Language for voiding guarantees will be key to Dez Bryant talks

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When it comes to analyzing long-term contracts, it’s important to distinguish payments guaranteed for injury only from payments guaranteed fully and completely, for injury, skill, and salary cap.

When it comes to fully-guaranteed payments beyond the current year, the requirement that the guaranteed payments be fully funded becomes an issue for teams. For players, the concern becomes the possibility that the player will do something to trigger a voiding of the future guarantees.

When it comes to the negotiations between the Cowboys and receiver Dez Bryant, it’s currently expected that the language regarding the voiding of future guarantees will become a significant factor, if the two sides ever begin to approach a total dollar value that player and team find acceptable.

The Cowboys, concerned about the possibility of off-field issues (even though Bryant has had none for several years), are expected to push for strong terms, allowing the guarantees to be voided not just if he’s suspended for as little as one game but if he misses a practice, a meeting, or a rehab session while injured. Bryant’s goal will be to restrict the language or, alternatively, to maximize the only truly guaranteed payment in any contract — the signing bonus.

It won’t become relevant unless the two sides get in the same ballpark regarding dollars. But the language regarding the voiding of guarantees could become a major impediment if/when the Cowboys sweeten their current commitment, along with a condition that the commitment will get a lot worse if/when the guarantees go away.

8 responses to “Language for voiding guarantees will be key to Dez Bryant talks

  1. I don’t understand why he would be upset if the Cowboys want language in the contract to protect them in case he is suspended. If he’s that worried about it, just don’t do anything to get suspended. The fact he’s even thinking about that is puzzling.

  2. So many articles about Dez, not so many about Thomas. Why? Because Dallas is Americas Team. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle…..

  3. What are the Boys doing? Pay him. What happens if he goes out and has an absolutely monster season. Now it’s going to be more expensive. You lost your best RB in the offseason and now you might be without a top 3 WR for a bit.

  4. 40+ year Dallas fan here. I would love it if they can keep Bryant, but they can’t do it at risk to the team’s future (i.e the OL). Make a reasonable offer loaded with incentives and protections. If he doesn’t want it then we have other guys who can step in and, while they aren’t Bryant, they can do a respectable job.

    They’ve had him for 4 years and no SB so don’t act like he’s the key.

  5. “The Cowboys, concerned about the possibility of off-field issues (even though Bryant has had none for several years)”…

    Speaking of, whatever happened with that whole “Wal-Mart video situation”?

  6. As a lifelong Cowboy fan from the glory days of the great Tom Landry, Bob Lilly, Roger, and Drew Pearson, here are my thoughts on/for Bryant…

    I do not believe that the Cowboy execs are concerned about the published off-field incidents while he has been coddled. I believe they have dealt with too many other dark, unrevealed stretches with him. It’s so much about what will happen after Dez gets his “security” and the leverage actually is lost…

    Bryant has always impressed me as a self-absorbed, immature fellow who spouts veiled threats about not getting enough touches when playing, and not playing at all after the hope of an extended contract ends.

    I am also concerned about the rose-colored glasses worn by writers here in avoiding the dark proclivities of this Diva. You have hardly touched on them, in my view. This is puzzling. His actions have defied your notions about love for team and his need to play.

    The Denver offer to Thomas as leaked is without years and appears to get him less than the accumulated value of franchising him.

    On Dez, “Pay him” what he is worth, one year at a time. Actually, give him a several million dollar bonus over the franchise tag this year only with the mutual expectation that he will perform on and off the field adequately enough for that similar bonus next year in another one year contract. Two separate contracts. That would give him potentially, a 20 % raise next year.

    Another piece of security is to develop the persona to attract commensurate corporate and saving plans similar to Gronk. That is the security Bryant needs far beyond his serviceable years on the field.

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