Champ Bailey: It scares me that Wes Welker wants to play

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Although he isn’t on a team at the moment, veteran receiver Wes Welker has indicated that he wants to play this season. His friend and former Broncos teammate Champ Bailey hopes that doesn’t happen.

Bailey told Peter Schrager of FOX Sports that Welker’s history of concussions makes it scary to think that he might keep playing, and as a friend Bailey doesn’t want to see it.

“I don’t want Wes to play for my own personal reasons. I’ve seen him get concussions. It scares me,” Bailey said.

Bailey believes the 34-year-old Welker is still capable of helping some team this season, but that doesn’t mean he should.

“I think he can still play, but I don’t want him to play because of these concussions. This thing is no joke. It’s a serious thing when you start talking about your head. And for him to have to worry about that at a young age that he is now, he has to think about that for years to come and I just hope he hangs it up,” Bailey said.

Although Bailey thinks it’s a bad idea, he thinks Welker’s desire for a Super Bowl ring may put him back on the field this season.

“I understand why he has that desire to play, he wants the ring,” Bailey said. “He still has that hunger, I just don’t want to see it.”

All it takes, however, is for one team to want to see Welker in its uniform, and Welker will be back. Whether others think it’s a good idea or not.

52 responses to “Champ Bailey: It scares me that Wes Welker wants to play

  1. I got a concussion at work once. Except I woke up in a hospital and got payed my measly wages for the rest of the day. Let him play

  2. No team is going to sign him, given his concussion history.

    Welker is the perfect example of ‘good’ collusion. Hopefully every NFL team will collude to not give ol’ Wes a job, thus saving himself from himself

  3. Champ Bailey played all those season but never won a SB in Denver. Maybe it’s because the Broncos can only win the big one when they cheat. You should’ve taken your pay under the table like Johnny Boy did! Sorry kids, truth hurts. Look it up!

  4. Champ should know. He is now an expert on staying too long in the league. Loved his game but he retired two years too late. Wes should retire while he still has a memory of being a player.

  5. That is some real talk. I have a lot of respect for Bailey. He’s a very good player who doesn’t usually seem to say a lot unless it’s important.

  6. Bailey is right but for the wrong reason. Welker should hang ’em up because he has lost a step and can’t create the separation he has in previous seasons. No separation from CBs, no flashy speed, good hands and a willingness to go over the middle and make tough catches equals CTE. Do what’s right, accept the fact you are done with the NFL. It’s not like they (NFL/Owners) really care about you.

  7. At one point he reveled in the idea that he was part of the greatest offense in history with the Broncos leading into that Super Bowl. He must have thought he had one up on the team he walked out on. Then the Broncos get blown out in one of history’s most lopsided Super Bowls, the offense managing only 8 points. Next year the Patriots go on to humiliate the two teams that humiliated the Broncos: the Colts and then the Seahawks. His former team got the rings.

  8. Perfect example of why an objective medical board should have to sign off on something like this before a player is allowed back on the field. Sometimes you need to protect someone from themselves.

  9. The desire and will to succeed at the highest level is undoubtedly what made a player with Welker’s speed & stature so successful. I am sure I am not alone here in hoping that desire is not his undoing. His obvious competitive spirit and flat out love of the game make it hard not to enjoy watching him no matter what team you call your own. I have no doubt he could be highly entertaining as a commentator or studio guy, here’s hoping he leaves the game with the ability to do so. Hopefully hearing a friend and team mate give voice to those same concerns will help him give them the weight they deserve.

    No ring is worth your long term health Wes.

  10. As a pats fan it killed me seeing him leave always one of my favorite players to watch in part because he is a shorter guy like my self and I always wanted Wes to get a ring but he should hang it up nothing is worse loosing your mind. Best of luck with whatever decision he makes.

  11. Direct & Indirect Physical/Mental Risk
    Opportunity Risk

    All of these components are complicated to analyze and a matter of perspective. Wanting a ring is just one piece of one component. For some players they might have a vision for what the additional net income can do to improve their lives or others, and for some that could be weighted as the most important benefit in exchange for accepting all of the risk sets.

    Every player will have their own unique analysis picture. Perhaps their agents can offer that as an additional service to help them fully understand what that looks like…

    “We at TD Agency will make sure you truly understand the entire map before you choose your destination course. Win it or wing it.”

