Lawsuit filed against NFL over Tony Romo’s canceled convention

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The NFL recently shut down the fantasy football convention that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had planned to host in Las Vegas. And now the organizers of the event are fighting back.

According to Darren Rovell of, Fan Expo LLC sued the NFL in Dallas on Monday, alleging that the NFL illegally interfered with the event by forcing its cancellation.

On one hand, it’s no secret that NFL players are prohibited from hosting events at casinos. On the other hand, the NFL allegedly engaged in some heavy-handed tactics that could get a judge or a jury to find a way around the policy, especially since Romo’s event wasn’t slated to be held within a casino itself.

For example, the lawsuit alleges that an NFL executive called the mother of Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to say her son would be fined or suspended if he showed up at the event. The lawsuit also alleges that the NFL threatened Michael Fabiano of NFL Network with termination of his employment if he followed through with his plan to participate in the event.

The league had no comment to Rovell on the lawsuit. Eventually, the league will have to comment in court, possibly starting with an effort to dismiss the case based on the notion that Romo was barred by rule from hosting it. If that effort fails and the discovery process begins, there could be plenty of interesting nuggets of testimony that come from plenty of depositions in advance of what would be a potentially compelling trial in open court.

39 responses to “Lawsuit filed against NFL over Tony Romo’s canceled convention

  1. The NFL called Odell Beckham Jr.’s mother… wait, what?!
    Is this real life???

  2. How many times will you try to bite the hand that feeds you??? The NFLPA should realize that without the NFL, most of its members would be on welfare or in jail!

  3. Lmao. Good i hope the NFL gets their heads handed to them. They deserved to be sued out the wazoo.

    Props to them for having the stones to sue these scammers that run the NFL.

  4. Next week on Ballers, Spencer Strasmore gets a disturbing call from the league office about Rickey Jerret’s upcoming appearance at the Seminole Hard Rock and Casino Fantasy Football Exposition.

    The show just writes itself.

  5. So NFL fans will now have an opportunity to expand their legal education so such fun topics as Tortious Interference.

    The NFL seems to be running a Legal Topic of the Month Club.

  6. This is the problem with Goodell never having real consequences for his actions.

  7. NFL buys into betting site but deters it’s players from Casinos ? Automatic win here for the people that decided to sue. I would go as far as this is a shut and dry case of harrassment and bullying on part of the NFL. The league is starting to make the old Mafia look like school boys Now Billionaires tKe the money legally.

  8. This just doesn’t sound right. As much as Beckem runs his mouth this surely would’ve come out a long time ago if true.

  9. The NFL knew about this months in advance and waited until fans got their travel tickets, hotels, etc. and THEN decided to say something.

    I am actually surprised the NFL doesn’t ban all fantasy sports because it is the likeness of its players…just saying

  10. As usual the NFL handled it about as bad as possible.
    But it`s far from a cut and dry court case.
    The players aren`t just barred from hosting events in a casino. Casino property and any property with ties to gambling is in writing.It`s not that easy to get around.This is probably more about getting a settlement that actually going to court.

  11. An “NFL executive” called OBJ’s mother to say he would be fined or suspended? You must mean Frankenhead Mara.

    Any event associated with NFL players where the NFL is NOT getting a cut of the $ apparently isnt OK.

    Mara should lose draft picks for being a sally and calling Beckham’s mommy to tattle on him. What a tool Mara is.

  12. sunset145 says:
    Jul 21, 2015 5:06 PM
    How many times will you try to bite the hand that feeds you??? The NFLPA should realize that without the NFL, most of its members would be on welfare or in jail!


    If you would read the article you would see it’s not the NFLPA suing. Fan Expo LLC are the ones suing, the hosts of the event.

    Are you one of these clowns that believe and trust the league is in the hands of competent individuals?

  13. Good for Romo, a kid who has kept his nose completely clean his whole career and goodell puts the screws to him. Why didn’t goodell simply let him know beforehand it wasn’t a good idea, the NFL knew about it.

  14. sdnative1904 says:
    Jul 21, 2015 5:32 PM
    Fantasy Nerd Convention: CANCELLED
    Nice font.

    Sorry your friends didn’t invite you into their league

  15. I think there may be a new money making opportunity here. Plan something, incorporate something, develop something, use NFL players in something that may be marginally profitable. As soon as Goodell and his minions smell that there may be 5¢ not going into their pocket, they will illegally force you into shutting it down. Then WHAM, hit they with a law suit.
    Its a perfect plan because you know that greedy bugger Goodell will try and get his hands on everything. His attitude is, “Well I may not have thought of it yet, and I wasn’t the first to think about it but I was going to think of it, so its mine.”

  16. Goodell and the NFL are taking lessons from fellow mafia godfathers that are Sepp Blatter and FIFA and the IOC.

  17. The NFL acts like the mafia or the heads of a communist state. How silly to cancel the convention. How Machiavellian. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  18. #1. Good.
    #2. All the commenters blaming this on Romo, the NLFPA and the Cowboys did you read the article at all? A completely separate LLC is suing the NFL. Did you really not make it past the 2nd paragraph?
    #3. No wonder Goodell stole $1M from the Patriots. They need all the help they can get paying off all these lawsuits.

  19. All these comparisons between the mafia and the NFL are totally unfair. To address all of the reasons they are totally off base the NFL’s new Head of Fan Interaction, Jimmy “No Neck” Marone, and his two associates, the Goomba Twins, will be happy to come to your house for an in depth discussion.

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