have considered dismissing him. It is very sad that he was violated as well as punished.

  44. The only good thing that’s going to come out of this is that the rest of the country will see that Willie Meggs is scum of the earth and has never done an FSU athlete a favor. He hates them.

  45. No mention of this being prosecuted as a hate crime yet. Groping and pushing against a woman of another race before assaulting her sure appears to be a hate crime.

  46. Johnson initiated physical contact by shoving her out of his way.

    She turns and says something to him. She does appear to make a threat, raises her hand, makes a fist.

    Here’s what most of you are missing at this point. In response, Johnson moves forward and PHYSICALLY GRABS HER WITH BOTH OF HIS HANDS.

    He is a big, strong guy. I’m sure when he grabbed hold of her, he didn’t do so in a gentle fashion.

    Now, he’s also saying something back to her as he does this.

    It’s true at this point the woman throws a punch.

    But let’s not pretend we don’t know who physically grabbed someone first. Under the law, the person who initiates the first physical contact is the aggressor.

    Johnson is the one who took a verbal altercation into the realm of the physical when he moved forward and grabbed hold of her. That’s why the prosecutor is making these statements.

    If she held her her fist to let the guy who just elbowed her aside know she wouldn’t put up with any more manhandling from him, how else would she react when he strongly grabs hold of her with his hands?

    If she’s telling him she’ll react violently if he touches her again, then grabbing hold of her was the LAST thing he should have done. And it looks to me like that’s exactly what he did.

  47. ..just sitting here shaking my head at all of the “not men” in here who are laying out their justifications for when it’s OK to deck a woman…

  48. She threw a punch after he grabbed her and was holding onto her. The first time he grabbed her that is assault (don’t believe me, look up the state laws where you live), furthermore she couldn’t get away because he was holding her. Her only self defense was to strike him. So even if he never threw a punch be already assaulted her. No defending this dude!

  49. After more thought it is very clear to me that a male who is comfortable with his masculinity would never hit a woman turning the other cheek or walking away. Respecting a woman as a person not a sex would help the little boys ego’s. It’s obvious those commenting aren’t smart enough to deal wit woman as people….not objects. Learn to do that and you can call yourself a real man and not a knuckle dragger.

  50. Seriously. Reading through the comment section makes me sick. The mental gymnastics some of you are using to justify the assault on this girl is infuriating. Your mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter…put them in the position this girl is in. I’m glad she tried to stand up to this jerk. He tries to cut in front of her and she tells him no. He puts his hands on her FIRST and tries to push her out of his way like the little self-entitled punk he is. She had EVERY right to respond the way she did. Then he goes Ray Rice on her. Put him in jail with the rest of the bad decision making losers.

  51. Anyone with half a brain will see he initiated contact at least twice and held her arm before she tried to hit him. Hell, he could have been charged with assault even before he hit her in the face. Even if he didn’t touch her no fewer than two times before she reacted, he still shouldn’t have hit her like he did. this ain’t political correctness gone amok — its common sense.

  52. Question. If this were two women, would anyone or who would be prosecuted? What about two men?

  53. Totally reverse the situation. Let him do what she did and I guarantee he would still be the only one charged.

    And chivalry was a time when men were men and women were women. Clearly that’s no longer the case these days.

  54. He committed assault,grabbing and restraining her then he committed battery with the punch. He initiated the first contact so he will lose. Notice the useless employees who do nothing. Alcohol and drugs are destroying Florida.

  55. Look at all these chauvinistic pigs above me telling you that “hitting a female is WRONG”. How dare you! This is the year 2015. The year that love wins, men can be born women and a flag that hasn’t been relevant in more than a 100 years is the reason that people are racist mass murderers. What if this “young lady” identifies as a male? Who are YOU to tell HIM that HE isn’t allowed to take a punch. You are what’s wrong with this country! Yes YOU! With your definitions of right and wrong and misguided perceptions of gender and race. How dare you use MORALS to determine what should and should not be done!…….. 😛

  56. She was pointing behind her with her thumb while saying something. Look at it. That ain’t a fist ready to hit someone, with her thumb up, wrist turned. She was probably saying she was there first or her turn or called him horrible names, or whatever.

    BUT – lets just say I’m wrong and she was making a fist to hit him, and even claiming to know a Kill Bill “death thumb” move. She still ain’t scary to any man I know.

    Self defense?? From her? Disgusting. Inexcusable. Embarrassing, dude. Pathetic. Rethink your values.

  57. Under Florida law, she committed an assault. An assault in Florida is an act that puts another in fear of a battery. Battery in Florida means an unwanted touching, no matter how slight. It’s a close call, but I think the problem is that he’s a big guy and that he initiated the contact. However, I could easily see this as justifiable self-defense. She balled up her fist first; she swung first. I abhor violence against women – that actually was my main incentive to become a prosecutor here in Florida – but I wouldn’t have filed charges. But it’s a close call.

  58. He grabbed her arm before she threw a punch. Her arm did not looked to be raised in a threatening manner when he grabbed it. She had her thumb out like she was telling him to get away. She was trying to pull her hand away from his grasp. She punched him as she was pulling her hand away. It could be argued that the punch was an effort to get him to release her arm. Self-defense means you are defending yourself. She was not going to harm him. He had no right to grab her arm and refuse to release her. That is why she was acting in self-defense.

  59. Christ guys, watch the video again, and see how he grew impatient trying to pass her; watch how hes pushing her into the bar; shes just trying to stand her ground.

    As rad and as fast as he hit her, id say its probably not the first time he hit a girl, and id bet it won’t be the last.

    Also, while were on the topic, if racist words were sid, thats still no excuse for assault. If you think it is, maybe you should go…

  60. In my life have seen women who have the will and skill to dish out physical punishment to men. No Man should have to take physical abuse from a woman just to uphold a foolish sense of chivalry. A Lady should never hit a man unless it is self defense or the defense of another. If she did throw a punch out of anger then he had a right hit back.

  61. Funny, I swear he had his arm on her right shoulder and arm and was holding on to her when she let off and tried to slug him. He had no right to put his hands on her to begin with. Throw the bum in jail for a year.

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