Greg Roman’s Bills offense is “tight end heaven”


The Bills made several big moves this offseason, including hiring Greg Roman to be their offensive coordinator and signing tight end Charles Clay away from the Dolphins as a restricted free agent.

Those two moves appear to be closely related. Vernon Davis had a poor 2014 season, but he was used heavily while lining up in a variety of spots during Roman’s time with the 49ers and tight end MarQueis Gray says the Bills are making similar plans for Clay and the other players at the position heading into the 2015 season.

“This offense right here is tight end heaven,” Gray said, via the Buffalo News. “We move around so much that we really play receiver, slot, we play everything but running back. You could line up at any of those spots — that’s the best part about this offense.”

Tyler Dunne of the Buffalo News points out that this would represent a change in roles for Bills tight ends from the recent past and the $24.5 million that Clay will make over the next two years suggests that the team is set on making him a key part of their offense.

As with any discussion of the Bills offensive plans this offseason, we’re obliged to point out the underwhelming quarterback group competing to throw passes to Clay, Gray and the rest of the team’s receivers. Davis helped Colin Kaepernick thrive early in his tenure with the 49ers, though, and Roman and the Bills likely hope the same can happen with their tight ends this year.

36 responses to “Greg Roman’s Bills offense is “tight end heaven”

  1. Poor Bills fans, Greg Roman, Rex Ryan, and Aaron Kromer. Can’t even imagine having to put up with all of that.

  2. Bills fan here:
    Show me the Quarterback.

    Without a legit passer, all of the receiving talent in the world give us no help unless we can deliver the ball on time and on target.

  3. I love my Bills….. But, this is 11,423rd time I’ve read a totally MOOT point

  4. He means that the TE’s will be busy between run blocking and catching short passes over the middle.

  5. freeigwebuike says:
    Jul 13, 2015 9:47 AM
    NFL coaches really should say things to themselves first before speaking them out loud.
    Too bad Roman never said this, one of his TE’s said this on behalf of his offense.

    PFT commenters should read articles before typing them for the world to see.

  6. Clay is a nice player BUT the bills desperately overpaid for him. Knee issues and disappears from some games as well.

    Last year will probably go down as a fluke.


  7. Sure is nice to have our home town football team, Bills looking good, not moving to Toronto. Sabres future looking bright, unlike the Maple Laughs. Must truly suck across the border these days.

  8. He has the most bland, predictable game plans of all time. Don’t get your hopes up Bills fans.

    Run up the middle, run off tackle, pass, punt….every time.

  9. Without a capable QB and Greg Roman’s horribly predictable offense I think Shady McCoy is going to see more 8-9 man fronts then he has ever seen in his career.

  10. The QB situation is going to be a tough one to solve for the team. These TE had better be ready to perform as the third offensive tackle until they find a passer.

  11. Tight Ends Heaven??????

    The only Tight End in Tight End Haven is former Bill Scott Chandler.

    He killed the Patriots last season when Pats were at Buffalo.

    Belichick knew his defense was going to take a hit with Brandon Browner and Darrel Revis living. So he decided to double down on offense and finally upgrade our Tight End Loss since Herndandez left with a better option.

    Gronk 6 foot 6 Passing catching beast
    Chandler 6 foot 7 Passing catching machine from a real QB

    Bradon Lafell
    and a Pass Catching Running back

    I can see the Pats scoring 35 points per game avg.

  12. Honestly, I would love to see the Bills do well, but I have a hard time understanding why everyone is so high on Charles Clay. He had a pretty good year in 2013, but then he game back to domestic tight end numbers in 2014.

    I suppose being a tight end is a good thing with so many question marks at QB. Looking for quick passes? throw it to the tight end.

  13. I have to agree with the previous poster’s comments regarding having receivers but needing a QB. Kind of like a race car with great tires and wheels but no engine.

  14. They pilfered their TE who could turn out to be a fallen angel with broken wings.

  15. Charles Clay would be a good player if he stays heathy but that’s the problem he can’t. Oh yea the other problem is they have no QB

  16. head1994 says:
    Jul 13, 2015 2:33 PM

    Charles Clay would be a good player if he stays heathy but that’s the problem he can’t. Oh yea the other problem is they have no QB

    3/4 of the NFL have the same QB issue as the Bills….so what?

  17. Clay is a Halfback in the traditional sense. He was used for situation mismatches, out of the backfield and did a great job with the Dolphins. If the Bills use him on the line next to a Tackle I seriously think they will regret the giant Contract because it will never match what Chandler did and he was an average TE. Also, he is about 4-6″ shorter than the average TE, so an extremely accurate QB is needed with such a small catching radius. This is well an oxymoron since the Bills don’t even have a QB, yet an accurate one.

  18. iamkillerfin says:
    Jul 13, 2015 3:00 PM
    Bills fans got a PLAYER in Clay!!! Philbin letting him go will be the straw that hopefully gets Philbin fired!!! Congrats!!!
    Of course had they paid him what b-lo did, you would have said he should be fired for paying him too much. He’s a good player when he’s able to play, but not a top three TE/Hback pay wise.

  19. Buffalo Bills are the new New York Jets.

    Remember Brian Shottenheimer telling Mark Sanchez on “Hard Knocks” that they were “unstoppable”?

    And Charles Clay will find out that Roman’s offense is actually a nightmare. Ask Vernon Davis. It was amazing how many times I saw him running routes in the flat and was just an afterthought in that offense.

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