Settlement talks have occurred in Brady case


When a suspended player exercises his appeal rights, a settlement is always possible. In the case of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his four-game suspension for doing whatever he did in relation to the #DeflateGate controversy, a league source tells PFT that settlement discussions have indeed occurred.

To date, no progress has been made toward a deal. While it remains possible that something could be worked out, it would be unexpected.

Per the source, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is being pushed by a small handful of influential owners to hold firm on the four-game suspension. Working against that pressure, however, is the fear that the four-game suspension would be wiped out by a federal court.

Attorney Gregg Levy, who was one of the finalists for the job Goodell received in 2006, participated in the Brady appeal hearing as a legal consultant to the Commissioner. It’s believed that Levy has been warning Goodell that it will be difficult to make a suspension stick in court, even under the heightened standard that applies to challenging the outcome of a private arbitration agreement.

So while there’s still no good way out of this mess for Goodell, the safest course for him personally would be to hold firm and to force a court to reduce the suspension — since Goodell suffers little or no P.R. consequence when one of his disciplinary decisions is reduced or wiped out by someone else.

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  1. Wouldn’t this only prove that Goodell is unfit to serve as an independent arbitrator? If he has skin in the game, a real court should see right through it and overturn the ruling immediately.

  2. Oh wow a super secret coaliton of owners that want 4 games despite a lack of cause or precedent. How long could this take to crack: Woody Johnson (petrified of Tom Brady), John Mara (has been speaking for the commissioner for months now and thinks he owns the NFL), Jim Irsay (convinced the Colts are going to cruise back to the AFCCG and has a history of manipulating league policy) and maybe… Jerry Jones (plays New England week 4).

    There you go. Took forever to crack.

  3. How do you explain other owners pushing Goodell to hold suspension, Mr. Kraft? According to you, the NFL is a partnership of all 32 clubs. If that was the case the owners should be pushing Goodell for justice and integrity of the shield. It certainly does not seem that way here.

  4. Goodell is going to let this go to court so it looks like he still has a back bone, which he obviously doesn’t. He’s doing a lousy job for all the money he is making.

  5. Still haven’t seen any evidence that Brady asked or demanded that footballs be inflated or deflated to a certain PSI. In fact, the evidence actually points to the footballs losing pressure because the temperature dropped–nothing more.

    The NFL should apologize and both they and Brady should just move on and get ready for football.

  6. This is what happens when your so-called “leader” is nothing more than an empty suit and a soundbite. Goodell has no internal compass, no sense of what a leader is supposed to do. Rather than set a course and get others to follow, he goes where the wind blows. Right now, he’s just waiting to see which way the wind will lead him. Will the owners of the teams opposed to the Patriots push him to go north? Will logic push him south? Will he go west because that offers the least resistance? Who knows?

    The one thing we do know: he’s the worst commissioner in sports.

  7. I think he does suffer bad PR from his decision. Actually he will suffer, whichever way he rules. Dumb ass.

  8. What a surprise (not), owners of other teams want the 4 game suspension to hold up, especially AFC team owners (specifically in the AFC EAST).

    The NFL is taking so long on this because NFL administrators know they will lose in Federal Court, and they don’t know how to save face.

    I realize Brady has ‘some, if not all’ knowledge of this “deflategate” issue, but he has a winning gavel if he pushes far enough, and Brady has been made well of that by his side.

    Once again, Goodell has positioned himself into a no-win situation by over-sentencing an equipment violation (normally a $25,000 fine).

  9. Keep the suspension, Roger. People want to see Brady take this to court and expose the fraud and corruption in the NFL’s front offices.

  10. There are NFL owners that are fed up with the Pats cheating too. Maybe the best option is to vote Kraft out of the league. These people have lost their privilege to be an NFL franchise. Enough is enough!

  11. That small number of owners (3): Just End The Season Jets Jets Jets, D’olts, Rave-Uns. The other 29 don’t want the to risk the NFL become the first major sports league to lose control of its own disciplinary (or worse, loss of antitrust protection) in the imminent Brady versus NFL. Sooner or later, the 29 owners who run the league will figure out that any progress starts with firing Goodell.

  12. It’s more probable than not the “small handful” consists of The Rooney’s (Steelers), The Pegulas (Bills), Shahid Khan (Jaguars), and Jerry Jones (Cowboys)

  13. BS. Do the Right thing Roger and do not pander to jealous owners. Their reputation isn’t being trampled on its Tom Brady’s life’s work that’s on the line.

  14. Are you sure there will be little or no PR consequences if he lets this drag out? If they lose in 6 months, that’s 6 more months of bad publicity. If he gets this done now, even if he looks soft, that’s the end of it.

  15. Let’s see, the small handful of owners must include the likes of those named Irsay, Johnson, Ross, Pegula, Rooney, Bisciotti and Bowlen. Shocker. Let it go to Federal Court, the NFL front office will be the laughing stock of the sports world.

  16. So, they are willing to stand their ground, cover their butts, save their cushy jobs and pander to the pitchfork and torch public crowd. All I can say is thank God Roger Goodell was not General MaCarthur in 1942, Patton in North Africa in 1943 or Eisenhower on that foggy rainy evening of June 5, 1944- we’d all be speaking German now if we had such a coward in the dark days. What a disgrace this man is!

  17. I hope this “small” group of owners (read Irsay, Woody & Biscotti) won’t mind giving up their first round draft picks next year when Mother Nature curses the balls prepared by their teams to fall outside the acceptable psi range.

    This is going to turn into a major embarssement for the league when ether cold weather comes next year and it is proven that all of the balls fall under 12 psi. It will then be proven that Goodell was more interested in taking sides in a pissing match between owners than holding up the basic principle of fairness.

  18. This is not going to end well for the anti Brady/Pats folks. We probably won’t see Brady for NFL Kickoff 2015, but he’ll be back sometime in September.

  19. Lawsuit Lawsuit Lawsuit!

    I really hope Brady nails Goodell. I don’t like Brady, I think he’s smug, arrogant and, has greatly benefited from having one of the best coaches in Bill Belichick. He never won a SB without a top tier defense

    But the science says he did nothing wrong. The lack of documentation is suspect. The fact that the Wells report has been deemed plagued with errors one would expect of a 10th grade physics student should be evidence enough. This was a sting that they failed to prove. They expected people to roll over because they are the big NFL.

    Even if you hate Brady, you should still support his suspension being overturned. This isn’t just a fairness thing. It’s a workers’ rights thing now. No employer should be allowed to jerk around employees like this.