  12. Welker’s last two seasons in NE:
    122 receptions, 1569 yards, 118 receptions, 1354 yards.

    Welker’s two seasons in Denver:
    73 receptions, 778 yards. 49 receptions, 464 yards.

    As usual, Belichick proves that he knows [b]exactly[/b] when to let a player go.

  13. Well it’s a good thing Chump Bailey retired years after he should have.

    Does anyone remember when Torrey Smith and Doug Baldwin ran circles around him?

    Whenever I see a poor cornerback on the field getting burnt I refer to him as Chump.

  14. It’s gonna take more then just ONE team to make him an offer, it’s gonna take the RIGHT team to make him an offer. If he’s after a ring there’s only a handful of teams that have a shot at it this season. Pats, packers, colts, broncos, steelers, saints, Seahawks, 49ers, cowboys, and maybe eagles, have a shot at winning it all. If he signs anywhere else he’s playing for the paycheck.

  15. What else do these guys know in life? Football is all they know. The thought of trying to make a living in real life terrifies these guys.

  16. Wes is a big, grown up boy now and can make his own career decisions without interference from outsiders. He has a wife and family, there are team doctors and so forth, Bailey doesn’t need to dissuade a team from taking him by horning in where he wasn’t invited. He’s messing with another guy’s career. If he thinks it needs to be said, call him, but don’t kick his legs out from under him publicly.

  17. And for this reason I doubt any team wants to give Wes a roster spot. Nothing against Wes, but who wants to see him get another concussion with their team logo on his helmet when it’s already well known within the league he has had way too many concussions. And even worse, have him get one more concussion that turns him into a vegetable and be the team that put him on the field.

    He may not retire on top with a SB ring, but retiring with health is far more valuable than all SB rings combined.

  18. I can’t help the feel way. Wes Welker can look back on his career with pride for all that he’s overcome. He shouldn’t risk being a drooling vegetable a mere 15-20 years from now just because he was chasing a ring.

  19. I agree with Champ…….. It’s not worth it Wes.

    CTE is scary. I played organized football for 15 years culminating in a 4 year college career at the 1aa level. Loved every minute of it. But I, like most of the people I encountered playing the sport, now wonder what, if any, damage I did to myself in the years of playing.

    Everyone knows the true dangers of football now. It’s not a secret. The link between repeated head injuries and CTE is well documented. I for one do not support drastic changes to the sport as a result, you either decide to take the risk or you don’t. But you still have to be smart. I know there is a lot of money at stake but once you have been diagnosed with multiple concussions continuing to play is just reckless. All the money in the world isn’t going to matter if your a vegetable by the age of 50.

  20. Imagine if he was still with the Patriots this post would have over 200 idiotic comments like every other patriots post on this site over the last 5 months .

    Wes should just spend his time now enjoying his horse thing.

  21. Champ did his friend a major disservice. Who will sign him now?

    If Wes gets hit by a bus in three years or dies of some Kentucky Derby related Molly overdose, good thing he didn’t play 4-5 more monthes of football and collected another big paycheck! We saved him from himself! Now lets all pat ourselves on the back for this great deed, focus on the next pressing social issue! Go team America!

  22. Is he still chasing a ring? Cant give up a calling he loves and once excelled at? Or desperately needs a pay check? Man, I hope it is not the latter.

    Be safe Wes. Thanks for the memories!

  23. Not a Patriots or Broncos fan, but get real. Brady essentially only had Welker to throw to at WR while Manning had multiple more receiving options. Let’s not act as if the statistical difference had nothing to do with that.

  24. Wes – the mere fact that you want to continue playing despite your history suggests all the concussions have impaired your thinking already.
    You had a good ride made good money go enjoy life and your family and don’t be a fool!

  25. Everybody hates on him for taking the money but the truth is the money will last a lot longer than a ring.

  26. When I was in the Chess Club in high school I twisted my knee reaching for my rook and suffered a slightly torn ACL. My doctor advised me to give up chess.

    I did that and have lived a happy, productive life. I have not had any knee issues since and am now deep into my twenties.

    #commonsense #nomorerooks

  27. Someone has a name “BroncosCheatedTheSalaryCap”?? wow…..someone is still butt hurt after all these years….

    move on buddy move on

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