Plaxico Burress blasts Nick Saban as a liar


After Alabama coach Nick Saban complained that some of his players look ahead to the NFL draft instead of focusing on finishing their college careers, one of Saban’s former players lashed out.

Plaxico Burress, who played for Saban at Michigan State, says that Saban is a liar who puts his own interests ahead of the interests of his players — and Burress thinks it’s only fair that Alabama players should put their needs first, too.

“I was a 19 year old kid, the man that recruited me to play for him, look me in my face and told me a lie,” Burress wrote on Twitter.

Saban quit Michigan State at the end of Burress’s final season there, jumping ship to coach LSU and not staying to coach Michigan State’s bowl game. Burress says that just before Saban left, he promised his players he wasn’t leaving.

“Saban looked his players in the face at the [Michigan State football facility], said he wasn’t leaving, ‘I’m committed to the program,’ and was gone the next day. True story,” Burress wrote.

Burress also suggested that Saban misled him about his pro prospects, apparently to get him to stay focused on playing in college instead of focusing on the NFL draft.

“Nick Saban actually told me I was a second round pick,” said Burress, who was the eighth overall pick in the 2000 NFL draft. “I recall Nick Saban telling me to stay in school finish what I started, I wasn’t 1st round pick and he left for LSU before the season was over.”

Burress told Saban of college players who look ahead to the NFL, “the kids are just chasing a dream that you were.” Burress is right about that.

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  1. If Saban was a man , he would of told him to keep his gun on safety when entering a night club.

  2. Saban lied when he was coaching the Miami Dolphins. Said he wasn’t leaving to be the coach at Alabama. Then packed his bags and left. He’s a POS just doing what’s good for him.

  3. Saban should man up and at least apologize to the Mich State players he lied to even at this late date. He was very hypocritical to tell players not to leave for the draft while he left for LSU. I can’t respect a man who does something like that. Go White Go Green.

  4. Burress isn’t the shiniest bullet in the gun, but there’s nothing about Saban that makes me believe that Plax is lying…

  5. You’re supposed to come out of college much wiser than when you went in. It sounds to me like Burress received a good education from Saban about how the real world works. Great preparation for working in the corporate world. Priceless.

  6. As Plax calls Saban a liar, Burress acts like he’s George Washington himself in regards to the cherry tree. Who wants to bet Coughlin, Cower & maybe a few other of Plax’s associates would have stories of Plaxico being less than truthful on more than one occasion.

  7. .
    Saban makes 7 million dollars per year and will probably command that salary or more for the rest of his life. Even in retirement, he’ll rake in millions of speaking fees. His income is all but guaranteed.

    Meanwhile, his 19 year old players are coming from a completely different point of reference. Nothing is guaranteed for them.

  8. Another hit piece from the voicebox of The Shield. Don’t like Saban even a little bit, but this is yet another example of this site continuously going after coaches who had the audacity to choose college over pro. I mean this is Profootball talk and this article is based around a tweet of an ex-nfl player slamming his college coach. What is the relevancy?

  9. Did anyone think college football is squeaky clean filled with noble characters who are only in it for the kids?

    College football raises millions of dollars for these big schools. It is a business and just like any other business, often the most successful are not the most ethical. The kids are a necessary evil to raise all this money. They are not the focus or the purpose.

  10. That is why he doesn’t want projections about what round players are are going to be drafted to go out until he can mess with their minds and get them to commit to “Finish what they started”, which means making him look good

  11. Not to defend Saban but look back into Burress’ past. Here in NJ when he was with the NYG he had a long history of having local contractors doing work in his tacky mansion and then stiffing them on the bill, forcing them to go to court just to get paid. He signs a contract with a local car dealership. In exchange for a few meet & greet autograph signings at the dealership they give him free use of an SUV. He never showed once. Worse he let’s one of his entourage use it and it winds up being involved in a drive-by shooting in NYC. It was held in evidence for years before the dealership claimed a total loss. Once again he’s in tax trouble. Keepin it real. Real dumb.

  12. Burress questioning anybody’s integrity is laughable…his history speaks for itself! Kudos to any college coach who trys to get a kid to stay and finish college. If a player is truly talented enough to succeed in the NFL, one or two years preparing for life after football isn’t going to hurt and will give him the tools (and a little more maturity) to help him down the road (as well as make better life decisions). Plaxico failed at life and can’t blame Saban or anyone but himself for that. Maybe if he had a degree he would now be a productive member of society who might even still be playing in the NFL!

  13. I see lots of commenters going for the low-hanging fruit with their jokes this morning. Let’s see some creativity, not the obvious.