  20. You can not stop the combo of Brady, Gronk, Edelman, LaFell, This group dismantled Seattle’s defense. 31 NFL owners know this. They want parity in the NFL. If Tom Brady, the greatest QB of all time, plays, then parity is impossible because Tom Brady does not lose football games.

  21. Tom Brady never told anyone to deflate any footballs! How dare anyone say he did, he’ll take this to the Supreme Court if he has to!

    …but please, sir, can we settle? Right.

  22. Tom Brady didn’t have to cheat, but anyone with even an ounce of common sense knows “no one touches or tampers with a pro QB’s footballs”. Only NE patriots would say otherwise. Brady and patriots will always be looked at in the same light as our other “Fallen Hero’s” …Lance Armstrong, Pete Rose, steroid fueled baseball players, the list goes on and on. They all were very good at what they did, but the truth will finally come out and they all cheated to get an edge and that’s how they will be judged in the end….”Fallen Hero’s….

  23. Shouldn’t the decision be made based on the facts? Why is Goodell even talking to other owners?

    I think it would be obvious all other owners want Brady suspended. It gives their teams a competitive advantage and is obviously a biased viewpoint. I wonder if those 4 owners happen to play the pats the first 4 games.

    The thing I don’t like about all of these suspensions is that it is benefiting other teams based on the luck of the schedule. And Maybe there is no luck? It is creating unfair and uneven playing field that is completely being controlled by the league.

  24. I can’t believe Brady would settle for anything less then full exoneration. Goodell shouldn’t let other owners influence his decision. He wanted the appeal and now doesn’t know what to do, are you kidding me. When there is no proof, admit you made a mistake and end this charade.

  25. Hmmm… small group of owners, well let’s guess who that is, obviously Steve Bisciotti comes to mind, The Ravens have been butt hurt over the Patriots for years and Bisciotti is a known Goodell confidant. Ol’ Woody Johnson must be in that small group too, The Jets have been so butt hurt over the Patriots, the mere mention of them sends the team and their fans into convulsions. I guess the other suspects would be the other AFC East teams. The Broncos come to mind, Pat Bowlen, you know John Elway is walking into the meeting with the owner flashing that donkey grin and saying “We need tom out as long as possible.” Can’t beat them on the field, well we’ll try to beat them off of it! the funny thing is they wont! Go to court, expose the NFL for the absolute joke it’s league office is. The NFLPA smells blood in the water!

  26. There actually is an obvious way out for Goodell.

    He should throw Ted Wells under the bus. Wells has no pull. He is an expensive hireling. Goodell should say that, upon careful review, he has determined that the Wells Report offers conclusions that are not supported by the evidence.

    Even if some owners are hard-line, it will be difficult for them to maintain that it is correct to punish an innocent man.

    This approach is as close to putting Goodell into the clear as he is going to get.

  27. Really this just shows you how much of a farce the NFL’s process is. Its a total scam.

  28. Geez Brady/Pats. Man up already. Kraft already threw in the towel. Why are you going against your boss and the rest of the coherent world?

  29. And paving the way for the biggest defamation suit in the history of pro sports ( not to be confused with the separate court case regarding the suspension itself)

    Those ‘influential owners’ ….. Jealous pigs

  30. End this farce asap…reduce Brady’s suspension to zero games and admit the investigation was seriously flawed, at best.

    And if the above doesn’t rile up the hater trolls enough: Washington should immediately dump their currently racist name and change it to the Warriors.

  31. Yeah, well, if I made $40 million last year, I wouldn’t actually give a rat’s ass about P.R. or what anyone else thought. I would feel free to do the right thing. Period.

    You breaka da rule, you paya the penalty. Damn, that was simple. Where’s my $40 mil?

  32. Basically, “Brady, Hardy each suspended four games” is a Tweet that doesn’t look great for the NFL, regardless of how one feels about the deflation matter.

  33. Goodell is looking for an exit strategy because he knows he will get destroyed in court AGAIN. The NFL would never offer to settle a case that they thought they would win. A sure sign of the weakness in the NFL’s case.

    Prediction: the suspension gets wiped out and Brady gets fines $100,000 for not cooperating. Like it should have been from the start…

  34. Let me guess on the teams wanting the suspension upheld: Pittsburg – So they don’t get thier butt kicked week 1, Indy because they started and want to have edge in Homefield, ditto for Denver…Jets, Bills and Miami to round out the Legion of douches

  35. Regarding the belief that Goodell suffers no PR consequence when he decisions are overturned in court or by his own people…I’ve been reading online for reaction to the Hardy decision, and more people than you’d believe are pissed that it happened. In fact the NY Post even called Goodell out for hiding behind this as a way to look tough.

    So, I don’t know. Maybe it’s me, but I think the tide is turning in that department. Regardless, it’s a lose-lose here for NFL/Goodell

  36. If the Goodell reduces that cheaters suspension even one minute this 35 year fan is done with NFL football and i’m taking my 6 month old son with me. Cheaters aren’t supposed to prosper.

  37. Yes, it’s easier to waste time and money in court than to admit when one is simply wrong.

  38. There is no incentive for Goodell to reduce when the nflpa says they will fight any decision in court. Also, there is no reason to reduce logically absent new evidence.

  39. Municipality CBA’s are generally very difficult to get on to the Federal court floors, Private CBA’s are literally impossible. Just go ask A rod

  40. When Kraft caved, he said the interests of the one cannot supersede the interests of the 32. He should go back on that if these “influential” owners keep being so selfish. Let’s guess who might be pushing to keep at 4 – hmmm. Rooney (Steelers versus Pats in week 1); how about Jones (week 4)?

    Disgrace and embarrassing on so many levels. Ed Werder said yesterday more and more of his sources are now concerned that Brady is telling the trust and/or that they do not have the necessary proof on Brady and he will likely win if he has to go to court (similar to what Florio notes Levy is advising the commissioner/league).

    I say keep it at 4 (or do whatever you are going to do) Roger and let’s move on so Brady can get temporary injunction and eventually prevail in court.

    What a mess…

  41. If this is true, this is extremely embarassing for the Commissioner. It flags concerns that the NFL case against Brady isn’t strong enough to hold up in Federal Court and the prospect of a massive damages claim by the Brady camp scares the hell out of some owners.
    It also flags that the NFL owners are fractured re the handling of the matter and explains why our $44M per year Commissioner is dithering and unable to make a decision.

  42. See you in court Goodell. Make the decision on your own already. Why let a few owners influence your decision?

    Fire this clown already.

