Dolphins move on from Josh Freeman

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Quarterback Josh Freeman brought a “beginner’s mentality” to the Dolphins. He’ll now be beginning all over again.

The 2009 first-round pick of the Buccaneers has been cut by the Dolphins, per a league source with knowledge of the move.

Abruptly dumped by Tampa Bay during the 2013 season, Freeman has been unable to gain traction elsewhere. He appeared in one game with the Vikings, a disastrous Monday Night Football performance in which he threw 53 passes and generated only 190 yards.

In his last full season as a starter, Freeman threw for more than 4,000 yards.

The move gives the Dolphins three quarterbacks with camp approaching: Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore, and McLeod Bethel-Thompson. Most teams have four quarterbacks during camp, for the purposes of distributing the football to all of the receivers, tight ends, and running backs during practice; the Dolphins currently have 24 of those.

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  1. Most teams have four quarterbacks during camp, for the purposes of distributing the football to all of the receivers, tight ends, and running backs during practice; the Dolphins currently have 24 of those.
    24 QBs to distribute the ball? Lol. Something tells me the Dolphins are going be passing a lot.

  2. Maybe they wanted someone for camp who could get the ball to those 24 guys. I doubt any of them are tall enough for Freeman’s overthrows.

  3. There have been a lot of unsubstantiated rumors regarding Freeman’s party days in Tampa. A friend has a brother who knows a cop who saw Freeman do . Sure, he had issues with accuracy but not anyone throws for over 4000 yards in the NFL. I wish him the best. Hopefully the mystery of what truly happened with Josh Freeman will be revealed one day.

  4. It’s that accuracy thing. Nothing wrong with his pocket presence or arm strength. He just can’t hit receivers.

  5. When you’ve been cut instead of Curtis Painter (in New York) and McLeod Bethel-Thompson (in Miami), it’s probably time to realize it’s over.

  6. First round draft pick for Tampa Bay, goofed up there two decent (not good) seasons of four. Played one game for Minnesota in probably the worst QB performance ever on Monday Night Football. Then went to the Giants and was cut before preseason started. Now Miami, after a long stint of working out his issues, and couldn’t make it to camp. He’s way past chances in the NFL. At this point, I doubt anyone will take a risk on the league minimum with Josh. Good guy, had potential. I’d seen him out and about in South Tampa in his better days, and he was friendly and approachable. But something went very wrong with his career and I think, his life. I do hope someone in his family or friends can help him sort out whatever it is.

  7. Tampa Bay fans know Josh’s issues started in 2011 under Raheem Morris when the Bucs had these unexplained “slow starts” on offense. They looked entranced, led by Josh. About mid-way through the 3rd quarter, they offense “woke up” but it was too late, and Raheem got fired. Then came Schiano. Cleaned up a lot, but had a lot of issues on his own. For a while, Josh picked up his game in the first 10 games of 2012, then slipped for the last 6, still threw for 4,000 yards but had 7-9 record and a load of INTs. His off-season and 2013 camp was marked by tardiness and absences, even “had car trouble” it was reported and missed his own QB camp for the kids. People thought, “Heck, young guy, missed one thing, he’ll sort it out and fly right.” Notsomuch. So then he was benched, and that was it. For the record, his problems looked to start well before Schiano, and he even straightened up for a while under Schiano…so it’s something else…

  8. Actually this is the best for Freeman. The Dolphins let him go early enough for him to land on another team. They could have strung him along thinking he had a chance to make the team to used only as a camp arm, but they didn’t.

  9. msmith954 says:
    Jul 24, 2015 5:10 PM
    It’s that accuracy thing. Nothing wrong with his pocket presence or arm strength. He just can’t hit receivers.
    I’d agree his arm strength is good, but his pocket presence hasn’t been there since 2012, when it looked like his head was no longer in the game.

  10. Not a cards fan but they should stash Freeman as their 3rd stringer, in case Carson is hurt again. They had Nothing backing up Carson last year. That dude that played qb in playoffs for the cards was a joke.

  11. Never should have signed him in the first place.

    If you’re not good enough for the Minnesota Vikings, you’re not good enough for anybody.

  12. It has to be a drug issue, I’m not kidding when I say this, he arguably is a better passer than all three of those guys in Miami

  13. He must have messed up, missed or late to a meeting, showed up drunk or high. He wasn’t on the field enough to get cut for poor play. Kid needs help, not football.

  14. To the guy who thinks the article says the Dolphins have 24 QBs…..


    24 RBs, WRs, and TEs genius.

    Unless sarcasm, then crappy joke that didn’t work.