  14. Saban is a shark for sure, but this is hardly news, just ask LSU. Odd timing for these comments (Clowney too).

  15. This situation is two-fold:

    Nick Saban agreed to remain the ball coach during Plaxico Burress’ tenure at MSU and Plaxico agreed to stay for four years.

    If Plaxico is allowed to leave early for an opportunity to better his career than Saban should be allowed the same opportunity.

    I understand there is a slight variation – Saban is being paid, Plaxico is not. However, both sign contracts and as is the American way – should be allowed the opportunity to better themselves.

  16. Saban has a single job: WIN.

    If he chooses (chose) to leave a school that’s his right, and what would he say? “Yeah I’m going to leave guys, realizing that the incoming recruits don’t wanna hear that in still saying it so everyone can feel like I’m being honest”? No.

    Yep. He’s lied a couple times about his plans – it’s possible he wasn’t entirely sure about what he wanted to do as well.

    Bottom line he’s created one of the most impressive NCAA dynasty’s ever. The players coming out of that program are elite as hell and unlike the coddled losers from UT or O$U these can ball and work their butts off.

    Thank you sensei for fat Eddie and Ha Ha. They were game-ready before OTAs ever started.

    I wish more coaches could coach players up that well…

  17. 1. Don’t take weapons into a night club.
    2. Keep the weapon on safe until you intend to fire.
    3. Those top two items I have listed are common sense.

  18. Nick Saban left the Dolphins because the team voided his signing of Drew Brees…Because the Doctor said his career was over… Who was right?

    …Not the same thing.

  19. Nothing new in this. It was well known that Saban lied at Michigan State, did the same thing at LSU, and again Miami. However I do agree with him that the draft grades the Nfl provides under classmen should be sent out after the National championship game.

  20. Saban is a scumbag. To tell that to Plaxico after the number he had put up is ridiculous. If he had decided to stay there might be merit to what he said, but he bolted the next day after he reassured the players he undoubtedly recruited that he would not be leaving Michigan State. I can’t believe that parents let their kids consider playing for him given how he walked over Jeno James while he was having a seizure.

  21. Nick Saban is in The Nick Saban business. This is a guy who just left teams chasing the cash. Michigan State, he left for Cash, LSU he left for cash, Miami Dolphins, he left for cash..
    Players need to trust you, that’s why players love playing for guys like Jack Del Rio, and JOHN Harbaugh because they got your back and FIGHT with you

  22. Nobody should ever blast plaxico. Imagine how much more insufferable pats fans would be if he missed the winning td catch and the pats won. Think about that for a second.

  23. The instant I heard the first rumor that Saban might be leaving Miami for ‘Bama, I knew it was a done deal. Lying, phony coach for a low-class university. Match made in hell.

    WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. You can rightly bust on the guy for his gun thing but you can’t deny that he’s right on this.

  25. It’s a pretty fascinating dynamic that exists between big time D1 coaches and blue chip recruits. The balance of power can shift either direction, in a single game, or on a single play. Certainly when a player gains the edge, or thinks he has, and starts looking NFL, then the coach feels weaker and less in charge. The 30 for 30 on Jim Tressel and Maurice Clarett really captures this whole psychodrama pretty well, and in their case, they both had some rough waters and have bonded a friendship. But at the end of the day, when coaches cry “Players shouldn’t chase the NFL” and players say “Coaches shouldn’t chase a bigger job” their both right, and their both wrong. When you step into the arena of sports entertainment, you’re immediately somebody else’s stepping stone.

  26. I am amazed that none of you can make a serious statement or constructive comment about this article. No you all make smart add remarks that have nothing to do with this piece, if you can’t bring an idea to the fore than shut the hell up and stop acting like a child.

  27. Can’t blame players for going pro if they have a legitimate chance. You can always go back to school to earn your degree. Since some athletes couldn’t pass an entrance exam without a good 40 time anyway, academics is usually just a burden.

  28. Saban was a mediocre coach at Michigan State in the Big Ten, then he goes to the SEC and LSU and all of a sudden he’s a genius.

    He goes to the Dolphins and fails again. Then back to the SEC at Alabama and he’s a genius again.

    This guy needs the SEC advantage of paying players to win.

  29. 100% true. All college coaches do it. It’s their job to keep a good team. Of course they are going to do what they can to prevent players from going to the NFL early. Look what Cardale Jones did by listening to his coach. What happens if they guy doesn’t even play this year. He’ll never get drafted. This year he could have been a 3rd rounder at least. Some even say a 1st rounder.

  30. Only the sleaziest of sleaziest win in the rules-be-damned SEC. Saban and Urban (at Florida) were the kings of sleaze. They would make great politicians.