  43. Why would a small group of owners push for Goodell to stick to the 4 game suspension. They don’t know what was disclosed during the 10 hour appeal.

    Or do they? And who would have told them? None other than the inept commissioner himself!

    Another reason this buffoon needs to step aside and just go away forever.

  44. I’m really running out of things to say about Goodell and the NFL.

    Whatever they do I can guarantee it’s completely bungled.

  45. Goodall has an opportunity to get out of this thing with just a small measure of embarrassment; That is accept the science that indicates that cold weather reduces the air poundage in the footballs. To do this he MUST throw the Wells report in the trash.

  46. So they are being told by legal counsel they will probably lose in court yet they continue to push the issue. That is really going to help them if Brady decides to file a defamation lawsuit. They have certainly demonstrated malice between that, the Mortenson report, the NDA regarding pressures and numerous other examples. When it is said and done, this could end up costing the NFL hundreds of millions of dollars. The other owners need to wake up and put pressure on the commissioner to end this mess.

  47. Let me guess the handful of owners …. Colts Ravens Jets Dolphins Bills Broncos and Rams Panthers Eagles Seahawks …. All consistently beaten by the Pats on the field and in the Super Bowls ….. Stop crying like little girls and hoping to keep Brady off the field with Trumped up silliness about air pressure …..

  48. The only thing that can happen for the NFL to save face and recieve less backlash from the fans/media/players union is to make someone else (ie judge) to exhonerate Tom Brady. This is just a waste of time talking about it, or reading about it…It took the NFL less than a day to come out with the alligation in Jan, it took them 6 months to investigate it, it took them 5 days to come to a conclusion and it will take over a year to have it thrown out.They work on a time schedule that benefits the NFL..this has gotten beyond incompetent

  49. I wonder what the reaction of the pft crowd would be if Kraft was leading a small group of owners on pressuring Godell to punish one of his fiercest competitors….of course outrage and dismay

  50. Let it go to court. I would love to see that, everyone knows Brady is guilty of ordering the balls to be deflated and of not cooperating with the investigation (enough to warrant the suspension right there no matter what love-sick Brady fans think).

  51. In other words, do the WRONG THING FOR PR REASONS. Yeah, that sounds like Goodell. Does it ever cross Goodell’s feeble mind to do the right thing? The right thing, like the truth, is always explainable. Goodell just has a revulsion to doing the right thing. He’d rather hold his finger in the air and see which way the wind blows. What a disastrous hack Goodell is.

  52. If Goodell is being influenced by a small group of owners it will clearly show he is not being neutral nor open-minded about this appeal.

    Another reason why the Commish will be absolutely destroyed if this ever goes to Federal Court.

  53. These are our terms Brady. You can play with your deflated balls all you want but the Patriots are banned from the playoffs bro

  54. This is what happens when politics interferes with justice. How Goodell is “perceived” should have no bearing on this what so ever. That being said, we all know that “perception” is the great motivator for him. What a clown.

  55. So now we know why Goodell is dragging his feet, again…

    What ever happened to just doing the right thing?

    If you know you’re wrong, if you know you will lose in court, just do the right thing.

  56. So owners that were not in the room for the appeal and that probably did not even read the smear report have final, indirect say on punishment? Your league source is an idiot for talking to you because that is yet another nugget to use in court once this finally hits the bench.

  57. If the Courts continually overturn Goodell’s decisions then he does suffer from a P.R. perspective. It shows everyone that he’s not making the correct decisions!

  58. I wonder what the voices in Roger’s head are telling him.

    Whatever it is, he should do the opposite.

  59. “Commissioner Roger Goodell is being pushed by a small handful of influential owners to hold firm on the four-game suspension.”

    Aaaaaand there it is. The insane jealousy and contempt certain other teams have for the Patriots organization is a more powerful factor than what’s true or what’s right.

    Next, these owners will demand Tom Brady be thrown in a well to see if he floats.

  60. Why is it about what is best for Goodell? Why isn’t it about what is the right thing to do? What happened to integrity, to fair and open?

  61. Until Brady and Kraft comply fully there should be no deal made. You cannot withhold information and then ask for a light penalty- thats the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. During the appeal Brady could have shown his phone and complied- he refused a second time. Hold strong, go to court, lets see ALL the evidence and then make a decision. That seems like the fair way to do this regardless of what a courts ruling is. But Wells and Goodells hands are tied. They cant see Brady’s phone, they cant interview JJ or JM again, so how do we honestly expect them to make a fair decision at this point?

  62. Cowboys, Redskins and Saints could b e three of the four

    Goodell has painted himself into a corner. To save face, he must lose in court, which only makes going to court more attractive to the NFLPA and other players.

    Or put more plainly, in order not to appear weak and capricious, he has to have the court find him weak and capricious.

  63. I disagree. The safest course is to say that after reviewing scientific literature the NFL wants to review air pressure in footballs throughout the season and insure that there are no extraneous factors the Wells report did not consider. As such, all findings and disciplines will be put on hold.

    Goodell should go further and say that Tom Brady’s reputation is stake so he wants to ensure that the findings are as accurate as possible. He does not to unjustly hurt his name.

    He should further state that if it turns out anyone in the NFL front offices colluded to intentionally cause harm to the Patriots, their players or their staff, that severe penalties will result.

    That will douse the fires for now and give Goodell 9 months to figure things out.

  64. If Goodell is smart he will reduce the suspension to two games and maybe a hefty fine and then move on. If this gets dragged into court he and the NFL could end up looking like idiots. JMO.

  65. I just pray that the next time the league turns to Kraft for help it is the four “influential owners” who need the help and Kraft tells them to go pound sand.

    Any guess as to who he four jealous owners are?

    Woody Johnson
    I’m sure is one

  66. I wonder if by saying what I just wrote that Ted Wells might be sleeping a little less easy knowing that he could be thrown under a bus, and maybe be required to return part of his ridiculous paycheck?

  67. Of course, I believe Brady was actively advising the staff to deliver balls to the officials right on the 12.5psi line and even below. I have no doubt 100% of the time they were passed by the crew. All legal. To accuse him of being an accessory to post inspection tampering has no grounds. If I were Brady I would accept nothing short of full exoneration.

  68. If Goodell holds up the suspension because of a few owner that hate the Pats then he’s dumber than we all thought. First thing he should do si be preemptive for once and vacate the suspension, fine Brady for his alleged non cooperation and be done with it so the NFL can get on with the season. Secondly, find out why all the inflammatory leaks continuously leaks regarding deflategate keep coming from his office. It would be interesting in court when Brady asks for all the electronic records of Goodell, Kensil, Vincent and Wells would look like and of which he has every right to do.

