Dez Bryant may be prepared to miss 10 weeks of game checks

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Before Monday, few inside or outside the Cowboys organization believed that receiver Dez Bryant would miss regular-season games, at more than $750,000 each under his franchise tender of $12.8 million for the year. We’d previously said that, if he’s going to miss games that count, he needs to say so. After Monday’s tweet from Bryant that he won’t show without a new deal, more people on the outside are starting to believe that he’ll give up game checks.

It’s still unclear whether Dez means he’ll simply skip training camp and the preseason (and still get his full $12.8 million) or whether he intends to miss regular-season games. If he’s willing to miss regular-season games, would he be willing to miss one or two just to prove his point, or would he miss as many as possible?

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, he can sign the franchise tender and return at any time up until the Tuesday after Week 10. After that, he is prohibited from playing for the Cowboys or anyone else in 2015.

If he shows up only for the last seven weeks of the season, Bryant would still make more than $5.25 million for the year, which is more by far than he made in any year under his five-year rookie deal. So while it’s easy to look at this on one hand as more than $750,000 that goes away every week forever, Bryant could regard at it as an opportunity to make more than twice as much as he earned in any one season to date for playing in fewer than half of the games.

It’s also an opportunity to send a very clear message, in advance of next year’s franchise-tag dance with the Cowboys. As of 2015, the Cowboys don’t believe Dez Bryant’s threat to miss regular-season games. As of 2016, they will — if he misses the full 10 weeks.

They’ll take him even more seriously if he misses more than 10 weeks.

Bryant could choose to miss the whole season and still earn a 20-percent raise over the franchise tender in 2016. Some (i.e., me) believed that sitting out the entire season would simply kick the can into 2016, shifting his $12.8 million tender forward a year without an increase. Article 10, Section 15(c) of the labor deal says otherwise; if Bryant sits out the full year, he’s still entitled to a 20-percent increase in the tender if the Cowboys use it again in 2016.

In other words, Bryant can boycott the entire season and still qualify in 2016 for a $2.56 million raise under the franchise tag, which is still more than he ever made in any one year under his rookie contract.

There’s also a kicker under Section 15(c), about which I either didn’t know or had forgotten. If Bryant sits out the full year and if the Cowboys tag him again in 2016, the compensation another team would owe the Cowboys from signing him to an unmatched offer sheet would drop from two first-round picks to a first-round pick and a third-round pick. Which would make other teams more inclined to consider signing him to an offer sheet in 2016.

Before Dez would miss 16 games, he’d have to be willing to miss 10 weeks. If he misses 10, he’ll miss both games against the Giants and both games against the Eagles, along with games against the Saints, Patriots, and Seahawks. Which, with quarterback Tony Romo and owner Jerry Jones have only so many chances at glory rediscovered remaining, could make the Cowboys very nervous about letting Wednesday pass without signing Dez to a long-term deal.

UPDATE 8:00 a.m. ET: There’s some confusing language in Article 10, Section 15(c) regarding whether Bryant would get the 20-percent increase on his tender if he doesn’t play at all in 2016. An argument could be made that he doesn’t get the 20-percent increase, but the language is sufficiently vague and convoluted to invite a grievance aimed at interpreting it. Before that becomes relevant, Dez would have to sit out the entire year. If he does, however, he’d be assuming the risk that he ultimately would get only the base receiver franchise tender, as adjusted for 2016.

140 responses to “Dez Bryant may be prepared to miss 10 weeks of game checks

  1. If he was going to hold out, it should have been last year, when he’d miss out on less than 3MM.
    He might as well play, put up big numbers , then get paid.

    He’s paying a penalty for acting immature these last several years. But it’s not like he won’t make 10’s of millions.
    Play out this year, then he’ll get a big contract.

  2. Mike I do like you, but sometimes your theory is so far fetched.. So hold up it makes sense for him to give up 7.5m and make $5m just because he hasn’t earned as much in the past.. I don’t know about you but that will be such a dumb decision give up almost $8m just to make 5. The guy will show.