  15. Pay attention rookies. This is what alcohol and prescription drugs can do to your career. I live in the Tampa bay area and can confirm it’s not just hearsay. I have witnessed first hand him stumbling out of limos in both downtown St. Pete and Ybor.

  16. Remember when he got suspended for adderall? That was sort of correct. He has a bad cocaine and alcohol problem. Dude likes to party and Miami was the worst place in the world to go. He is probably finished n the nfl. He needs to get some help.

  17. To answer Everyone regarding why Freeman declined:
    He was a big 12 qb that was never really that good. For those who dont follow cfb the big 12 plays no defense and their passers continously rack up monster seasons only to fail in the nfl. For some reason scouts dont take any of this into account.

    I can just anticipate the vitriol I will receive for this comment but just be honest with yourselves. Whomare the best qbs in the nfl from the big 12? Answers vince young and ryan tannehill. Thats not saying much especially since one of them started out as a wr.

  18. he was hooked on adderall (addy) and had to stop using. Since then he has not been the same. Addy is 3 molecules away from Cocaine. So basically he was high when he was good. He was the richard pryor of QB’s….

  19. To the guy who thinks the article says the Dolphins have 24 QBs…..


    24 RBs, WRs, and TEs genius.

    Unless sarcasm, then crappy joke that didn’t work.
    Lol. I thought what I wrote was pretty funny. I’m truly sorry that you thought it was crappy. I’ll try better next time. But just so we are on the same page, you are telling me my joke was crappy, right?

  20. Who can forget that horrendous playoff game, where he went 12/33 for 126 yards. (36.4%) 3.83 ypa, 0TDs and 2INTs for a passer rating of 23 and a QBR of a whopping 17? Yeah a QBR of 17!

    That day represents one of the worse QB displays of all time, in playoff history. Can’t believe Freeman could play that bad … that’s because he didn’t.

    Those numbers belong to Andrew Luck in his last game.

  21. deli4242 says:
    Jul 24, 2015 5:42 PM

    Dolphins bring in Michael Vick to be the backup for Ryan Tannehill

    Not a chance. Philbin wouldn’t have him. A better bet: Jacksonville will cut either Jeff Tuel or Stephen Morris and the Fins will bring that guy in to replace Bethel-Thompson.

  22. lavidajudoka says:
    Jul 24, 2015 5:06 PM

    A friend has a brother who knows a cop who saw Freeman do .
    Sounds totally convincing to me.

  23. It’s pretty sad when you get signed as a camp-arm and can’t even make it to camp.

  24. It blows my mind the scouts could be so wrong with the guy….and then the egotistical coach on the “next” team who thinks he can fix what is wrong.

  25. As fun as it would be to pile on, I suspect this has a lot more to do with Miami feeling comfortable with Matt Moore as the #2, and deciding there’s no need to keep a potential #2 for competition.

    They’ll look for a younger guy with raw skills to compete for the #3, likely in the June cuts. Freeman is not eligible for practice squad, and Miami isn’t going with 3 active QB’s, so there was a nearly 0% chance of making the roster (only an injury to Moore would have made that possible).

  26. j0esixpack says:
    Jul 24, 2015 7:16 PM
    How many QBs have the Fins tried since Marino now???
    Really, were talkin’ bout camp arms. The Dolphins have their guy now. How many camp arms and back ups have the pats had since brady? Hell, how many QB’s all total have the bills and jets had since Marino retired, and have yet to get a decent starter. You’ve got to a little better job of trolling than this offering.

  27. There’s a black sports reporter named Michael Smith who is frequently on “Around The Horn”.
    When the Bus cut Freeman in 2013, I heard him go on a tirade about Freeman being cut and rookie Mike Glennon being handed the job.
    Smith all but came out and said it was a racist decision by Greg Schiano. He kept ranting that Freeman had been cut for no apparent reason, so it must have been that.
    Well, now that Freeman has been cut by his 4th team, I wonder what Mr. Smith has to say.
    I already know the answer. He won’t say anything and he won’t offer Schiano an apology. He’ll just look elsewhere to fan the flames of race.

  28. But what about the NFLPA investigation about the failed drug test being allegedly leak by the Bucs…oh, that’s right, it was Freeman’s agent who leaked the records.