  69. Drop the case or lose. No matter what Roger does now it doesn’t matter. A judge will overturn his decision and he’ll look like a fool for being so over-the-top on such a weak issue that lacks any proof in the first place.

    This entire ordeal is a complete sham with millions being wasted in the Wells report and many more thousands to take it before a judge. Lunacy.

  70. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you, the next commissioner of the National Football League: Attorney Gregg Levy.

    He managed to get his name inserted into a story that indicates that he is the only adult in the room. Well done, sir.

  71. I would have bet anything in Jan. that Roger couldn’t use this as PR until next season. I was wrong.

  72. So, a “handful of influential owners” (let me venture a guess, most of them in the AFC) want one of the top teams in the NFL, a likely postseason lock and perennial SB contender, to play without their marquee QB for a quarter of the season. All for the good of the league, of course….
    That revelation of conflict of interest alone should be enough for Brady’s lawyers to demand that Goodell disclose all his records on the topic, should the case go to court, since this has to do with how the penalty was assessed, not the original alleged infraction.

  73. I’ve been trying to tell you that Brady is on very solid legal ground.

    To all of you who disagree, please try thinking of it this way:

    What would you do if your employer docked 25% of your annual pay for a workplace infraction, but your employer didn’t have any evidence that you actually did anything wrong, even though your employer set up a sting operation and tried its best to catch you red-handed?

    What do you think a court would say about that? Collective bargaining agreement or no collective bargaining agreement, the NFL’s position is ludicrous.

    Come on. Just use common sense.

  74. This statement “since Goodell suffers little or no P.R. consequence when one of his disciplinary decisions is reduced or wiped out by someone else” makes absolutely no sense. It is just plain idiocy if you keep losing in court and your game plan is to keep going back to court to let someone else do what you should have done. How long will it be, if it already hasn’t, before this method backfires and everyone starts looking at the buffoon using this philosophy. Remember the definition of insanity is repeating your actions and expecting a different outcome.

  75. How can a fair and balanced process include owners (patriots opponents) including the owner of the team that accused (colts) the pats?

  76. Doodell didn’t have a problem screwing over Kraft when this all happened. Now that there is no guilt on Brady’s or the Patriots part he should just do the right thing, and to hell with the “influential owners” (let me guess who they are).

  77. So, this means that it is not yet “practicable” to release results not yet concluded. I will now be surprised for the results to be announced unless Brady accepts something, which would mean he would be under suspension as the league season commences if he does not. Leverage NFL.

  78. However they stage this the one point is clear. The taint [franchise and brady] is real and the serial cheating has to stop in boston.


  79. This is such a mess. I’m not a Goodell fan but I think 4 games needs to stick. I don’t see how the court can rule in complete innocence without having his cell phone or talking to the ball boys. Why have neither of them come forward? They were fired… I’m surprised somebody like TMZ didn’t track them down and offer them money to publically talk.

  80. I bet one of those owners is Irsay. Roger is about to learn that just because an owner is under the influence does not mean he is influential.

  81. My personal opinion is, if Goodell (and his lawyers) believe the evidence is concrete and the process is sound, and together they support a 2 or 4 game suspension, then why negotiate a settlement? Why not make that decision and go to court if need be, because winning that case would be huge for Goodell and the league? What do they have to gain by negotiating a settlement?

  82. No need to mention who the “owners’ are. No integrity there! And, ahem, isn’t that what this is all about? (Supposedly?) Court will squash this and Goodell can then say to his little cabal, “I tried.” Sad, sad, sad day for the fans of the game when all this was started by someone so desperate to beat the one team off the field that they can’t beat on the field.

  83. There is a way out for Goodell. Come clean. Vacate the penalties to Tom and the Patriots and admit the missteps by the league from the start of this case. He saves more face that way than sticking to his guns and then having a federal judge strike down everything.

  84. Goodwill– Be a MAN, Do the right thing and just overturn everything! The “plan” backfired and anyone who has actually paid attention to the facts and has any common sense can see that nothing has been proven other than Mother Nature played you for a fool!

  85. “A small contingent of influential owners” I wonder who that mob might be? Take a wild guess! Jets. Colts, Ravens, and cowboys come to mind. Maybe Dolphins too? Brady is so obviously innocent given the bogus evidence (except to those with personality disorders on most comment sites). Theses NFL owners are the modern day Mafia. If someone gets in their way for too long you rub them out. Kevin Costner needs to do a movie about this, exposing the NFL as the greedy billionaires who hold up cities for hundreds of millions to build stadiums they could easily build themselves. They steal from the public and give us this sham of a proceedings. Brady gets complete exoneration in Federal court where real evidence must be presented.

  86. the only thing deflategate is about at this point is roger escaping this mess he created without looking like a complete fool. Not about rule breaking, all about his ego.

  87. NFL owners lobbying over the disciplinary decision of a player on another team????
    Banana Republics have nothing on the NFL Justice Dept.

  88. This mess serves him right. He has made a mess since he got the job and needs to go before he ruins the game, which he is well on his way to doing. I agree Brady probably knew, but you can’t levy discipline based on probably.

  89. Working against that pressure, however, is the fear that the four-game suspension would be wiped out by a federal court.

    Therein lies the problem. Jealous owners putting self-interest ahead of the League.

  90. In other words, Goodell and his hapless lackey Ted Wells are afraid to lose face by being exposed in federal court as a couple of dolts. Toward that end, Goodell is pleading with Brady to accept a one-game suspension and let it go.

  91. I would bet my last buck that it’s the same Owners that started the complaint of under inflation in the 1st place! Just off the top of my head….Jets, Ravens, Colts and possibly Denver.

    Keep dancing on the owners strings Roger. Sooner or later they’ll throw you under the bus too!

  92. It cracks me up to see so many people predicting the end of Roger Goodell’s career as NFL commissioner. Here’s a piece of information you might want to consider: he doesn’t answer to you, folks–Goodell answers only to the 32 team owners and no one else. The NFL is making billions and the owners are getting richer all the time. Why would those owners want to get rid of Goodell, who is their employee? The money is still rolling in, and as long as it does the owners will be happy with Goodell. That’s all that matters. Do you actually believe the owners or Goodell care what any of us think about the commissioner’s job security? Goodell will keep his job as long as the owners are making money with him at the helm. It’s that simple. All the cries for Goodell’s head are just silly. He’s not going anywhere.

