Steve Tisch on JPP: It’s complicated, but we only want best for him

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Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has been in communication with current and former Giants players since losing his right index finger in a July 4 fireworks accident, but there’s nothing new to report about when he’ll back with the team.

That was the word from Giants co-owner Steve Tisch, who was asked about Pierre-Paul while attending the premiere of Southpaw in his role as the film’s producer. Pierre-Paul hasn’t signed his franchise tender and isn’t expected to do so until he’s had more time to heal from the amputation and surgery on his fractured thumb that has clouded his immediate future on the field. The Giants could rescind the tender, but Tisch said that the team’s only interest right now is in Pierre-Paul’s recovery.

“It’s been printed and it’s very sincere: Above anything else I hope he’s healing,” Tisch said, via Newsday. “I hope he will play great football in the future. I hope he’s getting the best medical care available to him and I really personally and from my position with the Giants wish him all the best and I look forward to seeing him sooner than later. It’s complicated, as you know, but [co-owner] John Mara and I, coach [Tom] Coughlin, [General Manager] Jerry Reese, all the team, his teammates, wish only the best for him.”

There was a six-to-eight week timeline given for Pierre-Paul’s recovery from his surgeries, which won’t leave much time for him to get used to playing again before the start of a season that will go a lot better for the Giants if he’s able to be a factor up front on defense.

21 responses to “Steve Tisch on JPP: It’s complicated, but we only want best for him

  1. So he still hasn’t talked to the team? Or let their doctors examine him?

    OK, that’s his call, but it strikes me as foolish.

  2. Again, when do we see pics of this torched and mangled mitt of his?!?!? COME OWN!!!!!!

  3. JPP is done as a moderately effective pass rusher. The Giants know this and so does any reasonable person. Only homers will say he will be back and better.

  4. “Two New York Giants blatantly faked injuries on Monday night to give their defense time to change personnel while the St. Louis Rams were in the red zone, pretending to be hurt to gain an advantage in a violation of all the basic principles of good sportsmanship and fair play.” — PFT, 09/20/2011

    You were saying something about teams cheating?

  5. therealtrenches says:
    Jul 23, 2015 3:19 PM
    He attended the premier for southpaw after having lost his finger. Man, the jokes just write themselves, do they not?


    Well, the joke is on you and apparently reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. Tisch was at the premiere, not JPP. Good try though.

  6. uh oh, the film premiere police are in the room again, fact checking, button up boys, keep your powder dry.

  7. No, you don’t own the team that just won the Superbowl 6 months ago and had won four in the last 14 years. It was four years ago. Times change.

  8. Pierre apparently didn’t do something horrific to others like kill his girlfriend, beat his girlfriend, beat his son, or kill someone while drunk driving. He may have endangered his neighbors and guests with his fireworks on July 4 but I haven’t seen any news about that happening. Unfortunately for Pierre-Paul, he caused himself permanent injury, great pain, and great embarrassment, and probably significant loss of future earnings.

    Maybe Pierre-Paul will make it back to play for the Giants this season, but until he actually signs with them and reports to the team, I think its reasonable to assume he won’t be back in 2015.

    Regardless of whether Pierre-Paul plays for the Giants in 2015, I doubt they will bring him back in 2016. There is no advantage for them in doing so. They could just as easily spend the money needed to re-sign Pierre-Paul for 2016 on other players, i.e., they could spend the same money on another free agent DE, or they could spend the same money on several other players (spread the money out among lower cost players).

    Again, this all assumes that Pierre-Paul can play in the NFL again. He probably can overcome the loss of his index finger (although it will reduce his playing ability), but he might not be able to come back from his broken thumb. A simple fracture (one clean break, bone does not pierce the skin) is one thing, but Pierre-Paul may very well have had a comminuted fracture (when a bone or part of a bone is shattered into many pieces). Communited fractures of the thumb sometimes occur in tragic fireworks accidents.

    Even if Pierre-Paul’s thumb heals enough that he can come back and play in 2015, he will likely be out of shape when he comes back. Some reports said that Pierre-Paul had skin grafts. When a person has even relatively small skin grafts, that person often is instructed not to break a sweat for a few months until the grafts heal fully. So, even if Pierre-Paul is cleared to play football again at some point in 2015, he will likely be out of shape and also in need of adapting and learning how to play with his permanently impaired right hand.

    I wish Pierre-Paul the best, and hope that he will come back and play well whether for the Giants in 2015 or the Giants or some other team in 2016 and beyond, but unfortunately I think the chance that he ever again plays the way he did in his big 2011 season is slim.

  9. Since their last meeting, one team has gone 9-7, 7-9, and 6-10 with no playoffs. The other has two AFCCG apperances and a Superbowl win. Beat them this year( Giants will lose by 30 pts) and you can re-own the Patriots. Ultimately, your claiming “ownership” over a team that isn’t even in your conference and that you play once every four years. This is what you talk about when you can’t say anything positive about your current team.

  10. The New York Giants beat the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl.

    The New York Giants, 4 years later, defeated a mediocre Patriots team in the Super Bowl.

    Belichick and Brady have always found a way.

    Except against The New York Football Giants.

    Define ownership to me?

  11. Eli and the New York Giants own the Patsies and Patsie fans dont like it.

    18 wins and 1 Giant LOSS!

  12. JPP will not play in 2015. He blew off his finger. He fractured or broke his thumb into pieces. He was in hospital for over a week. Nowadays stays in the hospital are very short unless something tragic happens. Something dragic happened. He blew his finger up with dynamite like explosives. The reason he didn’t want the Giants brass there is because he is a mess. Release him. No more playing with these guys. Release him. No one on the opposite side of the ball is scared of JPP. He doesn’t put fear into the opposing teams. I’m ok with them releasing him.

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