C.J. Wilson will “step away” from NFL


Buccaneers cornerback C.J. Wilson lost two fingers in a fireworks accident over the July 4 weekend, leaving his father to say that he was happy his son was alive and that thoughts about continuing his football career were secondary.

Wilson has given the prospect of returning to the field some thought, however, and he’s made a decision about how to proceed. A statement issued by his agents Joel and Justin Turner on Friday announces that Wilson will be taking some time away from the game in order to heal from his injuries.

“On behalf of C.J. Wilson, he has decided to step away from the NFL at this time to focus on his immediate needs in recovery which are the foundation of his long-term health,” the statement reads. “When CJ is fully healed and able to return to the game, he will then continue his career at that time. We would like to send out our sincere appreciation to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization, especially the Glazer family, Coach Lovie Smith, GM Jason Licht and so many others who’ve provided support and encouragement these last few weeks along with their continued efforts to assist CJ in his recovery.  C.J. is in good spirits and is continuing to focus on his rehab and the healing of his hand. Thanks to so many people who have sent calls and messages of concern for him. He is a very strong willed young man with great work ethic and character. We look forward to seeing him play again in the future.”

We wish Wilson the best in his recovery and his future endeavors, whether or not they include a return to the NFL at some point down the line.

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  1. I thought fireworks were a waste of money before this. Now he is out thousands in future money.

    Get well soon and maybe he can find out something in his future to make a living.

  2. Depending on the fingers lost he might be able to become a pretty fine pro bowler. They make a lot of money. NOT!

    The statement issued is a joke. We want to make sure that if we rant on long enough you will get it that he is NOT retiring just taking time off so LEAVE the light on.

    I think there is a motel with his name on it: 6

  3. Speaking purely for myself, all things considered I’m glad the situation is such that we can joke. If he or a loved one of his had perished, none of this would be funny. Of course I wish him nothing but the best, but he’s earned an innocent joke or two.

  4. All of you people who are saying he is stupid need to look in the mirror, its not like he pointed a gun at his hand it was fireworks people..

  5. So….he has an injury. His statement is that until he is recovered, he won’t play football. Sounds like every injury in the NFL.

  6. “Let’s see…I’m making millions as a pro football player, but I’m bored. I know: I’ll play with some fireworks and hold them in my hand while they’re lit. That should be fun. I’m sure it isn’t dangerous or anything. After all, I’m a NFL cornerback. My hands aren’t really all that important in the performance of my job, right?”

    My god, what an idiot this Wilson is. Get a clue, fool, and stop doing things that might cost you your livelihood–if it hasn’t done so already.

  7. feckyerlife says:
    Jul 24, 2015 2:08 PM
    penvik – You do realize that a lot of UDFA/ Practice Squad guys make less than most middle class citizens

    The minimum salary for a practice squad player for the upcoming 2015 season will be $6,600 per week. Assuming each player is paid only the minimum, then the salary cap charge for the season for each player will be $112,200 ($6,600 x 17 weeks). There are instances where a team will pay a player more than the minimum to entice him to remain with the team. I’ve even heard of teams paying a player one dollar under the minimum salary for the 53 man active roster pay

  8. daveon1y says:
    Jul 24, 2015 1:36 PM
    He tried to throw up the peace sign on his way out but…..

    Rarely do comments on here make me laugh, but that one absolutely cracked me up!

  9. That statement made it sound like he lost a couple limbs and is returning from war. It’s two fingers. Even if he doesn’t play football again, his life will be just fine.

  10. The Bucs were probably going to tell him to “step away” from the NFL, anyway. Might as well get in front of it and beat them to the punch. Memo to CJ…use Walmart fireworks. They don’t explode.

  11. Wish him nothing but the best. It’s hard losing a body part by amputation, let alone two fingers which he will miss every day of his life even if he adapts. We’ve all made dumb, split second mistakes: the near miss car accident, the dropped knife that just misses, most don’t cost us as dearly as this may have cost him. Hopefully he can come back, as a player, coach or staff or find something else he loves to do.

  12. Look the dumbbell lit fireworks off in his hand, his hand. Now he’s severely injured. Most football players are dumb. Let’s face facts people. No sympathy from me.

  13. As someone who had lots of fun on the 4th lighting off lots of very large mortar-style fireworks while consuming many legal beverages, I just don’t understand how these guys had these accidents. Epic failure most likely caused by irresponsible use

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