  93. Curious who a short list of influential owners are. Only two come to mind immediately: Mara and Rooney. Kraft would be another, but he is obviously out. Maybe Jones. Maybe Paul Allen (because of wealth alone). Maybe Luria. Any owner in the AFCE should be rejected. And my Ravens owner after the RR mess wouldn’t be listened to and is too close to this situation anyway. I am seeing more owners on the NFC side of the ledger here.

    I am not a Brady or Patriots fan, but I would gladly give up the suspension and move on. Do I think everything is on the up and up? No. But this isn’t worth to me, the money and drama spent playing it out further.

    I find it funny the one post here asking for all Goddells emails and records between owners here if this goes to court. If that happens do ya think we can see TB’s damn cell phone records finally also??!!

    It’s time to move on. I am worn out already!

  94. Fastest settlement talks history.

    Brady: How about no games?

    Goodell: It’s closer to the courthouse than it is to your house.

  95. Let me ask, is there any New England fan out there that is a little bit skeptical about Brady? I’m not a patriot fan by any means but I would like to believe I would try to be impartial and weigh it objectively. I would admit he’s not totally innocent by any means…whether or not the punishment is just. Just an opinion.

  96. If and this is a big IF…If Goodell is consulting with other owners then he would also be in collusion with them because NONE OF THEM were at the appeal hearing!

    I’ve said before how I thought NE/Brady were guilty in the AFCCG…But I have changed my mind after the Wells Report, AEI, Science News, etc.

    The NFL has proven one thing though and that is just how petty and jealous some owners and the NFL Offices are of the Patriots.

  97. What is so odd is that Goodell is an attorney himself. Not only should he know how the law applies but he should have an intimate knowledge of NFL policies simply because he’s trained in those sorts of things. If anything you’d think he would be too by-the-book as he strived to follow the rules in place. Instead, the guy is constantly making things up as he goes along. If he’s not being shut down by the courts or arbiters then he’s violating his own policies. You could put somebody in there who couldn’t spell “law” and they’d do a better job than Goodell does.

  98. Like those NFL owners have any knowledge of what happened. I want their identities exposed. Brady wants their identities exposed. Anyone who would insinuate himself in his due process deserves nothing less than full exposure and accountability fir their attempted influence

  99. This is absurd! So many people on here are calling for Brady’s head for what reason?

    How can any logical person guarantee he did something wrong? Yes, a QB knows how they want their footballs prepared. It doesn’t mean he is responsible for the loss of air pressure due to weather!

    What goes around comes around, and, I can’t wait for these other owners to get punished as heavily as the Pats for doing NOTHING wrong.

    The only reason Goodell is considering continuing with this is because Kraft dropped his appeal due to pressure from other owners. Kraft needed to show some backbone as he knew nothing wrong happened. Kraft is as much to blame for this mess as Goodell is.

  100. In this case I disagree with Mr. Florio. In most cases Goodell standing pat (pun intended), and letting a court reduce the suspensions works well such as Rice, Hardy, and Peterson.

    However, this case is different, with the other cases everyone KNOWS that they did something wrong. With Brady the conclusion was that he may or may not have known someone else was doing something wrong. This isn’t even about Brady himself doing something wrong, it is about other employees doing something wrong and Brady knowing about it.

    If there was proof that he did something wrong then fine stick to him. However, since you can’t prove that dump the suspension and give him a fine for obstructing the case.

    That is the only true way to save any face.

  101. As a Ravens fan, I sure hope Steve Bisciotti is part of the group pushing for the full four-game suspension. It should be all 31 owners not named Kraft. Four games is a tiny slap on the wrist for blatantly cheating in a playoff game. It should have been a full season.

  102. Let’s be honest… Because nobody can beat the Pats, they’re pushing for this suspension to remain at 4. It makes the 31 other teams look petty and incompetent.

  103. Dont we all want the same thing? the truth. Taking Tom’s word for it is not the truth, taking Krafts word for it is not the truth. We all want facts. And ONLY going to court will reveal all truths- like whats on tom’s phone and putting JJ and JM on the stand. Why are pats fans so afraid of the truth and facts? It certainly cannot hurt to put JJ and JM on the stand under oath and it cannot hurt to see whats on Tom’s phone. Either way, its ridiculous for the pats to refuse to let well interview JJ or JM a second time and also Tom refusing to show his phone but yet they want the benefit of the doubt. In no way shape or form should that be tolerated. If you dont want to cooperate then thats completely ok, but dont expect no punishment. Thats foolish.

  104. I still don’t really understand how Judge Doty can just override a decision that falls in line with a collectively-bargained set of protocols. The NFL CBA is meaningless if, every time the players don’t like something, they can just get the same judge to toss the CBA out the window and make decisions on his own.

    I would love to see the NFL appeal one of these decisions to the Circuit Court and finally have someone tell Judge Doty that the law stipulates he does not have the authority to overturn good-faith collective bargaining.

  105. The NFL Kabal has spoken! Brady must be suspended so that we have a chance at homefield in the play-offs. Talk about cheating! False accusations 4 games.
    I hope Brady goes to Court and exposes these frauds. The NFL reporters seem to be in the Leagues coffers..I wouldn’t expect Schefter, Breer to investigate them, afterall the Patriots are guilty…of whooping the AFC ass!

  106. Sour grapes from those team owners because they’d love for the Patriots to be down by 3 or 4 games when Brady gets back. Doesn’t matter. The Patriots could still spot them 5 games and win the division. #FreeBrady #GoPats

  107. I don’t see how it’s good PR for Goodell to keep letting his rulings get overturned in Federal court. In this case it would mean that he wasted millions of dollars on the Wells “report”, while causing irreparable damage to Brady’s reputation in the process. How in the world does that play out any other way than he’s an incompetent buffoon?

  108. I have been a strong advocate for Brady but Kraft pushed for Goodell to be commissioner. Now that Goodell proves to be a puppet, a servant to billionaires, and a man who speaks in platitudes with no core integrity, Kraft should not be surprised that Goodell and his NFL suits are the tool by which a pack of jealous owners and coaches are trying to knife the Patriots.

    Thankfully, Goodell and these jealous owners underestimated Brady’s resolve.

  109. Brady cheated in the AFC championship game. That’s not that big of a deal. It’s really an inconsequential game when you think about it.

    Protect the shield and let bill and Brady make a mochary of the rules annually. The beginning of the end of NFL

  110. The real shame here is that none of this is about doing the right thing, but rather, it’s about manipulating perceptions, satisfying mob mentalities, and protecting reputations of people that have clearly made mistakes.

