Danny Trevathan says he was joking, doesn’t have someone else’s kneecap

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Denver Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan wants everyone to know he was kidding about that whole having someone’s else kneecap thing.

Trevathan said back in June that he had his kneecap replaced with one from somebody else entirely.

“I got somebody else’s kneecap,” Trevathan said, via the team’s website. “It was difficult because it was a bigger knee … I love the scar, though.”

Well, apparently that’s not the case after all. Trevathan was asked about his knee during an appearance with Nate Kreckman on 105.5 ESPN in Denver and said it’s his own knee after all.

“It was a joke. Technically, it’s not really nobody’s knee. It’s reconstructed. That was a joke I was just putting out there,” Trevathan said.

“It kind of feels like a new knee but at the same time it’s still my knee.”

“Everything is originally mine,” he continued. “They took some muscle out of my leg and moved it to my knee. You know how that goes but other than that it’s my knee and I just wanted to go out there and say I didn’t know people were going to take it like that. It’s my knee. It’s just reconstructed.”

So much for that one.

5 responses to “Danny Trevathan says he was joking, doesn’t have someone else’s kneecap

  1. Really? This is news? Do people really think that he actually had someone else’s knee cap like he had he had a kidney transplant or something? Gauh!!!

  2. Aw c’mon. Now who actually believed this? – I mean, other than Jeff Spicoli and Carl the gardener from Caddyshack?

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