NFFC elaborates on lawsuit against NFL


The National Fantasy Football Convention said plenty in a lawsuit filed earlier this week against the NFL. On Thursday, the NFFC said even more.

The group that had its planned fantasy-football convention scrapped after the NFL allegedly pressured players to cancel has issued a press release with additional details regarding the facts supporting the lawsuit.

According to the NFFC, the league knew about the event well before early June, when efforts commenced to persuade players to back out in deference to the NFL’s gambling policy. The NFFC claims that the league posted an article about the event at in March. Though the article was removed 24 hours later, the league waited to act against the event until June.

Julie Pettit, one of the lawyers representing the NFFC, says the league should be held accountable for “bullying tactics” that prompted players to break their contractual commitments.

“The NFL is once again acting like a corporate thug,” NFFC co-counsel Michael K. Hurst, “initiating a campaign to intimidate players away from this event because of its potential for success and in order to kill or control any profits.”

Says the release generally, without a quote attributed to any one person: “This is nothing more than the latest in a long history of disreputable actions and behavior presented by the League, from an iron-fisted approach to player conduct rarely reflective of the League’s own lack of self-discipline, to annual season ticket price hikes, the NFL continues to show little regard for the opinions and value of its players and fans.”

The press release concludes by reiterating that the NFFC intends to proceed with the event next year in L.A.

13 responses to “NFFC elaborates on lawsuit against NFL

  1. Take it to em! Sounds like romo had an awesome lineup and it would’ve been a huge turnout for the fans. If it ain’t nfl branded, it aint happening tho

  2. Note: Romo’s invited players were pressured by the league office to cancel their appearances but when several Patri*t players did the same thing not a word was said.

    Just one of the myriad of things about the relationship between the NFL and the Patri*ts that make you say Hmmmmmmmm.

  3. Honestly the nfl should sunsidize gambling profits instead of subsidizing taxpayer money for stadiums. Regulate sports betting better. Im not a gambler either.

  4. bostontdparty says:
    Jul 23, 2015 2:38 PM


    Any link to prove your obvious lie would be helpful

    Oh you have none
    Not surprised, typical


    Actually, an article on PFT stated exactly what I referenced (with the names of the Patri*t players) when this story first broke. You shouldn’t have to go too far back to find it.

  5. Coming to an office near you. Next Goodell is going to expect a cut from your winnings from the Superbowl office pool you won.
    And retroactive to when he first started as commissioner.

  6. Every reasonable fan sick of Goodell is hoping NFFC takes the NFL to the cleaners.

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