  3. It’s funny to hear these guys talk. He’ll be there once the money runs out. My guess is week one.

  4. He’s NOT missing games….he may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he’s not that stupid, and his agent Condon surely isn’t that stupid.

  5. The guy is not missing a check. He spends baby.

    And a lot better than Costanza which is why this is just a lot of nothing…..

  6. I’m an Eagles fan who is very impressed with how Dez has turned out. The off-field stuff doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. I am in his corner in this scenario. These players have a small window to earn all they can, and teams can cut them at any time. Until they get guaranteed contracts, I am fine with this. This isn’t like DJax in Philly, where he didn’t like his contract every offseason.

    Dez has quietly been a team player. He’s made no demands early. And he is one of, if not the most dominant receivers in the game. Pay the man.

  7. He’s not sitting out 1 week let along 10 or 16 games & R Wilson will be signed at some point during training camp. These drama contracts are written about because not much else going on.

    When has a player sat out 10 weeks while forfeiting being top 5 paid in his position?

    When has a back to back SB QB NOT been paid?

  8. Lol this site continues to say “its still not clear whether dez is willing to miss games ”

    What more does the guy have to say. He said he will not show up at all unless he gets a contract. In simple plain english

  9. “Dez Bryant may be prepared to miss 10 weeks of game checks”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    “Yeah, sure”

    – Jim Bouton

  10. I get that he wants to get paid, and he should….but to skip 10 games and all that money…..amazing what Pride can do to people.

  11. So, in his quest to get more money and a long contract, he’s willing to forfeit $750k a game? His level of stupidity is frightening … I hope he doesn’t vote

  12. I don’t care how you try to spin this story. Dez Bryant sounds like a jerk. If he honestly holds out until week 10 the Cowboys need to make an example of him. Limit his playing time, only give him garbage routs to run, and fine him for every possible thing they can. Make him work his ass off to prove that he deserves the checks he gets. You can’t let the inmates run the asylum.

  13. meanwhile at winter park… crickets, man. crickets.
    all is quiet in viking land for what seems like the first time in years heading into training camp.

    oh, and that was a catch.

  14. I think there are few receivers teams would want to spend that type of money on per year (12 mil). It’s the guaranteed money that I’d be concerned about in Dez’s position. With that offensive line in Dallas and Romo, there are a lot of receivers who would excel. No doubt Dez is a beast, but there needs to be some give and take on both sides.

  15. Doesn’t matter how much he will make. He’ll be broke in 5 years.

    Get back to work Dez and sign the tender..

  16. After Monday’s tweet from Bryant that he won’t show without a new deal, more people on the outside are starting to believe that he’ll give up game checks.


    People on the outside = media trying to stir up click bait

    Dez is a fool, i hope he sits out a whole year and then blows out his knees trying stay in shape on his own before signing any contract.

    The punk turd would get what he deserves.

  17. Still waiting on that Walmart video you were all excited about a few months ago.

  18. Let him sit out! After his “security ” comment he has lost all respect from fans. How about the security of fans who pay hard earned money to watch you play? They don’t come close to making a fraction of a fraction of 13 million you overpaid, over hyped prima Donna.

  19. Since when is $12.8 Million not enough?….. Just go out there and play a game for a living while we the people pay your salary, Spreewell!

  20. All Dez all the time. I have to assume that Michael Sam hasn’t even suited up for a game in Montreal because we are being blessed with oversaturation of Bryant’s contract situation.

  21. I doubt he misses even 1 game…. there is no incentive to do that unless his goal is to not get paid at all until week 11 and lose 7.5 million that he will never recover.

    Dez will cave, he has really no other option. The Collective Bargaining Agreement is so stacked in the owners favor it is ludicrous.

    DeMaurice Smith is either the worst negotiating lawyer to ever walk the face of the earth, or he was somehow bought out by the owners.

    I don’t think its a stretch to say that almost anyone could have negotiated a better CBA for the players than the one they live with today.

  22. I’ll believe it when I see it. Dez may pull an Emmitt Smith and miss a couple of regular season games, but ten games or an entire season??? Yeah, I rather doubt it…..

