Rob Ryan: We’ll be a great defense this year, but we won’t talk about it

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The Ryan family has become known for two things above all else during their long time as NFL coaches.

Producing good defenses and good quotes have been constants throughout the careers of Buddy, Rex and Rob Ryan, but Rob says that he’ll only be producing one of them as the defensive coordinator in New Orleans this season.

After a lot of talk about how good the Saints defense would be in 2014, they flopped on the field. That’s why Ryan says this year will be all action, at least it will be now that he made one last prediction in line with Ryan family traditions.

“The thing is, we did a lot of talking last year and got our butts kicked,” Ryan said, via the New Orleans Advocate. “So I know we’ll be great, but we’ll just prove it this year.”

The Saints were aggressive in picking up new parts for their defense this offseason. They signed cornerback Brandon Browner, linebacker Anthony Spencer and defensive tackle Kevin Williams, traded for linebacker Dannell Ellerbe and used picks in each of the first three rounds of the draft on further defensive help. Ryan also simplified the defensive playbook this offseason in hopes that they can be just as aggressive on the field without thinking about schemes as much as they did last year.

None of that guarantees success any more than last year’s guarantees did, of course, and that’s likely why Ryan’s trying for a silent but deadly approach this time around.