49ers join the virtual reality movement, too

The list of NFL teams using virtual reality has tripled in a day.

Joining the Cowboys (who adopted the technology last month) and the Buccaneers (who announced plans to use it earlier today), the 49ers have decided to use the system developed and marketed by the company the Cowboys selected.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with STRIVR Labs, which we believe will provide another tool to augment our players’ preparation,” 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke said, via Bruce Feldman of FOXSports.com. “As all teams do, we are constantly searching for methods to better prepare us for game day. We are confident that STRIVR Labs can provide an advantage.”

The advantage could be short-lived. More teams are expected to begin using virtual reality training soon, which means that the only advantage will come from the effectiveness with which each team uses it.

52 responses to “49ers join the virtual reality movement, too

  1. It all comes down to getting the players to put in the time. With the younger players, this is a gimmick that gets them more excited about learning the playbook and stuff like that.in some ways its akin to how the military incorporates computer games into some of its training.

    Also … the VR exercises can help reduce injuries a little while educating players. This provides a way to put players through some situations without having the physical aspect of stressing joints and muscles.

    Fans should heap appreciation on the people who design the VR simulations for the coaches and teams. These heroes deserve to be treated to free meals, free drinks, and throngs of groupies. No one should mock their pale skin, giant belly, or lack of scalp hair.

  2. Virtual reality has to be better than actual reality for the niners. Although niner fans have been in their own reality for awhile now. They actually believe nobody has it better than them. Well, the last 20 Super Bowl winners had it better than you. How time flies when your winning none.

  3. I’ll say it for you… Now if they could just get a real QB, they’d be in business.

  4. If they win the virtual reality NFC West this summer people are going to have to re-evaluate all of that negative publicity about Jed, Baalke, and all of the roster change.

  5. Practice at game speed without getting hit.. Genius and will be a very useful tool. Reps with no damage.. Love it.. Kaep will be able to sit in the pocket read and know he won’t get hit. It will easily help him practice on his progressions.. To be able to look at multiple defensive packages over and over at game speed will be a huge advantage… Viewing plays at game speed over and over and take no damage is a brilliant tool and a huge advantage. You can triple your practice repetitions in half the time.

  6. I mentioned this earlier, but if virtual reality is good enough for the military I’m sure it’s good enough for the NFL. Hopefully it helps the 49ers this year!

  7. Virtual reality weight lifting, virtual reality blocking, virtual reality practice, virtual reality wins, real losses.

  8. Such a difference; VR for the QB, and you have the sense that the Niners head coach would have trouble trying to eject a VHS tape out of the machine still in 2015.

  9. Did they go online to get the cheat codes? A,B,A,C,A,X, Upper Right, Left Trigger etc to get to the virtual retirement mode?

  10. The Cleveland Browns have signed up Madden 16 for their players. Players will be given a slew of plays and formations and execute these plays to learn how to defeat opponents. The game will also teach endzone celebrations and classic moves that can be performed after gaining “first downs”.

  11. ctiggs says:
    Jul 20, 2015 9:00 PM
    Do I even have to say it?

    Nope. We know it comes with the Kam Chancellor feature to knock out all the overrated Whiner players that dare move the ball up the field.

  12. Looking at the video on the strivr website I can see how this can help rookies and players new to an offense or defensive scheme. Assuming they can model the point of view from more than just quarterbacks.

    The possibilities too are really cool. Instead of instant replay imagine if in game cameras captured a play and you could watch it again later from the point of view of any given player. That would be big.

  13. You guys joke about Madden …

    If I were a coach and I could customize Madden to my team’s current plays and audible schemes … yes, I’d want my players to have access to that game. If playing a custom version of Madden helped my team quickly memorize all of the calls they need to learn, I’d organize Madden tournaments. I’d throw Madden parties.

    Best case scenario (with help from the game) when we set foot on the practice field … every player already knows every play and all of the possible audible calls. That mental part of the game is covered. The time on the field focused on the next level of learning.

    But you’d be amazed who won’t bother doing the work, no matter how you offer it to them. You can’t want success for someone more than they want it for themselves.

  14. Without VR: 4-12
    With VR: 4-12

    Little Jed throws temper tantrum in January, fires everybody. With class, of course.

  15. It’ll be helpful, especially for the players needing the extra work. Who knows, for some players it may have some effect, for a few it could be a huge game changer…im interested to see how it all works out

  16. You don’t need technology to beat STL. Score 2TD’s and we’ll never catch you.

  17. In addition to selecting the wrong QB in the 2015 draft, it looks like the Bucs selected the wrong VR company too. I’m guessing the one the Bucs chose was the less expensive option, they’re famous for pinching pennies over there.

  18. Half the comments are Seahack bandwagoners who didn’t know that Seattle had a football team till the Fail Mary game FACT.

    What’s more hilarious is they’re jealous of the city (Santa Clara) that the San Francisco 49ers play in because their team comes from a PODUNK town most people in the country forget about.

    As Al Michaels once said “If you play in Seattle, to the rest of the country you might as well play in Bulgaria”.

  19. Couple years from now the patriots will be accused and convicted of more than likely hacking into other teams VR and cheating.

  20. The reality is that, while teams passed on Brady & Rodgers ( 7 teams actually drafted QB’s) the 9ers were the ONLY team to draft a QB ahead of BOTH Brady & Rodgers. 2 NorCal guys that loved the 9ers.

    2000- Let’s take Giovanni Carmozzi from Hostra, who now owns a NY deli selling pastrami & aged provolone. Who is Brady?

    2005 – Let’s take Alex Smith, a game managing QB that will never win a SB. Forget Rodgers.

    Since 2000 here’s the reality. 9ers have started at QB:

    Garcia, Rattay, Dorsey, Pickett, A Smith, Dilfer, S Hill, C Weinke, JT O’sullivan, Troy Smith and now Kaepernick.

    Virtual? No. That’s some harsh reality.

  21. Use these to run through tentative game plans – determine what works, what doesn’t work, which plays need more reps in practice.

  22. BREAKING NEWS: Seadderall running back Marshawn Lynch has been seen at the five yard line still waiting for the handoff. Will he or will he not get the ball for the game winning TD against the Patriots? Stay tuned.

  23. Bravo! This V-R device will make the 49ers better players on & off the field.

    If only they had this technology in place earlier as a preventive measure to keep Ray McDonald & Ahmad Brooks from indulging their taste for a bit of…

    #The old Ultra-Violence
    #The old In-out, in-out


    Beethoven’s 9th

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