  111. Goodell and office just do not know how to handle disciplinary decisions. They acted too soon and too rashly on the Ray Rice case–suspending him before all the facts were in and before seeing the video–and now the commissioner seems to be getting wobbly on Brady. If there is evidence that balls were deflated–and there is–then stick with the suspension you gave him. Goodell doesn’t have much credibility left–and he will lose that if he goes soft on Brady.

  112. The main “influencial” owner is Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, who conspired with the Colts to set up the Pats during the AFCCG. Bisciotti is on a revenge mission to defend his coach for Brady’s “study the rule book” comment after beating the Ravens with so-called “illegal” plays. I can’t think of any worse dumpster fire of a sham in any of the four major professional sports leagues. This has been nothing but a witch hunt from day one.

  113. Brady has leverage, he has no defense. There is no reason for fear for the NFL if this goes to court. Brady will never allow this to go to court. Well he has a defense, but no one believes him.

  114. Can anyone tell why i keep getting my comment deleted for reporting that the NFL is NOT changing the ball handling protocol for games? So is this a big deal or not? What a joke.

  115. Why wasn’t Sean Payton afforded ‘settlement talks’? ‘Ignorance was no excuse’ in his case…why isn’t Belicheck being held accountable if ‘ignorance is no excuse’? I couldn’t care less about the footballs, Tom Brady or the Patriots but as a Saints fan…I’d love to hear Rodger honestly answer these questions. Most Saints fans would agree…we are outraged at the double standard that seems to exist.

  116. In the 13 seasons that Brady was the primary QB (I’m not including 2008, when he only played the first 7:33 of the season), Brady and the Patriots have played in 9 AFC Championship games (69% of them) and 6 Super Bowls (46% of them), winning 4. In those 13 seasons, Brady and the Patriots won 31% of the Super Bowls.

    THAT is why some owners what the 4 game suspension to stick.

  117. This sickens me…

    It has to go to court… there will be no justice otherwise… This collusion to slam down the Patriots is petty… reeks of jealousy …

    This will get overturned in federal court… then what??? Huh??? Then what??? The Patriots will have to just wait for the next accusation (without proof) to stick.

  118. Integrity means listening to Jerry Jones when he says he doesn’t want his team to have to face Tom Brady Week 5.

    But ignoring him when he complains about being punished for violating a “gentlemen’s agreement” about a non-existent salary cap.

  119. I can’t understand why you people can even consider that “there was no dead body”. A season long testing program could easily prove if there was a dead body. Until then, if you can’t even fathom the fact that the balls were not under legal limits given the environmental factors, then I’m sorry. You are really, a sorry homer for your team. You blindly choose to ignore “hard” facts that the balls may have been only affected by atmospheric conditions.

    Please, tell me you didn’t call me up hear for phone bill.

  120. SAD that millions of new England fans (especially children) refuse to acknowledge what a liar and disgusting human being Kraft, Belichick, and Brady are…get a clue people you are being brainwashed and keep giving your money to the same people

  121. “So while there’s still no good way out of this mess for Goodell”

    Goodell is in the mess? WTH is this?

  122. karpowichander says: SAD that millions of new England fans (especially children) refuse to acknowledge what a liar and disgusting human being Kraft, Belichick, and Brady are…get a clue people you are being brainwashed and keep giving your money to the same people

    Huh? Look at the facts. The NFL lied to YOU about 11 of 12 balls being deflated. Goodell lied to YOU about one of the footballs being only 10lbs psi

    The NFL gave Brady a written statement saying all of that – which was false – just before his press conference (leading Brady to believe that MAYBE someone did tamper)

    Goodell was the most unpopular person in the NFL given how he turned a blind eye to child and spousal abuse. Kensil – the former Jets President who HATES Belichick for jilting him even boasted/threatened the team personnelle

    Only problem was the footballs weren’t deflated.

    So then Goodell gives Wells $5 million to assert that Brady was “generally aware” of something that was “more likely than not to have happened” and then proceeded to reject their lead official’s “best recollection” on the gauge he was using

    They even accepted the Laws of Physics to explain why the Colts footballs were deflated – and rejected it for Brady

    That’s a pretty flimsy basis of “proof” on which to slander a good guy like Brady who is hated for his success by other team fans – in fact it points to a major conspiracy by the NFL front office

    But you ignore all of this and after framing Brady, fans like you are singing Goodell’s praises

    Wake up – you’re being used and manipulated

  123. fanofpft says: Goodell is in the mess? WTH is this?

    Have you not been reading any of these articles?

    Goodell is involved in a major conspiracy to divert attention from his incompetence and do the one thing that will curry favor with fans of the other 31 teams

    Wake up – Goodell thinks you’re gullible. Florio isn’t fooled. Sally Jenkins at the Washington Post isn’t fooled.

    Don’t prove Goodell right about how gullible the average NFL fan is.

  124. Getting the courts to intervene in a CBA will be difficult. But filing a defamation of character/libel suit against the NFL – piece of cake.

    Let’s have a little discovery on exactly who leaked the false info on ten balls being deflated. And who Ted Wells was in communication with in the NFL offices while he was conducting his independent investigation. And why did he use a demonstratedly less-than-reliable testing agency.

    And who decided to conduct this as a sting operation. And decided to accept the blatantly incompetent Wells report as the basis for a guilty verdict.

    Yes, Mr. Wells. The court can compel you to turn over cell phones and work product for examination.

    It will be interesting if he claims attorney-client privilege. Was he an NFL attorney, or an unbiased investigator? In any case, United
    States ex rel. Barko v. Halliburton Co., et al., Case No. 1:05‐CV‐1276 (D.D.C. 2014) has ruled that internal investigations not under the direct control of a corporate legal department are not protected by any privilege.

    So, will the short out of an appeal of the arbitration may not gain much ground, there is a Gronking waiting on the libel issue.

  125. Brady may not be innocent, but he certainly hasn’t been proven to be guilty. Using legal considerations, he gets off the hook.

  126. Remember back in February what Boomer Esiason had to say about this debacle?
    “You can say whatever you want about Deflategate, and who said what, but to me this is about how the NFL operates: it’s back stabbing, it’s insecure and it’s childish. ‘You want to call me out? I’m going to call you out. You want to embarrass me? Guess what I’m going to embarrass you.’ I’m telling you, this is the way the NFL works. At the end of the day, Tom Brady is the one who’s got the last laugh. He’s got his third Super Bowl MVP trophy and his fourth Super Bowl.”

