Rose Bowl doesn’t want to be temporary NFL venue

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The NFL recently started looking at potential sites to serve as a temporary home to any teams that might move to Los Angeles before a new stadium is ready to be used.

The Rose Bowl was one of at least five venues asked to submit proposals but it doesn’t look like Pasadena will be hosting any NFL games. Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reports that the Rose Bowl Operating Co. held a vote Wednesday night about responding to the NFL’s request for a proposal about holding NFL games in the stadium and the result was 11-0 against offering such a proposal.

Instead of pursuing the possibility of being a temporary home for a team, the Rose Bowl wants to host the Arroyo Seco Music and Arts Festival next June. While there would be no conflict between the festival and games, an environmental impact report prepared for the festival “specifically prohibits” the Rose Bowl from hosting NFL games. The Rose Bowl expects to earn $3 million in revenue in each of the next 20 years from the festival while they project revenues of $5-10 million per season as a temporary site for pro football.

“We believe that a music and arts festival is more fitting with Pasadena’s brand and with the future of the stadium,” Rose Bowl Operating Co. president and Pasadena City Council member Victor Gordo said. “With our desire to have certainty of finances of the stadium, and to have a world-class event that’s fitting of the city. The distraction that the NFL question poses at this time could take away from our collective efforts as a city to realize a music and arts festival. What you saw from the board today is we don’t want that distraction.”

The Los Angeles Coliseum, Dodger Stadium, Angels Stadium and the StubHub Center are other possible interim sites for an NFL team with the expectation that a team would use the venue for at least two seasons.

29 responses to “Rose Bowl doesn’t want to be temporary NFL venue

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if the greedy owners demanded that the Rose Bowl pay them for the privilege.

  2. Certainly no one is surprised the NFL will run into issues of non support in the LA area.

  3. Rose Bowl is very bare bones on the amenities but if you get a chance to go see a game there then go. The stadium is old school and even with 85,000 plus seats the site lines to the field are great. And who needs the NFL anyway except for all of us reading this?

  4. Really? An arts festival superseding an NFL game?

    The city council really wants us to believe that?

    What it really boils down to is money. If the dollar figure was higher, they would be no conflict and no distraction.

    It’d be “We welcome the opportunity to host an NFL team for a couple years, showing the NFL that LA can be a wonderful football city..”

  5. This will probably make Goodell furious, even though he’d never admit it. He probably thinks that stadiums should be lining up and begging him to let them host games. And 11-0! It seems like nobody except Goodell thinks it’s a good idea to have the NFL back in L.A.

  6. All of my in-laws live in Pasadena and neighboring Arcardia. according to them, they are just voting along with the wishes of the residents, the vast majority of whom do not want to deal with the traffic, noise, etc. that comes with hosting the games. The Rose Bowl hosts quite a few events already and they feel that it’s sufficiently booked as it is.

  7. LA Coliseum will take Kroenke’s $, USC is planning renovations and could use the extra cash flow.

  8. And now you know why they left in the first place. It’s not the fan base it’s the stadiums. The Preservationists in Pasadena have been uncooperative since the 70’s. The Coliseum is still in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. And they’re both 100 years old anyway!!!

    A team will have to build their own stadium, which Kroenke is doing.

    Believe me when I tell you the Rams new stadium will sell out with a waiting list for season tickets that will go on for decades. The Chargers will have trouble because their really isn’t much of a fan base for them here.

  9. A team that is not in a place they can call home, feel at home, will essentially play all their games away. What chance do they have to succeed?!?!?!

  10. Los Angeles is the best city in the U.S. Finding a venue won’t be a problem.

    It’s smart of the Rose Bowl to demand more cash, I’m pretty sure their hosting of the NCAA National Championship game (FSU/Auburn) garnered them at least a few million, making the $5-$10 million in revenue – not profit, revenue – look like a lowball offer. Maybe someone else would be dumb enough to do it for $5-$10 million a year in revenue, but the it’s no secret that the NFL can afford to juice the pot, especially when one considers how many hundreds of millions the owners will make off of the new stadium.

    To invoke Allen Iverson, “Man, we talking about revenue. We ain’t talking about profit. We talking about revenue.”

  11. So much for ANY chance of the Rose Bowl bidding on a Super Bowl in the future. The NFL just black-balled them for that. They’ve hosted before, but this plus the age of the place will kill that idea.

  12. Good. Its nice to see someone standing up to the nfl and their greed and bully attitude. The Rose Bowl is a proud place for college football where the game is still played by people who really love the game not loathsome millionaires & billionaires.

  13. Yeah, I wouldn’t want Raider fan coming to my neighborhood either. Ahhhh, thumbs down Raider Nation Face Painters!

  14. Nice to see the Rose Bowl didn’t sell out to this inferior product for a few bucks.

  15. Just wait and watch all the obsticles that start getting in the way of this NFL in LA nonsense. Wait until Jerry Brown starts getting involved, we’ll see if Stan can get the TIFs he needs and said he must have to build. Tax dollars.

  16. Making a deal with the NFL is like making a deal with the devil. Once you’re in, they will continue to hound you for more and more demands and money. The Rose Bowl or Coliseum are the only stadiums big enough to host a football game though the fields will be pretty beat up with college and NFL games on consecutive days.

  17. The math is simple. It would probably take three years to build the new LA stadium and the Rose Bowl owners would make $30mil at most. Or they can make $60 mil over 20 years. Once again: the math is simple!

  18. Good for Pasadena. For those that have not been there the Rose Bowl is nestled in a community of beautiful homes and has some very,very influential people living there. All side streets are blocked on UCLA game days. Besides that the parking is in a golf course. Yes, a huge beautiful golf course if they allowed fans to park in it on consecutive days for college and the NFL it would be ruined. City does a great job of cleaning it up when there is a game

    I agree with the locals around the stadium. Let the NFL play elsewhere. It’s a beautiful stadium and field. UCLA fans have deep respect for it and are very proud of it. Temporary NFL fans would just trash the crap out if it. Yes it’s old but it’s beautiful. If you have never been to a Rose Bowl game then go. There is good reason why it’s called The Grand Daddy of all the Bowl games. It’s spectacular event.

  19. “environmental impact report”?……….. This is a perfect example of why liberalism never works. There is ZERO common sense involved.

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