The full Dez Bryant deal


It was supposedly imminent for 16 days before finally getting done on the last day to do a long-term deal with a franchise-tagged player.

So how does the Dez Bryant five-year, $70 million contract with the Cowboys break down?

Glad you asked. Even if you didn’t. Here are the details:

1. $20 million signing bonus ($7 million of it is deferred until March 2016);

2. $3 million fully-guaranteed base salary for 2015;

3. $9 million fully-guaranteed base salary for 2016 (the salary reduces by $500,000 if Bryant fails to complete offseason workouts);

4. $13 million base salary for 2017, guaranteed for injury only at the time of signing and fully guaranteed if Bryant is on the roster the fifth day of the 2016 league year (the salary reduces by $500,000 if Bryant fails to complete offseason workouts);

5. $12.5 million non-guaranteed base salary for 2018 (the salary reduces by $500,000 if Bryant fails to complete offseason workouts);

6. $12.5 million non-guaranteed base salary for 2019 (the salary reduces by $500,000 if Bryant fails to complete offseason workouts).

The cap numbers are $7 million in 2015, $13 million in 2016, $17 million in 2017, $16.5 million in 2018, and $16.5 million in 2019.

As practical matter (and assuming he completes offseason workouts), Dez will make $45 million over three years, before the deal becomes a year-to-year proposition at $12.5 million for 2018, and $12.5 million for 2019, with no triggers those two years to force a decision early in the league year.

21 responses to “The full Dez Bryant deal

  1. He’s just not worth this amount of money. But the Cowboys O-line is incredibly stacked and signed, so they can blow money like it’s nothing.

  2. Down the road, the Cowboys could avoid $25 million in non-guaranteed salary payouts by cutting him after June 1st, 2017 and only take a $4 million cap hit in “dead money”. Something tells me with Dez….this will be a 3-year deal.

  3. I will guarantee they wont be paying him that 13 million in item 4. Thats why all these deals are a sham. The only items that matter are the fully guaranteed ones. NFL teams always release players or renegotiate when its time to make the boatload of money.

  4. MLB and NBA = no long term health effects and low risk of serious bodily damage = fully guaranteed contracts

    NFL = long term health risks, brain trauma, high risk of serious bodily injury = partially guaranteed contacts

    I don’t know how the NFL owners do it but they just continue to take these players to the cleaners in terms of the CBA.

  5. He won’t want to play for that amount in the last two year. He’ll be holding out, wanting more cash. Diamonds are expensive…. and necessary.

  6. Assuming he is still a top tier talent, they will convert salaries to bonuses in 2017 and 2018 to reduce the future cap hit and kick the can and ultimately cut him. I see it as a four year deal an Dez being a FA in 2019.

  7. If something happens to Tony Romo is the next three seasons (injury or ineffectiveness) this team is screwed. Look at the dead money on Tony Romo’s contract for the next three years plus the money they just gave Dez. This is it for them, their window is right now, before Romo retires.

  8. samapoc says:
    Jul 18, 2015 9:42 AM
    He’s just not worth this amount of money. But the Cowboys O-line is incredibly stacked and signed, so they can blow money like it’s nothing.
    At various points I’ve heard you can’t pat Romo that much , you can’t pay Demarco that, and now it’s you can’t pay Dez that much money. Good lord who do you pay? The offensive line in Dallas is great but you still need great skills players. Unless people think Irvin, Aikman, and Smith were not really worth it because they too had a great offensive line.

  9. So Dez got $32M over the next two years guaranteed. This deal can only be looked at as a win for Bryant, as he would have earned $12.7 M under the Franchise Tag in 2015 and $15.3M under the 2016 Franchise Tag, for a total of $28M over the same two year period. And he has the security of all $32M being guaranteed and 2017 being injury guaranteed for another $13M. If he can keep his behavior in line and play at a high level over that 3 year period that is essentially a $45M 3 year deal . . . granted if he stayed healthy and played through 3 years of the Franchise Tag he would have made about $4M more because of the third year being at the QB Franchase price via the collective bargaining agreement, but it is more likely the Cowboys wouldn’t Franchise him for that 3rd year. Nobody wants to pay a WR $21M +.

  10. So with the way a lot of these players have been acting I’d say we have about 4 days until Dez demands a new contract. 3 if he talks to Michael Bennett.

  11. I think it is a lot of money, but two things – this is the market for top WRs and Jerry is gearing everything towards winning a Super Bowl in the next 3 years. After that, Romo will either retire or be on the downside and Jerry will either be dead or be so senile that he wouldn’t know if they won the Super Bowl or went 2 – 14.

  12. Lot of money for a guy who has never won anything and had one of the biggest drops in Cowboy’s history last year.

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