    Now look where we’re at.

  127. PR wouldn’t have been an issue if Goodell had recused himself from the appeal process at the beginning. His arrogance is going to cost him his $44m salary.

  128. @pbin The first part of that quote is even more telling:

    “This is what I believe happened: they all wanted to embarrass Tom Brady, and they wanted to put him on the spit if you will. They wanted to make him answer questions about said rule book.”

    I have been confused all along why Goodell, even though having the power to appoint a neutral arbitrater, would make himself arbiter, as it makes Tom’s appeal more compelling to a court who is generally unwilling to turn over arbitrator’s decisions. If Florio is right, his counsel is even telling him so (a 4 game suspension with a precedent of a $50k fine is pretty strong evidence of an “arbitrary and capricious” ruling). It is not that the CBA didn’t give him authority to do it, but he has no rhyme or reason to what he does – and courts do not like that. Now we learn he is being pressured by other owners to stand pat. So the only conclusion is that he knows he screwed the pooch with the Wells Report, made every possible poor decision to make Tom’s case easier (including this leak) and is hoping the courts bail him out.

    My guess is that the NFLPA offer to Goodell was $50k for not turning over the phone and exoneration.

  129. Bandwagon Boston fans have discarded their Panda and Ramirez jerseys and are now jumping to cheating Tommy Two Yards defense

  130. There will be a LOT of talk, but this is NOT going anywhere!!
    Kraft was naïve into believing that doing what was best for the league would triumph….the petty billionaires show what they really are; back stabbers galore!!! They want Badell to stay firm at 4?? Time to take deflategate and shove it down these owners throats!!!
    Time for the NFLPA to go after the league and expose Badell and his henchmen for ALL of this!!! It will get ugly and smell pretty bad!!! Kensil, Gardi, Vincent; bully Harbough and his pal Pagano…time for all these crooks to reveal their part in FRAMEGATE!!!
    It will be less about Brady and MORE about the Badell incompetence and the NFSMell!!!!
    I think the stench will be around all season long; Do these owners REALLY want that???

  131. The Truth says:
    Jul 23, 2015 3:45 PM
    Bandwagon Boston fans have discarded their Panda and Ramirez jerseys and are now jumping to cheating Tommy Two Yards defense
    The Truth? according to whom?

  132. There is so much immoral, corrupt, and suspicious activity included in this spectacle, and literally zero percent of that behavior involves the World Champion Patriots, or one of the greatest QBs that has ever graced the football field. But the men who think they hold all the power and influence over this game are trying to convince the majority of the sheeple otherwise. They’ve gone out on a limb, and hope their egos and bankrolls are enough to maintain their balance. If you’re one of the many that have been convinced of Patriot misbehavior by this farce, that science isn’t real, that Brady is willing to risk his reputation, and that .4 PSI gives a competitive advantage, then congratulations. You’re one of the weak minded individuals the NFL is counting on. You’re literally convincing yourself that the Patriots took these ridiculous risks to inflate a football by the same amount of air pressure that would have been lost anyway, if the game conditions were only 5 degrees colder that night. Coincidentally, they released the same amount of PSI that just so happened to be the amount of the discrepancy between the 2 different un-calibrated gauges that were being used. How convenient. I’m more than willing to accept facts, and if those facts looked like the Pats were up to no good, then so be it. But i’m not an idiot. And I’m not a sucker. Dismiss your bias, and abandon your ignorance, and look at this objectively. The Patriots are the good guys here, no matter how much that hurts for some of you to admit.

  133. Ok let me get this straight, the person hearing the appeal is suppose to be fair and impartial. But Goodell is being told by a small group of owners to keep the 4 game suspension. Does this make sense? Shouldn’t Goodell be allowed to make his own decision?

    This is why, there would be a neutral outside arbitrator.

    This Commisioner’s office looks like a Mickey Mouse operation…..

  134. ole roger boy is starting to realize that he and his little minions willl be exposed in a federal court. I can’t wait to see the text messages implicating these clowns by witholding info while leaking false stories to manipulate the media.

  135. Noel Thomas says:
    Jul 23, 2015 7:40 AM
    …. Why isn’t it about what is the right thing to do? What happened to integrity, to fair and open?


    Good questions for Tom Brady.

    And for all you Patriot fans frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs trying to figure out which owners were in Goodell’s ear, ask yourself this question: Why did Kraft back down?
    Oh, I know, cause he didn’t want to rock the yacht. Those are his partners. Blah, blah, blah. Well, if my partners were trying to screw me the way y’all claim the “rest of the NFL” is, I wouldn’t back down for ANYTHING. I wouldn’t care how much money my boy got me from Hyundai.

  136. This doesn’t seem too bright on the league’s part…..but then again, what else is new? Goodell is supposed to be serving as a neutral arbitrator in this appeal, yet he’s taking council from “influential owners” who are more than likely rivals to the Pats? How is that ok?

    If Goodell can’t make a decision on his own, within a week or two of the appeal, then he clearly shouldn’t have been the arbitrator. This isn’t supposed to be a joint decision.

    To me, this just strengthens Brady’s federal appeal as well as a defamation lawsuit if he decides to take it that far.

  137. By the way, in case anyone hasn’t noticed it, the Colts were allowed to videotape from the sideline in the deflategate game, in direct violation of the spygate rule. To see what I’m talking about, check out the highlights from the game, right after the Colts scored their only touchdown. When Colts running back, Zurlon Tipton, goes to the sideline where he is congratulated by Herron, look just to his left. At the far left, you can see NFL films in street clothes, one with a microphone and the other with a camera pointed to the left. In between the NFL Films crew and Dan Herron, #36, you see the Colts cameraman sweeping his camera, following Herron. Isn’t it funny that there was no mention of this from the NFL front office, nor from the officiating crew? Obviously no punishment was handed down either, because the NFL was too busy being inept in their feeble attempts to prove the Patriots were guilty of a “crime” that didn’t even take place.

    “In a September 2006 memorandum sent out by NFL Vice President of Football Operations Ray Anderson, all teams were told that “videotaping of any type, including but not limited to taping of an opponent’s offensive or defensive signals, is prohibited on the sidelines, in the coaches’ booth, in the locker room, or at any other locations accessible to club staff members during the game.”

  138. patriotdynasty5 says:
    Jul 23, 2015 12:01 AM
    You can not stop the combo of Brady, Gronk, Edelman, LaFell, This group dismantled Seattle’s defense. 31 NFL owners know this. They want parity in the NFL. If Tom Brady, the greatest QB of all time, plays, then parity is impossible because Tom Brady does not lose football games.

