If Giants guarantee salary, JPP will return by Week One

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In the aftermath of Jason Pierre-Paul’s fireworks injury, we explained that his best move would be to wait to sign his franchise tender until he’s cleared to play. On Friday, ESPN reported that Pierre-Paul indeed intends to do just that.

It’s Pierre-Paul’s best move because, if he signs the tender before Week One, the Giants can place Pierre-Paul on the non-football injury list to start the regular season, which will shut him down for at least six weeks — during which time the Giants can choose not to pay him, keeping more than $870,000 per week in cash and cap space. But the Giants also could promise to pay Pierre-Paul the full $14.8 million as an inducement to get him to sign the tender sooner than later. That would get him into the building, rehabbing and working out under the direction of the team and ensuring both sides are on the same page as to when he plays.

A source with knowledge of the situation told PFT earlier in the week that, indeed, Pierre-Paul would show up by Week One if the Giants agree to pay him regardless of whether he’s on the NFI list. Without that, JPP has nothing to gain by signing the tender before he’s cleared to play.

Even if Pierre-Paul waits until he’s cleared, there’s a chance that Giants will disagree with the assessment of Pierre-Paul’s doctors, setting the stage for a disagreement (and a grievance) over whether the Giants properly determined that Pierre-Paul isn’t healthy enough to play. That’s why the best outcome continues to be a negotiated solution between player and team.

And the easiest (but perhaps most expensive) resolution would be an agreement by the Giants to pay Pierre-Paul his full salary if he signs the tender and shows up before, for example, the start of training camp.

At a minimum, Pierre-Paul and the Giants should be on the same page as to when he’s cleared, so that he’ll know with confidence that, when he shows up, he’ll instantly start collecting this $870,000 weekly checks.

44 responses to “If Giants guarantee salary, JPP will return by Week One

  1. Wishing JPP the absolute best. But I don’t see anyway he’s effective as a pass rusher until November at the earliest. He needs 2-3 months for his hand to heal and than another few weeks to learn how to use his hands on offensive lineman now that he missing a finger. A broken thumb takes a long time to heal. Skin grafts take a long time to heal. Giants fans don’t want to hear it but just stating the sad facts of the situation.

  2. Why haven’t the Giants dropped the Franchise tag? The team still will have that much Cap space and probably will be the only team offering more than the veteran minimum. 14.8 million is ridiculous for a player who might not ever be a starter again.

  3. That’s why the best outcome continues to be a negotiated solution between player and team.


    By far that’s the best solution for the player, not the team. The player would continue to get paid for being an idiot, whether or not he is ever truly effective for the team again.

  4. It’s not like the Giants can use 14.8 anywhere else in free agency right now so why not. He can still be disruptive. It’s not like he lost his whole hand. And if he somehow isn’t good then don’t sign him next year.

  5. There’s a good chance he may never be the same, so if I’m the Giants I take the tag away and make him earn every cent. He may never figure out how not to get dominated by o lineman with his hand, it may sound silly but it’s 100% accurate. I’d want to see him come in in training camp and get the upper hand on TC lineman, if he can’t do that he’s sh!t out of luck against real players at the positions.

  6. Why is it that ethics don’t seem to apply to players? Teams should not be expected to pay a guy for simply breathing. They pay players to perform on the field at an expected level. JPP cannot do that right now but he will show up and look at the training staff if they give him almost 15 million dollars. There is something very wrong with that mentality.

  7. JPP has ONE good year. Last year most of his sacks came against weak teams in bunches. He is just above average. He is replaceable down the road. As a Giants fan I say cut him. The headache and the distraction that he brings to the team is not worth it. Plus I seriously question his maturity. Giants should not listen to any demands from him. Cut him and some team will pick him up and then he will disappear into a black hole never to be heard from again in the league.

  8. If JPP wants any kind of guarantee from the Giants, he needs to let their team doctors check out his hand first.

  9. So tell Mike your best and easiest idea is to pay him not really knowing how he will be able to perform on the field. Would you come to this ridiculous conclusion with your money?

  10. Giants Fan, JPP last year was good but came off two mediocre years and now this. Seems like a poor long term investment since the investments in NFL players are usually short term.

  11. If the Giants guarantee him full pay regardless if he can play or not they are nuts They need a lot more then JPP on that defense.

    It would be the most idiotic move ever made in football if the Giants did this. JPP is NOT superman and we all love great stories but he is not going to ever be the same. No different then JPP robbing a bank if the Giants cave.

  12. There is no way the Giants are guaranteeing him anything. They have all the leverage. Leave the tag out there so no other teams can swoop in and take a flier on him. Then JPP’s only real option is sign it or sit out collect no money and hurt his free agency value for next year sitting out. It’s not like anyone thinks he’ll be ready for the first game anyway.

