In losing the Rose Bowl, the NFL loses L.A. leverage

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The NFL has a habit of creating competition among potential business partners, and then using that competition to engineer the best deal possible for the league. The folks who run the Rose Bowl want to play no role in the NFL’s leverage game.

And that will necessarily impact the NFL’s leverage regarding the selection of a temporary home for whichever teams move there.

As noted by Sam Farmer and Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times, the decision of the Rose Bowl to not submit a proposal creates a “significant” complication for the NFL. It will, as Farmer and Fenno note, drive up the price for using the L.A. Coliseum, since the Coliseum no longer has any real competition for the gig. (Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, and the 27,000-seat StubHub Center also were asked to submit proposals.)

The lease between the Coliseum and USC prevents the stadium from hosting more than one team on a temporary basis. Which gives USC a bigger seat at the NFL’s table, and a deeper hand in the NFL’s pocket, if the league wants to put both teams in the same temporary venue.

Using two stadiums in L.A. would entail potentially significant expenses from the standpoint of making the place NFL ready — especially with the high-tech, real-time replay review system that sends images to league headquarters in New York City.

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  1. How arrogant of the NFL, asking the City of Pasadena to send THEM a proposal. The NFL would then start making demands on the Rose Bowl. Like luxury suites, new scoreboards, more concessions, blah, blah. This could finally be the tipping point that the NFL’s reign of superiority could be coming to an end. I’m sure they don’t know how to handle rejection on Park Avenue. The Coliseum won’t be a pushover for them either. It looks like StubHub Center will be the temporary home.

  2. I love it. The league is getting a taste of its own medicine. I hope the people that run the Coliseum charge them up the ying yang.

  3. Lol. Love it. Beginning of the end of the NFLs money gravy train. People are wising up to their strong arm tactics and giving the NFL a taste of their own medicine.

    The NFL as a whole is a very average product. The parity game they so long desired is now biting them in the backside. Theres only the Packers, Seahawks, Patriots that you can truly say are elite teams, you have the perennial doormats of the Bucs, Redskins, Raiders, Vikings, Bills and Browns, then the other 21 teams fluctuate between 10-6 and 7-9 from year to year.

    The games/telecasts with their constant commercials in the first half are becoming unwatchable, then you throw in the constant penalties and its making for a deteriorating product.

    Then you top it off with major incompetence from the League, the constant player discipline issues that take away, the power hungry, incompetent discipline from the Commisioner and you have a circus sideshow more than a desirable product.

  4. The Rams for sure do.

    Now, it’s time to stick with the Home Depot Center. Guess where? Carson, CA. Who wants to go there? The Chargers and the Raiders.

  5. Raiders: Dodger Stadium for 1 season.

    Rams: Angel Stadium for 1 season.

    Rams- Raiders Training Camp: Home Depot Center.

    Invite the Cowboys over in Oxnard- for some practice games.

    San Diego: San Antonio- Portland or New Zealand.

    Rose Bowl is to sacred for NFL Football.

  6. The truth is the NFL never had the Rose Bowl. It sounds like they did a good job of creating enough distractions to keep anyone outside of LA from knowing that the Rose Bowl didn’t want the NFL.

    And now the NFL is about to learn something that everyone else here already knows. Rent is really, really expensive! And if the NFL wants to come to LA they have to pay their own way. The owners are billionaires … time to break out the checkbook.

    So if they want to move a team here, they better quit screwing around and start construction on a stadium. Otherwise, in 10 years we’ll still be talking about why the NFL can’t get its act together in LA.

  7. The Rose Bowl had approved sufficient additional events a few years back for a team to host a full NFL season (including preseason and playoffs) if need be. So it had been an option but it chose not to be for 2016.

    But hey, good for the trustees of the Coliseum. It’ll be an interesting transition when it happens.