  23. Spending 10% of cap money on a player that touches the ball 6 times on a good day………a formula for mediocrity.
    Bill Belichick, economics major and greatest GM/coach in our lifetime, figured out the roster game a long time ago. The Patriots have ZERO #1 draft picks at TE, WR, RB….and they have only one #1 on offense (a tackle)…..yet the team is always at the top of the scoring lists. Sure, Brady is the straw that stirs the drink….but their WR corps is quick twitch shorties that can create space……not win track meets. Its all about getting open….not winning jump balls.
    Why do GMs ignore the lessons Belichick teaches them.

  24. does anyone really think this idiot is going to miss 750k a week ? is he going to have his street corner mama support him? classic case of stupidity !!! this guy won’t wait until he is retired to go broke,he will be bankrupt DURING his nfl career. since it is the cowgirls. i think i will sit back and enjoy the chaos!

  25. Pay him please. The rest of the league wants him on the cowboys when they implode and put up another underachieving season. Maybe more money will help him hold onto the ball in the biggest game of his life this time.

  26. Good for him. He deserves the new contract. There is 20-30 million in guaranteed money on the line. The Cowboys will cave. They have no one to replace his production, and Jerrah wants to win a ring. Let’s see how Romo looks with no Murray, no Dez, and Whitten with another year of age on him. Dez will win this one.

  27. Aside from the money lost, it achieves nothing negotiation-wise. They cannot discuss a contract until long after the season is over if they don’t do something by 7/15.

  28. Dez is all hat and no cattle. He has a posse that needs his support, and $875k a game will go a long way.

    It’s easy to talk about what you “will do” until it comes to nut-cutting time. When he looks at his checking account and realizes that all he has to do is show up in order to make more than half a million bucks…guess where he will be? On that field.

    We aren’t dealing with an intelligent person who saved for a rainy day. If this were Gronk or Tyron Smith saying he would sit out then I’d be scared.

  29. Does anyone really believe he is going to miss any time? Every year there is contract drama were the player drags it out to get out of the first couple weeks of camp then they magically come to terms once preseason games start.

  30. This will backfire on Dez. He has to come back after 10 weeks to play or risk losing a year of elgibility and pay. For someone who wants to get paid, going a season without being paid doesn’t bode well.

  31. Dez Bryant and his ego could not sit out for 10 games.

    Btw, how many rings does Dez have???

  32. I hope he sits out a year and Dallas slaps the tag right back on him next year. Go ahead and sit out, Dez will be missing 2 years of football. How much does Dez think he will make after missing 2 years?

  33. Fix the franchise tag
    It needs to have some built in insurance to protect players future earnings.
    Seriously I think having 10% of the contract not count against the salary cap would be a better version of a franchise tag.
    This would serve the same purpose: being able to keep a player who has excelled and become a face of the franchise.

  34. How does holding help him or his team? If they don’t sign a deal by the deadline, the Cowboys are not allowed to do anything by rule except the franchise tag. These threats are meaningless if they pass the deadline without a long-term deal. Do you really believe he can afford to lose $13 million dollars in the prime of his career.

  35. this kills me… 2 weeks ago they were saying he was broke and family members were hitting him up for money and wanted to know when he would sign a new contract.

    Now this….media… all lie and you all make up crap and you never truly research or have 2 sources

    journalism isn’t what it was 40 years ago….today it is instant BS that sells…the heck with it if it is true or not.

    Shame on them.

  36. If Dez plays the “game”so to speak, I believe he is hurting himself in so many ways. He would definitely be franchised next yr again but the following year in 2017 he would be unrestricted. But by that time in that season he would turn 29 years old in November. Who is gonna sign him to a 5 or 6 year deal when is prime years are just about done.

  37. Say what you want about J. Jones, but where the league is concerned he is a company man. He is very unlikely to establish a new higher level of compensation for Bryant and drive salaries around the league up as a consequence.

    I know there is the deal out there for C. Johnson, and it is seen as a false floor given his special circumstances. My guess is that the rest of the owners nearly passed out when that contract was offered and JJ won’t be the one to follow it up with an offer to Bryant that would cost every owner even more money.

