Brandon Marshall: Jets are my last stop


Wide receiver Brandon Marshall has moved from Denver to Miami to Chicago and now to the Jets over the course of his nine-year career, but he says that he’s done bouncing around.

Marshall spent some time answering questions from his Twitter followers late on Thursday night and was asked questions about how much longer he planned to play in the NFL. Marshall didn’t give a date for when he’d be putting a bow on his professional career but did say that the Jets uniform will be the last one he wears.

“If I’m cut tomorrow. I’ll retire. This will be my last team,” Marshall wrote. “After Jets I’m done.”

Should Marshall resume the string of 80-plus-catch, 1,000-plus-yard seasons that came to an end with the Bears last season, the Jets probably won’t be in any hurry to part ways with a player they have under contract through the 2017 season. Marshall will be 33 at that point, which might be too early to call it a day for both sides if he’s healthy and his productivity rebounds.

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  1. That would make me happy if you quit today….you’d be out of the news cycle for awhile.

  2. the jets are the league’s most losing franchise. historically awful… it should be the bottom of a man’s career.. no going back up from there.

  3. “If I’m cut tomorrow. I’ll retire. This will be my last team,”……..Thanks Captain Obvious!

  4. He’s right about that — the J-E-T-S are the last stop — though probably not in the way he intended it when he said it.

  5. Too bad you couldn’t put Wayne Chrebet’s head on Brandon Marshall’s body.

    Marshall has physical tools that you can’t yeah, runs good routes, decent hands, goes over the middle, big redbone target, etc. wish my Pats made a run at him given what the Jets have up for him. It was a good business move by the Jets.

    There is a reason Marshall has been to 4 teams now, never his own choice either. He has come along way from his days in Denver maturing a lot, but clearly he still has issues or is flat out not a good teammate/locker-room guy, probably both.

    Good luck Brandon, just not for 2 games in the division.

  6. Won’t be long just a matter of time you’ll see him on the sideline arguing with Gino..He’s done it every wear he’s been

  7. Dave Barnes, there are 21 teams in the NFL that have fewer playoff wins since 1998(than the Jets). Why the distortion in your brain? That also with the misfortune of having a “dynasty” run your division. Jets have more playoff wins than Bills and Fish combined in that same period. Check the KC Chiefs playoff history too. I could keep going.

  8. Bears fan here. He did a lot of good things for my team and especially in helping Alshon Jeffery develop. I think a lot of the issues that surfaced with him last year would not have happened with a competent GM and HC in place and I was one of those scratching my head at why we gave him away, essentially creating a new need in the draft that we wouldn’t have had to address otherwise.

    That all being said, I think his shelf life in the league is about two more years. I see him having a pretty good season this year in NY, then tailing off pretty significantly in 2016, after which the only question will be if he pulls the plug himself or the Jets do it for him.

  9. Brandon is a talented player. He just really needed an Agent that understood him as a person with all his behavior and mental issues. If he had an assigned “caretaker”, he could have been one of the greats. He was shipped around and never got in synch with a QB for more than a few years because of this. The great WRs generally had careers with consistency at QB.

  10. Good luck to Marshall- great receiver, I liked having him on the Bears. Brandon please play your best games twice a year against the cheaters.

  11. ncphinsfan says:
    Jul 17, 2015 9:00 AM

    The great WRs generally had careers with consistency at QB.

    The great WRs generally acted like professionals instead of divas and didn’t behave like a spoiled child.

  12. Quarterbacks that have fed Brandon Marshall: Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler (twice), Kyle Orton, Chris Simms, Chad Henne, Chad Pennington, Tyler Thigpen, Matt Moore, Jason Campbell, Josh McCown, Jimmy Clausen. There aren’t a lot of names on this list that are being considered for the HOF. Brandon probably had something to do with that with his attitude in Denver and Miami, but I only see more of the same with the Jets.

  13. Brandon Marshall is a great receiver, but also a diva. History shows he’s poison to the locker room.

    That said, I also believe Todd Bowles will be the difference maker for the Jets this year. If Marshall can’t keep from pouting with this team there will be nowhere else for him to go.

  14. Jets are the only team I have but I have to much respect for Brandon Marshall to include him in that hate.

    Mental illness is such a taboo subject in America and I applaud his efforts to get the discussion going. There’s no way it can be easy to be a spokesman for mental health.

    As long as he’s not playing against the Pats I’ll keep routing for him.

  15. Remembering him in that almost in tears interview saying “that’s my quarterback” about Jay Cutler. Last team that won with him was way back in Denver. Since then .500

  16. Most WRs are “divas” — some (won’t name any names here) more so than others. The Quarterback, clearly, is key to a wide receiver’s success. Take note of OchoUno (T.O.) in 2001 with JEFF GARCIA: 16 TDs that season. This is a pivotal time in Marshall’s career, and such a pity that he won’t have the league’s best artisan QB, Drew Brees, throwing touchdown passes to him. Godspeed, Geno!

  17. The Jets may finally turn a corner under Todd Bowles. I think he has the potential to become the next young, successful head coach in the league and he’s an instant upgrade over Wrecks Ryan. Marshall has a chance to play out his contract and retire a winner in New Jersey. Perhaps not a Super Bowl winner, but there’s a possibility of some success there, I think.

  18. Greg Jennings and his sister: I’m the greatest player on the team! I made that no good lousy QB in Green Bay and deserve to be the highest WR player in the league! I’m going to the Vikings where they appreciate a mega talent like me!!!!

    First preseason game:
    * Watches ball sail 5 feet over his head
    * Watches ball bounce off the turf 5 yards in front of him, behind him, beyond him.

    Mid Season:
    * Still watches ball sail 5 feet over his head
    * Still watches ball bounce off the turf 5 yards in front of him, behind him, beyond him.
    * Watches QB checkdown to RBs and tight ends

  19. @bassplucker: Great post bass. He’s a great receiver and a better person! Not a “diva” just a Dude with a Mental Illness! Shame we as Americans still put a stigma on Mental Illnesses! Mental Illness is a serious as Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s! But yet, for some reason we as a society don’t look at this horrible disease as the killer that it is! So I say good for Brandon Marshall, Ben Scriverns, Michael Angelakos, Wayne Brady for having the courage and humiliation to admit they have Mental Ailments, and becoming spokesmen for this Disease! Yes I am a Jet fan, but I hate the Edmonton Oilers! For taking away my NY Islanders bid for their 5th Stanly Cup in a row! But, as a NY fan I’ll take 4 Cups out of 5 Finals in a row lol

  20. PS. Welcome to the NY and the NJ area Brandon! We here in the Metro tend to be more open minded when it comes to “stigmas.” I think you’ve finally found a home that you and your Wife will enjoy and love raising your children in! You and your family will probably retire here! ( We’d love to see you on Jets post game with Ray) when you retire from football! We New Yorkers tend to not look down on people who are different. Unlike some Redneck States, you hade to unfortunately play in!

  21. All this hate from commenters on the Jets is misguided. I just keep seeing the same old “franchise is terrible” “.500 at best”. Give it a rest and actually read what’s going on in the league. The Jets finally have a solid team and they cleaned house within the organization. QB is the only unknown in the overall equation and I see Geno stepping up and delivering this year. He finally has a real opportunity this year v being drafted onto a losing team and thrown into a circus. Circus has left the town fellas; Jets are here to play football this year.

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