  8. Way to go pleasestop. You forgot to mention the Howard Cosell upclose and personal mugshots that dominate coverage and the non-coverage of the huddle and break to positions that is interesting; the refusal to show the referee on penalties and the barely covering beginning of plays which means a person’s eyesight does not get adjustment time. Of course, it is far more important to maximize commercials with rationalization about paying for the telecast. We are, indeed, absolute suckers for watching the product now presented.

  9. Here’s the solution: Hire Donald Trump to negotiate a resolution…while it may not be satisfactory to anybody but the GOP White House candidates, it would bring attention to the NFL.

  10. I’m so tired of the multi-billion revenue NFL and the billionaire owners sticking it to cities over stadiums. I lived in Nashville when the Titans/Politicians screwed over the voter base with all their promises.

    Two years after the stadium was built our property taxes were substantially increased because the very expensive stadium sat empty almost all year-round. Despite the promises that the stadium would attract all these events and ‘pay for itself.’

    They also jacked up the cost of water to help pay the bonds. To the tune of over $64 million over the past decade.

    And for what? It didn’t increase business in the city, it only shifted it away from other things, like restaurants, stores and competing entertainments, making it a zero-sum game.

  11. …and so it goes. This marks the beginning of the end for NFL in LA. In 5 years there won’t be a NFL team here.

  12. rojobirds is correct. The NFL is not going to spend one dime of it’s own money to put a team in LA, no team will want to pay the relocation fee and this whole thing is a farce to get St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland to build new stadiums for them. How can anyone with half of a brain not see that?

  13. The NFL would be about the worst tenant you could imagine for any stadium. Their list of demands would be huge and they’d act like they owned the place while Goodell and the team owner talked non-stop about all the ways their stadium under construction would be better than the stadium they were renting.

  14. St. Louis…good bye Rams.
    St. Louis…hello MLS.

    MLS sellouts>Rams sellouts!
    An MLS team would be way more exciting to watch than then the Rams have been.

  15. This is great, it really makes me happy that that the Rose Bowl committee told Goodell to go pound sand. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new trend of people and businesses refusing to kiss the NFLs butt. Goodell will be done in by hubris. Kind of like wanting performers to pay to play the SB halftime, Goodell thinks everyone should kneel down and beg for the “privilege” of working with him. What a putz. Newsflash Roger–people are on to you!

  16. This is getting almost funny. The Carson Landfill (a.k.a. former garbage dump) is an accident waiting to happen. Now SD would be willing to play on a temporary dirt field for two years to get to the “garbage dump” and make a deal with the devil a.k.a. Raiders. There’s got to be something wrong with this scenario. Hello Mr. Fabiani…run to the nearest contract and stay in SD.

  17. How many times do they intend to fail in LA?

    I’m so tired of these welfare owners looking for a bailout.
    Time to let the billionaires run teams and get rid of the Spanos and Davis families.

  18. Oh yeah, that sounds awesome. Paying through the nose for an already completely overpriced product while being squeezed into a space containg thousands more people than the structure / area was built to support just so LA can try to reclaim some missed notoriety from thier past 3 failed NFL ventures. Tell us again why 99.9% of the country should care to have a team in LA who cant even present a viable location for the games and has 3 previous failures to show for thier desire to be part of the “me to, me to” club?!

  19. Carson project is NEVER going to be realized. Environmental lawsuits will be filed until it just goes away. Kroenke will pay the Coliseum whatever is deemed fit to play there. Want to talk about idiots? The people of St Louis are about to embark on another stadium with no one to play there LOL. Better yet the state has sold it as no tax increases to the general public. Better yet? The rubes actually believe the politicians. Add to that they plan to out the stadium right on the banks of the Mississippi. The second worst poluted river in the nation. Should be a nice fragrance in pre season and Sept.

  20. rosloe62 the only way St. Louis will get a MLS team is if the Rams get the new riverfront stadium. There isn’t anyone out there willing to build a soccer specific stadium in St Louis, not even the city of St Louis themselves.

    So that means no Rams, no MLS.

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