    Josh has been cut by four teams now. It’s not the Bucs fault. They believed he would be a franchise QB and he let them down. It’s not the Vikings fault; Josh was terrible in limited reps. It’s not the Giants fault that Josh couldn’t even make third string and it’s not the Dolphins fault that Freeman couldn’t even make it as a camp arm. It’s Josh’s fault and the moment he accepts responsibility is the moment he might have find one more chance…but as of right now, the man is done as an NFL QB and it’s a shame, because for two years he was good, and his first full season as a starter the kid was great and led the Bucs to 10 wins.

  29. Why would the Dolphins Organization release a tweet to the effect that “We have released QB Josh Freeman.” — I mean, that would be like the Browns tweeting to the effect: “Johnny Manziel is now in rehab due to public drunkenness.” Why not give Josh the choice of whether or not he wishes fans to know first, and then confirm via organization.

  30. Josh must have overslept for a team photo again. Some people just can’t adjust to the real world. Good luck finding a real job Josh.

  31. Sheez i thought after that monday night game he was done didnt even know he was still in the league as a colts fan i know if u cant bemyat out painter u are thru

  32. I can’t see how teams keep giving this guy a chance. Then, I see how many people on here keep thinking their team should sign him as he is better than this or that QB, and I see that many are obviously fooled by this guy. Any team that signs him deserves the lack of production they get.

  33. Professional atheletes are by nature required to function at a high level. The most successful ones can’t wait to get out of bed, because they not only enjoy what they do, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they couldn’t play, they love it that much. Sometimes they rely on pure athletic ability, some use their brains, and the best have at their disposal, a practically unconcious ability to blend the two, at the perfect time, and in the perfect proportions, to win almost at will. For whatever reason, we humans have been bestowed senses that can be as useful as they can be tragic. I’ve seen littlet children so painfully crippled you’d pray for it all to just go away so they could be at peace, and they get up and walk, because they know nothing but the desire to do so. The human pshyce is a powerful yet fragile thing. The requisite confedence it takes to play professional football has taken leave of Josh Freeman. Only he can make it right by himself. Good luck Josh, seek an ye shall find.

  34. I’d really like to hear the true story on this guy’s downfall from some credible sources. He led a bad team to 10 wins. Then he had some setbacks and seemed to be going through some growing pains. Then he threw 4,000 yards on another bad team. And then he could barely throw for 150 yards in a game. Then he played 1 game for the Vikings, and couldn’t make it to camp for the Giants or Dolphins.

    In the Tampa media, some people have blamed former Bucs Coach Greg Schiano for breaking him. But blaming Schiano isn’t fair if it is Freeman who either lost all confidence or is on drugs or something like it. So is Freeman on drugs? For some reason the Tampa media won’t touch it. Outlets even say they know but won’t say.

    I’m not sure who it helping by hiding the truth.

  35. …..Tampa Bay has a loong history of totally reaching for number 1 picks….along with their other draft picks. Freeman should have been a 5th or 6th rounded and developed but he wasnt. Folks need to stop being shocked by his talent. He’ll get picked up and cut by one more team and then his NFL career will be over. This will put him and everyone else out of their misey.

  36. The Tampa media is very soft on their sports coverage. They are never critical of the home team, including the Rays & Bolts. I’m sure they all know what happened but avoided any negative news regarding the team (as usual.) There were issues with Freeman’s tardiness to functions such as team photo’s and even missing his own camp for kids. As a Bucs fan I wish the would have kept Schiano stuck with Mike Glennon. But as for Freeman? We may never know why a young man of such potential lost it all but I think for the Bucs and the Bucs fans the real question might be ” Will we experience deja vu with Jameis Winston?” Only time will tell

  37. turns out they forgot to get the assistant water boy a room at the hotel, so yeah… they needed to cut somebody… to make for the assistant water boy. sorry josh. clean up on isle three! zing!

  38. Jeez…. Slow news day???
    The Phins cut a 4th string QB and we even get a Vick vote for a roster spot.
    Tannehill is the starter.
    Ross wants that, paid for it with a new contract and frankly the kid earned it. Most sacked QB. Resilient. 4000 yd season.
    Matt Moore is the perfect back up. Respected by the team, knows the system and helps RT17 instead of compete with him.
    There is not an available QB that could change that.

    Freeman was a low risk project.
    Seems like a nice guy, but can’t do anything with 2nd chances given by Giants, Vikes and Phins. With the other issues listed above, seems like an outside issue, not related to the game. Hopefully this kid moves forward and fixes what’s wrong. After that, he’d probably be a decent HS coach or asst higher up.

  39. Until Josh addresses his personal demons wether that is drugs, alcohol, depression, or anxiety; he will never play in this league at any level ever again.

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