  13. If I were the Giants GM, I would wait him out and see what is available during cut downs. I don’t see how anyone could know whether this guy will be ready to go when the season opens or whether he will be able to play at all. If they can get some veteran help on the waiver wire, why not take a chance and cut this guy loose. He blows up his hand and then wants to call the tune. Not me, if I were the GM.

  14. Why should he be guaranteed anything if he blew his own finger off. He should be grateful that they want to offer him as much money as the franchise tag.

  15. Hahahahaha, no kidding? Hey, if the Giants guarantee MY salary I’ll show up week 1 too! I’ve got all 10 digits and enough common sense not to hold lit fireworks. Call me NYG!

  16. I would love to have a job where I could tell my boss that I was not showing up for work until they guaranteed my salary for a job I was not able to perform, and may not ever be able to effectively perform again.

  17. Giants should be leery of any contract with JPP. After all, he kept the extent of his injuries hidden, not only from the public (his right) but from the Giants. To make matters worse, he alone decided on the medical procedure, thinking that whatever his medical decision was, the Giants would be beholden to him. Not saying the procedure he decided on was incorrect, but word was Giants medical people weren’t even allowed into the hospital. Who knows, maybe the Giants tell him to keep the finger (if possible) and be ready for next year.

  18. I remember that one time I demanded that my salary be guaranteed after I blew my finger off and had to miss a few months of work. I no longer work for that company.

  19. Way to own up and take responsibility for your actions JPP… Rather be inclusive from the start you’re all about CYA… Well the Giants should do the same and verify his condition before paying him 10 cents more than they have to or want to.

  20. Nice to see so many don’t know how the NFL works. JPP is not under contract with the Giants.

    The Giants due to the CBA can Franchise him and offer a 1 year contract that doesn’t prevent him from getting a contract from another team but due to what the other team would have to give up essentially does.

    So at this point of the contract negotiation the Giants can offer a long term deal, franchise deal, or pull the deal all together and have JPP be a free agent who would sign elsewhere and come back in 2015 when he has healed. I don’t know if the Giants lose compensorry picks if they go with the later option but do know if JPP signs with a conference rival like Dallas or Philly and plays well it wouldn’t be a food look.

    From JPP’s perspective unless he is guaranteed by the Giants that he wouldn’t be placed on the non football injury list there is no reason to sign the tag.

  21. tjacks7 says:
    Jul 11, 2015 12:01 PM
    I remember that one time I demanded that my salary be guaranteed after I blew my finger off and had to miss a few months of work. I no longer work for that company.
    Nice story but as soon as last season was over JPP no longer worked for his company (the Giants) since his contract was up. The Giants choose to franchise him and limit his negotiation but doesn’t change the fact he was and still is not under contract and can negotiate any way he likes. If the Giants don’t like it they can always withdraw all offers and JPP would be free to pursue his career elsewhere within the league.

  22. This guy could retire today and make more money negotiating a deal to have his picture on the warning label of any firework that is sold to the public

  23. Bizarre, JPP blows his fingers off and somehow it appears he has more leverage with the Giants than Wilkerson does with the Jets. Not to mention Wilkerson is a better leader and probably a better player at that.

  24. In 75 career starts he has 42 sacks ,,,wooopdy fiinnnnn do ! Show this clown the door ! Who is he to be demanding anything ?

  25. antikytheraeagles says:
    Jul 11, 2015 1:46 PM
    6th sense do you know the difference between.exclusive and non-exclusive tags?
    Sure do and the Giants offer to JPP is a non-exclusive tag. What’s your point?

  26. Are the Giants really scared that some other team will scoop him up? And are they really that scared that he’s going to be any good with 9 fingers?

  27. In the next negotiation with the union, the NFL needs to drop the Wonderlick test and add a fireworks-handling test to weed out the draftable from the dummies.

  28. Till he shows he can even pass a physical, this is all just waste of time. Just how effective will he be anyway. I’m a 3rd generation Giant’s, and I am just about had it with this guy. It may be best to just move on from JPP. Use the money to resign players you can build with.

  29. Wow this guy never heard the old saying there is no I in team

    Come on let the team look you over and if your ready you will get paid if not oh well.

    Who is advising this kid?

    He is playing for one of the oldest and most respected teams in the NFL the saying once a giant always a giant means something yet he wants to get paid with out proving he can play.

  30. what he fails to realize like so many other players, teams have discovered a secret, they can let you go and draft a young player who is just as good if not better and for a lot less money for the first 4-5 years. The days of players holding leverage over teams has come and gone.

  31. I have been a Giant fan since 1956.The Maras have made some ridiculously,stupid moves and non- moves since then.They kept Jim Lee Howell as coach and let Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry walk.They kept Jim Fassell and let Shaun Payton and John Fox walk.If they guarentee JPP’s salary it would be the dumbest move in the history of the franchise.

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