After Bill O’Brien calls him out, Jaelen Strong shapes up


At the Texans’ rookie minicamp on May 9, coach Bill O’Brien said he needed his young players to get into better shape, and he singled out Jaelen Strong as someone who really needed work on his conditioning. Strong listened.

Strong wrote on Twitter that he weighed 231 pounds at rookie minicamp but is now down to 211.

“Time to eat,” Strong added.


It’s not exactly the healthiest thing for Strong to yo-yo from 217 pounds in February at the Combine, to 231 in May, to 211 today. But showing up to training camp will likely make O’Brien happy. On a team that lost leading receiver Andre Johnson, Strong will be expected to get plenty of playing time as a rookie. Getting into better shape will give him a better chance of making that happen.

7 responses to “After Bill O’Brien calls him out, Jaelen Strong shapes up

  1. Honestly texans fans to me this would be pretty concerning. While I understand you party some after your interviews when waiting to be drafted and after. But Gaining nearly 15lbs doing so in such a short period of time is no easy task. If the kid doesn’t buckle down right away and stay in shape it could spell bad bad news in his work ethic department.

    This isn’t about regular people gaining weight it’s about professional “athletes” and their ability to take their profession serious and that means for someone like strong to showcase his worth and how thankful he is to have been drafted and be on an NFL roster.

    What someone won’t do, somebody else will. A UDFA wants your job more than you at this current stage. That being said strong is a very talented player who I think will figure it out and be a stud addition to their team.

  2. With proper application of nutrition and training, you can drop or add 1.5-2% a week.

    Now factor that these guys are professional athletes who have all the best “vitamins” & available nutritional help, the gains/losses aren’t a surprise to anyone who is serious about fitness/working out/bodybuilding.

  3. 14 lbs from the Combine to May (3 months) is not that bad, considering how often he was on planes to visit teams and how little consistency he had in his routine. And once you get on the kick, dropping 20 lbs in another 2-3 months is not bad, especially for an elite athlete. You have to figure the first 7-10 lbs were water weight that could come off quickly. Net result is 6 lbs lighter than his Combine weight, so not a big deal. I bet if you looked at all of the rookies that are in high demand during draft season, you would see a lot of this fluctuation. If it happens every year, there could be a problem, or if he starts ballooning during the season. But I wouldn’t worry much.

  4. Just 231, shucks, he’s a light weight compared to Kelvin Benjamin. It’ll be interesting to see what Benjamin does.

    Bet he still reports over 250 entering camp.

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