  38. When Jerry tells Dez he will be taken care of and a Cowboy for life, it is meaningless. Dez saw how Murray was taken care of.

  39. You show ’em, Dez. Don’t take any crap from Jerry Jones. Miss those 10 games and don’t look back. Enjoy watching on TV as the Eagles sweep both games from the Cowboys!

  40. you can pout all you want but you’re not going to give up $750k per game…that would be doing you and your family a great disservice…this is why I hated what the union did at the last CBA negotiation, they got it handed to em by the owners

  41. Sitting out has worked in the past for the Cowboys….just ask Emmitt Smith…

  42. Dez will never make up the $750k per game that he would lose by holding out.

    The Cowboys were silly for franchising him when rookie WR’s are making significant impacts every season for chump change. Spend the money on the hard-to-find positions, like defensive lineman and linebackers.

  43. Years down the road this nice young man will look back and be truly sorry if he does indeed walk away from 10 weeks of paychecks. Once its gone, its gone. Sometimes these young men just don’t use the brain that God gave them. He will regret this decision.

  44. I just want to say that I hate the Dallas Cowgirls and hope all the bad things in the world happen to them and only them. Thanks have a great day.

  45. Not a good look for the Cowboys, you can’t gamble with your name forever look at the Lakers, here you have an major contributor asking for longevity… meaning he wants to stay in Dallas and not only that he contributed to 60 percent to the offensive production making it almost impossible to stack the box to stop the run… It a no brainer… Pay the man… which I think they will… I think Dallas just loves to get all of the Attention… Indeed…

  46. First everyone was like….Let Demarco walk rather than Dez….wr is way more important. Blah blah.

    Owners to veteran players made a pitch that if you go along with capping rookie salaries that will leave even more money to sign proven veterans.

    Now it’s time to pay the player even one as vital to the Cowboys as Dez there’s all this hemming and hawking and complaining that he’s asking for too much.

    And of course the majority of fans who were singing Dez’s praise last year are all of a sudden minimizing his importance.

    Do away with the franchise tag then. It’s a tool that’s out lived its usefulness. If a player has played out his contract and the team doesn’t think he is worth his asking price let the market decide what his price is and either sign him or move on. That should satisfy most of you fans that don’t think he’s worth what he’s asking right? He would no longer be your team’s problem.

  47. Your logic is frightening at times. Your master plan is to give up almost 15 million dollars this year so that he can make 17 million next year. Even just missing the 10 games requires a deal of an extra 5 million per year starting next year just to get back to where he is right now by signing it and performing well. There is also that injury risk you keep harping about that would remain with Dez until he signs that deal. JPP proved that a football field isn’t necessary to jeopardize career earnings. Dez already has money spending issues and he demonstrated that before he ever stepped on the field in Dallas. Remember the bling bill he couldn’t pay? His best bet is to sign a deal today or sign the tender and play well this year and revisit the long term contract next year if the Cowboys low ball him (real, not perceived)

  48. Yea Dez! go take shots to the kidneys for our entertainment, how dare you demand top dollar from billionaires who will throw you out with the trash if your productivity falls!
    -signed, NFL fans

  49. He’s getting bad advice from his “agency.”

    Also, I don’t believe the agents gets a percentage of the Franchise Tag, since they didn’t negotiate it.

  50. Can anyone afford to take their family to a game anymore? The media doesn’t pay for tickets. Personally, I could care less how much more the players or the owners can make. The NFL has become a joke on so many levels. Get yours Dez.

  51. steelgrave says:
    Jul 14, 2015 8:58 AM

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Dez may pull an Emmitt Smith and miss a couple of regular season games, but ten games or an entire season??? Yeah, I rather doubt it…..


    This is entirely different from the Emmit Smith situation. Smith had the ability to still sign a long term contract when he sat out those two games. After tomorrow, Bryant CAN’T sign a long-term deal, he can ONLY play for the 1 year franchise tag. So sitting out 2 games accomplishes NOTHING except losing 2 game checks.

