Putting L.A. team in tiny stadium not as farfetched as it sounds


So far, the NFL has committed to play games in foreign countries, early in the morning in United States time, and distribute them only on the internet in exchange for money.

So honestly, there’s no reason to assume they won’t put games in a stadium that’s less than half the size of a regular NFL stadium.

As Florio noted last night, the decision by the Rose Bowl to not bid to be the temporary host to an NFL team in Los Angeles cost the league the leverage they covet. That leaves the Coliseum, which only wants to host one team, not two, along with the baseball stadiums of the Dodgers and Angels.

The other option is the 27,000-seat Stub Hub Center, home of the L.A. Galaxy. But if you think the league would hesitate to put games in such a tiny facility, it’s not inconceivable.

StubHub is more realistic than some may believe,” Marc Ganis, president and founder of consulting firm SportsCorp told the Los Angeles Times. “There’s something interesting about playing in a smaller facility, to start with creating a scarcity of tickets and increase the level of interest early on. It’s part of a complex that’s easy to get into. There’s space around it to do events and, frankly, AEG knows how to put on events.”

Turning NFL games into a boutique event seems odd, but the chance to sell tickets at double or more regular prices and turn it into an “experience” is something that’s actually right up the NFL’s alley.

They’ve taken the draft from a list of names being called out to a traveling three-day street festival, with plenty of opportunities for fans to “interact” with memorabilia for sale.

So while it might look unusual on TV (which is where most people would have to watch it), the idea the league isn’t considering a small stadium should be the strange part, as desperate as they are to find multiple bidders.

21 responses to “Putting L.A. team in tiny stadium not as farfetched as it sounds

  1. That stadium size matches the probably that there will still be 2 NFL teams in LA 5 years after they play their first game, small.

  2. amazed that LA will have two teams playing with all their previous failures…wonder if there are 27,000 real NFL fans in LA…guess time will tell.

  3. Genius idea – charge double the amount for tickets, which will make going to games completely out of the reach of the ordinary fan. The greed of the billionaire owners is out of control, and is killing the golden goose. Play in the smaller stadium, fine, but normal ticket prices. Just PRETEND you care about the fans, just for a little while.

  4. “So far, the NFL has committed to play games in foreign countries”

    This makes me feel a bit stupid but which countries are these? I know about the UK games but where else have they committed to playing? Is Buffalo going back to Canada for a few games again?

  5. Oh yeah, that sounds awesome. Paying through the nose for an already completely overpriced product while being squeezed into a space containg thousands more people than the structure / area was built to support just so LA can try to reclaim some missed notoriety from thier past 3 failed NFL ventures. Tell us again why 99.9% of the country should care to have a team in LA who cant even present a viable location for the games and has 3 previous failures to show for thier desire to be part of the “me to, me to” club?!

  6. 17 game season. 8 home, 8 away, 1 neutral site per team. Give a bunch of the neutral games to LA. And London. Problem solved, the ridiculous idea of an 18 game season averted, and no team loses a home game to be sent to London.

  7. Soccer clubs are usually very protective of their playing surfaces. I struggle to see how the Galaxy could co-exist with an NFL team and keep the field in playable condition for soccer.

    The MLS season runs through October with playoffs in November and December (and the Galaxy are perennial playoff contenders).

  8. Who would pay more than $10 to watch the Rams play. Gants is way off base in suggesting small venue will drive up prices. No it wont when u have a garbage team to watch.

  9. Los Angeles is a great city but i see it more as an MLB and NBA city not an NFL one.

    Lets see I could go to the beach or golf or go watch the sorry Rams play. I think ill choose the former.

  10. There’s no such thing as local anything anymore, and with free agency and fantasy sports, will having a team physically located in a city actually bring that much more revenue?

  11. Stuphub Center is an AEG owned venue and the Galaxy is an AEG owned team.

    The NFLPA Collegiate Bowl held at Stubhub Center every year and I went this year and the attendance was horrific.

    If the NFL and AEG agree on a lease I will be very surprised.

    But, the AEG higher ups and the NFL has one thing in common. They both LOVE money.

  12. I highly doubt AEG is gonna do carson any favors..it has already been reported AEG is pissed carson is doing the stadium deal as they know AEG had been trying to get the stadium built in downtown and now carson saying they are trying to build a stadium decreases the stubhub centers value in carson ..AEG supposedly is upset that carson didnt even contact them to their plans since AEG does alot for the city of carson..AEG in the report has said they will tie up the carson stadium project in courts for years if they have to in protecting their buisness interest in the longrun..a new nfl stadium would take alot of buisness from the stubhub center and diminish its importance to the area.AEG has billions of dollars and has no problem tying it up it court for years..

  13. Also stan kroenke is buisness partners with AEG on several of his soccer and basketball arenas and teams he owns..and as everyone knows kroenke is in direct competition with carson.

    Another tidbit for those who think the chargers could piggyback in kroenkes new stadium…dean spanos wants his own stadium and also kroenke hates spanos for trying to block him from moving back to LA and spanos claiming its the chargers territory..they dont like each other it would never work. Spanos seems to forget the chargers did just well when the raiders n rams were there in LA before.it has never been chargers territory in LA.

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