Brandon Browner officially gets second ring

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The Seahawks didn’t win back-to-back Super Bowl championships, but one of their former players did.

Cornerback Brandon Browner jumped from Seattle to New England as a free agent, and Browner’s Patriots beat his former team in the Super Bowl. On Thursday, he received his ring, with a letter from owner Robert Kraft, and a handwritten note. Browner posted a picture of the letter on social media.

“Thank you for your contribution to this championship team and great service to our franchise,” the typewritten letter said.

Says the handwritten addition from Kraft: “I’m truly sorry you left us — you were one of my favorites in the locker room!”

Browner, who still doesn’t get the credit he deserves from keeping Seahawks receiver Jermaine Kearse from executing a rub/pick on Patriots defensive back Malcolm Butler, also posted a photo of his pair of championship rings. That prompted his new team, the Saints, to state the obvious in response: The goal is to get Browner three rings in a row.

As to the note from Kraft, it’s a good thing Browner didn’t sign with the Jets. Otherwise, there could be another tampering charge, like the one made when Kraft spoke publicly about his sadness that cornerback Darrelle Revis chose New York over New England.

Speaking of Revis, it’s unknown whether he got a handwritten note from Kraft. Or what it may have said.

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  1. Brandon Browner was great, and so much fun to watch on the field. The mandatory penalties refs seemed obligated to call on him every game (whether or not they were actual penalties) were worth it. He’ll be missed.

  2. Think Revis Picked up his own. He also was at the White House presentation. Lots of opportunity for face to face appreciation vs a note!!

  3. That would be crazy if the Saints won it this year. Everyone would be clamoring for Browner like some sort of good luck charm lol.

    How weird/cool would that be for Browner? Rocking 3 rings that he won consecutively on 3 different teams.

  4. As a Hawks fan, it hurt like hell to see the way the SB finished, especially knowing a former LOB member had knowledge of what Seattle was executing which in turn benefitted NE. With that being said, BB will always be a Hawk in my eyes and one of the founding fathers of the LOB. Happy he got to win a ring while also playing in the big game (he helped Seattle win their SB but wasn’t able to suit up for the SB).

    I was really hoping Seattle signed him once he left New England, but best of luck in NOLA #39. You earned both of those rings!

    On a side note, anybody who snubs the CFL loses all my respect. BB went north and grinded it out to prove his value and finally got a shot at the NFL and is now a two time SB champ and helped reshape the cornerback position thanks to BB’s size, tenacity, and Pete’s vision. #earneverything

  5. You give Browner safety support over the top, let him play physical on opposing wide receivers, and he can be one of the more effective bump and run guys in the league. At 6-4 220 pounds he can jam most wideouts and tight ends in the league and when you have one of the best cover corners in the league playing opposite of him, like Revis with the Patriots last year, he can be extremely effective in pass coverage.

    Browner was a great Patriot and I am going to miss him. He seemed to be well liked in the locker room and brought an edge to the secondary that I haven’t seen since the days of Rodney Harrison. I am still really disapointed the Patriots didn’t bring back Revis and Browner. Makes no sense to me.

  6. Thanks for your contributions Brandon, your huge hit on some Donkey receiver that should of been a fumble return for a touchdown was legendary! Good luck against Kelvin Benjamin.

  7. I’ve often been hard on Browner, because he is so huge and slow for a CB, but Florio is right- if Browner didn’t tie Kearse up at the line of scrimmage, Butler would’ve been obstructed by Kearse’s route from making a play on the ball, which is how the play was drawn up by Bevell.

  8. Coach BB acknowledged right after the game the big play that player BB made on Kearse to allow Butler the opportunity of driving on the ball. Kraft did send a note to Revis that instructed his Mom to not show up to the party that only he was invited to. It was reported in the Boston and NY papers. I am sure that was the last communication considering Woody’s inferiority complex regarding the Pats.

  9. jchipwood says:
    Jul 24, 2015 8:44 AM
    His first ring with an asterisk.


    you’re right in the sense that there were a lot of allegations about the PEDhawks & ‘roids. but let’s face it, all teams have skeletons so I would not say his first ring had an asterisk at all.

  10. I’m the furthest thing from a Patriots fan (I actually can’t stand them), but I must say it was quite classy for Kraft to send Browner a hand written note, even though he doesn’t play for the team anymore.

    OK, back to hating everything Patriots.

  11. Speaking of Revis, it’s unknown whether he got a handwritten note from Kraft. Or what it may have said.

    It said “Next time, we have your mom arrested”

    Real class, that Kraft guy…

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