    You guys sure are pretty smug about a team that was getting blown out of its own stadium by the Ravens before barely crawling back and escaping defeat. As for “dismantling” Seattle’s defense, again you just barely held on against a team whose secondary was crippled coming in, and a shadow of the defense that dominated the year before. Hey congrats for taking the ring, but your team was far from some Godzilla that steamrolled everything in its path.

    Look, I know you want this fantasy to play out where you’re so dominant the league is just in fear of you… so you can pretend this whole thing is about coming down on you to stop your unbeatable team and preserve parity, yada yada.
    So you can then pretend this is about something other than what went down with Brady and his ball boys. Sorry, no dice.

  139. patsstinkoftaint says:
    Jul 23, 2015 9:21 PM
    And for all you Patriot fans frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs trying to figure out which owners were in Goodell’s ear, ask yourself this question: Why did Kraft back down?
    What exactly do you think Kraft’s options were? You all seem to think there was some form of appeal process that Kraft could have followed, but there isn’t. The franchises are not covered by the CBA. The only option Kraft had was to sue the league. And while that might have made some fans feel better, suing is a dicey road that had very few positives and plenty of negatives.

    Essentially Kraft made the only decision he could. He accepted the penalties, voiced strong disagreement with them and stated he supports Brady’s case.

    I doubt Kraft will forget what was done, he considers it unfair treatment. But Kraft will probably bide his time and remember this when it can do him the most good.

  140. So Brady* now wants to buy his way out of this. I thought he wanted to prove he was “innocent”, no wait, he planned only to appeal that the punishment was too severe, NEVER about that he was innocent.

    There is no doubt that a trial trying to prove his “innocence” would show that he has been involved in cheating for years (actual courtroom testimony of the guys he instructed to cheat for him included), and that would end his HOF* hopes, so no chance of that.

    An offer of a “big fine” on his part is as much as an admission of guilt.

    He knows that the 4 game suspension means 5 weeks where he is not allowed to even go to the Patriots facility (not a PED suspension, so he must stay away), and the chance that if his backup looks good and he bombs the Indy game because he is rusty, it could all be over for him.

  141. sully25ah says:
    Jul 24, 2015 6:46 AM

    What exactly do you think Kraft’s options were? You all seem to think there was some form of appeal process that Kraft could have followed, but there isn’t. The franchises are not covered by the CBA. The only option Kraft had was to sue the league. And while that might have made some fans feel better, suing is a dicey road that had very few positives and plenty of negatives.

    Essentially Kraft made the only decision he could. He accepted the penalties, voiced strong disagreement with them and stated he supports Brady’s case.

    I doubt Kraft will forget what was done, he considers it unfair treatment. But Kraft will probably bide his time and remember this when it can do him the most good.


    The same options you or I would pursue if we had the means (money) to do it.

    I mean, you read the comment section. I’ve seen accusations of massive conspiracy, ex Jets, multiple teams, their owners and coaches. If you worked that hard to build a legacy like that, and someone or group of people attacked the very integrity of how you accomplished it, wouldn’t that overcome the “partnership” you had with those people? We’re not talking about a bad call in a super bowl here, we’re talking about degrading the accomplishments of an entire organization, over 14 years, a HOF QB and a HOF coach. No way would I back down if that was my team.

    And frankly, as much as you guys deserve having your balls busted, if all that stuff is true, get it out in the open so we can clean house. But look, the owner caved, and it sounds like Brady will be following him soon. That does not look good for his legacy.

  142. Let Judge Judy handle this. It would be over in five minutes. “Mr Goodell, show me the evidence that the footballs were deflated.” “Mr. Goodell, show me the evidence that Mr. Brady instructed the ballhandlers to remove air from the footballs to a rate that the NFL considers illegal.” “No, Mr. Goodell, the report by Mr. Wells and the banter between the ball handlers does NOT constitute evidence.” “‘More probable than not’ is just laughable, Mr. Goodell. You do know what “evidence” means, don’t you?” “That’s all you have? You have guesses and assumptions and want me to believe it’s evidence? Do you think I am an idiot?” Case closed. Mr Goodell, go find another job where you can do less harm. Nothing to do with people would be good. Go fix car engines or plow snow or something.

  143. By Brady’s side offering a compromise this is a good thing for him.

    This shows the federal court judge that he was trying to avoid wasting the court’s time.

    That he is being reasonable and making a good faith attempt to end this.

    This will work in Brady’s favor.

    I am amazed at all of the short sighed comments.

    The haters don’t surprise me though. They are like rabid dogs.

    Woof, Woof!

  144. patsstinkoftaint says:
    Jul 24, 2015 9:42 PM

    The same options you or I would pursue if we had the means (money) to do it.

    I mean, you read the comment section. I’ve seen accusations of massive conspiracy, ex Jets, multiple teams, their owners and coaches. If you worked that hard to build a legacy like that, and someone or group of people attacked the very integrity of how you accomplished it, wouldn’t that overcome the “partnership” you had with those people? We’re not talking about a bad call in a super bowl here, we’re talking about degrading the accomplishments of an entire organization, over 14 years, a HOF QB and a HOF coach. No way would I back down if that was my team.

    And frankly, as much as you guys deserve having your balls busted, if all that stuff is true, get it out in the open so we can clean house. But look, the owner caved, and it sounds like Brady will be following him soon. That does not look good for his legacy.
    Well, I don’t believe it was a massive conspiracy, I think it was really just ineptitude on the part of the NFL for not understanding how external conditions effect pressure in footballs. Now it is about egos and pressure from a few owners that can’t seem to get it done on the field. (You should ask yourself though, why should Goodell be listening to anyone if he fair and unbiased?)

    As for Kraft, it is my guess that he doesn’t think Tom will lose this in court and Kraft will end up with more leverage in the long run. Sometimes – when you know you have the nut-hand – you slow play it to get others to give you information – then you put them all in to win big.

    At this point it is starting to shape up like even the NFL believes that they will lose this in court (but you know how preliminary reports in this have been unreliable to date).

  145. The haters are a perfect reflection of a poorly educated and ignorant public. Unable to collate coherently they spew bile like monkeys who lost their banana. Good news for Brady is that lawyers and scientists ALOT Smarter than the haters tore the Wells report to shreds and in the New York times no less.
    Goodell , Vincent and the utterly incompetent league office is getting burned on this one.

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