Report: Dez tells Cowboys he’ll miss camp, games if not signed by Wednesday

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The Cowboys and wide receiver Dez Bryant face a July 15 deadline to work out a multi-year contract extension and Bryant is reportedly doing what he can to turn up the heat on the team with Wednesday fast approaching.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that Bryant called Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones with an ultimatum about contract talks. Per Werder, Bryant told Jones that he will skip training camp if he isn’t signed to a deal other than the franchise tag by the deadline. Bryant also reportedly said that his absence from the team will extend to “real games” when the season gets underway in September.

It’s not the first time that the prospect of Bryant missing games has come up this offseason, but no one from the Cowboys seemed to take the threats all that seriously. Last week, a league source told PFT that nothing was going on in talks to provide hope that an agreement was imminent. We’ll see if anything changes now that Bryant has apparently given notice of his intentions directly to the team.

Bryant stands to make $12.823 million under the tag and would make more than $28 million over the next two seasons if he were tagged again in 2016, a number he’d likely want to see go up under any deal with the Cowboys.

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  1. Suspensions and holdouts — I suspect the teams that face the Cowboys in the first four games this season are smiling just a bit.

  2. There’s NO point in missing games. After wednesday, Bryant can ONLY play the season under the 1 year franchise tag offer. Missing games won’t magically make the Cowboys sign him to a long term deal. All it will do his make Bryant miss paychecks.

  3. If I was Dez, or any top 5 player at their position, I wouldn’t use this threat. My threat would be, “If you don’t have me signed by Wednesday, I will play out the franchise tag, or two if you decide, but there will be absolutely no chance for you to sign me to a long term contract afterward. You are renting me, and when that rental runs out, I’m gone, period.”

  4. Bryant stands to make $12.823 million under the tag and would make more than $28 million over the next two seasons if he were tagged again in 2016, a number he’d likely want to see go up under any deal with the Cowboys.

    Why would it gou when the Cowboys would be taking the injury risk from him, surely that’s the ceiling not the floor!

  5. Agree with keepingitlogical… Dez should really have the upper hand here, he’s arguably a top 3 WR in the league, and his team clearly does not respect the man enough to just pay him what he actually deserves. Stuff like this really has to rub a player the wrong way. Cowboys are going to ruin their chance to have Dez on their roster in two years. Once you poison the well, one can only stick around for so long.

  6. @iamkillerfin

    They can’t fine (or charge, if you will) a player who is not under contract.


    If Jerry said that, Dez would show up and ride the bench for almost a million a game. He assumes zero injury risk, gets the credit for “playing” the year under the tag, then gets to either be a free agent or get a raise. How would that benefit the cowboys at all?

  7. Dez …….. Hold out!! Stand your ground………….. that 12.86 million for ONE YEAR offer is totally disrespectful I mean what else would you be doing to make that much money?
    TV analyst….why not, ol’ mush mouth Shannon Sharpe did it.
    Still won’t be close to 12.86 million you spoiled dollop of ignorant monkey spunk, if Jerry Jones didn’t hire you professional babysitters to look after your sorry behind, you wouldn’t be in this position to begin with.

  8. rumor is Dez is looking for Calvin Johnson money which is 16M per season, and if they tag him this year and next they could get him at 14M per season

    tag him both years while in his prime and then let him walk

  9. About time that someone sits out regular season games.
    Good for the player. Franchise tag is one of the worst thing in sports.

  10. If I own the cowboys I would let him set, he is not there answer to there future. Bill….jerry, call his bluff..

  11. Overpaid cry babies. Trying working for 10 bucks an hour and see what you think. Yes you are good, but there are others that need to get paid too. Get yourself in and sign the deal. Or play two years on the tag then go find the money elsewhere. I tired of hearing it (and I am a lifelong Cowboys fan). GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. At some point teams are going to have to step up and say you are franchise tagged which is in the CBA and you play for us or you don’t play. Same thing the Vikings said to Peterson and he signed and showed up. NFL players have a very short window in which to make money. To turn down the money Bryant is slated to make under the franchise tag, with as deep in debt as he is, just shows he has no sense of finances. He is slated to make over 10 million this year or roughly 700,000+ dollars every game he misses, he loses. He wont be productive very long and with this type of attitude I am reminded of Chad Johnson, TO and many others who still have the skills to play, but no one will hire them. I hope the Cowboys keep him franchised and they franchise him again next year as well. He wants security, well if he wasn’t a moron and spends money like water, what he would make this year would provide security to 99.9% of players in the NFL. Face it, Dez Bryant is about 2 points away from a negative IQ.

  13. If Dez handled himself like Calvin Johnson I’m sure he already would have that contract. CJ is one of the quiest and unassuming superstars in the game. He shows up, goes about his business, and was rewarded for it. Bryant flashes talent between periods of being a massive disappointment and distraction. If I were the Cowboys I wouldn’t want to sign him to anything more than one year guaranteed either. At least he’s trying to behave with money hanging over his head.

  14. no matter how talented someone is or how much he deserves a huge contract, it’s always a red flag when money is the only concern someone has
    *cough*cough* Carmelo Anthony

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