  52. Just pay him. No point in showing up if they aren’t gonna give him the deal he wants. Each game presents a huge injury risk. Take the $5mil and relax on a beach until Jerruh pays up.

  53. Doesn’t this just point to the last CBA being an epic FAILURE by the NFLPA? I though that is when these “negotiations” were supposed to take place? The Cowboys must either have some serious cap issues, or they’re just jerks. This guy is a beast. Just pay the man already.

  54. When Dez changed agents, that is when everything went south. Sometimes bigger is not necessarily better. Dez went with the glamour in Roc Nation who promised him the moon and maybe he will fall among the stars. He is not getting Megatron money–nor should he. Civility on his part is not a sign of weakness. Maybe Dez should take note.

  55. He should hold out until the Cowboys pay him long term. If he doesnt get the deal, hold out through Week 10.

    Its funny how the mental midgets never have a problem with the team stiffing the player, but when players are in position to get what they are owed and worth, then the internet mob, hes selfish blah blah blah

    Remember when its the owners, its just business, bothing personal. Cant have it both ways.

    Dez is elite and plays hard. He deserves to get paid

  56. “… if he’s going to miss games that count, he needs to say so.”
    Please explain why Bryant owes us anything? What do you mean, he needs to say so?

  57. he should do whatever maximizes his earnings while putting himself at the lowest risk of injury (i.e. playing the fewest games possible) i hope he cashes in on a record payday.

  58. Dez is okay receiver, but not worth more than $12 mil. He’s also a cancer to any team, so better off trading him. Chip wouldnt be interested tho – doesn’t fit in with his culture…Super Bowl Champion culture. Go Eagles!

  59. oh yeah he;s a real team player. Better get what you can because you’ll be broke when your done playing anyway. Glad to see the cowboys sticking to their guns.

  60. Sit the 10 Dez, then take 2-3 weeks to get in game shape and play the last 3-4 ball games, maybe, if your hamstrings don’t get tight and you have to leave the game early….screw Jerry if he doesn’t want to pay one of the top 3 WR in the game…don’t go out there and get hurt and be damaged goods when you negotiate…Dallas will not score without the top WR who demands double coverage and the top RB……good luck Romo….

  61. I could care less about Dez. He beats his mom.

    You should study up on his mom before you say that, I am sure it is not as it sounds.

    Also I am sick of women demanding equality, hitting men, then crying about how men are pigs for hitting women after a woman slaps them…

    Doesn’t sound like equality to me

  62. rogerdw66 says:

    Jul 14, 2015 9:45 AM

    When Jerry tells Dez he will be taken care of and a Cowboy for life, it is meaningless. Dez saw how Murray was taken care of.
    Murray walked because Murray is not as good as you, most of the public, and most of all, Murray thinks.

    Cowboys are doing the right thing here as well. You don’t break the bank for Wideouts.

  63. sit out dez

    stay in peak shape, lengthen your career come back when you want.

    its sad a team that has zero talent left on offense wont pay him but its a business, and in all cases you get what you pay for (or refuse to)

    have fun sending cole beasley and T-Willy out there with the ancient great one Witten. yeah im pretty sure Romo wont last the season as is.

    at least they brought in DMC….lolz.

  64. wags7121 says:
    Jul 14, 2015 8:19 AM

    I don’t care how you try to spin this story. Dez Bryant sounds like a jerk. If he honestly holds out until week 10 the Cowboys need to make an example of him. Limit his playing time, only give him garbage routs to run, and fine him for every possible thing they can. Make him work his ass off to prove that he deserves the checks he gets. You can’t let the inmates run the asylum.
    So then next year you can franchise him again at 20% more, or even worse…he signs with another team. Go ahead and give one of the leagues best receivers garbage routes and limit his playing time. You’ll soon be without a wide receiver.

  65. If you could sit out 10 games and still make more than any single season in your career why wouldn’t you just do that for the sake of saving your body.

    Sit 10 games and stick it to Jerry

  66. As an Eagles fan, I hope he does sit out. That would be hilarious. Hell, him even starting this much drama is great. Now time for some of my opinions on the matter.