  31. Saban, Petrino, Meyer…. they’re all lying dirtbags. Everyone knows it. Just wait and see, as Harbaugh is turning around Michigan, Urban Liar will run away from Ohio State and badmouth how the program has become something he didn’t like…. which is exactly what he did at Florida.

  32. Ok, totally fun to make thing of anything Plaxico does.

    But in this case, he has an excellent point. Saban is spouting off about rules that get “his players” distracted thinking about their next career step before they are finished their season.

    But if a player can have no such distraction, why can a coach. Saban has angled for an LSU job while coaching MSU, a Dolphins job while coaching LSU, and the Alabama job while coaching the Dolphins, to the point of even leaving some of those teams before their job was done.

    So it is rich for him to complain about ‘distracted’ players. If he was a college player and was allowed to, he would sign with a pro team, leave college, and start playing before the bowl game even happened.

  33. Coach Baldwin says:
    Jul 16, 2015 9:24 AM
    Nick Saban left the Dolphins because the team voided his signing of Drew Brees…Because the Doctor said his career was over… Who was right?

    …Not the same thing.


    Saban had full control of Dolphins personnel decisions. The only person able to void his decision was himself.

  34. Re: Drew Brees in Miami – the doctors would not passBrees on his physical, so the contract could not be signed.

    I am kind of sick with how the media kisses up to Saban and other college and pro football coaches. At this point, I wonder if college football and the NFL have hired ESPN as their public relations firm.

    I remember several years ago when Saban was at LSU and he made an off color joke that was off the record but got caught on tape by a reporter. Nobody ever mentions that comment or Jim Irsay and his DWI or Ziggy Wilf and Jimmy Haslem and their court cases, but the media always mentions Plax shooting himself and Ray Rice hitting his fiancée. They will never let go of these and they will probably be the first line in their obituaries.

    Point is that these college coaches and programs and NFL teams are all crooked and shady to a certain extent and it is just a question of who the media chooses to put a spotlight on and which ones they sweep under the rug.

  35. “Here at THE Ohio State we don’t have those Saban type problems. I agree with Plaxico.”

    Does the name Jim Tressel mean anything to you? There might have been a problem or two with him and OSU. I’m just sayin’…

  36. Leaving aside all the awful gun-puns everyone’s already rehashed a thousand times here… I don’t have much respect for Plaxico, but it’s hard to argue with any of what he says here. Saban has a long and well-documented history of being a lying weasel, and the more we remind the sports world of that the less damage he can do in the future to the game.

  37. Saban and the rest of the SEC practice Oversigning. That, along with paying players and not making them go to class is a huge advantage.

    Oversigning is when you offer a scholarship to more kids than you have available. How do you remedy that? You go to a junior or senior who did not delevop into a star, pull his scholarship and give it to the hot new prospect.

    the Big Ten had strict rules against this which is why Saban was just mediocre there.

    The oversigning became so bad that the NCAA finally prssured the SEC to stop. They didn’t stop, but they did cut back a lot.

    It’s no coincidence that the SEC is no longer do inant over other conferences once the oversigning stopped.

  38. floreskins says:
    Jul 16, 2015 8:14 AM
    Another hit piece from the voicebox of The Shield. Don’t like Saban even a little bit, but this is yet another example of this site continuously going after coaches who had the audacity to choose college over pro. I mean this is Profootball talk and this article is based around a tweet of an ex-nfl player slamming his college coach. What is the relevancy?
    Really? An ex NFL coach and an ex NFL WR, whom are both notorious, and you don’t think that’s relevant to talk about on an NFL website? And you think there is some conspiracy with pft and college coaches? I’ve blasted PFT for some of their story stirring and irrelevant articles, but this isn’t one of them.

  39. Head CFB Coaches in general probably lie more than any other profession known to man. Saban is the best CFB HC/liar in the business! Plex is a “straight shooter”, he tells it like it is!

  40. Even though I despise Saban, Plaxico doesn’t understand what Nick is saying. If a player is distracted by the thoughts of declaring for the draft right before and during one of the biggest games of their life, there is a good chance they will tighten up and play poorly. If it looks like you you can’t handle the pressure of a big game, that has direct negative impact on the players scouting report.

  41. Woo hoo, battle of world class D-bags… While I dislike both of them, I find Saban’s future and presence a little more intriguing than Plaxico’s knucklehead life… Saban is a good recruiter (weasel) where better athletes will dominate in college than professionally. SEC is is so over-rated and hyped that Saban had to be the poster boy. I can’t recall if they had a top 25 team win a bowl game last season.

    Saban should win every game because he has the far superior athletes, hard to imagine a great coach not winning the championship every year with that huge of an advantage. Regardless of how crooked/immoral one is to acquire it. #overrated

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