Demaryius Thomas gets $35 million fully guaranteed at signing

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When you first look at the deals signed by Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant and Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas on Wednesday, they look awfully similar.

Both contracts run five years and have an average of $14 million per season, with Bryant’s $45 million in guarantees landing a bit higher than the $43.5 million in Thomas’s deal. There are significant differences about how the two deals are structured, however.

PFT has learned that Thomas has $35 million of his deal fully guaranteed at signing. It will be paid out over the first two years. Bryant has $35 million fully guaranteed, via a $20 million signing bonus and a $3 million salary in 2015 and $9 million in fully-guaranteed 2016 base salary, with the rest of the $12 million vesting next March.

Mike Klis of 9News in Denver reports, and PFT has confirmed, that the Broncos had originally offered Thomas a seven-year, $100 million pact that had $42 million in guaranteed money, but that Thomas and his agent Todd France passed because the final two years and $30 million were not guaranteed. They changed to the current deal, which guarantees Thomas’s $8.5 million salary in 2017 against injury only until early in that league year.

21 responses to “Demaryius Thomas gets $35 million fully guaranteed at signing

  1. As a Broncos fan, I can’t rationalize spending that kind of money on a wide receiver. As a human, I am really happy to see Demaryius get paid.

  2. What most likely will happen is the QB after Peyton won’t be nearly as good and then his numbers will fall way off and then they have a $15 million a year WR on the cap. Hooray!

  3. When these two don’t lead their teams to super bowl wins, who’s to blame, the WRs inability to consistently get open and make catches or the lousy QB who couldn’t get them the ball?

  4. Hey mt10425. Or should I say pea brain, you happen to check one T Romo’s season last year or do you live under a rock. Stooge

  5. Agents are finally starting to wise up. It’s not about hitting that magical 100 number that people forget in 20 minutes. It’s about instant guaranteed money paid right now.

  6. I’m happy for both of them. I hope they invest it wisely.
    Won’t win either team the Super Bowl though cause that bad boy’s going back to New England.

  7. Peyton is already breaking down and will soon retire. Then who will throw the ball to that very expensive receiver?

  8. I am a Broncos season ticket holder (jealous much, Denver beyotches? LOL). Great deal for DT. Good for him. I just wonder if Brock Osweiler will make this look like money wasted for years 2 and 3 of this contract. I think Brock will be fine, but it’s gonna be tough sledding for the first couple of years.

  9. Getting caught Red-handed (hey Redskins fans – a shout out to you) colluding with the Cowboys sure made Elway jump off of dead center mighty fast.

    Unlike the fake deflatgate, the NFL will run and hide from this serious breaking of the rules because Goodell is afraid of Jerry Jones.

  10. Hey buffalomafia, at least the Broncos have shown an ability to win THEIR division in recent memory. Have you just resigned to the fact that the bills won’t have a shot until TB12 retires? Go back to grammar school and worry about the QB you don’t have. The Broncos will be just fine.

  11. TT, guess what? When ‘boys’ fail, Dez won’t be taking responsibility. Romo with his great stats will be the fall guy. Try to understand these posts.

  12. Makes you realize how big megatrons contract was when he signed it so long ago.

    Remember when Bradford got $50 million guaranteed before putting on a jersey?

  13. So many haters out there. He is a terrific young man and one of the best receivers in the league who did not have an easy life growing up. Hope all of you enjoy your “sour grapes” you’re having for breakfast knowing the Thomas’s are eating much better than you.

  14. .
    I mean when you get paid $14 million for a years work

    why do you need anymore money the rest of the years you are living?

    Especially being in sports. you buying a few mansion that you cant even visit half the year?

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