    1st off, any Cowboys fan acting like they don’t need him or won’t miss him, you’re blind homers. Lol if you think Romo can carry this team and make any receiver great. Romo is good, I can admit that. And if Dez doesn’t play, someone will pick up some of that production because Romo will have to feed it to the others, but none of them are Dez, and with the Cowboys letting Murray go and not replacing him adequately, Romo and the Cowboys need Dez even more now. That being said, here comes my 2nd point.

    Dez nor any WR is worth more than 12 million in my opinion. I didn’t think Maclin was worth what he got from the Chiefs, and even with him being a good character guy (unlike Dez), I wouldn’t have wanted the Eagles to sign him for more than 9, maybe 10 million at the most. The problem is someone will pay Dez what he wants, so if Dez is serious, then the Cowboys either need to pay him or trade him (not sure if they can trade but I think so), and get something for him. Which brings me to my 3rd point.

    I don’t think Dallas should pay him. As much, as an Eagles fan, I would love to see them ruin their cap situation more and more, signing him for what he wants is bad for the teams potential future success. It might help them immediately but it is just a case of the Cowboys kicking the can down the road again going to be bailed out in the future by hoping the salary cap jumps up enough. Honestly, I think their team is gonna take a hit now regardless if they have Dez or not. I think the loss of Murray will hurt them more than the Cowboys and their fans think, but losing Dez will definitely persuade most into that mindset other than the most blind homers.

    And lastly, if Dez is serious about not showing up unless he gets paid then his best bet would be to sit the whole year, because him even coming back at any point without a long term contract will still leave him with a risk of injury and if it is true about him sitting out the year means a team could sign him and only give up a 1st and 3rd to do so…. Some team will do that. I’m just not sure Dez is seriously considering giving up that money for the year. That’s a lot to give up that he’ll never be able to recoup, but maybe he is more afraid of getting hurt without a long term offer, which i could understand. NFL contract aren’t fully guaranteed like every other sport. He needs to get the most while he can even though I don’t think he nor any WR is worth that much.

  67. So you’re telling me either 1. Dez will be disgruntled all season, 2. He’ll miss games or 3. Get a huge contract that will tie up a huge percentage of the teams cap between him and romo. I’m personally hoping for 3 bc their O-line is going to walk when most of them are off rookie deals.

  68. Dez has zero leverage in this deal. He can’t afford to miss any games and give up the cash. He gains no leverage in sitting games other than to let Jerry know he is unhappy, a fact Jerry will be able to live with.

  69. Im not a fan of Dez at all but when a player has any leverage he needs to take advantage of it and get paid.

  70. He will ultimately get the big bucks and then self distruct. Think TO light and this would be the best case for the massive ego. It is obvious he sees his team mates as his bit players as he as goes for the glory. If he refuses to sign a reasonable team friendly contract I would be quite happy to see him sit out the season and give his backups a chance at success. Garret has said many times when a starter goes down its a oportunity for other plays to step up and help their team.

  71. Stupid cowboys. Should’ve signed DeMarco Murray and trade this egotistical punk

  72. He’ll miss 10 weeks if he was under contract then he’d miss pre-season and training camp. But since he is currently not under contract he wont be subject to fines. So he’ll miss 10 weeks comeback last 7wks make 5.25 and become a free agent next year. Bryant is doing the smart and best thing for him. He’s a physical receiver and he’s looking at his long term future. He already saw one ex-teammate in DeMarco Murrsay sacrifice for the team only to be lowballed and sign elsewhere.

  73. Dez is a brilliant money making strategist. It’s obvious he plans to sit out and not get paid because he will be getting a loan from 50 cent to tide him over this year.

  74. Cowboys will cave just like they did with Emmit Smith who sat out the first two regular season games (Dallas lost both) until Jerry opened his wallet.

  75. Yeah… Because leaving 12.8 mil in someone else’s pocket makes a whole lot of sense… Money you will NEVER get back no matter how much he makes in the future. -STUPID if this is even a true consideration to miss actual games checks.

  76. “Dez Bryant may be prepared to…” fill in ending with anything you want.

