Jaguars discard Ace Sanders

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Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell has drafted 25 players since joining the team in 2013, but only 24 of them remain on the roster as of Friday.

The Jaguars announced that they have waived wide receiver Ace Sanders, who was a fourth-round pick in the 2013 draft.

Sanders played in 27 games during his two seasons with the Jags and caught 57 passes for 539 yards and a touchdown. He also served as the team’s main punt returner in each season, averaging 6.4 yards per return on 57 tries.

Sanders caught 51 passes as a rookie in 2013, but dropped to six last season after the Jags added several rookie receivers to the roster. Sanders also hurt himself by drawing a four-game suspension from the league for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.

The Jaguars added Rashad Greene in the fifth round of this year’s draft and he’ll join Marquise Lee, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Bryan Walters and Tandon Doss in the competition for roles in the now Ace-less receiving group. Walters, Greene and Doss could also contend for punt return duties.

27 responses to “Jaguars discard Ace Sanders

  1. Is Florio a joker for calling the cutting of Ace a discard?
    Anyway, IIRC, Doss was more than adequate as one of the returners in the rotation for Baltimore while he was here, so they should really give him a good look at those duties.

  2. 5’6″ 165 lbs.

    Reminds me of Andrew Hawkins.

    I would not use a small receiver as my #2 wr.

    Quarterbacks always have to checkdown while trying to find well defended, invisible little guys hidden behind offensive lineman and the opponent’s defense.

    Checkdowns cost time = More pressure

  3. The Jags are doing a nice job of compiling talent on the roster. If they can get rid of a contributor like Sanders, they must be confident in the WR group. Lots of size and versatility in that group now.
    If the coaching staff starts delivering the potential of all this talent they have acquired, they could be a fun team to watch for several years to come.

  4. What still is not clear is if 24 of 25 still being on the roster is a sign things are getting better or if things were so bad that anything is better.

  5. Did he just say that 24 of the 25 players Caldwell drafted since 2013 are still on the roster? That is extraordinarily good drafting – even if the Jags weren’t the most talented in the league.

  6. He was too much of a wild card and they still have a full house at WR even after the roster shuffling.

  7. Dude over acheived and made plays in that Jedd Fish Led Attack. Jedd was a very average to below average OC for NFL standards. Ace, im with you man, I don’t understand this move. You won’t be on street for long.

  8. Now only if we can discard the GM that drafted him and acquired the rest of this poor 32nd ranked roster we may eventually get over 5 wins one of these seasons.

  9. Sanders was on the bubble, but heard he has looked good recently. No reason to cut him at this point yet though, must have been another incident with him off the field or something.

  10. As a Colts fan I’m very worried about the Jags O this year intriguing and scarey. Sanders will catch on elsewhere fast. Says a lot about the Jags WR Corp. if they cut a speedy KR/PR/WR.

  11. The Jags are the worst team in the league in evaluating talent. Every team should take a close look at any Jag discards. The Ravens have obtained a good starting left tackle, an excellent middle linebacker and a superb running back from Jag cuts in recent years.

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