Peyton Manning knows he’s not fast, but he’s faster than Eli


Peyton Manning has never been a fast guy. But he’s at least faster than his brother.

That’s what he told campers at the Manning Passing Academy, when asked about the importance of speed at his position.

“When I was a senior being recruited by Tulane at the Tulane Football Camp, we ran 40s and they said that I ran a 4.88 [seconds] that day,” Manning joked, via Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I’m pretty sure that was [then Tulane coach] Buddy Teevens just doing some good recruiting. I probably ran about a 5.1.

“I remember Eli was a 7th-grader at the camp, the youngest kid at the camp. He’s the only guy who ran his 40 wearing his helmet. I don’t know why he had his helmet on. I remember he ran a 6.2, [that] was the time that I heard — a humbling moment for Eli.”

Of course, being the slowest Manning isn’t the worst thing in the world, at least until we get a ruling on what Archie’s running his 40s in lately.

Since he’s 66.

18 responses to “Peyton Manning knows he’s not fast, but he’s faster than Eli

  1. Way to take all the money just to break records before retiring, Peyton.

    He’s such a nice guy. SMH.

  2. And this gentlemen, is what separates being filthy rich from the rest of us. I like the Manning family and they seem like good people, but it’s clear they don’t have the ordinary guy problems. The last time a common guy worried about how fast he was compared to the next common guy, man as a species was running from wild animals chasing them back to their caves. The slowest guy really did lose.

  3. I don’t understand how the Mannings, Brady’s, etc are so good. Ever since Mike Vick, I have only read how great the Kaepernicks, RGIIIs, all the running qbs were the future of the league. Must be a mistake in the w-l columns, the SB winners, the stats books. Those fast running qbs are getting screwed in all the record books, obviously.

  4. That’s the only time Eli ever lost a footrace to Peyton. Are you kidding? Eli has some of the footwork Archie did in slipping out of the pocket and making diagonal runs to slide for a first. Peyton never had that. Remember last year when he “clocked” the ball from shotgun rather than run or take the sack? Dude has mafia swimmer’s shoes on back there.

  5. This has to do with them playing a sport for a living instead of a desk job, not whether their rich or not… Smh

    Btw, Peyton is still a top 5-10 QB, so it’s hard to claim he’s being selfish.

    Also, no one said running QBs are the future… but, if you can’t find a decent pocket passer, and your o-line isn’t the best, then you better have one that’s mobile. The passing game will always work the best from the pocket.

  6. Eli can Slam Dunk a basketball without a running start, not sure if Peyton can do that now.

    As a little brother, and a GIANTS fan, I must say that I am anxious to hear how Eli punked Peyton, because you know he did something.

  7. This story… He’s talking about a 12th grader versus a 7th grader, come on, man! I bet 5 years later that Eli was quite a bit faster. Weren’t we all?

  8. He had to wear his helmet because he didn’t want his face melting off running at those speeds.

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