    1) Throw a temper tantrum
    2) Quit Football
    3) Tell his mommy
    4) Play basketball/baseball instead
    5) Accuse NFL of collusion…wait, he already has.
    6) Anyone of 10,000 other random things he & his agent could & will dream up between now & the time he decides to face reality (could be a while with him)

    Regardless of talent, it’s hard to justify having this guy on your team…unless you’re the Cowboys, N.Y. Jets, Cleveland or Cincinnati.

  77. Wait until his career is over and he’s blown threw all his money. Count on it.

  78. Something that can actually happen is that Dez plays in the games, but doesn’t play the same. He wouldn’t care as much and give the same effort and still get paid.

  79. Cowboys are playing with fire. If Dez misses games their offense will sputter. If Dez plays but does so uninspired they lose. Finally if he leaves and joins an NFC east riVal ala the Eagles or Redskins, Cowboys look foolish. Pay the man.

  80. You Dez haters are ridiculous.

    Dez played out his contract. The cowboys should either pay him, trade him or release him. But the cowboys chose to franchise Dez to get him on the cheap.

    If Dez is not worth the $16M he is demanding, let Dez see what his value is worth on the free market. Maybe the best offer Dez gets is for $8M or maybe it will be $16M.

  81. What ever the outcome, both Dez & the Cowboys goodwill is beyond the tipping point. Yes money helps, but egos can get in the way of success. Perhaps it would be better for him and the Cowboys to move on.

  82. You know, generally, I’m on Dez’s side on this. I am. Reading THIS article makes me think “Holy smokes, Dez would be stupid to hold out!” And seriously. The writer says 5 mil would be twice what Dez has gotten before and that’s how Dez is looking at it. Then what’s 12.8 mil??? And if he would miss ten games? Or the whole season? THE WHOLE SEASON??? Money aside (and we’re not talking as if he’s getting ‘low-balled’ at 12.8 for pete’s sake) Dez is in his prime, right now. He’s the best player he’s ever going to be right now. He does not want to skip out on an entire year or even ten games. That would hurt the team yes, but it would take a chunk out of his career, out of his legacy as well. If he missed the Giants game and the Cowboys lost by four points or some such? Would it really be worth the $750,000 to him? Does he want to miss the Saints game? Bound to be a shootout. He, as well, is only going to get so many chances to win a Super Bowl. And it’s twelve point eight million dollars! I see people on here talking about how the Cowboys are trying to get him on “the cheap”? 12.8 mil? Really? I think the Cowboys should pony up the cash. I do. But can Dez really afford to sit out because he’s “only” getting 12.8? Goodness gracious.

  83. Dez is getting low balled!

    When you consider that he should recieve $30M signing bonus in addition to an average of $14M per year.

    12 + 14 = 26 (Franchised 2 years)
    30 + 14 +14 (with signing bonus)

    that’s $30M now for dez plus game checks of $750K vs
    just $750K game checks.

    It is a big difference. NOW do you understand?

  84. Having let Murray walk, Dez knows there will plenty of empty seats in Jerrah-World if the Boys don’t fork over a shiny new contract with LOTS of guaranteed money to their lone remaining offensive pro-bowler.

    Boys fans might not like it, but without Dez, the Boys offense is a hot mess, unlikely to win 6 games. Not only another lost season for the aging Romo, but they will watch Dez walk out as one of the most coveted free agents in Boys history, for zero compensation.

    Dez is playing Jerrah like a fiddle, and he’s going to get Megatron money because Jerrah isn’t nearly as smart as he wishes he was.

  85. I think everyone gets it wrong when they are looking at the money for this year.. or even for next year. Dez has repeatedly said he want SECURITY.. that means he wants a LONG term contract with maybe 50% of it guaranteed unconditionally. He would give up 7 million in pay this year if he wants security because if he gets hurt he is screwed for next year and longer.

    Seeing how Jerry abused Murray last year to lowball him this year has to make Dez think that he will also be used and thrown away.. and that is not an option for him. LONG term security is a multi year deal with high guarantees. I cannot blame him for that. it is not about the short term money it is about long term security!

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